Mark Zuckerberg Wants to Pivot Facebook Back to the Youngs

Zuck called the Facebook Papers “a false picture of our company” and said the social-media giant was “retooling” to attract Gen Z.

10/26/2021 3:51:00 AM

Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be “retooling” to make “serving young adults the north star, rather than optimizing for older people”

Zuck called the Facebook Papers “a false picture of our company” and said the social-media giant was “retooling” to attract Gen Z.

The announcement, made during his first public appearance since the scandal began, confirms what recent reporting — and anecdotal surveys of boomer relatives’ online habits — has already confirmed: As Facebook’s current user base ages, the company is having serious problems attracting a younger audience. According to internal documents published as part of the Facebook Papers, the number of teenage users has already dropped 13 percent since 2019. Forecasts suggest a cratering to come, with a 45 percent decline over the next two years — a number large enough to take a bite out of the total number of daily users, to say nothing of its ad revenue. Acknowledging the size of the concern and retooling effort, Zuckerberg said Monday that such a “shift will take years, not months.”

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The internal documents on Facebook’s aging user base were provided to the Securities and Exchange Commission and Congress by a former Facebook employee named Frances Haugen, the whistleblower behind the majority of the recent revelations. The documents reveal why Facebook, which owns Instagram and WhatsApp, has been pushing to bring in younger users, including the recently mothballed Instagram Kids app aimed at children 13 and younger. Among the more publicized details from the leaked documents was the internal research showing that Instagram is more likely than other platforms to increase feelings of anxiety, depression, and body dysmorphia among teenage girls.

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🤮 So far past the beginning of the end for Facebook. instagram is also for the olds 🌈 gaj724 DeleteFacebook Facebook is done. Mark looks like he’s taking it well. To Zuck-🖕 He looks like that guy in the Xmen movies who turns into a jellyfish. They don’t wanna come back. Figures. But it's too late, Zuck.

How comforting. Zuck off Mark!

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Lashes Out at ‘Coordinated Effort’ by Media to Depict ‘False Picture’ of CompanyFacebook chief Mark Zuckerberg insisted that issues like misinformation and political polarization are not “primarily about social media” — and he complained about a raft of criti… There will never be another fair democratic election ever again thanks to Facebook...and all because Mark wanted to grade women numerically from his local college. people who complains about the 'media' usually have some skeletons in the closet. Confused. Why doesn’t he just do a Facebook and Instagram post to portray himself in a better light?

So... no more memes with Minions and Sam Elliott from The Big Lebowski? Wasn't that what Kendall was saying on Succession last night? 🤣 Facebook is doomed. There is a large batch of 35 to 50 year olds that will continue to use it. Anyone younger has long gone. Anyone older, that isn't already using it today, is not going to start now.

😆 Yay.. more cutesy games..shoot.. just turn it into another dating app and make it 420 friendly; that'll pull in your younger crowds! Just delete it already. Young people don't want for distractions amd don't use FB for a reason. Dear lord, they really make everything sound evil Yeah whatever it means. 🤣

You’re way too late, it’s been boomerbook for a decade now.

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“We’ve sucked the old people dry, got them to try and overthrow the government and then kill themselves with anti-science nonsense… Now let’s do the kids.” Define 'optimizing for older people'?

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