Masks Required Again In U.S. House And White House After Updated CDC Guidance

As COVID-19 cases increase, the CDC has reversed guidance that allowed people who had been fully vaccinated to no longer wear face coverings.

7/28/2021 4:58:00 PM

As COVID-19 cases increase, the CDC has reversed guidance that allowed people who had been fully vaccinated to no longer wear face coverings.

As COVID-19 cases increase, the CDC has reversed guidance that allowed people who had been fully vaccinated to no longer wear face coverings.

for vaccinated individuals inside of the House of Representatives.Brian Monahan, Congress’ attending physician, said while announcing the new policy that Congress represents “a collection of individuals traveling weekly from various risk areas.” He also said the highly contagious delta variant of the virus has been detected in D.C. and the Capitol buildings.

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“Despite the excellent protective value of the coronavirus vaccine in preventing hospitalization and death, there is still a possibility a fully-vaccinated individual could acquire infection in their nose and throat, mild symptoms, or the ability to transmit the coronavirus infection to others,” Monahan said in an email shared by media outlet Punchbowl News.

Coronavirus cases have been rising across the U.S. with the help of the delta variant, which makes up more than 80% of cases, according to CDC Director Rochelle Walensky.“This pandemic continues to pose a threat to all Americans,” Walensky said Tuesday at a news conference.

CDC.govCoronavirus cases have been rising in the U.S. in recent weeks. The CDC says the delta variant of the virus, which is more contagious than others, currently makes up the majority of new cases.President Joe Biden said Tuesday that his administration is

all federal employees to get vaccinated.More than 50 major health care organizations on Mondayhealth care and long-term care employers require their employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19. They called vaccination “the primary way to put the pandemic behind us and avoid the return of stringent public health measures.”

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CDC Live Updates: CDC to issue new guidelines on masks for COVID vaccinated, students in schoolsAn earlier guidance issued in May by the CDC said that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks when indoors.

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Covid-19: CDC brings back indoor mask guidance for virus hot spotsIn states seeing surges, US health officials again recommend masking for all - including at schools.

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New Covid variant data prompts change in CDC mask guidanceDr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, discusses the new data, learned only in the past few days, about how the delta variant of the coronavirus can be transmitted by people who are vaccinated, leading the CDC to recommend masks indoors in high-risk counties, which happen to also largely be low-vaccination counties in the U.S.

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