Mary Trump's Scathing Book Claims Trump Paid Someone To Take His Sats - Cnnpolitics

Mary Trump's Scathing Book Claims Trump Paid Someone To Take His Sats - Cnnpolitics

Mary Trump's scathing book claims Trump paid someone to take his SATs

Mary Trump, the President's niece, writes that Trump 'destroyed my father. I can't let him destroy my country,' in a new book obtained by CNN.

7/8/2020 1:29:00 AM

Mary Trump, the President's niece, writes that Trump 'destroyed my father. I can't let him destroy my country,' in a new book obtained by CNN.

Donald Trump's niece Mary Trump levels scathing criticism at the President in her forthcoming book, accusing him of being a 'sociopath' and charging that Trump's 'hubris and willful ignorance' dating back to his early days threatens the country.

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Now you wonder why she wrote this book on revenge and now no integrity or credibility Now someone is paying him, to let them run our country. PutinsGOP NicoleJoslin8 He’s already destroyed America! It also says he cant control his bowels. You guys should run with that story instead It shows, he speaks like a 5 year old.

Yawn I have reserved a copy of of the book by Mary Trump. Having interviewed, assessed, and profiled many people with physical and mental problems, I have some idea about problematic behavior and know that when repeated it can have a dangerous outcome and intervention is needed Approx 8 years difference between them. It's more likely this brother had an active part in shaping Donald into the man he is today. Good and Bad. Know Donald never drinks due to the affect his brothers alcohol addiction had on him. Swings and roundabouts.

Scathing,did you actually read the damn book CNN.Just another bs attack book against Trump.Your constant attacks are chasing alot of Democrats to Trump,not costing him support.Anyone can tell this book is a money grab. If the coming 4 years still reigned by this crazy devil👿👺 and his minions🐛🐞, lota Americans would try very hard to migrate🏃🏃👪👥🚛🚚🚗 North☝👣⬆

Yawn 4 years is a little late to tell us don't you think so ? This is the best you can do to unseat a president? Amazing how Obama kept his head under the radar for two terms but then...oh that's right...maybe that should be left to be politically correct. she should know. Can't wait to read it. Well done Mary Trump brave woman

Of course he did! Duh! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 now I know because I had my doubts.. rofl what a pack of lies even her own brother says she is lying Non solo, ma con i suoi compari conservatori a rischio è anche il mondo. La politica non deve essere distruttiva, ma creativa e formativa. Pre-Ordered this book ❤️ can it wait to read it

Damn she wants a shot at stardom. Can’t let Donald be the only famous one So tragic. I’m so sorry for her that she had to watch her father go through all of that. No one should let him destroy the country. Only on CNN. Is this the best we’ve gotten from this book because it isn’t much. Aw. CNN has resulted to profound dirt eating. How cute.

Was his high SAT score what allowed him to become a billionaire and president of the US? She's too late, he already has lol, and American suckers are lapping it up like old heifers What’s with fake news sharing the same articles again and again ? screwed up TRP’s? Honestly, from what CNN writes, it feels to me that this clinical psychologist is quite petty and child like in her attacks. Also she seems to arbor a lot of resentment towards the fact that her own father went down a dark path in his life and blames it all on the family..

Fake news Biden called blacks the ''N'' word! Ape article. Y’all apes Wow. After Russia, finally got him 🙄 I have a personal grudge against Trump. So listen to my 'unbiased' opinion about his leadership 🤭 lol what a load of dog shit So she has a chip on shoulder & a jaded view because her of father.. it happens

Now I understand, honestly I knew something was wrong but I couldn't placed it on background and growing up. But he has tried. well you're a little fucking late mary I’m getting the book o n Tuesday . Even if I never read it, will be a total win VOTR TRUMP OUT Trump is a teetotaler precisely because his older brother drank himself to death, but sure, let's pretend it was all Trump's fault 🤷

Enough of your fake news!!!! I remember this Never Shy Away From Saying The Truth Even To A So Called Leader. I bet Groper Joe's nIece has a few stories. sonaliranade And indirectly destroy various other countries and institutions in the world ! Why should anyone be surprised Seems Frank Sr. Was so hateful towards his name sake son, who died from alcoholism secondary to a broken heart from the ruthless SOB of a father. It’s said that El don was also terrified by same.

jbugjosh I’m buying this book! Obama never attended Columbia and was born in Kenya CNN going hard on this. Hey why not point out what’s been done this past week Agendas.... I've ordered my copy. No doubt of skeletons in that closet. Have a friend that was DonaldTrumpJr chauffer, said he & Ivanka were assholes!

How about you report on the real news such as tour trash network pushing the Russian Hoaxs for years and the many times you had that liar Schiff saying he had overwhelming evidence. Report on the evidence Schiff hid from investigators. CNN = Trash More fake news from the world leader Look around. No leadership! Lies and corruption .... NO HOAX... Drain the swap .... more like drain the ocean!

