Marjorie Taylor Greene Posts Anti-Transgender Sign Across Hall From Lawmaker With Transgender Child

Marjorie Taylor Greene Posts Anti-Transgender Sign Across Hall From Lawmaker With Transgender Child

Marjorie Taylor Greene posts anti-transgender sign across hall from lawmaker with transgender child

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is facing sharp criticism after she posted an anti-transgender sign outside of her office, directly across the hall from another lawmaker who has a transgender child.

2/25/2021 8:45:00 PM

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is facing sharp criticism after she posted an anti-transgender sign outside of her office, directly across the hall from another lawmaker who has a transgender child.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is facing sharp criticism after she posted an anti-transgender sign outside of her office, directly across the hall from another lawmaker who has a transgender child.

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The hate and confusion is starting to distort her face. I am trying not to be cruel but her innards are wrecking her outtards. It looks like if she smiled he face would crack. Good for her. Need to remove Dr Levine from office. It is a detriment to society. This woman needs to seek therapy and take that cross off of her neck because God says Love thy neighbor she's very hateful

Fucking Mad Lad Remove her from office The question the citizens she represents should be asking is, “How are her actions helping me and bettering my existence?”They should be keeping a list. Every citizens should be doing this, so that when they come up for re-election they can answer for their behavior.

Hateful person. Shocked she was elected to a public office. If the media stops giving her a microphone she will fade into Nothing I expect nothing more from this bottom-feeder. How can SHE represent the people of her area? If she is a majority slice of America, we're screwed. Ms. Taylor Greene, I have learnt to accept that the whole world is not exactly black & white, there is something other than black & white outside and inside of black & white. Such force is beyond our control and this where we learn to live with difference if you are wise enough.

We love her! Transgender is a psychiatric illness as that is what I learned in medical school mot nguoi biet quan tam chia se That's her style tho isn't it ... attacking youths simply because of who they are or because of what they believe. She is hideous Fire her then. Trailer Trash. Bitch MTG = Bully Wait I'm confused. There is no reporting of the lady posting the flag outside her door, but only when this lady posted a sign outside her door did we feel need to report on it. You can correct me if I'm wrong.

That my friend is what a CUNT looks like. Wait, she's not Trans? She must be mentally insane, which is,nt saying much for those who voted for her Still can’t believe anyone voted for her sorry a$$! if she represents the GOP, what a sorry state they are in Boys are boys and girls are girls, the rest is just bullshit.

Kick her out and all the trump kiss asses and replace them with republician senators who wants to help out all Americans and doesnt want one thing from trump CNN shud lessen news about deze stomme trut Insensitive in the extreme. Care for those who don’t have a choice - it’s just the way it is. Tolerance rules🌈

Just ugly She is just a piece of work....and not in Progress. Shes crazy To each his(or in this case her's)own.what is wrong with voicing your opinion on such GOD forsaken matters. Why is she even allowed in government? Once an ass, always an ass! Senator green I don't know why you up there wearing a cross over your neck when you know you are worship Satan take that goddamn cross off your neck you're not about God you are about Satan that's why we strip you of your powers at the White House cuz you don't deserve.

This woman needs to go,her grand standing is outrageous. Have we had enough yet? How much more do we stand for this hate? This is one crazy brainwashed woman. I’m confused....if I were to post a sign like this at work I would immediately be terminated and removed from the premises. Why are government officials exempt from the laws?

Biden bombed Syria which is worse? Is it right? How Many Dead Bodies UN NeedToTakeAction? ဒါလေး ပြိုင်တူတင်ရအောင် Credit Freedom of speech! If you’re offended, take your eyes away! Transgenders and cross dressers are now allow into any bathroom or locker room! Our children are in great danger now! Neanderthal. Looks like one and acts like one.

Pray that everyone be at peace no matter what! But we all have a voice Witch So what! We live in a democracy, everyone is untitled to have their say and express their opinion, if it upsets minority groups because it takes attention away from their personal agendas, to bad, so sad. 😃 So what! We live in a democracy, everyone can have their say and express their feelings. Way to many times we are subjected to minorities twisting attention for personal agendas.

She must have so much anger in her soul so cruel She is evil to the core. And what's wrong with that. There are only 2 genders. All those ITs, Qs, whatever they are called have rather right chromosomes but wrong approach of parental education. They broke when nobody pays attention to them. I have a treatment for it, hard work it's called.

