Mark Ruffalo Just Slammed Ellen DeGeneres For Saying George W. Bush Is Her 'Friend'

'...We can't even begin to talk about kindness.'


'...We can't even begin to talk about kindness.'

'...We can't even begin to talk about kindness.'

But there's one celebrity who is having absolutely none of Ellen's"friendship" message: Mark Ruffalo. Victor Chavez / Getty Images In a tweet posted Wednesday afternoon, Mark took Ellen to task for her belief that Bush deserves kindness. @MarkRuffalo Sorry, until George W. Bush is brought to justice for the crimes of the Iraq War, (including American-lead torture, Iraqi deaths & displacement, and the deep scars—emotional & otherwise—inflicted on our military that served his folly), we can’t even begin to talk about kindness. Read more: BuzzFeed

I just want to thank Ellen for trying to reach out to the haters ... Mark included ... There are people out there who are only happy if people are miserable ... The Bible says 'Love Thy Neighbour' it is a very clear message. It could be written in a million languages. Get it. I have never seen her be anything but a caring human being that uses her platform to help many people. When someone like her gets savaged on Social Media because she was civil to a Conservative President, then there is something deeply wrong in this country.

Sorry Mark, you didn't go quite far enough. How about all of the Members of Congress who voted, yes voted, to go to Iraq. Most voted without ever personally reading the document. They signed the death warrants for thousands of kids but they are not being held as accomplices. Ruffalo can kindly stick it up his ass. I’m a political opposite of DeGeneres but I respect her greatly for her respect of differences. Ruffalo, mired in the putrid stench of his own hate, blindly embraces some of history’s most diabolical evil, including Stalin, Mao & Castro.

LGBTQboycottEllen He spelt Tony Blair wrong. Ellen had it right we need to be kind to one another not just to those that have our same views. We need to act like Americans again and quit being divided. shouldn't we be proceeding with kindness FDR put Japenese in interment camps, yet most Democrats hold him in high regard. An error on all fronts, but desperate time call for desperate measures. Mistakes are made at even the highest levels. People are flawed.

This just in. We can't even begin to talk about this. His best role... He would be replaced by a giant green monster who was inarticulate.... Didn't realize the monster was the intellect.

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Prolly going to get hate for this - but seeing 'W' and Ellen hang out together - gave me hope. Only focusing on the negative is what caused this country to become so divided. Yes!🙏🏼❤️ The problem is, Americans have allowed politics to define EVERYTHING in their increasingly small lives. It has led to violence & could lead to civil war if we continue to follow our current trajectory.

Ellen's right and Mark is wrong, in my opinion. Staying angry is stupid. Kindness opens the door for dialog, discussion, and less butt-headedness. Animals keep fighting. Humans are supposed to use their brains. Ellen's pathological name dropping and vapid consumerism in her response was nearly as offensive as her GWB friendship.

sabrina68 Proud moment being with Bernie when this icon of conscience said this⇩of him. Like JohnCusack he THINKS, and like all great actors, has capacity most of us don't to really HEAR people's hearts speak. You don’t get to decide what anyone gets to talk about. What about all the bad movies you’ve made.

But seriously who really knows what all these rich famous people get up to behind the scenes? And how is anyone surprised lol Get over it Could you imagine if someone posted a pic of Michelle Obama sitting next to Bush. The humanity.

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Who f-ing cares Who is this dude? Sorry, until you stop supporting the murder of millions of unborn children, you can’t begin to talk about kindness. You guys never look at Obama!! He caused Isis to form by withdrawing from Iraq too soon! Talk about horror!!! Wtf? The fact that so many from the 'tolerant' left are outraged yet the 'evil' conservative right could care less that Bush hung out with Ellen. This speaks volumes

Jesus. See, 2 cor 6:14, kjv Fake MarkRuffalo Eventually these Democrats will push for everyone to take the Mark of the beast that is written in the book of Revelation. That we won’t be able to buy sell or trade without the Mark of the 666. We need to push them back before it’s too late Republicans we need to stand together and stop going to these Democrats who think that they’re only allowed to pick the President of the United States. Any of them that speak out against Republican presidents we should boycott their movies 🎥

I’ll just say one thing about this EllenDeGeneres “scandal”, you don’t BECOME Ellen by making enemies with people in power. Or by making enemies at all...