Don’t you think it’s awful funny she comes out now to write a book about Trump I heard she had a mental record you need to go back in her history see what really happened nothing to do with Trump nothing but jealousy like the rest of the world Someone he only met in college after those tests were already taken, according to that man’s wife. The man is dead, so Mary thought she could lie and get away with it.Another anti-Trump book full of lies, all to make money and for the press to use to get you not to vote for Trump

🤮 Trump is one ugly kid born to dictate Golpe mais sujo que existe é a pessoa fazer acusações do passado, a pandemia não ensinou algumas pessoas....passado já foi , o que importa é o hojE. People at CNN are holding the book in their left hand that they can, you know, um keep their right hand free for something else...a little lower.

Oh no not his......sats Mary USED to have a Little Lamb - This one has a VERY BAD attitude Enemies of peace in families’ media Yep still no mention about this live being snuffed out !! Where’s your story! You are to blame for the racial hatred and division. I was in a thread with doctors from Michigan, who couldn't disprove, that: Dr. Larry Nassar with no history of sex abuse, was passed along in Med School and Residency; in exchange for creating videos. Mary Trump has no record of doing the work to become a clinical psychologist.

FakeNewsCNN is campaigning against Trump Journalism is dead I am old enough to remember when journalists reported the they simply repeat Democrat talking points. Next FakeNewsCNN will accuse Trump of something really bad like taking 2 scoops of ice cream Quite possible. He's a ruthless guy. Just see how he attacks people in his speeches.

Skip Bolton’s or (buy it and pass it on to about ten people) now Mary’s book should purchased and recommended to all. CNN 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀 Donald trump is a fraud and a vile disgusting repugnant repulsive petty insecure immature juvenile ignorant racist sexist petulant child 👶🏼 What makes you a credible news network is to have a balanced opinion, truth and fact on issues. If Osama Bin Laden was alive to write a book about Pres. Trump will be the first to buy it. Buy credible books that promote love, unity and not hate for the sake of power.

Her Dad and the president's brother, who drank himself to death, is the very reason that Trump doesn't drink. I've never met an alcoholic's kid who didn't have severe mental issues. Anyone who even entertains this white noise is complicit in their own confirmation bias and TDS. ....not to a family do not help destroy your own...

Mary Trump is trying to protect America not make a dollar. She has a PhD and a well-known successful psychologist. All these people that are in his circle keep warning us and you people somehow believe Fox News in his tweets His billionaire friends and millionaire friends got PPP loans and most small businesses got rejected

Apparently, Mary has a drug problem. 😉 And wayfair is also using its platform for Epsteins buddies to traffic children for rape. But let's focus on this two week old story. He is trying his best with the collaboration with Putin to destroy our Great Nation. Cannot wait to devour this in one sitting. When’s it out?

What would expose realDonaldTrump Since it is public and notorius their deviations in character,the closer he gets to his ignominy, the more he is exposed to despair and his political and mental imbalance. In the absence of arguments, the weapon of the ignorant is violence. CNN runs with this story even though they KNOW the person who supposedly took the test for Trump did not meet him until the both met AT COLLEGE. Lies, lies, lies. Anything to harm Trump. THIS is CNN. Fake news!!!!

And if he did.. Fckn genius.. Kids been doing this every single year. But now the SAT is phased out. Is this all you got? Go scream. How many times have you posted this. At least 10 be like.... Ah! Fakenews shows up in my tw-flow! I bow down! In my country You are like pravda was in sovjetunion, foxnews is forbidden here since 2006 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

Whah? So is that why she's writing the book, it's a vendetta? I hope she tells the truth because I want to know. We have enough lies coming out of the Dem party and it's media (like this one), I'm looking forward to real stuff now. Trump paid someone to pass the exam😬realDonaldTrump BarackObama Like we care so much what a student did over 50 years ago her dad was a freaking drunk so this is her little payback that she got stuck with the loser dad

Yeah? Is there evidence? Or are we just saying this is true, now, because someone said so? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤔 Fake News sonaliranade Monetizing views by presenting dramatically and increase book sales! Close to the elections. All this could have been simply said in an interview. Her father drank himself to death and no one could stop it. This woman needs help.

