Mark Meadows Says He's Meeting With Trump And Shadow 'Cabinet Members' On 'Real Plans'

The former White House chief of staff is working on strategy at Bedminister with the man he calls 'the president.'

8/1/2021 4:51:00 AM

The former White House chief of staff is working on strategy at Bedminister with the man he calls 'the president.'

The former White House chief of staff is working on strategy at Bedminister with the man he calls 'the president.'

and “Cabinet members” about plans to “move forward in a real way,” he claimed in a Newsmax interview on Friday.He refused to divulge the specifics of plans being discussed with Trump — whom he referred to as “the president” — at the former president’s

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in New Jersey.Trump is “a president who is fully engaged, highly focused and remaining on task,” Meadows insisted.“We met with several of our Cabinet members tonight, we actually had a follow-up ... meeting with some of our Cabinet members, and ... we’re looking at what does come next,” Meadows said.

He didn’t identify any of the “Cabinet members.” It was unclear if he was referring to Trump’s former Cabinet members or if some new group has been formed and is being referred to as a Cabinet.As for the plans under discussion, Meadows told Newsmax: “I’m not authorized to speak on behalf of the president, but I can tell you this: We wouldn’t be meeting tonight if we weren’t making plans to move forward in a real way, with President Trump at the head of that ticket.”

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joncoopertweets Mr Meadows looks a bit wasted. Delusions. So like what happened to being charged with treason? Why did all these behaviors become okay when trump was elected? It's like our laws and government just went out the window! Meadow’s needs to be subpeonad re Han 6. He was up to his eyeballs in it. Remember Don Jr talking to/about him in the tent st the “rally”? 1-He’s a Jan 6 conspirator 2- his current activities are treasonous

It's so cute how the 'special' kids go off and play in the corner ... it's almost like they believe in their little lets-pretend world! loveloves! Hahahaha .. strategy for what ? More Covid cases ? Thank you... ....Huffington Post ❤ America 🇺🇸 Sounds like the troops pulled from Afghan need to be on standby, waiting in the wings...

Either SteveSchmidtSES is a prophet or every other pundit is not paying attention. As prophesied by the bilge pumpers at NEWSMAX, yea verily, the turd messiah worshiped by the worst parts of society, who was sent down the crapper drain by over 81 million voters, shalt rise again from the toilet for his Second Coming! Sorry, Mr. Hammer, ain't gonna happen ...

Analysis: White House dominance of pandemic message might feed political divides'While it's important to have the White House and President out front in a national emergency of this magnitude, it's likely the near total White House domination of the response is widening the unhelpful political divides,' writes maggiemfox | Analysis maggiemfox Garbage. The news media is just terrible. maggiemfox COVID-19 is a scam fraud

Please tell me Mike Lindell is there as the Secretary of Bedding Treasonous They both belong in prison If the DOJ does not do its job and arrest Trump for treason, sedition, insurrection and hold him without bail until he is imprisoned for life, the USA will be in peril of collapse because all he is aiming for is to elevate himself. He doesn't give two whatever about this country

All hat and no cattle .. reality 💩💩💩 These folks really can’t accept that Trump lost. When does this craziness stop? Sounds like another insurrection in the works MarkMeadows TreasonousTrump SubpoenaThemAll SpeakerPelosi

White House tries to preempt criticism of vaccination-or-test policiesDeputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre noted that Fox employees have also been asked to report their vaccination status. Get those Q ppl out of government positions. Way to go Joe! Get the shot, get tested, or get a new job. Easy. Thank You President Biden for Saving America 💙🇺🇸

CarolYMorrisse1 I wonder if Mike Lindell was there too, since he is convinced tfg will be reinstated soon? Meadow is civilian Flynn'😆 And who was the one worried about a deep state? The man & those who follow him like a lost puppy need to be held accountable for Jan. 6th and so much more. Lefties who hate guns might rethink it. I did.

We have a terrorist organization just like Taliban & Hezbollah except they sit in huge mansions & supported by corruption Republicans & white Supremacists! The only people he’s talking to are either Russian or imaginary. Take your pick, they’re both bad. This stuff is very unsettling. Is there actually a massive event in the wind? Or are these people just completely out of their minds?

“Stuck on Stupid”😂😂😂😂 Are they cardboard cutouts? Two criminals meet up! They are planning another coup. Send the justice Dept. to investigate.

White House unveils new strategy to address 'root causes' of migrationThe strategy resembles much of what the administration has already proposed and focuses on reducing poverty, combating corruption and addressing violence in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. How about addressing our own corruption? The Biden administration is doubling down on failure on all fronts. Failure at the border, failed at the Covid response, failing at meaningful infrastructure needs & pursuing a losing economic agenda. Coś kojarzysz?

The stupidity is astounding! Meadows should call him his co-defendant They're trying to 1) figure out what else the DOJ and MANY others have on them and 2) coordinate their stories. The precursor to the joint defense agreement GOP 2021: “Come for the delusion, stay for the sedition.” This is so scary & dangerous.

