Martinez Residents Charged with Hate Crime After Defacing BLM Mural | KQED

They were seen on video defacing a Black Lives Matter mural permitted by the city.

7/8/2020 5:43:00 AM

Two white people in California have been charged with a hate crime after a viral video showed the pair attempting to deface a city-permitted Black Lives Matter mural, officials announced. (KQED)

They were seen on video defacing a Black Lives Matter mural permitted by the city.

 (YouTube)After a viral video showed a man and a woman attempting to deface a Black Lives Matter mural in front of a Martinez courthouse, the Contra Costa County district attorney announced today that the pair is being charged with three misdemeanors, including a hate crime.

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The incident unfolded on July 4, hours after another resident completed the mural, which features the words “Black Lives Matter” in large, yellow letters on the asphalt. The original mural was permitted by the city, whose demographic makeup is 75% white and 3.6% Black, according to the latest census estimates. Hours after it was completed, Martinez residents Nichole Anderson, 42, and David Nelson, 53, allegedly arrived with buckets of paint and rollers; Anderson attempted to cover the letters with black paint while Nelson yelled at onlookers, shouting “Keep America great again” and “All lives matter.”

In the video, Nelson wears a red “Make America Great Again” hat and a shirt that reads “Four more years.”“We’re sick of this narrative. That’s what’s wrong,” Nelson told passersby. “The narrative of police brutality. The narrative of oppression. The narrative of racism. It’s a lie. There is no oppression. There is no racism. It’s a leftist lie. It’s a lie from the media, the liberal left.”

Nelson and Anderson have been charged with violation of civil rights, vandalism under $400 and possession of tools to commit vandalism or graffiti. If convicted, they could face a year in county jail.Sponsored“We must address the root and byproduct of systemic racism in our country. The Black Lives Matter movement is an important civil rights cause that deserves all of our attention,” Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton said in a statement. “The mural completed last weekend was a peaceful and powerful way to communicate the importance of Black lives in Contra Costa County and the country. We must continue to elevate discussions and actually listen to one another in an effort to heal our community and country.”

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KQED oh but no problem when they burn citys and destroy historical statues but suddenly the media speaks! KQED Deface what a racist message on public streets KQED Black Lives Matters is like the Klan. mbrinkerhoff KQED That’s sad. This is freedom of speech... at least hit them with a misdemeanor/ defacing property. Ridiculous if you ask me.

KQED GoFundMe time. KQED Painting on a street is not a mural. KQED So, let me get this straight. It's okay to vandalize our statues and knock them down but we're not allowed to do the same to these stupid street paintings? What is happening here. Did Hitler rise from the dead? KQED KQED Defacing or Restoring ?

KQED A hate crime for painting over mural lol avaunlocked KQED GOOD. Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. KQED Maybe they should say they were doing community service. KQED Imagine having this much hate in your heart. Were they fired from their jobs? KQED I don’t see any so-called « hate » in this photograh. I see painting on the roadway which should be forbidden in the 1st place. It’s dangerous to vehicles especially two wheels in the rain.

KQED Another bites the dust.. where they work at KQED Good. They need to be punished. KQED Murals on the pavement? I thought that was for traffic signage? KQED Painting over graffiti is a hate crime? Democrat run cities 🤦‍♀️ KQED That's not a hate crime! KQED But tearing down statues is okay? KQED Best outcome. blacklivesmatter

KQED So you can graffiti BLM on buildings, private and federal, but if you attempt to cover up BLM on a street it's a hate crime? Good luck. Won't make it through court. KQED Got them! 👏👏👏👏👏 KQED NPR really needs to investigate the comments on their tweets. They clearly aren't real people. KQED This woman’s face needs a fresh coat of paint

KQED Awesome, racists idiots need to be called out. KQED So much hate from these people who have had privilege their entire lives and have no idea what it feels like to not have that. KQED Anyone charged for Breonna Taylor yet? KQED That's a bit extreme. Hope the charges are dropped. KQED Good! KQED It’s just gonna say BLACK LIVES MATTER in BLACK Genius!

KQED That’s a hate crime? How about charging them with being stupid instead. KQED Good. They were proud of this stupidity. White people like this just don’t want to share our country. KQED they absolutely deserve to spend time in jail! naive, disgraceful humans. KQED They used black paint. The Marxists were triggered.