She is uneducated. It's as simple as that. The US are letting timid thwarts in, such a shame. She seems to be completely consumed with hate. Good for her! We get this transgender 💩shoved in our faces?! Do I shout from the rooftop that I’m married to a MAN? Sex and whomever one has it with is PRIVATE! Doesn’t anyone have old school values and morals anymore? Jeez. I care less about who’s screwing what or whom!

There is a difference between liberty and licence. This shouldn't be allowed. Im rooting for her, you go girl Men only? Isn’t this headline anti-transgender? Transgender individuals consider themselves male or isn’t thT consistent with her sign? Is cnn saying transgender individuals are not people? Sad.

Just put her out, it’s that’s simple. Her services are no longer needed. She is the worst We all have our opinions and believes but, like my grandmother used to say sometimes if better to keep the mouth shut 🤐 MTG IS A HERO FOR STANDING UP. NO CHILD SHOULD BE TRANSGENDER. ON THEIR 18TH BIRTDAY THEY CAN DO AS THEY PLEASE BUT UNTIL THEN ITS THE PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY. CONGRESS PERSON WITH TRANSGENDER CHILD IS INCOMPETENT AND SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE. EqualityAct

She is such a bitch!!! 🤮 This chick is nasty. This country has gone in the wrong direction. Im ashamed of my state. Ugly trumptwat So, who makes the decision on when a child becomes a transgender child? Ms Greene is an attention seeking trouble-maker! She has a right to her opinion!! She can put whatever sign up she wants to at her office.

Greene should be expelled from the Congress. She does NOT represent America. She is a dangerous person, with all the criticism of everyone that crosses her path and with her cocky attitude. She does not belong in politics. Hahaha how did this 'person' get elected? Tâm sự nói chuyện So gross That's her first amendment right! Kudos to Marjorie!!!!

Wish I was so narrow minded. Good! Sadly, you can’t make a lawmaker see how truly ignorant they are in the face of diversity. Her lack of decorum and civility has spoken LOUD AND CLEAR. How many more times can you really say it? Greene's action displays her petty and small mind. The cross corridor office has a wide selection of flags to counter with Although the 'Don't Tread on Me' snake flag or even the US flag would make a good rejoinder. Best is to ignore Greene.

Marjorie has a Johnson. The GOP is so irrelevant in this country they've allowed a freak show takeover just to get attention. Mean brainless bi**h Passive agression is an ugly trait Good for her Tìm bạn nói chuyện cho vui những lúc rảnh rổi.Bạn gái .... She’s a complete psycho omg She is repulsive!! I cringe and gag a little evrytime I see her face.

What is happening to our government? Get her the hell out, she's nuts! You can’t say/do nothing ever because somewhere, someone will take offense. I don't see a valuable reason to make politics out of a serious handicap these folks are born with . She’s just following tRump playbook to stay in the spotlight ANYTHING goes. Less media attention is needed and expulsion from congress ASAP

Evil woman She needs to get a life She needs a good bitch slapping! She needs to take that cross off, because she is working for the Devil! She put a sign that said there are only two genders which is true male and female!!!! So stop lying CNN!!! A child should ever be considered transgender by their parents. Their parents need to teach them. These parents that just let their kids be whoever is why this world is fucked up!!!

Marjorie looks like a man....could be trans storm_layne 🤦🏻‍♀️ Criticism? She doesn’t care! Why do you have to give her a platform to publicly be seen and heard? Get rid of that wannabe!!! THIS PERSON HAS ZERO CLASS Funny coming from a man dressed as a woman! Tôi là 1 người hoà đồng , vui vẻ Although it sounds like middle school antics, love the flag posted directly across from RepMTG office 🥴 tit-4-tat

Just change the sign congresswoman… Not two genders just two sexes.... one male one female…. Do you want to claim you’re a different sex... Go ahead just stop asking taxpayers to pay for your shit She is an attention seeking child... Am desperate to do all this to write to you people, kindly am suffering, am Naomi nditi from Nairobi Kenya awaiting 4 surgeries, have gone through 6 already, kindly help I get the desired treatment am overwhelmed, reach me on +254790399247,or, thanks

What species is Greene? But she is a “good” Christian, leading by example. 🙄 Get rid of this walking pustule of hatred... Greene has had at 3 sexual affairs while married. She has no room to judge others. I wonder if her and her husband are swingers? Maybe one of Greene's children is gay or transgender or she fears one is, and she is upset.