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I just hope you all have that same energy next time Obama is dancing on Ellen's stage. He took GWB's horrific wars and expanded them. Even added a couple new ones. Soooo sad. Just because she isn't slamming or picking sides. Really let's deal with what's at hand now. Trump lier, theif, user of white House an now murder. Come on

Not a fan of W, This comment leads me to ask..was it ok that Obama armed the rebels in Aleppo that killed citizens or gave Iran back their$ while ignoring their humanitarian crimes? So this guy thinks it’s ok she accepts a medal for one while not laughing for a min with another? Yeah kindness bad, smash kindness

Who cares what this Hollwood nobody thinks? Next Well said Mark! We in this country forget too readily, our hands are not clean, imagine an Iraqi having his parents killed watching Ellen and W enjoying their life at a game. Whew! “Slammed” Go back to your acting gig. People of influence (actors,athletes any celebrity) should not have a say so in politics. You get payed to dance for the mass public not to hear your opinion. Who is to say that someone is paying you to influence their agenda because of your following.

God, Michael obama hugs on and would eat george for breakfast. Where's the outcry? Thought so.

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Maybe you should apologize on all the babies your party killed and body parts they are harvesting. AND CAN KILL THEM AFTER THEY ARE BORN. Let's talk about AOC followers want to eat the babies to survive Climate change. Let's talk about policies.... Wake up people! Ellen and George are of the same Elite Cabal.

whyd they hav to use that picture of all of pictures lol He's right. Accountability is necessary for Justuce to exist. You should ALWAYS begin to talk about kindness. Nothing wrong with being annoyed or calling out bs. But this whole left way of thinking of you be kind and then I’ll be kind is crap. Forgiveness and Kindness go hand in hand.

And why do we care what Mark Ruffalo thinks We can't even begin to talk about kindness? Okay then, let's talk about being mean, hateful, & destructive. Maybe the kind of nation Ruffalo likes & wants more of? Just go get high again, Mr. Ruffalo. Give me a break. It’s a football game. Given your crystal clear hindsight on difficult military political decisions, you are now completely supportive of Trump withdrawing from Syria, right? Trump 2020

Oh you've forgotten ..... it's called 9 11 ..... Why does anyone care what this bad actor says about who Ellen can be friends with? Ridiculous.

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what branch of the military did he serve in...oh yeah he’s was in Hollywood making millions on comic movies..his mouth is the biggest part of him. It's like talking about forgiveness before the offender repents or even begins to gain insight about how much damage he has inflicted. I'm a veteran and went to war. But the past, past.. it's unfortunate we lost some brothers and sisters. But how do you move forward with so much hate for one person?

His logic makes the last 3 president's war criminals. Also, this some privleged shit to say. And he’s correct. Your words are becoming as decisive as Mr. Trumps. The vision Ellen has and speaks of, that we can disagree but still appreciate and respect each other, that we can find some common ground - like enjoying a freakin sporting event together - is not wrong! You are!

Well... its true 🤷🏻‍♀️ Definitely a Trump supporter How soon we forget. Speaking of “war criminals” why isn’t Obama one Didn’t he kill lots of civilians with unmanned drones Where’s the consistency, Saint Ruffalo The Pius

Ugandans mark 57 years of independence with mixed viewsSome citizens claim Uganda is still not independent citing corruption and foreign interventions while others say the end of colonial rule should be celebrated regardless of challenges.

Hypocrite. Nice to see BushDerangementSyndrome is still alive and well. Ellen DeGeneres, TheEllenShow, simply took a photo with President Bush and liberals are outraged. Remember these are the same unhinged people suffering from TrumpDerangementSyndrome and attacking realDonaldTrump Well as a military veteran through Bush era. When you walk a day in my shoes you then can speak about any folly against me! Hollywood is become so unhinged and abnoxious! boycotthollywood

Mark is crazy, always has been. Go Ellen He can take his opinion and shove it up ass next to his head. Luckily, people do what they want despite what the almighty celebrities like to spout. No, he doesn’t speak truth. I dislike Bush as much as the next guy, but all you are advocating here is the oldest form of human ethical thinking : an eye for an eye. You don’t want kindness at all, just kindness for those who you determine to deserve it.

lol sure but obama dropped 16k bombs a day on average and you all love him whats that about. I don’t get why when Ellen laughs with him it’s outrageous, but when Michelle Obama does it’s cute. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of MO. I just don’t get the different reactions. Bush was one the best presidents ever

So the white guy isn't giving permission for the woman to do what she wants.

