Mark Cuban Picks Delonte West Up At Gas Station, Family Hoping For Rehab

Mark Cuban Picks Delonte West Up At Gas Station, Family Hoping For Rehab

9/29/2020 2:38:00 AM

Mark Cuban Picks Delonte West Up At Gas Station, Family Hoping For Rehab

Mark Cuban reconnected with Delonte West at a Texas gas station Monday, and his family is hoping he will go to rehab.

As we previously reported, the former Cleveland Cavaliers guard hasfallen on tough timesin recent years ... and was most recently seen holding a sign on the street in Dallas last week.Sources connected to West's family tell us that Cuban -- who had been trying to reach DW on the phone for days -- finally got in contact with Delonte ... who agreed to meet the Mavs owner on Monday in Dallas.

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We're told Cuban took West to a local hotel ... while his family formulates a game plan.Our sources tell us West's circle of fam and friends have been trying desperately to get Delonte to go to rehab ... and he now seems open to the idea.We're even told Cuban has offered to help cover Delonte's cost for treatment.

FYI, West played for Cuban's Dallas Mavs from 2011-2012. Read more: TMZ »

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What an awesome story. Good luck to all. Maybe guy shouldn’t have spent all his NBA money on chains and cribs huh? 🤔 Now here is a wealthy business man I could get behind as a presidential candidate! Way to go Mark! It's not everyday that someone of his stature goes out of their way to help someone in need. I guess he's not your everyday kind of baller.

Love DUDE let's go your too talented to be doing this man get clean no more drugs. Your family loves you and so does Mr Cuban I'm a fan hearing this I was shocked! Get yourself clean and sober. Take care brother! Thank you Mark for showing compassion! I like how it says family hoping for rehab lol Mad respect for you I had increased 100 fold. You are a person, not a corporation. The wor is grateful.

Great guy. MARK ALWAYS HELPING. I'm starting to love mcuban. Cuban for president!! Give Delonte credit for trying to better himself. He’s the one that took the most courageous step Why isn’t LeBron helping his StepDad🤷🏻‍♂️ mcuban you a real one Mark . Big heart . Thank You mcuban .... MoreThanAnOwner Thank You 💔❤️

anniebgentile ❤️ this BY THE GRACE OF GOD GO I!! So sad...I COR 15:10-12 TyeshaB215 Yes this major rite here mark is a real one real love that guy Cuban is beside himself. Driving around Dallas begging (thru texts) Delonte's family for their address so he can find him a home Not a publicity stunt. Much respect to mcuban

Way to go mark cuban! Stand up guy Comments show you all that’s wrong with this country. Jokes about man who may be suffering from crippling mental health. Bashing the person who is trying to help him as only publicity stunt. I don’t care if it is one because West is getting much needed help. Human response. 💯 👍

I pray he commits to the help he needs. It’s going to be a tough battle. 🙏🏾🙏🏾 Glad someone had the courage.. Hes a lost child dealing with demons from his childhood. Not his fault, he obviously used basketball as a distraction and when they stopped it all crashed cause his mind wasnt busy. Hence why you do drugs to take your mind off the demons. Hope he gets help. mentalhealth

🙏🙏🙏 Where the hell has Adam Silver been the last 5 years? What would ClayTravis do? Probably lecture him about ratings. 1. F for using this, & F the trolls saying Cuban set it up. Obviously not from Dallas or know how much mcuban gives back. 2. will pay anybody for anything that might be a story. 3. Many in the NBA not just Cuban have been trying to help West for awhile now.

🙏🙏🙏 Awesome good for Mark Cuban. Hope Delonte gets the help he so desperately needs mcuban you're the realest MF Bro!! Maybe all the NBA players can say his life matter and they will all chip in some of their money instead of paying their posse to be body guards How you homeless on the cell phone Crack 'Is a hell of a drug'

Lebron’s moms fault 100% ✅ASSURED PROFITS ✅SAFE WITHDRAWALS ✅FUNDS SECURITY ❌INCOMPETENCE •Work smart and not hard,join us today to start earning via bitcoin investments with a licensed company.Send me a DM to register. Who took the pictures ? Bc if he did that’s pretty messed up and not a selfless act.

