Mary Trump: Take It Seriously That Trump May Not Hand Over Power

How far is he willing to go to remain in office if he loses? 'Farther than you can possibly imagine,' she warned.

9/25/2020 6:19:00 AM

How far is he willing to go to remain in office if he loses? 'Farther than you can possibly imagine,' she warned.

How far is he willing to go to remain in office if he loses? 'Farther than you can possibly imagine,' warned the president's niece.

. And he’s got people close to him who are personally benefiting from his behavior who may face exposure if he is no longer protected by being in office.“He’s cheating. He’s been cheating for a while now,” Mary Trump said. “He’s cheating when he tells people that mail-in ballots are fraudulent somehow. He’s cheating when he started calling into question the legitimacy of the election before a vote was even cast. He’s cheating when he says if Joe Biden wins, it’s rigged…. He’s also cheating when he tells people if we don’t get the results on Nov. 3 ― which, by the way, during the pandemic would be ridiculous ― if we have to wait, that it’s also rigged, somehow.”

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“We need to be clear about what we’re potentially facing here,” she added.LPAC board member Hilary Rosen led a Q&A with Mary Trump and covered a range of issues, including her coming-out story (“Oh, man, I’m not going to bore you”), whether she ever talked to Uncle Donald about being a lesbian (“No. They were really not at all interested in my personal life.”) and what she thinks the president genuinely believes about LGBTQ people.

“I don’t think he cares,” said Mary Trump. “I don’t think we’re of interest to him, except insofar as he can use being hateful toward the LGBTQ community ― taking away our rights with the stroke of a pen ― as useful to him.”The president is “particularly vicious” toward transgender people, however, she said.

“Donald is somebody who just can’t handle difference, and it makes him really uncomfortable,” she said. “I think if you have a problem with somebody’s difference, you’re the problem, not them. But, of course, he doesn’t see it that way and unfortunately has a lot of power over people’s lives. His lack of caring, his discomfort with difference and his knowing that being cruel really plays well with the only people left who support him ― it’s a trifecta, unfortunately.”

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1/ Trump says if he loses, the election is rigged. I say if Trump WINS, then the electin is rigged. He - clearly, to me - has plans to do whatever possible to win this election. We know he has help from Russia already. We know Trump and pals are desperate Hypothetical--Trump loses the election, and then nominates himself to the SCOTUS. Would McConnell try to push it through?

I don’t get how people are afraid of this. In what way could he possibly not let go of power if he lost the election? Please stop asking this question. He CAN’T stay in office past January 20, 2021 if he loses. The question only gives him the attention he so desperately craves. VoteHimOut BidenHarris2020

Exactly. The self-styled experts out there who are repeating the all-American mantra that everything will be alright are sadly mistaken. The election is going to be chaotic and destructive from October through January. don has no moral compass ,just delusions of a grand design of greatness that he will stop at nuthin 2 obtain, including sacrificing America & it's citizens future Hump trump 2020 Exile tha don make America Free again Live Free or Die

Then we need to shut down the government and Wall Street with Protests in the millions ! Mary Trump! Good one . He knows that he is going straight yo jail after the elections Can’t he be arrested as a trespasser in the White House & then have a live broadcast of him being led out of office in handcuffs. That would be a fantastic end to trumps power trip.

Problem is he won't do the dirty work of wreaking havoc, he'll just agitate. VoteHimOut2020 In honor of Breonna Taylor, can a no-knock warrant be issued against this dangerous man? Stop perpetrating Propaganda if he loses?!?! Where the fuck are Biden’s rallies compared to trumps massive ones?!?! No where.

Strictly speaking. Trump is the sheer horror. The worst thing that could happen to the American people. On the other hand, the Second World War is a joke. Trump, go away from America. realDonaldTrump Gas lighting. Good job. Jesus. Exactly WHAT does it add to the story that Mary Trump is a lesbian? What? The story is about Trumps neice, a family member, who is wat I g about him being dangerous after the election. HOW DOES ADDING HER SEXUAL PREFERENCE CONTRIBUTE TO THIS STORY? It doesn’t!!!

Mary Trump is selling us out. He'll take the case to the Supreme Court. Trump's handpicked Supreme Judges will then do the dirt as they were chosen. Trump is declared the Winner, and the rogue state USA get their tin pot President back for four more years, and maybe more. Mary Trump is the media’s new Stormy Daniels

Lol desperate much, huffpost? NON-STORY. Keep trying, HuffPo tools. Trump is a monster. 😂 WTF?! The power is not his to 'hand over'! The power is ours and we'll throw him out on his ass first chance we get! Grow some, people! What no info on Biden’s $3.5 million payoff? He’s already told us- he plans to discard ballots and disenfranchise American voters

Stage4TDS Hahahaha you must think your base is REALLY stupid to believe this Don't you chunky Karens that work for Huff Puff have anything better to write about than to speculate what MIGHT happen in in 45 days? I’ve been saying for years the time from Nov 4th to Jan 20th, a civil war will start. This man will never admit defeat

Da Who is Mary Trump and how much is she being paid? Can you trust someone who would sell-out their own family? This must be taken seriously Ask Hillary... Oh wait , that is coming out really soon... ObaMAGAate Probably far. Says a niece who has admitted to not being close to him for decades. If the man loses he is leaving the White House whether he wants to or not


President's Niece Mary Trump Sues Trump Family For MillionsMary Trump's father, Fred Trump Jr., was the president's older brother. Did not make enough money selling the book, so now is plan B. Good for MaryLTrump as she should get what was rightfully hers that Benedict Traitor realDonaldTrump and his siblings stole from her. Its an outrage that this happened to her and I look forward to how this will play out.

Mary Trump alleges in lawsuit her family 'fleeced' her out of millions of dollarsJUST IN: Mary L. Trump, the president's niece, is suing her uncle, his sister and their late brother in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, alleging they cheated her out of her multi-million dollar inheritance. Please sing and pass it to all another lowlife gold digger fukMaryTrump 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Mary Trump Sues President and His Sister Claiming Fraud, ConspiracyThe complaint names as defendants President Trump, his sister Maryanne and the executor of their late brother Robert’s estate, alleging the siblings perpetrated a scheme to defraud Mary Trump of interests in the family business. LOL. How much was she paid by Soros to do this? These scumbags never stop. This will definitely not help her seem less crazy Maybe she should write a book about it...

Mary Trump sues the president and family for fraud - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Trump is a known super conman. He did try to con his late father into signing an amended will that would've made him the sole proprietor. I believe he stole his late brother's inheritance. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 😂

Mary Trump sues President and his siblings for fraud, calling it the family 'way of life'Mary Trump, President Donald Trump's niece, filed a lawsuit Thursday accusing the President and his siblings of committing fraud in order to deprive her of her interests in the family real-estate empire built by Fred Trump Sr. Discovery is going to be 🔥🔥🔥 Good It all comes down to the money, whether it’s rainy, or snowy, or sunny... Funny how it all comes down to money, the money...

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