MarkRuffalo has revisionist history, forgetting when Obama played golf while James foley was being beheaded instead of consoling the family whose hands you tied. All the shady deals he made with Iran and every mid eastern country looking to make a bomb. Looks like a war crime ❤❤❤❤ You can choose to talk about kindness anytime and you know what anytime's fine! Kindness is a choice, angry means. Is a choice it's up to you! Good for Ellen! And I'm not a fan of hers.

korikilburn Whenever I see Mark Ruffalo's ridiculous face or, worse, hear his irrational whining, I can't even begin to talk about kindness. MarkRuffalo Yeah but its Mark Ruffalo who gives a single shit? I cannot believe anybody that would be upset with Ellen and I'm not one of her fans but she's real if she says she loves everybody she loves everybody! Seems lately certain people only love those that think the same way as they do! That's not including that's bigotry!

Another tolerant least Ellen has decency. As if we needed another reason to Stan 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Mark did you turn green thinking about it gtfoh Did the Hulk get this mad when the Obama's said they were friends with Bush too? Selective outrage?

I've learned the hard way that it is not loving or kind to insulate people from the consequences of their actions. So let's do both, MarkRuffalo. Let's talk about holding someone accountable as an act of loving kindness. Let's banish all false polarities. Mark Ruffalo is 100 percent right. I would imagine if you lost a loved one in that senseless war you’d have cause for concern as well!!

This is bullshit. Woke Hollywood is just as Intolerant as MAGA hats. I’m a Bill Maher Liberal. Next twitter libs will bash Michelle Obama for taking candy from GWB. I didn’t like Bush either. But he’s retired and obviously both are trying to bring some unity we desperately need He's right. YES She loves mass murderers.

where’s your outrage when he was passing candy and laughing with the obamas, it’s easy to come for someone the same race as you Pound sand- pathetic and has no clue what the 99% are dealing with Who the fuck cares what the 4th or 5th rebooted Hulk thinks

he speaks the truth This has actually really made me put this fool on permanent ignore. What kind of asshole claims they aren't a hater and then shows hate? MarkRuffalo is a stupid hater and deserves disdain. Where was this same energy when Mrs Obama was chillen with Bush? The professional victimhood generation... always on the hunt for the next great umbridge of the day... must stay at a fever angry pitch in the modern leftists head.

Youtube won't let me type Iraq War in response to her video. Oh well... let's love one another as Jesus loves us. Sometimes it is very hard but we have to do it let's forgive. God forgives us all the timez I don’t like Bush, but I view him as a dummy. Manipulated by his VP and oil tycoons. Ellen you want to be friends with a dummy be my guest.


I guess Mark R can’t talk about kindness but Ellen can and so can I. A better strategy would have been to starve Saddam Hussein's Iraq, so the people would have overthrown him in Arab Spring 2011 instead of the US invading. Saddam Hussein was a ruthless totalitarian dictator, but not our main adversary, unlike Osama Bin Laden.

I hope he has that same view point when talking about Hillary This how the left masks their hate, he did this, so we can never forgive or forget, Democrats literally fought for slavery to continue but... SCTrueBlue 🛑 is she supposed to make a citizen’s arrest? StandWithEllen BeKindToOneAnother Sad that he needs attention...

I will never watch another avengers film of any sort. The should be called the liberals, not the avengers. Give me a break 🙄🙄🙄 Liberals just look for a reason to be upset. So fragile.

You lost me Ruffalo - I used to count on you for entertainment, and now it’s gone...I’m no longer paying to watch you or your movies...Ellen is correct and you are WRONG ! so a grown adults (degeneres) has to get permission of other adults (inc. c-list actors like ruffalo) before they can socialize with people that that may offend the second group? and we're to believe, after this, that leftists are deep, nuanced, complex thinkers?

BUZZCANCER Let's not forget Katrina. Where was his kindness there? domedomika1 He just told the truth. Truth should be applauded. That is your choice and it is my choice to refuse to forgive you for some of the really bad films you have made and until you apologize for the horrid screen trash I can not be kind to you. Sounds silly doesn’t it, That’s what I thought about what you said!

I have a hard time with this. Having personally met the former President and his wife, I know they are very sweet people who care very much about those around them. The problem is that it doesn’t seem to extend further. Anything beyond local doesn’t seem to garner their concern. Could he redeem himself in a drug war?

The green stuff allowed?