Mark is such a good person. Hopes Delonte gets rehab and the mental health that he needs. This is how it's done 💪🏿 Why not pick a random homeless person change his/her life around? 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Now if the few can do it for our vets from their profiteering wars. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Better Headline: Mark Cuban helps LeBron James’ homeless father.

lebron probably ruined his life after he figured out homie was fuckin his mom Prayers up for his recovery God speed 🙏🏿 Why is he called “Mark Cuban” when he is owned by China, not Cuba? That’s wonderful and heartwarming. I pray for his complete healing and restoration. I wish you the best mister west ✊🏾

Wonder how many homeless vets mark Cuban will pick up and help Why don’t you guys stay the hell out of this It’s not easy being an adult these days no matter how much money you have or had. Money management is a talent and living within your means. HONORABLE mcuban. w/ a markcubanai 2 match. Extraordinary efforts 2 Help a Man in Serious Distress. Good luck DelonteWest .

If he was doing it from the heart we wouldn’t know about it🙄 That’s a human! MarkCuban 👏👏👏 Mark Cuban is a really good guy. Hope Delonte gets takes him up on the rehab. Can't live like this long. This should not be fuxkin headline Thank you Mark 🙏🏽 Really hope Delonte can turn his life around I hope things get better for him. Hope he gets the help he needs.

Will Cuban invest tho? Smh why has it taken this long in the first place Timodc Says a lot about Mr Cuban, a very good thing to do.. ❤️ Mark will probably take him to Los Angeles where the homeless thrive Timodc mcuban - Thank you for trying to help. Respect. 😮 Cuban adopts a minority and he's a hero. ACB does it and she's the devil.

Timodc Praying for Delonte West and DN, God Bless Mark Cuban. That's nice. 🙏🏼🇺🇸Good for Mark Cuban. Hope all end well. Let this just happen. Stop putting it on the front page of your tabloid. Please refrain from being mean guys... if you don't know anyone struggling with some sort of addiction I pray that YOU never have to feel the hopeless feeling of NOT being able to help those who need it..... whatever's Mr Cuban's motivation is to lending a hand allow him....

I hope whoever took this pic gets a metal boot to the teeth. I can’t stand some human beings. Get out of his face and let him get the help he needs. The last thing he needs is his face blasted all over the internet. You can give love to Mark Cuban but lets be honest that's not what you are truly doing. People's downfall is what you're after

That’s what a real billionaire with real morals does The fake billionaire in the White House would stage a hundred cameras at the pickup offer to pay for rehab and then stick someone else for the bill while taking credit AgentNicoleLynn Beautiful! Praise God 🙏🏽🙏🏽♥️♥️ Mark Cuban is a stand up guy👍🏻

Props to Cuban 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 mcuban is the real deal. A heart of gold. Take off your mask Keep your receipts Mark... get some hair products too while at it. Tax Deductible Great job mcuban. Let’s all hope that West gets the help and support he needs. mcuban is a good solid person 🙌🏽 Prayers up for DW! 🙏 Hoping he gets the help he needs.

Pretty sure mcuban probably didn’t want all the attention either. He’s a good dude setdaSTANDARDS I hate TMZ. A nigga can't even be homeless in peace. Mad respect Let's pray it work! It’s really lame that they lied all this time about “trying to get him help” Most of the people who spoke on it are multimillionaires and it would be nothing to help a friend get back on track, especially if multiple people pitched in. Mark Cuban is a real friend

I can’t stand people that video or take pictures of people without their permission. It’s just uncalled for. Let the man heal in peace without a camera being in his face. And mcuban is amazing for doing this. I hope he gets help. I'm not even going to point out the glaring contrasts between the character of mcuban and realDonaldTrump

Nobody from BLM available? i blame lebron fuck that..he had his fucking chance..he had fame and fortune. Because mcuban is HUMAN and also kicks ass! 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Let’s get West the help he needs and deserves. I respect mark so much for this! This is so nice, you love to see it. Still- fuck Cuban though wow! the Cubano is such a swell guy ... donate more money to BLM while you're at it