KQED Since when peaceful protest become a hate crime? KQED So much for free speech. When people are charged with hate crimes for exercising their right to free speech, a civil war is on the horizon KQED Not sure how any hate crime is a misdemeanor KQED Finally. An NPR story using the adjective White. Interesting how the organization’s reporters will quickly describe victims as Black and then neglect identifying the race of accused purpatrators (always White). Humanize or colorize it but be consistent and accurate.

KQED Hopefully they lose their jobs as well. KQED WTF !!!! KQED They were so bothered to the point of vandalizing a mural associated with bringing awareness of the unnecessary death of black people. That's making a statement. Action is speech, unspoken. That statement, action is rooted in hate. KQED For those of you who say hate crime goes too far do you think it was love that inspired them to do that? That was pure hate.

KQED That hate crime charge isn't going to stick. KQED 2 national anthems 2 sets of laws for statues The left is installing Jim Crowe again except in reverse Black laws White punishment Don't be fooled it's by design to keep the narrative Americans are racist KQED It should fall under Trump's monument defacement 10 year rule.

KQED This was a hate crime. I hope they get jail time for it. KQED I'll be happy to paint over any BLM mural I encounter KQED No chance these charges hold up KQED KQED Go CA!! KQED How is this considered 'attempting'? KQED That’s a stretch KQED With so many quick to judge who is racist , let me ask a simple question. Are the way hate crimes are indicted racist itself?

KQED These charges will not stick, but will BLM members going to 'protest' if they dont get charged? KQED Im calling it now realDonaldTrump is going to parade them around and call them heros... KQED Black lives don’t matter ESOP_STL KQED Great KQED It's just incredible that people can go through this short life we have with so much hate in their hearts. These two fool's need a good fine and lots of community service.

KQED Hate crime Good luck proving that in court, hate crimes have a specific burden of proof, one that's not even close to being reached here. Vandalism is the worst crime they'll face, next. KQED The hate crime is the daily barrage by black lives matter. A Marxist evil entity determined to destroy christain roots.

KQED Anti christain pagan Marxist assholes support reverse discrimination for going after the innocent white couple who witnessed blm vandalize public property with their propaganda. KQED Seriously KQED Shouldn’t be charged , should be given a bunch of freebies since , that’s what everyone else received prior to the spineless Democrat leadership caving in.

KQED She wanted to paint black lives matter in black paint lol I feel like she was more of a supporter than a hater and she just did not know? lmfao KQED BLM IS A MARXIST GROUP ! SO HATE CRIME IS BULLSHIT npr is propaganda for the modern marxist DNC / BLM / ANTIFA KQED Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

KQED Just a reminder that several members of Black Lives Matter have killed multiple police officers over the years, two of which were organized ambushes. KQED And it’s all on video. Mouth breathers. KQED Saying that racism is a leftist lie while throwing black paint at a symbol of solidarity for the black community. I mean, the cognitive dissonance is appalling.

KQED I believe that the original intent of BLM for police reform has morphed into something deeply disturbing. BLM is now a political party and had no right to paint slogans on public streets. Thank you to this couple for their citizenship and calling out the truth. KQED This is what happens when you own guns. You start to believe in your own bull shit. You start to think, I AM THE LAW. You discount the real law, because you don't care what it is. The law is what you feel it SHOULD be. That is the grand delusion of privilege. Just like Trump.

KQED Good. Cult leader Trump is complicit in their activities because of the racist comments he made about the Black Lives Matter movement. KQED Good!!!!! KQED Law and order, snowflake. If they hate America and its laws so much they should go to Saudi Arabia. themanyeyedfox KQED lul 'mural' KQED I'm Canadian and i think you American leftists are mentally ill.

KQED davidnelson nicholeanderson blm trending KQED Who spells their name “Nichole” anyway? It’s like a portmanteau of “nachos” and “asshole.” KQED Yay! VioletOctober KQED Dumbassed KQED Can't do the time don't do the crime KQED Thoughts and prayers for Chad and Karen. KQED Radical left is the enemy of the USA!!!

