Mask protests in Kentucky as court hears arguments on governor's Covid restrictions

The state's Republican attorney general is challenging Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear's coronavirus restrictions.

9/18/2020 6:00:00 AM

Lawyers for Kentucky Gov. Beshear defended his emergency coronavirus orders in the state highest court on Thursday as hundreds of people protested the restrictions outside.

The state's Republican attorney general is challenging Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear's coronavirus restrictions.

Terry maintained"I'm not against masks," but “I'm against the unconstitutional overreach by executive branch.”“I'm against the department going into businesses and saying, ‘you've got to do this. If your customers aren't wearing a mask we will put you out of business,’” he said.

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Among the orders being challenged in court were directives restricting the number of children in day care centers and crowd sizes at public events.A demonstrator named Jill, who would not give her last name, said,"We should have ability to go back to work, should have the ability to worship freely without all the restrictions, should be able to go to grocery store without being harassed for not wearing a mask. I should be able to go about my life, because how many people have gone out of business for a virus with a less than one percent death rate?”

In court, Buckner noted that the orders followed guidance from leading federal public health experts and helped slow spread of the virus in Kentucky.“And while sadly we’ve lost over 1,000 Kentuckians to the virus, we know that these measures have worked,” Buckner said. “They helped lessen the impact across the state,” she told the court.

It's unclear when the court will rule.After the hearing, Cameron said,"While some new policies and guidelines are needed to slow the spread of the disease and ensure Kentuckians adhere to recommended health guidelines, these policies must strike a necessary balance between public health and protecting the constitutional rights of Kentuckians."

On Wednesday, Beshear told reporters the case is a matter of life and death."If they win, more people are going to die," he said during a."I don't get it. If they win, we still lose."Cal Perry and Kailani Koenig reported from Frankfort, Kentucky, and Dareh Gregorian reported from New York.

Cal PerryKailani Koenig covers politics and national affairs as a producer for MSNBC and NBC News. Read more: NBC News »

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It’s unfortunate that people in Kentucky are either fucked up stupid, easily manipulated because they drink the cult koolaid, or just don’t give a shit about how they live. They vote against themselves continually. Sad covidiots Dumb and dumber. Governor Beshear needs to tell the people that do not want to wear a mask have to spend a day in a Civid-19 ward in a hospital or dig graves for those that have died. Get a signed Document that they completed the requirement to carry with them.

' hundreds of morons whined outside.' - fixed. My grandfather would call the protesters nincompoops! Idiots, the only reason they aren’t dying is because this man had the balls to do what was smart. This message from the Dept of Cognitive Dissonance: 'Requiring a mask is a violation of Human Rights but forcing a women to birth a child she neither wants nor can afford to raise is the Business of Government.' All this while the 'Dude Who Did The Deed' is never mentioned.

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Trump Blames Biden, Who Isn't President, For Not Instituting National Mask Mandate'To be clear: I am not currently president,' Biden wrote moments later. 'But if you chip in now, we can change that.' Biden is so witty. I can't wait to see him crushed in the debates! Maybe a certain other branch of the US goverment could step up and do something about it? Hell, even Republican senators would sign on if that's something their constituents truly wanted.

Connecticut to issue $100 fines for violating face mask mandateThe new fines, which will go into effect this week, are a 'step-down' from the previous issuing of a misdemeanor for masks and gatherings violations. Does the left think that masks are forever? Time to start living our lives again. Never give a Democrat power they go ape shit. Easy guys.. it is not an order from a tyranny like Trump, it is from democratic officials.. so no need to worry! biden2020