Ruffalo is a loser! Mark is 1000% right We don't care what Ruffalo has to say. A huge majority of America know right from wrong And we don't have to listen to or obey one single celebrity BeKind BeBest LoveOneAnother StopTheMadness StopTheHate StopTheViolence DemocratsAreCorrupt WednesdayWisdom KAG2020 🇺🇸

And he's my hero of the day for it 💕 George W Bush is a War Criminal I agree with Ellen Truth hurts your feelings🙄. Too bad he’s right👏 MarkRuffalo This makes you nothing more than a bully. ShameOnYou Hate speech right here. Ruffaloblow is spouting hate speech But Mark, we all know he wasn't bright enough to pull all that off by himself.

He sucks

Always was under the impression you had all your marbles in your head! Unfotunately, after reading youor tweets, you clearly do not! Sad for you! I’m sorry, who are you again? Please go back to acting and keep your opinion to yourself.😊🌞 Boo you!! Not taking advice from Hollywoodhypocrites. Get over yourselves. At least Ellen picks being kind over being stupid. EllenDeGeneres

George W. Bush is also friends with Michelle Obama. Guess which avenger will not be on the Ellen show anytime soon? 😂 Nbfr, I stan Mark Ruffalo, no one else would’ve said it. Liberal intolerance. Hypocrites He’s an ass!!! He’s not half the person that Ellen is!!! Hell yes, Mark! Mark is the same asshat calling out Trump for pulling out of Syria! Hates them when they go to war and hates them when the don't!

Ruffalo is a nut case He deserves it. You are pathetic. It is not up to Ellen to judge. Mark Ruffalo is a behavior Nazi. Drain bamaged idjit. EmmaPeele3 Love him I see, Mark Ruffalo decides who we can socialize with. Who cares what he thinks. Fueling further divide MarkRuffalo 'Cant even begin to talk about kindness' Typical Hollywood role model. Hulk

Who cares about his opinion? A-FUCKING -MEN!!!! UGH! Everytime someone says to me, don't you wish we had George W back, like he was better than our new idiot in charge, I want to kick them and yell ' NOOOOOOO, HE'S A WAR CRIMINAL!!!'

Who the hell cares what Mark Ruffalo thinks? so tired of hearing about politics and everyone just being disrespectful and hating on each other. i’m so over it. Don't remember him slamming the Obamas. Who? No he’s wrong. We should ALWAYS talk about kindness and ALWAYS be looking for the best in people. Stop being hateful. And stop promoting this BS. Seriously, you’ve had 3 “articles” about this, and this is the tackiest by far.

He slammed nothing.... The people that side with MarkRuffalo are the REAL problem with this country. Kindness is a virtue. Learn it. Do it. And move on. ✌🏼 Because if we look hard enough for even the tiniest faults in everyone as a reason not to work with them we can keep complaining about nothing changing instead of actually doing something.

I see no lies here. Kudos MarkRuffalo Did MarkRuffalo slam MichelleObama for being kind and accepting of President Bush.... I believe she even said they had become friends.... Now do China

Mark Ruffalo is an idiot in my opinion. He isn’t in the same class as Ellen. When you look at what Johnson, the Clintons,and Obama did, Bush was an honorable President and it would be a privilege to sit with him at any occasion. Meanwhile Ruffalo and the MSM backed Pro War Hillary for President. The same war hungry lunatic that pushed for the Iraq invasion, interfered in Libya and Yemen, and now wants a full blown war in Syria.

Guessing EllenDeGeneres has to wake up & smell the tuna. Here’s the thing-Ellen has been around when Mark was getting NO work. I sincerely hope he pisses off enough people that he gets pushed back into obscurity. That’d be great. He sucks Meanwhile, children in America are dying because each state continues to fail to provide a child services system that’s properly funded and staffed. Or do we only report on the click bait articles?

Mark wants to be mad all the time. Green shot What a has been whoever he was You go be kind to people who hate America and Americans well the oligarchy went on since Reagan had the head of the cia (first bush) as a vice. Both democrats and republicans are ran by the same people. OR WERE MAGA2020 Proof that fame and fortune doesn’t make you a decent human being. Must be miserable to be in Ruffalo’s skin. I feel sorry for him.

Mark ruffalo’s friend Obama killed civilians with no one cares what he thinks He didn't 'slam' Degeneres, he offered a reasonable rebuttal. We'd have to indict every US president since WWII and the majority of their administrations for war crimes. That IS the US's foreign policy: political and military bullying and imperialism.