KQED Yea I’m really tired of white racist Americans. You don’t have to be a genius to know that they also migrated here. KQED Please keep us updated on their acquittal. KQED If this is the case anyone of any color who is vandalizing statues by spray painting 'racist' on it should be charged with hate crimes as a hate crime should apply to any race towards any other.

KQED Charged with resurfacing the streets? KQED Do any of you farks give a toss about summer turner once it was found the guy who killed her and injured HER and another BLM protester was BLACK? KQED BLM is gay as fuck KQED 🤡Hate Crimes is meaningless. KQED That guy that ran down the white girl in Seattle, was he charged with a hate crime? Was hate even mentioned? Was the color of his skin a defining factor in his actions? Or was it just some guy, with human emotions that made a mistake? Fuck the media!!

KQED KQED Will all those BLM activists that spray paint 'all cops are bastards'a.k.a. 'ACAB' everywhere be charged with hate crime too? I am pretty sure they did not ask anyone for permission. KQED Perfect. Imagine being as gross as them. Blech. KQED Go ahead and argue their acts and the potential punishment. Admit they are racists. Money and punishment don’t matter. When their community sees them as racists, that should be enough.

KQED What next? Protest, riot and loot. Ponkie007 KQED So the My City People were charged 😂😂 KQED They were sick of Narratives “We’re sick of this narrative. That’s what’s wrong,” Nelson told passersby. “The narrative of police brutality. The narrative of oppression. The narrative of racism. It’s a lie. There is no oppression. There is no racism. It’s a leftist lie.' Really?

coffeeeluvr KQED Putting aside how horrible these people are. How did she think she was gonna paint over the entire thing with 1 can of paint and the world's tiniest roller? hous3ofthis KQED Is this kind of painting worth to get criminal record? I guess they’re not worried about that with all privileges to get a job the next day...

KQED You have to be desperately unhappy to do something so lowly like that. I hope they'll learn to become more tolerant and less hateful. KQED When somebody paints something on a public street and someone comes and covers it over, isn't that normal vandalism mitigation? KQED Inbreds. KQED what about the black criminals who rioted, vandalized and ransacked chipotle, west elam, CVS or Mandarette chinese restaurant in Beverly blvd Los Angeles? is anyone looking for those people?

KQED Hate crime is a bit of a stretch. I don't agree with what they did, but come on... Hate crime? KQED Hahahahahahaha. Good. KQED No need to paint over it, just stick a big yellow asterisk on the end. KQED Good, but they really need some education: first hand talk with families from some of the modern day lynchings that have occurred, forced reading of Toni Morrison, and then to be slapped one time each for filth.

HuPing1 KQED WTF? KQED LOL good KQED How did that “white power” work out for these two inbreds? RadioBWatt KQED IIRC, these are the folks who argued racism is a hoax - and what better way to prove that than to erase a sign promoting racial equality? KQED Yet you don’t want to report BLM defacing everything else? And black children getting murdered in CHOP zones? Where is your shame?

cmarinucci KQED Good point. We should shoot for something a little more permanent that hateful people can't vandalize like defunding the police and investing in communities. KQED THATS A CONTRADICTION, ITS OK FOR THEM TO TOPPLE STATUES LIKE FREDERICK DOUGLAS AND OTHERS BUT THEY CAN'T PAINT ON A PAINTED STREET

KQED Stupid and biased to charge them KQED She painting black over the Black Lives Matter “Makes Sense 😂 KQED Why not move the protests, riots & vandalism to the doorsteps of your local politicians!! Not condoning destruction as an effective way to send a message, but shit, leave the working people of your communities out of it!

KQED You know. KQED Now I completely understand, the maga hat was the ad... very clever! What were they thinking... KQED Whoever published/covered this is clearly NOT a serious journalist...CHILDREN are being shot & killed at highest rates.. WTF are vandalizing rioters accomplishing to solve that!! KQED How many people did they shoot while defacing the mural?

KQED Welcome to clown world. Population: all of us. KQED good the racist assholes,.. KQED Absolutely absurd. KQED Two whole people were peacefully vandalizing vandalism!!! Call the National Guard this is the seed of a riot!! KQED They must watch Fox KQED Racists are weird. KQED Really dissapointed with NPR and their reporting lately. Becoming CNN lite.