Obtained lol CNN is a dying news organization. Trump2020 This is definitely the kind of info Adam Schiff would want to know. Too late TRUMP 2020! Go back to Europe Mary trump waited 4 years to tell us ? So after she was written out of some she got a book to sell🤔🤔🤔🤔 Erstaunlich wie sie die Zusammenhänge kombiniert

He got a good start on it I like Trump in a mask. You see less of his stupid lying face!😷😷🇨🇦 Trump 2020 She might be too late. Well..not really. Mary trumps father had no interest in the fam business and was more interetested in flying airplanes. Born an inch from home and he still had to cheat. Little late

Inapt covfefe rule: Vietnam war dodger crook, Crafty, cunning and yet a Clueless & callous Covfefe Trump needs a miracle to win & miracles are hard to come by. The white house belongs to Biden after Nov the 4th. Love me or leave me. Zzzzzz Triggered snowflake Next Nothing Burger, this one already went down the loo...

fakebook fakenewscnn Blah. Y a w n 🥱 This is as truthful as Tara Reade's accusation of Biden. shockerrrr. “I c ant let him destroy my country” too late? Should have spoken up 5 years ago Too bad the book is already proven to be false. She sounds like a whiny rich kid. Don’t hang your hat on this one. It’s a joke.

Lol ! That is the entire book? Or one randomly lifted excerpt to advance your asinine agenda? Paying someone to take SAT’s to Pardoning Roger Stone. This Buffoon is CORRUPT! Mary Trump😂😂😂😂 Trump is the best president ever! Really? More like I will use him to help me make money by selling out my family. Why didn't she write this book years ago if so distressed over her father?

in fighting in a family is all this mary persons book....and just before an election one needs to realize this book may or may not been paid for by the democratic party which seems to pay for anything anti-trump.! Yeah, ok ahahahahahahaha Too late. He already has done plenty of damage Adding SAT tests to the lists of test realDonaldTrump can't pass: STD test Lie Detector test Psychological test Citizenship test Fitness test Morality test spelling test Drug test IQ test Spelling test COVID2019 test running against JoeBiden test

Oh no! Someone else is writing an anti-Trump book...will this one be any different? NOPE! Gee I think we get like two of these a year. So What! It'll be collecting dust in a couple of months. Too late Mary I'll get Mary's book, but I don't give a rat's behind what Bolton says or thinks. He had a chance to save our country, but hid like a traitor and coward.

It's a little late. Ok Mary. I wish you could bring the destruction to an end “The walls are caving in!” TDS The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama It be your own family. We ALL have a hater in the family MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople Hard hitting stuff CNN!!! FakeNews So why didn’t she speak out in 2016? That’s right, she didn’t have a book deal then.

cnn same shit, different day! Getting so old. Used to love this network. Now can’t even stomach to watch it. No wonder their ratings are so low. Sad!!! Why would you want to slander your family ... sinful! She loved him before 2015! Too late. Just preordered! Should be interesting to gain an insight on Donald Trump from a member of the family.


Wrote the book a little late. Could have saved thousands of lives. Hilarious! Way to go Mary Whoops! Highlighting the importance for checking IDs for standardized testing, but no IDs required to vote. That’s a big contradiction. Come on CNN. WE SIMPLY CAN’T AFFORD TO TRUST TRUMP TO PROTECT OUR WELLBEING & RIGHTS FOR 4 MORE YEARS. HIS TRACK RECORD PROVES IT. DURING TRUMP’s WATCH: The TrumPandemic (132K DEAD, 42M NEED JOBS), 19K LIES & RUSSIA. HE CAN NEVER BE BELIEVED/TRUSTED cc Scaramucci

Who is Maxwell? The b***h is just upset about the will. Maybe combined with some antiamerican nyc tendencies So basically Mary is a bitter grandchild of Fred Trump. This is her 15 minutes because she has nothing to lose. How is it absurd? Anything’s possible. She’s a part of his family. Family know the weirdest of details about other family members. Things friends could and would never know. Is it possible this is also a lie? Most definitely. Family also make up stories about other family members

Who cares? Petty bs realDonaldTrump Oh over the “Trump trashing” it’s getting old I wouldn't doubt it. I wouldn't believe anything that comes out if Donald Trump's mouth. He lies about everything. Just release your grades and will know? Too bad it's not Hillary's niece.. she would have been gone by now.

Yes, Colin is going to donate all his wealth for our BLM cause. Thank you sir🙏 Prove it Trump. Take the test again. Like that’s going to happen 🙄 Not surprised Why are you so against Trump Your hate is getting old This is not news. Trump hating liberals Scorned little woman. All accusations are with zero facts to back it up

Michael Wolff’s book Amarosa’s book Stormy Daniels book John Bolton‘s book Philip Rucker’s piece of shit now Mary Trump you know the definition of insanity right? So has Mary Trump been in a coma and just woke up to learn Uncle Donald is POTUS? Or just interesting timing? Ur Father destroyed his self being a drunk

I cant stand that man. I really cant. He even had his hair the same way back then. Clown. Sounds like another bitter leftist trying to make a quick buck She will be forgotten in 2 weeks Remember Bolton's book with inside info...another nothingburger Trump2020LandslideVictory Who cares Hahahaha. You focus on the wrong things!

yep uncle donald left her out of the fortune so now cnn the hacks pay her well to write a book knocking trump.this is as good as rachael madcow having trumps taxes. Another dud! Remember this is the woman that the Grandmother Trump threw out of the family, wrote her out of the will. You think this woman doesn’t have an ax to grind and lie about things?