The woman looks transgender to me . . . Her face looks like a bowl of Play-Doh I have lost all faith in our government She should be Trump next wife. She’s perfect for him and together they will take up bigotry loving by storm. The fact that such a person has been elected to the Senate, and that GOP LeaderMcConnell STILL support a criminal Trump, shows the World, that something still is terrible wrong and dangerous in the US...😱😱😱

The more fodder you give the bully the brighter she gets to shine. The wall isn’t outside her office doesn’t belong to her. Have the janitor take it down and give her the rules posting. She’s looking for the coverage you’re giving her to stay in the news and a have a platform. Well she’s a raging bitch so.... 🤷

When is it enough to expel RepMTG ? No one is asking her to become transgender or emotionally support them, but to stop her anger & hate, it’s so unchristian. Especially from someone who claims to be one. cheaterMarjorieGreen VeryUnchristian HateNeverWins Pig. And if RepMTG is so freaking worried about science, support COVID-19 guidelines. If she wants to support Jesus Christ, LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR & stop being a hateful, ignorant middle schooler.

Don't give them air. Make them the joke they are. Sadlynecessary1 Seriously she needs to go. It's not an anti-transgender sign. It's scientific fact. She was just responding to another bullying liberal Communist who thinks it was her job to push their Communist views on everyone else! Why is she still around Horribly self-centered one way tunnel vision lunatic! Is she hiding some of her own fear, her own doubt? That’s all I can gather from so much hate inside her!

Eve came out of a man,Eve was created a man before she became a woman.Eve was most definitely transgender. Genesis 2:21023 proves.the lord fashioned into a woman which was taken from a man.There you have it Eve was transgender firemarjorietaylorgreen mostuglypersononeaethMTG Transatlantic blah blab blah😣

Our younger generation embrace all genders and understand what it means to be a person first and foremost Her bigotry and hate have no place in a peaceful society let alone the White House She needs some education on a human level !! Nasty ..... very nasty Sorry GA-14...she is all yours to deal with.. RepMTG is simply a disgrace to all and should of been removed weeks ago.

No shade but I thought she was a transgender It never ceases to amaze me. They forgive things people do that were preventable. But have no tolerance for the imperfections we were born with. Female Trump; Being an asshole for no reason. She has that look on her face of a female Donald trump. Mean, arrogant, I’ll do and say as I want. Bad news folks!

I think you meant to say that the lawmaker has a mentally disturbed child. She can handle criticism. What she shouldn't do is cave to the anti-women radicals that think genital mutilation of a child is ok. Get a life Marjorie, its 2021 ! Ok, what exactly does she have to do or say, for her to get kicked out of Congress, permanently? She's an obvious unprofessional menance!

I wish how it would be her life if she had a transgender son or daughter or anyone in her family. So petty I don't defend MTG's actions but in this instance she WAS responding to being provoked. My first thought when I saw the video was Oh my God that's so unfair and mean and aggressive. I did not know that she was in fact responding to something she obviously was not going to ignore.

I think she's a would be Proud Boy! Good Job Marjorie She’s so full of hate ! How miserable for her ! To have your every day using your energy to spread venom ! Sad ! Pure-Dee evil bitch! Simple as that! I'm not her ally but I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, her voice matter. Under the name of tolerance, the rights and beliefs of others are also violated. Think about it!

Whore of Babylon Something is wrong there, in her upper room chamber.. I see Ms.Greene has a cross hanging around her neck, I truly wonder what she believes in or is it just a replica she wants others to believe, but her action proves different 🤔 Lock her up Lock her up! Uh, this isn't China. In America we still have freedom of speech, no matter how much socialists and woke weirdos want to take it away. MAGA!

free speech I think you are a mean, cold hearted woman. You don't really care about people. You just want to be in the news. To get attention. Just like a misbehaving child-any attention-BAD attention-is better than no attention. What a shame. You shouldn't be in the public eye. Her eyes look black What a hateful bitch

RepMTG has completely lost her damn mind. She's thirsty af 4 any all attention tht its so pathetic. Chick will do ANYTHING 2 be apart of something. asskisser racist nosoul To think there are voter's out there, who vote in Nut-Wads like Green ? It's a Disgrace. Please Help Myanmar Media. I would call this travesty a bi**h, but I wouldn't want to disparage my doggie.

