Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Star Responds To Fantastic Four Casting Rumors

9/26/2022 6:24:00 AM

Fantastic Four casting rumors continue to swirl.

As rumors continue to swirl regarding Marvel's potential FantasticFour cast, TheMarvelousMrsMaisel's Rachel Brosnahan weighs in on her own casting chances: 'I'm about to be available.'

Fantastic Four casting rumors continue to swirl.

The Marvelous Mrs.Advertisement Advertisement By definition, the Marvel Cinematic Universe can’t last as long as the Marvel Comics Universe.By 4:36 PM PDT, September 25, 2022 This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our sponsors.Jon Wilner The San Jose (Calif.

Maisel star Rachel Brosnahan responds to Fantastic Four casting rumors, saying she would like to play Sue Storm once Maisel wraps filming its fifth and final season.The Emmy Award-winning actor broke out with roles in shows like House of Cards and The Blacklist before finding widespread success playing the titular role in The Marvelous Mrs.That’s not a feat anyone can duplicate on the silver screen, as Disney demonstrated so forcefully with its horrifying computerized golems of Carrie Fisher and Peter Cushing in Rogue One.Maisel.7– See The An… 05:09 Nia Long Breaks Her Silence Amid Fiancé's Alleged Cheating Scand… 10:12 ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2: Kyle Reacts to Most Cringy and Memorab… 05:23 ‘Bachelorette’: Gabby Windey Addresses Fiancé Erich’s Texts With… 02:36 'Riverdale' Actor Ryan Grantham Sentenced to Life in Prison for … 03:47 Gwyneth Paltrow Learns How to 'Slay' From Daughter Apple Martin 01:40 Blake Shelton Reflects on 10 Years With ’The Voice’ After 500th … 03:00 Leonardo DiCaprio 'Spending Time' With Gigi Hadid Following Cami… 03:31 Gisele Bündchen Addresses Tom Brady Marriage Amid Reports of Re… 03:44 Wynonna Judd Tearfully Announces She'll Continue Planned Tour Af… 05:01 Bryce Dallas Howard Recalls How Her Dad Nearly Spoiled Chris Pra… 03:22 How Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Are Navigating Cheating Alle… 03:04 Gwen Stefani Tears Up Over Heartfelt Performance on Season 22 Pr… 03:13 Madonna Tongue Kisses Friends During 64th Birthday Celebration i… 06:50 Queen Elizabeth's Dog Trainer Says Corgis Are 'Perceptive' and A… 03:29 Kim Kardashian Sports Jockstrap, Spills on Kanye West in New Spr… 03:00 Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin Split After 25 Years of M… Fans know and love.As Midge, Brosnahan became a household name and sought-out actor.The question is less whether Marvel’s grand experiment in interlinked superhero films can continue forever than how long it will take for the experiment to run through all of the MCU’s interesting configurations of living actors and familiar characters, and how long after that it would take for people to get sick of them.Her film credits include The Finest Hours, Patriots Day, and I'm Your Woman​​​​​​.3 points and held double-digit leads entering the fourth quarter.

SCREENRANT VIDEO OF THE DAY Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four will tell the story of the titular superhero team, who hasn't been seen on the big screen since the critical and commercial flop of the same name in 2015, starring Brosnahan's House of Cards co-star Kate Mara as Sue Storm.) Lately, the Marvel movies have felt as though they’re winding down, even as each of them grows more desperate to impart some vital bit of trivia that the consumer can carry to the theater on their next outing.The new Fantastic Four is still in early pre-production, with a release date tentatively set for November 2024.The film is slated to launch Phase Six of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has WandaVision's Matt Shakman attached as director.But it has no Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko, no uniting visual artist whose unmistakable style makes the individual installments worth returning for.However, despite being in development for years now, no official casting announcements have been made; there have been plenty of rumors, though.Related: We're Still Seeing Iron Man 1's Legacy In MCU's Fantastic Four Movie In an interview with ET Online, Brosnahan responds to the rumors that she's being considered for the role of Storm.(That’s what Ross’s graphic novel is, incidentally.But we opted for the Trojans’ victory because it matched two undefeated teams and because the go-ahead touchdown came with 73 seconds remaining, whereas Oregon’s go-ahead score came much earlier in the game — with 81 seconds left.

In regards to whether she would be interested in joining a Marvel project like Fantastic Four, she replies with an enthusiastic "Absolutely! That would be a blast." As for whether the rumors have any truth to them, Brosnahan says: I haven't heard anything, unfortunately, but I'm here, it's our last season.It has been packaged for grownups with disposable income, but it is still very much kids’ stuff.I'm about to be available.What Would Rachel Brosnahan's Sue Storm Be Like? With the casting being completely up in the air for Fantastic Four, it's anyone's guess who could bring the iconic team to life.51 and 52, revisiting the tragic protagonist of Kirby classic “This Man, This Monster.TV fans mostly know Brosnahan for her work on The Marvelous Mrs.We should mention stellar defensive performances from Oregon State’s secondary and Washington’s front seven.

Maisel, which, combined with House of Cards, shows she has a knack for bringing depth and complexity to what could be two-dimensional roles.Instead, the company and its imitators prefer the artists in their employ to fill in the narrative gaps, increasing the already granite-like density of the interconnected plot structure.Brosnahan's enthusiasm for the challenge a Marvel role presents is clear in her quote.With superhero stories not being known for being especially character-driven, someone with Brosnahan's versatility could bring nuance to the part of Sue Storm.With the Fantastic Four movie standing over two years away, a lot could change between now and its release, with other supposed contenders like Emily Blunt and Jodie Comer still coming up online.In lieu of actual casting news, fans have taken to sharing their best ideas for who could fill in the MCU's Fantastic Four roster.Coach of the week: Oregon State defensive coordinator Trent Bray This space is typically reserved for head coaches, but Bray’s gameplan against USC was an absolute masterpiece.

Whether Brosnahan's involvement in the conversation stems from actual fact or online playfulness isn't clear, but her name is in the mix now.Accuracy aside, Brosnahan would be an excellent Sue Storm and bring a certain richness and elegance to the cast of Fantastic Four.Perhaps she'll get the part in the end.Source: ET Online Key Release Dates.

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The Comic That Shows Why Marvel Movies Can’t Get the Fantastic Four RightThere’s a reason why despite decades of trying Marvel has yet to make a watchable Fantastic Four movie. Interesting take. Thoughts DanSlott ? Have they tried just making an animated F4 film? It could be the uncanny valley issues with the CGI. Also, Warner Brothers has better animated DC superhero films than live action. Maybe, it’s just a better writing and directing staff or fewer ego driven actors. To be fair, Fox was the one making all the horrible F4 movies and most of them they made just so they could keep the rights. We’ll see what Disney/Marvel does. Here’s hoping 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Rachel Brosnahan Addresses 'Fantastic Four' Casting Rumors (Exclusive)The 'Fantastic Four' character Sue Storm has been floated by online commentators as a choice for Brosnahan.

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