KQED We have lost our minds! I’m a liberal black male who would have voted for Bern in Nov. It’s paint and asphalt. They didn’t paint the N word. Hyped up charges for minor crimes is what we are trying to stop! Remember? KQED Loooooove KQED That is not a hate crime. Speech is not a crime. Non violent protest is not a crime. If this is vandalism, then what is destroying a business in the name of ideology?

KQED Good. KQED The Democrats Party should be charged with Hundreds of thousands of crimes. KQED Good! DearDean22 KQED Awesome KQED KQED can you imagine how mad they must've been To get in the car, sit in traffic, go to Sherwin Williams, wait for Noah to come back from break, mix the exact shade of Intolerant Black, wait in line, find the card, get back in the car, sit in traffic, turn around to get roller...

KQED HuPing1 KQED 这群太荒谬了! KQED I vote for five years of community service, a class on the equal rights amendment, restitution to the city covering cost of paint and labor. KQED Nice. KQED Do not celebrate the justice yet -- wait until Trump will tweet on this accident. He even can pardon these 'good people'.

KQED Good. KQED they are MAGA Anarchists, bunker boy better call im seal team 6 KQED It would be great to get a refresher on exactly what kinds of vandalism is now permitted and what is not KQED What complete willful Marxist insanity... Marxist Killed more ppl in just the 20th cen. Then in all of American Colonialism...

KQED They were Thank goodness!!!! KQED We are proud of this decision by the local municipal authorities. We must seek to honor & respect the historical pain of diverse backgrounds. Their blatant disrespect to the BLM movement was wrong & injust. Seek to understand & show compassion. EndRacismNow KQED The hypocrisy is unreal.

KQED i mean... they're shitbags but hate crime is a bit too far KQED Those who Cover BLM Domestic Terrorists Graffiti are HEROES! KQED Don’t know if it’s a “hate” crime,,, BUT, KQED I would have paid for a private contractor to repave the road! KQED Wow. They are going to get a lot of millions when they sue for violation of constitutional rights to protest. Its public space. It’s a sign not a person.

KQED CHARGED WITH A HATE CRIME! OH NO! SO SAD! SO, SO, SAD! KQED Yahoo!! KQED Shitiotic magats! KQED Charged with a hate crime? KQED morons KQED Idiots KQED We The People!! I don't believe in giving power and responeablity to MARXIST!! The Marxist Agenda!! Ignorance Of History!! Trained Marxist!! KQED That took a little longer than it should have. But I’ll take it. Put these racist fascists in jail where they belong.

KQED SHE WAS SCREAMING NOT IN MY TOWN ,IS SHE A NATIVE OR ,SHE JUST GOT GOT$50 TO DIRTY THE STREET!MARTINEZ DOES NOT SOUND WHITE ! KQED When being white will be considered as a hate crime? KQED Is there anything that White Power and its agencies do not get to appropriate. This hate-crime abuse disrespects the oppressed and is just a sign of the new price we will be paying

KQED Say whoops I spilled some paint KQED Vandalism yes , hate crime please. KQED But it's okay for BLM to deface public art (that's what statues are) across the country? GTFOH! WhitePrivilege is a fairy tale.. KQED The thought police need to be defunded KQED Come on. A hate crime? Give me a break.

KQED Perhaps we can find some place for their black arts. Community service. KQED Good. Jerks! KQED Certainly these two should be arrested for vandalism (and for lack of common sense and poor taste if such laws existed), but a hate crime is an overreach. KQED KQED GOOD!!!😂😂😂 martyrabkin KQED Put 'em away. Hate has no business around these parts!

KQED Trump trash KQED i pity them KQED Good! Hope they got fired from jobs too KQED So, if you rip down a BLM poster on a wall or put an poster with an opposing viewpoint over one, you get arrested and prosecuted for a hate crime? Does BLM retain some special status amongst political movements that other movements don’t?