What about it Greene? Why do you hate transgenders? Go on national tv and tell the nation who else you hate and why. If you hate transgenders, then you most likely are racist as well. Why not explain your hate? Words cannot describe this person! What a waste of oxygen. Of this was a TheDemocrats or the left no one would say shit.

Guys, we are falling into the same trap with MTG as with DJT. Shock and outrage gains media attention. The more crazy the better. Stop giving Crazy a stage!! I keep hearing about cancel culture. How the hell do we get this one canceled? Who needs to boycott Georgia business, tourism, and entertainment until they recall her crazy ass

This is science.....A hermaphrodite is a person (or plant or animal) that has both male and female sexual organs. Hermaphrodites are rare. This is an unusual word for an unusual condition: being a boy and a girl at the same time. Get rid of her. Awful values She is an insane and dangerous person. She should be expelled and put in treatment. She needs help as do those who promote her.

There are only two genders, what's wrong with that? Burn the witch...! This woman is evil. She’s probably gonna be persecuted by so-called endemic cancel culture, with no offense. He took me for a fool all years of marriage. I never knew she was cheating until HACKERHELP2021 on Instagram helped me trapped into her phone and I have access to it all. Search for Hackerhelp2021 on Instagram for any kind of help also on WhatsApp +1 (803) 220‑1619.

She's lovely. She’s pathetic damn she looks like she's possess It is a supposedly 'free country', yeah? It's ironic she's anti-trans considering she's such a dick! You will not fall hard or tragically enough! An “anti-transgender sign?” She’s more manly than- Americans were too busy focusing on Trump, not realising what he had dragged in with him. To me, this was Trump strategy all along and now he has people in power places, he will try for a bigger insurrection. Trump's gonna Trump

Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to dislike her anymore than I already do ... muốn tìm 1 chị trên 30 tuổi. Không phải là trai bao nhé. pm để nói chuyện nhiều hơn. This women needs to go- she is a loose cannon. Who in this day and age makes comments like this? Bigger question- how did she ever get voted in, an embarrassment to our Country.

Why wouldnt she? Noone in the GOP has stopped her before. She will keep it up. Just like trump. Way to go GOP 👍🏻 I thought children were off limits with breeders. Her blood runs ice cold. Not sure how she sleeps at night. (Re: MTG) She should face harsh criticism. She should be ashamed of herself... SenateGOP HouseGOP don’t know/care about science. The apparently want to controlYOURbedroom even though they cheat on their spouse, right mtgreenee ?

Eject her. She WANTS this attention. Stop feeding the beast! Good! Absolutely blows my mind that we have lawmakers that can't even teach their children the difference between a man and a woman. This world has gone to shit. Good for her. Be straight. Facts are Male in female how is that anti-transgender is science is nature

Going after someone’s child takes her unacceptable intolerance for the transgender community to a different level of evil. MTG needs to leave and take her bigotry bullshit with her. NASTY WOMAN Freedom of expression must not be limited to blacks, immigrants, Jews, and the ordinary people. She is a free citizen with her own free rights to speech.

It's like the story, The Emperor Has No Clothes. We shouldn't all be forced to agree & go along w/someone else's fantasy. There's nothing more clear than gender/sex.What is inherently black&white has been grayed.This is the sign she put up,&she is right: The people of her district should hang their heads in shame that she represents them

That dude’s a lady? She has her own opinion just like everyone else. It is her right in the constitution. If all opinions in the world 🌎 were the same, wouldn't this be a boring world 🌍? I saw a picture of the sign, and she was right and had a right to put it up. Why does this person still have a job?