LOL the swamp is draining itself. Winning MAGA KAG Umm... Ellen. Kindness, yes. But being friends with a WAR CRIMINAL like BUSH is not good. It legitimizes him and his actions way too much. My God!!! You had to write about this. This is so sad that you choose to be angry about friendships and who people choose to have as friends. Find another cause. This ain’t it!

Sure I won’t see your, green with envy ass on Ellen’s show! You should be ashamed! Shut up idiot. Until you are brought up on charges for impersonating a Super Hero & an American, I don’t want to see or hear your bull. And I am no Bush fan. Why can’t people respect to elected person who wins the presidency, that we the people voted in per our right.

Liberals hating on other liberals for not following THEIR view of life..... 😂😂😂😂😂😂 But it’s fine for Michelle Obama to do it? teamellen Ok.... but can we just enjoy a friggin sports game?!?! Keep your eye on the ball Mark. It ain't bush. Maybe Ellen should have lunch with Bernie Madoff Bush and Obama killed over a million people. Trump hasn't even shot anyone on 5th Avenue, but EllenDeGeneres refuses to have Trump on her show. 🤔

Yes Ellen pulled the Rodman defense. But it will work for her. I wonder white...I mean why? I think we can still begin to talk about kindness.

When my sister came out as a lesbian my parents couldn’t accept it. Was I supposed to turn my backs on them? They came around with time and were able to resume a relationship with my sister. I would rather treat people with kindness than give them a piece of my mind. You do you. Noone batted an eye about this friendship...

He’s always angry... I don't anyone would ever want to be friends with Ruffalo anyway, just a self centered celebrity without a brain i concur, you sleep with dogs your going to get fleas, i lost a lot of respect for her 👍 sad... I do like him when he's angry. 🤔 I am hoping that we adults can find some common ground. Of course we will Agree to disagree about politics all day long but at our core, we are all just fallible humans. No one is perfect and no one has all the answers...

Oh look another celebrity hanging out with a 'war criminal'... A president authorizing use of force during a time of war does not make Bush or Obama a war criminal. Ellen is a good person, you are a hypocrite.

y’all did him dirty with that picture 😔 He is some sort of actor, right? Whatever. Tea In what imaginary world does mark the duff buffalo even relavant another court jester gone array MarkRuffalo ilysm ValeeGrrl Why does he hate gay people? Who cares. Who is this clown? Liberals are too literal. Her message was left and right can get along. Classic left cult mentality is to throw a fit .... right are old rich men psychos and left is cult koolaid drinking tantrum throwers. No rational party.


So washed up its hilarious. Oh thank God markruffalo is weighing in! I’ve been thinking all day “what does the actor who played Hulk make of this?” Also didn’t he basically give away the plot of the last Avengers? Typically sucky ❄️ 🙄 You can be kind, or rather we should say civil ; yet still argue for / campaign for anyone to be accountable (if that’s your premise). We certainly need to be able to talk to fellow citizens we disagree with. It’s only way to achieve real change

Mark Ruffalo, is a puppet, a sponsor of feminism and gender ideology. Too bad people believe and obey him. DMarie0466 prayingmedic kindness begins with Truth..let’s start with 9/11...bush and his brother and the gold...and all the lies told to Americans markruffalo hulkstandstall Sorry, until MarkRuffalo stops crawling to China to get their money, and says nothing about their human rights atrocities, he's just another political hack.

I am glad one American celebrity spoke truth about George Bush.

You tell it how it is mate..... Drama queens Does Obama deserve same treatment for moving into Afghanistan ? Honest question Mark buffalo is an idiot! Hollywood is dead! A professional liar who thinks his opinions are more important then your own. McRuff, the war crime dog Do you guys have to use “slammed” every time somebody responds to something?

Boycotting all projects with disrespectful, insane, narcissistic actors. We find my watch or listen to ANYTHING with Ruffalo in it. We don’t care how good the movie might be. Can’t stand to see his face after his ridiculous “opinions” were aired. Every time he was on screen in the Avengers I thought to myself, 'Why didn't they just cast Tommy Wiseau?'

Dudes got a full blown case of the crazies. 🤡 I’m with EllenD_world on GWB friendship.🤗👍 Why y'all pick the most Trash photo of him put some respect on Mark's swag. As much as I love Ellen he definitely has a point. someone needs to eat a snickers bar MarkRuffalo he's right He’s a douche. No one cares about his opinion.....GW is a good man.