KQED People who call the police on innocent Black people maliciously should be charged with a hate crime. KQED They are really threading the needle with a camel on this one. KQED Your fear and anger comes back on you, always. KQED This is a very good thing. KQED Perfect 👌 DocDarnell KQED Human refuse

KQED This is not a hate crime. BLM on the street is vandalism. The state is abusing them. KQED Is this progress? KQED So California is going to try and make painting over a corporate logo a hate crime? Good luck with that. KQED This is incredibly stupid. We have spent weeks watching ppl tear down stuff.

KQED They used black paint LMAO dumb and dumber KQED Vandalism is now considered a hate crime? KQED I'm deeply skeptical of that legal theory. The paint on the road became property of the government before it was painted over. The government is not a protected 'person' under the hate crime statute. KQED Imagine how uncontrollable their racism is to have done that. smh

KQED A stellar member of he Trump tribe. KQED Oh, Karen. You should’ve seen this coming. voteblue2020 KQED pretty sure failing to laugh at a Kevin Hart joke is also a hate crime in this climate KQED 👏👏👏👏👏👏 KQED Could peple not be horrible for 5 minutes? KQED 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷 o yeah wear mask while you are being racist that way you can hide

KQED Good! Prisons need painters too. KQED They deserve a hefty fine and community service repainting the mural and cleaning up public spaces for a long time. Think before you act. KQED Seriously? KQED How is that a hate crime?!?! Maybe they just don’t agree with the organization KQED Nichole Anderson, 42, and David Nelson, 53 racism will cost them $400 dollars and possible jail time. IF employed, that might be ending soon as well. But keep hating - it seems to be working for you.

KQED They should have pulled a statue down KQED She ever get to the 'A' yet? 🤣🤣🤣 the entitlement of these clowns I swear they just prove on viral videos how ignorant they really are KQED Defacing public property. Lets see if the right wing will condemn it, or be double faced and condone it. KQED Love to shout 'There is no racism' while doing something unequivocally racist.

KQED Well deserved, their actions were motivated by hate. KQED The guy obviously hated her, made her do all the work. KQED 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I wonder he still thinks racism is a leftist lie 🤣🤣 KQED These people are obviously huge idiots/douche bags, but this doesn’t seem like a wise or legally sound application of hate crime laws. Penalizing humans for destroying property is a weapon of the police state even if those humans suck. In GA, writing ‘F12’ is now a hate crime..?

KQED how the fuck is covering over a street double lane or part of the 'STOP' road sign ok but their being arrested? i hope someone gets into a traffic accident and sue the fuck out of the city for covering street safety paint. KQED Good. Hopefully this will be a hate crime charge as well. KQED I needed a spot of good news.

KQED “ two white people” always pushing the narrative, real classy NPR.

Trump Supporters Who Painted Over 'BLM' Mural Charged with Hate CrimeThe Trump supporter couple who painted over a Black Lives Matter street mural in the Bay Area have just been charged with a hate crime. Heroes Hate isn't a crime. This is bullshit. BLM = Arsonists, thieves and looters, rioters, hoaxers and MARXISTS! Those painters are actual heroes.

Californians Who Allegedly Defaced Black Lives Matter Mural Face Hate Crime ChargeVideo showed two people painting over the mural on Saturday. Racism, said one of them on camera, is a 'leftist lie.' Street maintenance... They defaced a public street with the name of a Marxist radical organization. Black paint matters

A Man And Woman Were Charged With A Hate Crime For Painting Over A Black Lives Matter MuralThe pair recorded themselves painting over the Black Lives Matter mural with black paint just hours after it was finished on the Fourth of July. Good, thank you. Good 😡 White racists oppress themselves.

A white man, woman vandalized a Black Lives Matter mural on July 4, called racism 'a leftist lie,' California police sayPolice in California are looking for a man and woman who vandalized a Black Lives Matter mural in downtown Martinez, California, on the Fourth of July. Thugs Boo hoo... Spartacus

A white man, woman vandalized a Black Lives Matter mural on July 4, called racism 'a leftist lie,' California police sayPolice are looking for two white people who vandalized a Black Lives Matter mural in downtown Martinez, California, on the Fourth of July. But other “protesters “ merely “topple” staues of Frederick Douglass, Columbus, and Grant. 'Vandalized' lol Good work honey!

The FBI Is Investigating the Unsolved Murder of Alonzo BrooksHis family and friends believe Alonzo was killed in a hate crime.