Wow. So ugly Ugliest person ever! Female? No way No man would ever fuck her, unless, desperately loser nerd loser Re-education camp! She should be forcibly injected with endocrine disruptors and forced to watch 100 hr of trany porn. She'll be screwing inanimate objects when we're through with her! I have never seen an uglier girl my whole life. Her or His poor husband gross

MJT is a dude. 👍👍 good for her!!! Such a pig B*+c What book could a person possibly read to have such a simplistic view of the world? They were antagonizing each other. Non issue She has such an ugly heart. There just doesn't seem to be any good coming out of any pore of this woman. Good for her. They need to move MTG's office to a broom closet as far away from decent human beings as they can. She belongs in a zoo

No such thing as a transgender child. Her children must be so proud! mommydearest I don’t understand this. Even if you’re transgender, you’re still either male or female 🤷🏻‍♂️ what’s the fuss Can't imagine who the voters were for her. Wow Mmm... what do we do about this ingrate? Do you ignore her, my preference - or? Do you go for the jugular? My sense is little missy would like the attention, so don’t give her the time of day. NO ONE - NO ONE give her even the time of day. Put her in the corner

Keep it to yourself! Your life, judging from your filthy mouth and Karenesque presence, may not stand up to any scrutiny. SUCH a great Christian.🤮🙄🐍 Clearly, Newman needs to do a better job as a parent and in Congress Hey no one ever said she had manners, or heart, or decency. It's what you expect when you elect a bimbo who wouldn't know respect if she stumbled over it.

and people are surprised! What a loathsome witch CUNT! Gotta get rid of that crazy lady! No one that stupid should be in a position to make laws! BrianGe12839135 I rarely, if ever use this word... she is a cunt. RepMTG Chia se. Neu hop co the tien xa hon.that su nghiem tuc trong tc. She is a foul human. She loves to stir it bout just ignoring her for a change? She is not worth your time to get all fussed about...

Sharp criticism mean jack shit Who cares about transgenders app this is BS. They need mental help Chac phát lo lam,cviệc on định That is cruel and very mean spirited Why hasn’t she been expelled yet? she's aok with sharp criticism. thats not something white nationalists 'face'. thats just what democrats wished held some power, but it doesnt. because mtg- is a white nationalist AND holds a seat in our govt! haHA

She needs to be out of office and NOW. Poison is her mantra and she is toxic. your only strengthening her base so keep up the good work Her constant stream of divisive hate filled speech indicates that she is completely incompetent and unqualified to hold office She is such a piece of ship. So hateful. CRUELLA DEVILLE!!!!!

Kindergartners have more respect for their peers than she does. Are there no standards or ethics in Congress GOPLeader SpeakerPelosi ? Like Donald Trump, Ms. Greene is the epitome of evil. She is a promoter of hatred and racism. The sad part is that there seems to be an over abundance of people like her in the House and Senate.

I think she's Trans It’s science. Follow the science. She needs to be removed Keep the good work Taylor Green. We got your back. This woman is evil and crazy She’s looks like a man. So this is a tough position to take We are MALE or FEMALE. This system worked since God made Adam and Eve. Let’s not complicate things just because the Dems want more voters to keep them in office. It’s totally insane.

The irony is that she looks What a disgusting example of a civil servant. The GOP never surprises how low they can go with their hate She claims to be a Christian, but no Christian I know would act like her. She reminds me of the bullies on the school playground. She needs to grow up and at her age, not her IQ

Freedom of Speech. Just plain HATEFUL!!!! She’s the worst!! Whats the 3rd gender Science says there are many genders but only 2 sexes. And I think now that is debatable. No such thing as bad publicity, right Marj? It wasn't an anti transgender sign. It was a statement of biological fact. She’s a poster girl for toxic

“Anti-transgender sign” Her sign says there are 2 genders. Says nothing about trans anything. Don’t know what you’re talking about công viên ổn định, trình độ đại học How’s she gonna be anti trans when she got a mug like that 🙁 She's got issues. She’s an awful human She is a crackpot 1st Amendment folks. Yep even for 'hate speech' - which of course really isn't at all.

nam từ 34 đến 42 tuổi , lịch sự, nghiêm túc... Evil My dear what is your faults? Are you perfectly good. There is only one word that I can come up with when it comes to describing her and that word is PATHETIC I'm calling for her to Resign please RT if you agree. Also there are some Lawmakers who need to grow some Balls and stop being a KissAss for Donald Trump

She is a human hemorrhoid You get the most social progress bang for your buck by letting her have her say and respond with what science actually tells us about the complexity of biological sex and bio-psychosociological gender. There are two genders. Shouldn't she be burning that cross on her scrawny neck?