He’s in need of therapy That big dark hole you see is where MarkRuffalo's heart use to be.

This is one of the most unkind and moronic statement I have read today! You do realize we were torturing under Obama too right, MarkRuffalo? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Lighten up Francis! Norton was a way better HULK BTW! YOU only play an intellectual, you most certainly are not one though. Try finding a hobby because you kinda suck at politics. Have a nice day.

Sometimes, people who are completely different and have different views can come together. If you think George Bush is bad, what about the circus called The Trump Show? Think sometimes narrow minded comments or political views are better left unstated. I’m so disappointed in you... Ellen’s not wrong ... jeez I’m grateful I have friends on both sides of the fence...

Spoken like a true seething, anger-filled, lib The elites virtue signaling each other is the funniest shit ever. thats sooo TRUE!!! markruffalo HulkSmash Ellen Degenerate

What a nutjob. He's an idiot of epic proportions. He has tried to get people, who think differently than he does, banned from jobs. He's a good little fascist. Ellen is 10 times the person that he pretends to be. How many great actors do I have to dislike because they insist on using that gift to bark about politics. STFU and act.

Here’s a guy who makes fantasy for a living who thinks he understands the complexities of the political and military world.... MarkRuffalo Michelle Obama has spent time with and hugged George W. Bush. Hillary Clinton has spent much time with many hugs with George W. Bush. What’s the plan to ruin them ?

I understand the urge, but I’m not so sure kindness needs to be contingent on retribution Hey MarkRuffalo 🖕 Unfortunately, ALL presidents commit such acts. Just because it doesn't make the news or you dont want to believe 'your guy' is as corruptible as your 'enemy' doesnt make it false. Presidents are the biggest arms dealers, the biggest threats to the environment & society

Being unkind to someone reflects on your character - not theirs. “I can be mean to you, because I believe I am better than you.” So tired of the superiority bs. Trump seems to agree.

But at the same time Mark Ruffalo said Harvey Weinstein needs redemption... so I’m confused. I totally agree I'm pretty sure Ellen's been liking who she wants reguardless of other's feelings for decades. 🙄🤦‍♀️😉 Mark Ruffalo comments from the safety of his limo. How informed right? Lol. Saddam was such a nice guy, who always cooperated with investigators. He never showed any signs of aggression toward his neighbors.

Obama too, he kept the bush war dynasty going. The only true hero here is Trump, he’s actually leaving Syria. When you're a multi-millionaire who stale gets rejected by women, these air the sort of thoughts Dad enter your head。 HistoriumU Why are you all telling him off? He's right. Ellen is right about this and she is 100x the person Ruffalo will ever be.

Perhaps Ellen should donate to the Valerie Plame's campaign. Her husband recently died. I hope she remembers what happened to both during the Bushie years.

Hulk smash! Bush is like a benign tumor that can do no more harm. Train your energy on a clear and present danger in the White House. It’s a target rich environment for liberals these days. So Ellen had a drink and a laugh with W. So fucking what? Michelle O accepted candy from the same man. How did Mark Ruffalo become an A-lister? Just goes to show the sorry state of Hollywood.

Do you have proof of your allegations are you listening to fake news There's a real hater for ya. Tell her, Mark. Brings new meaning to the term LooneyLefties Dude... MarkRuffalo pour yourself into politics and you, too can be the change... 🙄 In conclusion, we stan harder than ever before Ruffalo is a fucking joke!

Slammed? Really?😒 MarkRuffalo YOU are NOT kind. Guess he won’t be a guess on there anytime soon.... oooh oooh what about Obama killing Syrians. When does he get to be tried? Is there a queue somewhere? I mean trump is probably after Obama in that Queue. Presidents have to make shit calls sometimes. it happens the president isn't an absolute monarch he hardly gets a say.

He loves getting millions and millions of that Chinese money though. This guy's multi millionaire lifestyle came from $ out of Communist China. Fake outrage. Literally shut up. I agree he is a war criminal who hides in plain sight. Think of all the people who died for his fake Iraq war. He is right you know.

We'll follow that with the war crimes of Obama who killed American citizens via drones (they were terrorists SJW wussy), HRC for deaths in Libya (not the embassy the other due to ripping that country apart & Willie for his air campaign in Kosovo Bane_Rises UrBetsyJean guy45acp He’s so he’s ok with Hillary and Obama though 👍🏻

So we can’t be nice to people in casual settings. Got it. How about he just shut up? Bush declared war bec he believed Saddam Hussein was a threat because he thought he was in possession of weapons of mass nuclear destruction. He was wrong and there shouldn't have been a war. He is not evil and he is not a murderer. So stop acting like he is.