Trump has his very own Eva Braun… MarkMeadows Can't people be arrested for treason? Why must we wait for violence and death when they speak so openly about their plotting ? They should be talking to lawyers because they have a lot to explain about 1/6 This is the dude they call - and start with his insurrectiondance

The White House seems to be playing catch-up on coronavirus messagingThe Biden team has struggled to respond to the evolving pandemic dynamic, and to abrupt policy directives from public health officials within the administration itself. If Twitler didn't screw it up in the first place, we'd all be way ahead of the game and Biden wouldn't be picking up the pieces. It was a complete mess when he got in office and had to find his way though the muck that Jabba the Gut left scattered around the country. Catch up my ass. A pandemic is a thing in flux. Why are you so intent on stirring up crap that's not even there? It is simple! Mandate getting the vaccination and the use of masks until the virus is eradicated for public health. Americans have excepted mandates throughout history. Seat belts, texting or drinking while driving, yelling fire in a theater, cross walking, smoking indoors, etc.

All very normal don’t you think? “move forward in a real way' Expect another terrorist attack real soon. Treason isn’t it Isn't this sedition? This has to stop! What Meadows says and what is truth are usually totally different. In other words he is a liar. But he’s a so called christian! Delusional… To say they are living in La-La-Land would be an insult to LA. …He wants to return to presidential power to avoid jail time. Gotta look at the motive to understand crazy!

Why not cover today’s issues like the border crisis where hundreds of thousands illegal immigrants will be in need of work, food, housing. At a time when 3.5 million Americans can’t pay their rent. So basically they're playing 'pretend' ... these adults really need to get lives and move on. Sounds treasonous tome...FBI

Pelosi, Schumer to discuss slimmed-down voting bill with White HouseIn the House, a group of 34 Democrats — many of whom are facing tough reelections next fall — have launched an internal push for streamlined voting legislation.

Why do Republicans continue to pander and make this 🍊🤡 relevant? This is so wrong and delusional. Were they meeting to make “plans” or to get their stories straight? Either way, their names should be at the top of the January 6th commission subpoena list. January6thCommission Feeding Trump’s delusions as well as their own.

MarkMeadows Rise up America and pay attention. Voting against this tyranny in the making will be hard in 22 & 24. Need to know your voting requirements intimately, so every vote against a Trump coup attempt is placed and registered. NEVER TRUMP AGAIN!!! Our country will fall if he’s elected If I'm not mistaken, this is the definition of a 'deep state' and a coup. Literally, the exact thing they claim to be 'fighting against'. But, his followers don't actually want Democracy. They want Trump-itarianism.

joncoopertweets 🚨🖕🏻tRUmp👹 is STILL a ClearAndPresentDanger to 🇺🇸🚨 What an embarrassment. Great cosplay

White House calls on Congress to extend expiring eviction banPresident Joe Biden is calling on Congress to extend the national eviction ban, which is set to expire in two days.

Sanity check, please joncoopertweets undermining president biden. Seems consistent: 'President Trump will work from early in the morning until late in the evening. He will make many calls and have many meetings.' These people need serious mental help. These are truly damaged people and shouldn’t be left on their own to take care of themselves.

Straight from the show salvation Comparing notes for the next coup no doubt This clearly proves the existence of a parallel universe; pity that it has to exist in the same time bubble as ours. joncoopertweets this is the literal definition of insurrection. Arrest now Can you say “treason”? Why are these guys still on the loose? Have we learned nothing from Jan 6?

I'm sure a pidgin won't fly with no wings. joncoopertweets This kind of rhetoric and deception should be treated and considered as sedition? They play on the fine line or border of talk and action? The one thing that 1/6 has shown is it takes very little talk to create an action? If Trump wants to be ruler so badly? He can buy an island

🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Dumb mfs These mofos are cra-cra! Sounds like treason to me. All living in La La Land! how cute, their playing make believe These guys are like Marie Antoinette at the Trianon, *pretending* to be POTUS, CoS, and Cabinet. GROW UP, children, play time is OVER!

Couldn’t be president of a pre-school now DEATH CULTS ROCK Sounds like they’re trying to coordinate their stories. So sedition? It's call respect. It's how civilized people address a former POTUS. If you were to meet him tomorrow, the proper, or respectful greeting would be, 'It's a pleasure to meet yo Mr. President'. The media and the left are still evolving I guess.

Who’s gonna tell Mark and Donny the truth? Meadows once said that Trump is creating his own media site that looks like Twitter. Where is it? Are they planning the next insurrection? Why not, they didn't get arrested for the last one. To stay out of Jail!!

joncoopertweets Damn… I will take what these fuckers are smoking. To illuminate to this extent is amazing, it’s like reality is non existent 🤣😂🤣😂😂😂 Who? Heard he met with the “cabinet” Probably cuz he can't get any other job.... COS to the InsurrectionistInChief . Seriously framed wrong. These face to face “meetings” are all about coordinating their story for upcoming hearings. They all need to be subpoenaed immediately and ordered to not communicate with each other. Seriously - there’s no “cabinet meetings” going on for 2024 trump.