F$&king Maggot! Dirt all The devil’s daughter? Trash. She’s a horrible human. Disgusting that she wears a cross around her neck. We are all children of God! Asshole She doesn’t give a $hit. She needs removed from office! Nothing wrong with posting FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. If one think Mrs.Taylor is in the wrong. KKK is not allowed to carry signs when they march. U.S.Supreme Court ruled KKK can march along with posting signs that may or may not be offensive. LGBTQ can not have a double standard

She would be fired from any other job. Disgusting. CorruptGOP GOP Who cares She is such a pig.. She should be kicked out of congress. And sent back to Georgia She is the most vulnerable female I have ever seen. I hope God can open her eyes so that she can see. But of course she is one of those people so blind that she 'will not see.'

Well she looks like one👀 MTG is a cow Do you see the kind of pieces of shit that crawled out from under the rocks when you got a president who is the biggest lizard in the fucking world she should slide back under that rock she came out of Just like tRump, no empathy. She wears a cross but fails to love her neighbor and fails to cast the beam out of her own eye while focusing on the speck in her neighbor’s eye. Not exactly Christ loving behavior.

How can she call herself a Christian. That should not be allowed in a federal building. She's a hate monger. cnn you can’t have a transgendered child, that’s child abuse, and mtgreenee is exactly right, science says 2 genders, follow the science What a pig She wants to be noticed,don’t pay her any attention.🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢

Disgusting! She’s a sick cookie. What an absolute disgrace. How people, how did you think this woman was fit for this office! How! It's not anti anything!! Fact check male and female!! She should be removed Get that crazy gone. Sheis disgusting. She is a threat to society. She is just evil Wait I though she was trans. Ooops my bad

WHY ARE PEOPLE PUTTING UP WITH HER SHIT? I don’t get it. Sigh. This was AFTER her fellow Senator put up a huge Pride Flag directly in front of Greene’s Office. But y’all won’t put that in your click bait headline, will you? This type of hate elected trump first time. And it’s the reason for his loss this time. I bet this hate among GOP cadres will take it to rock bottom. Being repugnant and combative is the norm in GOP now a days.

not a very nice person She wears that cross with disgrace. Not a Christian at all. Evil bitch Our elected representatives acting like high school mean girls. Grow up. How about we stop giving this woman any attention whatsoever? She’s infinitely uninteresting. Maggie is not in DC to work in the House. She's the distraction. Let her spin off into the 'Fascist Fantasy Land' and stay focused.

That's a face for radio. Greene is a hypocrite! Wears a gold cross, and hates humanity. Those things don’t go together. She wears it, self righteous, she’s a contradiction, man oh man, ugly person outside and inside. What a fucking bitch. She deserve nothing but hell Bad congressperson, bad... mtgreenee I called her office today to let her know how I feel about this. Told her this message came from yet another Liberal Utahn! 🇺🇸✌️😎. Yes, we are real!

Funny...but she (?) looks manish and certainly acts like a man her/ himself. How is that anti transgender? There are only Male & Female genders!!! If you don’t give this nut job any airtime when she does outrageous things she will fade away. The media has not learned this and as a result she will continue just like Trump did 24/7 for 4 yrs.

It needs a psychiatric assessment asap For criticism to bother you, you must have a soul and a conscience. From what I see she has neither. She sure has an attitude that needs adjusting. Yes she’s entitled to her opinion, but the smug look on her face in the video clearly shows she’s pretty proud of herself and what she did. Karma can be nasty so, she should settle down!

Actually the dem can dish it out but not take it. By plastering this POS all over the media, you’re giving her the greatest platform. It’s what she wants. STOP. 😑 Marjorie Taylor Greene is not just rude she is malicious. MTG is proof positive that one can be, ugly, stupid and a nazi all at the same time.

Why is she still there?!?!?! Why GOPAccountable Why? She is a bisexual demon in the corn field I hear It is her right!!! Why are the left trying to force their notions down our throats? I WILL NOT SWALLOW! I am anti-transgender simple! tedcruz you might want to have that “don’t be an asshole” talk with mtgreenee.

That cross on her chest must be burning her skin. Can someone explain to me how many genders we have I am very confused right now. Allow her to air her opinion. Obviously there's no freedom of speech in America! Stop bashing people who don't agree with what is 'generally' accepted. She has the right to express herself as so pleases.

She needs censure!!! IMHO, we know Marge is a dick, but this might have legal implications. Defacing federal property? Hate crime? Something in between? All while positively radiating entitlement. Sadly, with no committee assignments, she has too much time on her hands for this kind of BS. A 'transgender' child ? How is this possible until hormones are released upon puberty.

