Mary Trump Swipes At Meghan McCain On 'The View': No 'Courage' To Debate Me

McCain, who was not present for the segment, later said “there is no ‘good’ Trump family member to me.'

8/3/2021 5:57:00 AM

McCain, who was not present for the segment, later said “there is no ‘good’ Trump family member to me.'

McCain, who was not present for the segment, later said “there is no ‘good’ Trump family member to me.'

, who accused the conservative co-host of lacking the courage to face her.“It’s a shame that your colleague didn’t have the courage to come on and have this conversation with me,” Trump told the other co-hosts during a discussion about her uncle, former President

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Donald Trump, and his successful use of racism as a political platform. “But I appreciate that you were all willing to take up these very difficult subjects because racism, in my view, is at the heart of everything that’s wrong in 21st-century America.”

Last year, when the then-president’s niece went on “The View” to discuss her book, “Too Much And Never Enough: How My Family Created The World’s Most Dangerous Man,”McCain accused her of trying cash inon her extended family.Trump pushed back. Ultimately, McCain disappeared for the remaining two segments of Trump’s appearance at the time.

McCain hit back at Trump on Twitter Monday, saying she believed there were no “good” members of the Trump family.“Continue to wish they would all just leave me and my entire family the fuck alone,” she tweeted.There is no "good" Trump family member to me.

Continue to wish they would all just leave me and my entire family the fuck alone.— Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain)McCain, who recently announced her departure from “The View,” has long been at odds with the Trumps. The former president routinely attacked her father, the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), even after his death from cancer in 2018.

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Good riddance to Meghan and her false equivalencies. All she ever did was repeat whatever she heard on Fox News the night before. Still suffering from Trump derangement syndrome after all this time. Goes to show you how powerful the corrupt mainstream propaganda media is. Sad. Well, there are/were good McCain family members to me. It's just MeghanMcCain, unfortunately, isn't one of them.

Every time MeghanMcCain does or says something ridiculously stupid like this her daddy rolls in his grave. 🤦‍♀️ How many times did she defend Donald Senator John McCain was a great man. It’s a shame that MeghanMcCain is pissing all over his legacy… She ran.. and later tweeted a snarky remark. That tells you all you need to know about that brat

Meghan McCain = SCARED ☝🏿🧐🇺🇸 huffy post reminds me of poop Poor Meghan. She can dish it out but can't take it! 🤣🤣🤣 MeghanMcCain MeghanMcCain is totally right.

Meghan McCain To Mary Trump: “Leave Me And My Entire Family The F*ck Alone”The View’s Meghan McCain is exercising her right to a final work week of really unfiltered expression, responding to author Mary L. Trump’s claim that McCain lacked the courage to face … No acting roles in Meghan McCain movies for Mary Trump! Wow, someone can't stand the heat. Someone, please contact Joy or Sunny, and when Meghan tries to make a point to talk about MT, please tell her that was yesterday's segment of the show. Tell her that she had a chance to say anything that she wanted to say to MT face to face.

Woulda loved this energy in 2016,2017,2018,2019, and 2020 but go off I guess, sis. As a member of a politically powerful family and connected to many others who were opposed to Trump's unamerican anti-war ideas, we need McCain to continue to fight for the right of Americans to bomb civilians for oil and then protest for social justice in the streets.


Meghan McCain Tells Mary Trump 'Leave Me and My Entire Family The F*** Alone'Meghan McCain is beefing with Mary Trump. MeghanMcCain can dish it out on Twitter but not on set. Got it. All right, but this does not change the fact that there are 48 million kangaroos in Australia and 3,457,380 inhabitants in Uruguay, so if the kangaroos decide to invade Uruguay, every Uruguayan must fight 14 kangaroos

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Trump PACs paid lawyers nearly $8 million as they fought election results, impeachmentFormer President Donald Trump's political action committees spent nearly $8 million on legal matters related to the 2020 recount and his impeachment fight. JennaEllisEsq sets a low bar if he is the best. 🤪 Trump doesn’t care. It is not his money although the lawyers involved are his friends and donors. Some are his associates also. Nice way to reward friends even when he is in a dumpster.. That is an ambulance 🚑 w/ some serious coin in it 💰💰💰

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