Respect for mcuban .. you can't save the world.. shouldnt KingJames mom help foot this bill? Lebron looking at Mark Cuban next season: he doing it for the clout lmao Where is Lebron’s mom when you need her the most? Cuban , Ur okay 👊🏾💯 LegitCoolRick Zigmanfreud Meh DannySalazarSr Made sure camera was getting it

So he has to video it ? I hope Cuban goes to rehab too. He hasn't been right in the head since Trump won. 🙏🏽 mcuban Amazing how TMZ was there to capture the moment. Sleezeball cuban. lmao swagsuschrist What makes this so great is that you can see Cuban never meant for this to even really be known. Someone just happened to catch it. He did this because it was the right thing to do, not for the publicity.

2Kool4Dat That’s great!!!! Amen!!!!! It says Cuban is going to help cover the cost of rehab lmao. He can buy the whole center. He better pay all of it. It’s pennies to him mcuban run for prez already? Mark Cuban for the president. And, I approve this message. Good job Cuban. This guy needs some help. mcuban Good job fam, but probably should have done it for yourself rather than post it for clout ☁️ 📱

This clown reportedly made over $16 mil during his career. Why should anyone feel sorry for him? 20 dollars is 20 dollars mcuban THANK YOU!!!!! 🙏🏻 u better have my DO-nuts This is sad. Just shows you money doesn’t buy you happiness. I have always liked Delonte since he played here with the Cavs. He has had a lot of issues over the years. It is tragic; mental health issues combined with substance abuse is never a good combination. I pay he gets the help he needs.

11 seasons in the NBA, 5 years later flat ass broke living on the streets. So he's bi-polar, but he couldn't pass a drug test if his life depended on it. Cuban pays for rehab takes a tax write off. Within 2 years Cuban will pay for his funeral. Pfft! They left him out there far too long! I hope that it isn't too late.

Who? Mark Cuban is such a nice guy. Everyone always has something nice to say about him. Classy man. The GOAT for plowing LeBrons momma aohhaoooa ohooooo ohoh hoogoa oaaaahah ooohh hhahoah ohohh For people who do this type of work on the daily, this kinda coverage is helpful. As much as I want to believeCuban is just being a good person I can’t help think this smells of publicity stunt. Why does Cuban all of the sudden want to help him? 4 yrs after pics of him homeless? TMZ jus so happens to be there to catch the whole thing?Dems/devil at work again🙄

Cuban has always been a good guy. I’m glad no one has given up on Delonte Mark Cuban for President 2024 🥳🤣 I’m game! I want to support good people who actually want to make real change & lift people up. DWP - Hercc Mark.. if you're listening Please help me get to rehab Mark Cuban a good man. It’s better to help people directly instead of giving to foundations which use up most of the profits for executives’ payrolls.

WALLS10M ahahjsjf Cuban is good in my book.... Pray for him Where did he find a mask to fit that Mark Cuban chin? That's freaking heart breaking. Its not easy. Grateful for people like this. Respect 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Wow he’s really a good guy KendrickPerkins tmz should report on why West was blackballed! He was banging KingJames mom and Lebron couldn’t take it

Meanwhile, LeBron James doesn’t give a shit. All LeBron does is talk. Love Mark Cuban!! He does alot for the ppl in DFW!! That other Dallas owner on the hand....GethelpDelonte pullingforyou That man has a Good Heart 💙 I commend Mark Cuban. Leave them alone I’ve seen this guys didn’t even know ... but that’s cool Mark is helping

ClayTravis will find a way to make this negative because it doesn't fit in with his Fox News propaganda machine. cavsaddict I don’t mean to be critical/negative but my 1st job after military was working for americorps & we worked w homelessness & other issues. Is Cuban helping any other homeless other than a former millionaire? Community help ex millionaire athlete help

🙏🏾 Thank You Mark! MORE & MORE rehab should be available and drugs decriminalized. Portugal did this in the early 2000s. Barely ANY overdoses. Drugs, including heroin & cocaine are taken OUT of the criminal realm! $$$ used for rehab by former addicts! look yall can be as sympathetic as you want but karma’s real and thats what happens when you do scum shit like he did

Really great of Marc Cuban to try to help. As a Celtics fan it makes me really sad to see what has happened to Delonte. I really hope he accepts the help and gets his life on track. leave delonte be Cuban is a beast for this. Delonte West net worth says $1000... Amazing stuff from mcuban Family hoping for rehab🤔 what the hell was the family doing to help him?