She clearly has a lot of hate in her heart and so do the ones who voted for her. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a beat down between two members like Brooks caning Summe I agree with the criticism, but the more criticism from the left she gets, the more of a hero she becomes to the people who put her where she is, unfortunately. Civility is no more. We’re closer to pre-civil war behavior than ever before. r.

Karenstrikesagain Good for her! People are sick of having this non sense rammed down our throats! I think she want to have a reality show show like we just hade for the last four years. Don’t give it to her she’s an idiot and ya can’t fix that Just a elephant’s butt!! No hope for her and the nazis/republicans!

However, she is correct 💩 A genuine lunatic! There are only 2 genders. Ms Taylor Greene, Do you enjoy making people 🤮? 'Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green bullies the child of the colleague across the hall from her, with bigoted sign' What about the 204 of the 'right to life' party voting against the Equality Act? Despicable!!!!

She seems to be trying for the Meanest Republican Award. She has some stiff competition, but I think she just might win! MTG is a bully and thoughtless witch. Please stop covering her so she goes back into the weeds from which she came. She is quite vile. That’s F’d up... And the hits keep coming for this woman. She just don’t know when to stop. But hey I guess this is why he’s out of office!!!!

She's pathetic! Did anyone expect anything less from this classless poor excuse of a human? Somebody has to stand for something. What is wrong with saying from an objective scientific point of view that there are males and there are females? When you see dogs there are male and female dogs. If you put a male dog and a female dog together, after a few months the female dog will have puppies.

She’s has to go Well she’s allowed to be an asshole Such a C-word. Why is this racist homophobic sociopathic woman still in Congress? Period. Cross on her neck like she perfect. Shame on her!! KARMA Sad that ignorant people like you get voted in by even more ignorant people. America needs to step into the future. we are the richest country and operate like a third-world country mired in idiocy you support...

She walks around with a smirk. We need to stop talking about this nobody of a women. She likes the attention. She is the spawn of the devil. She is an evil person and has a devil soul! Gender is not a scientific term. Gender is a social construct. Sex is the scientific term, but gender is not. Why did she get offended by something that has nothing to do with her?

Can someone please explain how the sign is Anti-Transgender? She is disgusting! Should be disqualified from CO Disgusting and she should be disqualified from holding a public office. Are you kidding me? Across the hallway? What a bitch! mtgreenee Calling her 'slime' would be an insult to slime. She has my total support.

Marjorie needs to go! She makes me sick to my stomach! this is gross how she incinuates a well intentioned person can't succeed in the US government; What is this bitch's problem? She’s creating a hostile work environment. Instead of having signs made, shouldn’t she be doing her job for her constituents?

We find MTG shocking because she is so proudly outspoken with her hatred. What about the politicians hiding behind her and hiding behind Trump , not outspoken, just doing their hate and evil in the shadow. Are they any less hateful? She's consistently a horrible, vile person and her actions are reprehensible.

Shame! Tìm top dâm. Dưới 27 tuổi làm người tình lâu dài. Group càng tốt Là người thú vị để nói chuyện, trong trường hợp bạn cũng thú vị. She is garbage 🗑. This lady doesn’t belong to congress and should not serve the people. Bigotry and racism has no place between us. So what we live in a democracy and that includes free speech

The Devi in A real sad sack. She is jixg She just wants the publicity. One word for MTG.....BITCH! Please stop giving her air! To put out a fire, the best thing is to suffocate it. Evil. What if any Republican criticized her? Wow Probably because she looks like a guy and the trans child was better looking than her!

I don’t like her and I know I’m right. I’m not changing my mind so don’t ask. Look, she’ll do anything to get attention at this point. Ignore her! Nobody cares! What a bitch! John Geddert was a huge donor of Rep. Greene. But mean tweets are going to cancel a cabinet nominee. Got it. Marjorie thrives on sharp criticism. It only fuels her continued lies and spreading of hate and fear. She needs to be removed.

Marjorie has no soul or heart. Or a brain for that matter either. Republicans she is all yours Pig US Has No Law & Order What So Ever What a Sad Ass Country Cheeto humping porn hair. Skippy needs a new career. What he said ... and a little reminder why trump is not your president anymore... mtgreenee Hell yea ! Expressing her freedom of expression . Who can be against that ,except communist?