Dirt bag and dirt mag Does he care about the war crimes Obama was apart of too though? How about all those war strikes done on Syria during Obama's administration? All Presidents are just puppets for our government...doesn't matter if they're dems or republicans. This line of hate is where the extremists began going off the rails. 18 years later the hate is all consuming in these folks.


Democrats eating their own. George Bush does not care about black people - YEEZUS Christ ChrisCuomo This is why people are upset. Stow your indignation at people who won't forget this. He’s 100% right. Go away! I like POTUS W Bush and Ellen DeGeneres. My problem is with the NFL. For many reasons. Damaging children's brains, overt racism, oppression, not holding owners accountable and treating the players differently. W did great things the greatest for the AIDS epidemic and Ellen toi

Your a hypocrite Mark. I bet you loved this ⬆️ George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are responsible for 4,424 Deaths of US Soldiers!!! Who is he? I never heard of him .

W/ all due respect MarkRuffalo (and I do ♥ ALL your work)... I agree w/ your sentiment, but... gosh, we have FAR more pressing things right now than what TheEllenShow said. There's a limited amount of outrage in the world... let's prioritize a bit, yeah? ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW just goes to show why no one with half a brain should pay one bit of attention to an actor.

He ain’t wrong KING another victim of misleading news media. Now do the guy that assassignated a 16 year old american citizen Susan Sarandon is a Saint If impeachment actually takes place and Trump refuses to leave the White House... He's right, ya know That’s not slamming. It’s a polite gather. Know the difference.

Fuck yes Mark!! TheEllenShow should’ve just let that picture go and not said anything; it would’ve been over by now. She stepped onto the Twitter minefield. Yes Mark Ruffalo please tell me more about war crimes. Can you also tell me why charges weren't filed against him? He needs to get professional help and get off the drugs for sure.

He needs a shower, dirt bag. He's damn right. Not supporting your movies any longer. Time to boycott these type of entertainers that want to bring politics to the entertainment world. Celebs are the LEAST kind people on the planet. They don't believe in kindness, redemption, being decent and forgiving or even tipping well. They're (surprise!) the shallowest most egomaniacal asshats there is. Any excuse to be dicks, they'll take it.

What about Obama’s murdering of innocent people being caught in the crossfires with drone strikes? The media doesn’t like to talk negative about him. This is horse shit. I also love how you tried to can all ‘white conservatives’ from being asked to be on major news networks. I believe you only want to hear what you believe and ‘f*** everybody else because I’m right!’ Am I right? Your intolerance is palpable and despicable.

Yes! Thank you. Ellen is a sell out Ruffalo has always had sexy old man vibes.. taste💅🏼 CancelCulture He's right. Watch this video before Twitter censors it AGAIN like they've done a dozen times already today patgiord Leftists are the most hateful people on Earth And they're failing horribly, because other than their radical, vocal fringe everyone else sees them for what they are.

hey twitter, how is THIS not hate speech but what w_terrence tweets is? you guys are the epitome of hypocrisy. King Kudos!

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Russia Backs Trump’s Re-election, and He Fears Democrats Will Exploit Its Support

Russia is looking to help Trump win in 2020, election security official told lawmakers

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Trump Mocks ‘Parasite’ Best Picture Win: ‘What the Hell Was That All About?’

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BTS Crashed TikTok With Their New Song 'On' Which Upcoming BTS Collab Are You Most Excited About? Vote! Russia Backs Trump’s Re-election, and He Fears Democrats Will Exploit Its Support Russia is looking to help Trump win in 2020, election security official told lawmakers Bloomberg Housekeepers Brace For Another Day Of Dressing Up Like DNC Candidates And Letting Boss Beat Them In Debate Trump Mocks ‘Parasite’ Best Picture Win: ‘What the Hell Was That All About?’ Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton to Star in Comedy 'Family Jewels' Trump Rips 'Parasite' Oscars Win and Brad Pitt in Colorado Rally Rant Block on Mississippi's fetal-heartbeat abortion bill is upheld Monsta X Performs 'You Can't Hold My Heart' on 'Today' USC is waiving tuition for students whose families make less than $80,000 Missing Idaho mom arrested in Hawaii, held on $5 million bail