So sick and tired of hearing about these losers and grifters. Newsmax is worse than Fox These people are all traitors of our country, pretending they’re still in control of our nation and attempting to undermine our current government. I feel I’m living in a nightmare.

Sounds like they are planning an insurrection ? Conspiracy joncoopertweets Oh this is disgusting. Makes me want to vomit. Kitchen Cabinets 🤦‍♀️ joncoopertweets All ex-presidents are usually addressed as 'Mr. President' used as a term of honor & respect. None of them thought or acted like they were still president and I doubt those around them pretended they were either. This really is some dangerous shit.

No consequences for this either? An ex-president with 'cabinet members' strategizing 'real plans' sounds like something the FBI should be looking into. Sounds like conspiring to me. joncoopertweets 'On task'? Would have been the first time ever.

They are plotting another Coup? joncoopertweets He was voted out by my side and I don't appreciate Meadows or Trump for failing to acknowledge that. We won and Biden is President. Watch what you two sow! Mr. Meadows news flash: DONALD TRUMP LOST THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. HE'S NOT THE PRESIDENT. Dang do these people live in delusional world while the rest of us live in the REAL WORLD.

'He didn’t identify any of the “Cabinet members.” It was unclear if he was referring to Trump’s former Cabinet members or if some new group has been formed and is being referred to as a Cabinet.' Just bonkers. joncoopertweets Do they realize those very meetings are treason? joncoopertweets Puh-lees 🙄

this cannot be ignored It's an idiots convention Are they planning on their escape to Russia before getting indicted? What about 18 U.S. Code s. 2384? If I was the FBI, I'd be listening in.

joncoopertweets Time to put Meadows out to pasture. joncoopertweets Why isn’t he in jail? joncoopertweets I wonder if Putin and MBS were on Zoom? Saddest LARP on the planet. joncoopertweets Between NYSD & the 1/6 Committee, they’ll be looking at strategy behind bars. joncoopertweets Lock him up too! joncoopertweets Seriously, what the f are these two maniacal crackpots planning, and why aren't they already under arrest for 1/6

joncoopertweets De-lu-sion-al……alternate universe. WTF!!! It doesn’t get more cuck than this bs. 🤢 Ok. I have said this before, I know there isn't proof, but could there be a chance that a symptom of Covid is being delirious?

The president of what? Baloney. Scary 😟 They are dangerous—don’t let them do it again. Really believed when Joe Biden was elected that the anxiety of the previous 4 years would begin to lessen. That the man who lost the election wouldn't be sowing discord every day and just go play golf or something. I shouldn't have clicked on this. A tug of despair to deal with.

“Real Plans” … a tremendous health care plan in two weeks. “Real plans” … It’s infrastructure week!! Sounds like another insurection being planned. I wonder what trump has on Meadows. Maybe they can hold their “cabinet meetings” in the prison library.🤷‍♂️ Sounds like treason & sedition to me…

It must be lonely in MarkMeadows world to still suck up to someone like Fired45 & assist his destruction of America. What a legacy to have... He didn’t fulfill the responsibilities of the office of president the first time, why would this time be different? The FBI should start putting a wire on all of them. Sounds like a criminal conspiracy going on.🙄

'Real plans' just as 'real' as his clean tax returns he doesnt want anyone to ever see. Why didn't Republicans ever blame the Russians for meddling? Because Republicans and Trump are using Putin's playbook to undermine and control the US. Cabinet = line cooks at Bedminster. some people are saying the back of agolf twitler's head is the gateway to hell.. stare at the above picture, but not too long, or you may not be able to return to the earthly plane

Shadow government = a subversion of the US Government = Treason, sedition, sabotage. Where is the DOJ? Groundhog Day SpeakerPelosi RepAdamSchiff RepRaskin BennieGThompson RepZoeLofgren RepStephMurphy PeteAguilar RepLizCheney RepElaineLuria RepKinzinger SUBPOENA THIS GUY!

These people are delusional and possibly dangerous, I’m surprised that the US security services have allowed things to go this far. Obsessed much …..? Comrade Markie may want to bone up on the def of 'Seditious Conspiracy.' Starting the calendar pool for the day trump throws meadows under the bus. So why do people still refer to Obama as President Obama or Bill as President Clinton? It happens.

TraitorsAmongUs TreasonIsPunishableByDeath They give him crayons, a coloring book, a fisher price telephone and tell him he’s still president. 😂 If the laws could speak for themselves, they would complain to the lawyers. ― George Savile I guess if you're going to spread a big lie, you might as well live it.

Someone tell Meadows that Trump is the twice impeached, former occupant.

DEMAND THEIR TESTIMONY. Send the Sargent at Arms to get their asses! How much is he getting paid to kiss ass? Lol. The ridiculousness of the whole idea is crazy Where is G Gordon Liddy when you need him? What's that Rodger Stone is using his skull as an ashtray well, he would be happy that at least he is in the room.

Trump is not president and there is no Trump cabinet. Meadows needs to face facts and retire to whatever place irrelevant people go. How is this not treason? You know what’s funny about this and so on brand? They falsely accused Obama for 4 years of running a shadow government. Wouldn't this be criminals conspiring