Love Cuban. Which all rich people were like him. Truly give back to society! Did one of the mkultra slaves escape, and Mark Cuban needs rush to a mind control center for reprogramming before him talks? 👀 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 BSmith4Prez YNot562 RetroKing14 wow! mcuban is just a good, stand-up kinda guy! This is why his blessings will continue.

So does Cuban call you to set up cameras and the story? Classy mcuban 👏 TMZ is scum bag. lmao i luv seeing broke ass athletes y'all. it give me life y'all. broke ass athletes give me life! Mark Cuban ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾!!! Cuban should have ran against Trump This is awesome as hell... You guys are vultures. MarkCuban..🙏

That gas station is across the street from the neighborhood I grew up in (Hamilton Park.) I sincerely hope he decides to go to rehab and focus on his recovery. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Thank you to Mark Cuban prayers all goes well 🙏🏽♥️ Did Cuban call the media himself? How else did they know where to film this? Need more of these people

This is good and all but I’m sure that Mark Cuban just wants to get in first on this redemption story. Documentary coming to Netflix soon. 🙏🏾 poor Mental Health ain’t no joke! 🙏🏽🙏🏽 God bless mcuban! Hopefully Delonte will have a successful comeback! please help that guy and get him back into basketball so give that poor man life! he drifting away!

I hope he gives him a job.. that man was a great nba player W!!! God Bless Mark Cuban, thx u 😢❤❤❤ PinwheelEmpire I hope he can get some help truly mcuban class act. Truly has an authentic heart and cares about people. We need more people like him! Mark is a Real one though regardless of the outcome. mcuban

Thank u Mr. Cuban. mcuban He a real 1..people got all the jokes thoug.. Praying for him! 🙏❤️ bj_teacher West is most likely bi-polar or has some mental issue. He’s not going to listen to Cuban. Mark Cuban is the real MVP meet people where they at he in the streets go to the streets don’t wait for him to come to you cause he will never come!

Good man!!! Class act mcuban !!! Much Respect ✊🏼 to mark Cuban. Addiction is choice. UpToTASK Good guy Planes trains automobiles better have my donuts! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Thanks Mark Cuban! 🙏🏽 I hope Delonte accepts the help and turn his life around! Cuban is a great man for doing this. So sad for this guy with so much talent... hopefully he gets the help he needs

🙏🏾 I don't understand why LeBron isn't helping his dad. Mark Cuban is a good man Oh Bless his heart! Unveil his eyes Lord!🙏 Thank you mcuban! coolwithakay 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🙂🙂 everyoneh8Manny Finally Wow! God bless you mcuban . You’re Such a noble guy I will pray that this man has the strength to get clean & stay clean. Be strong DelonteWest We are thinking of you.

mcuban is a man of the people Need more good dudes. What happened to the people he spent his money on mcuban 👌🏽 Can ya’ll give Mark Cuban some respect. Straight OG one of the best professional owners. PROFESSIONAL. Thanks Mark Cuban. The poor guy was here in Key West in the same dire situation a few months back. I hope he can get the help he needs to get back on track 🙏

About flipping time. My goodness.. Big props to mcuban for doing this. Sure hope Delonte gets clean. I made all the jokes about him a few years ago, but it's not right to knock a man in this state. Get well, Delonte! THWND! Cuban 2024 confirmed Him and Lebrons momma had sexual relations. Heaven sent 💚🙏

BoushInPitt BigL234 Finally 🙌🙌 Mark Cuban is so likeable. Not a Cuban fan, but a class act Mark for president

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