What kind family is her? Spin this one cnn cnnbrk Politics Black Lives Matter Leader Toronto Believes White People are Subhuman, Calls Them ‘Genetic Defects’ – Begs ‘Allah’ to Help Her ‘Not Kill White Folks’ Trump made America great again Folk replying on here are utter idiots. If your dad is a drunk he and only he is responsible for his life plus she got $200.000 from Trump Snr but she is a waste of space who’s money dried up. How many of you lot sponge of your Aunt and uncles ?

Trump is not destroying America He is to narcissist for that what an attention hor So THERE IS A TRUMP WHO HAS A SOUL! Sounds like Mary didn't get what she THOUGHT she was entitled to in the family estate. Poor thing. 😴😴😴😴😴 She’s sounds bitter. How does everyone not see that. Why do we need a tell all book for idiots to act TrumoTarded and look past everything bc they think being an asshole is cool running a country. I guess we have a lot of Narcissistic People in our country. Birds of a feather flock together.

A question being asked: how does tRump’s past matter. Only thing matters is how good President he is. Mary’s book matters because it explains his incompetent leadership and erratic behavior. It also confirms they are all lifelong character flaws and he is not going to change. It be your own family to spill the real tea 🤣🤣Mary you’re invited to the cookout 🤣🤣

Mary Trump 👇 Oh she is going for the Money Uncle Donald she learnt from the best how to get it ...How ?....Write a book About the POTUS Oooooooh! $💵💰 Finally a Trump that CNN loves , It is like money changes everything , sounds like she is want to make a lot of money as every family has one of these that will do anything for a dollar !

Mary is the new Bubba Wallace looking to make a few million before disappearing for being called out on all the false statements. Is beatsbydre going to give her a deal also hahaha. WWG1WGA It's not up to her, dumb girl. It's up to the voters! Trump2020NowMoreThanEver Oh boy...More like 'ill say anything you want me to say for enough zeros'

Opinion | Mary Trump somehow manages to make President Trump look even worseHis niece's account could help us understand how he got to be the person he is. Facts suck for Trump. A bunch of grifters sitting in a row. the more you water Trump with mud, the more you immerse yourself in your own mud!

Mary Trump tell-all book will be released two weeks early amid court fightThe publisher of a forthcoming tell-all book about President Donald Trump and his family by his niece Mary Trump on Monday said it was advancing the date of the book's publication by two weeks, to July 14. Go Mary, DO IT! Looking for Logo , Business card, Banner, flyer for your company or business? Order me or contact me for your design. Yawn! CNBC is not a business network but worse than TMZ. In fact TMZ has better reporting and sources than NBC = FakeNews

Mary Trump Book To Be Published July 14, Publisher Announces, Claims ‘Muzzled’ By UncleWhile the legal battle between Mary Trump and her uncle over the book’s publication continues. U staring at me? At least six children, aged 6 to 14, were shot and killed over the Fourth of July weekend while doing everyday things — riding in mom's car, walking in a mall and playing in a yard with their cousins. Probably more fireworks to come.

Mary Trump Claims President is 'Twisted,' SAT Cheater in New BookPresident Trump's niece describes him as a twisted cheater in her upcoming tell-all book. Hahahaha realDonaldTrump ! cool He wouldn't even pass a DUI test.🤣

Mary Trump levels scathing criticism of President in new book obtained by CNNDonald Trump's niece Mary Trump levels scathing criticism of the President in her forthcoming book, accusing him of being a 'sociopath' and charging that Trump's 'hubris and willful ignorance' dating back to his early days threatens the country. The personal hatred for Trump is out in the open with this one at least. Not a bad thing to advertise so everyone knows what they’re in for before reading it You’ve posted this same article a hundred times. His other kids have written great books about him but yet this is the only one you advertise. You are bias you’re manipulative and divisive just stop with your hate for once in your life. Stop cnn please TooLate

Upcoming book from Mary Trump paints scathing portrait of her uncle turned presidentJUST IN: In new memoir, Pres. Trump’s niece offers a personal and damning account of his rise, and claims the culmination of his family and professional experiences led to his “aberrant behavior” as president. Hey everybody.... Remember when John Bolton’s book was the going to be the “final nail” in Trump’s Presidency? I’m guessing that this nail is gonna miss the mark too. 🍻 She is a bitter woman cause her grandpa didn’t give her the money she was expecting. Only $200,000 a year. Boo hoo!! I don’t know any grandpa who would give millions to his ex daughter in law’s kids. She’s all about sticking it to the family. I believe it. So do something about it. We are all in the same boat... He has the keys, he can turn it around now if he really wants to.