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert and Josh Hawley, among others, represent the very dark side of the Republican Party! And none of them were elected by accident either! As time passes, even more radicals like them are going to be elected to join their ranks in Congress. Sorry but She is a CUCU Garbage human being

Disgusting woman She is an evil person. All of these reality TV politicians need to go. What a waste of time and energy this woman is. She is horrible! Bitch I found a good picture of MTG: What she need to be is Expelled, Fired. RepMTG The face of evil. She is sick this is what the gop represents...scary fake news, as usual

Oh she is hitting everybody. What a shithead! Marjorie Taylor Greene lacks human decency. The radicalized Republican Party has accepted this type of representation and support for their cause. She is such an ugly, horrible person. It’s a shame the only love she knew growing up was the gentle hand of her brother, cousins, uncles and anyone else she could throw herself at. With a face like that, dark bars and alleyways were her only choice. Who’s guarding her bridge?

How many genders are there? Any biologists care to give us the answer? She's got to go. Can we even count the reasons? And she looks like a man herself 🤣 Ignore the tantrum child. She is a bait to keep our eyes off much more devious plans and actions during this post attack. She is hot air and a diversion for those unawares

Typical!! You mean she posted a scientific fact The GOP needs to get rid of this Hillbilly DoDa shit Vile individual Bad publicity is still publicity. Enough has been said to judge her character. Let her drift into darkness. What she did is very correct Q is just another symbol for hate and bigotry. Horse face

She is disgusting. Don’t promote her stunts She's a POS and a ignorant fool MTG is vicious😡 Such a nasty nasty bitch. She's trying to use the Trump playbook to build her brand. She's a terrible human being. KARMA is a bitch man. She’ll get hers. The universe always delivers Heart full of hate. That woman is just an idiot...

I can’t imagine anyone nastier than this woman. So far she exhibits zero redeeming qualities. She is just arrogant and hateful. It seems to always be the cross wearing, I love God shouting people who really are the worst. Who wants to bet she’s transgendered? I have no bias against transgender human beings. However, what do you do if in the effort to promote equality for transgender athletes we discriminate against naturally born females? Why not compete with men? This poses a valid conundrum!

This woman is such a bitch its unreal wow really ppl are pissed because it say there are men and women trust the science lol she is not wrong transgender is either man or woman where you was born a female and now identifying as male or vise versa stull make or female. and yes trust the science The future of the GOP right here. Needless cruelty.

Bitch needs to be retired from all public service roles permanently. Look, , she’s desperate for attention like a naughty 10 yr old. I’m not responding, liking, or RT any tweet abt her outrageous conduct after this one, because it when you give her this platform, it just leads to more. Just wait for karma! Until then free speech!

What gender is “she?” Considering that Marjorie was once Mark, I would think she would be supporting the community. If I did this at work, I'd be fired. Why isn't she? Are ALL Republicans above the law GOP GOPLeader SenateGOP AccountableGOP Just a vile excuse for a human being. Disappointed if she posted the sign without carrying 4 assault rifles with her to the hallway

Ex-wife of Thanos. They were separated so the Ironman snap didn’t get her. Good for her 👍🇺🇸 you cannot change your DNA Is being a hateful jerk a part of the job description in the Republican Party? That's a lot of self hate to target a child. Why haven't they showed her the door Heartbreaking that Taylor Greene has so much hatred and discrimination in her heart. She must feel horribly lonely and has no self respect. Poor woman. You have to pity her.

Throw her out now, she is deplorable When other people talk about trash in America I hope they show a photo of Rep. Greene. this is what bullies do.. Superiority much? You can believe what you like but using your belief to tread on others is immoral. Is a show on Fox far behind now?.....Because that's what she's truly after people. ( They don't want her) She's toxic...even for them.

Takes one to know one. Look at that jaw line She should get some education! How this country is having this unprepared people in the congress, a shame, real shame for people in GA and in the rest of the country What a hatefilled bag of gas. Hello, Miss Potato Head. Imagine if POTUS and VP made law makers attend Sensitivity Training.

Why is it ok to transgender your children? What is going on in this world? Let me guess: a Q girl/ MGA girl? Why is MTG allowed to be such a bully? We wouldn’t stand for this in public schools, why should it be allowed in congress? She is poison. We need to stop giving her attention. She has her rights She’s unsavory.

To WHOMEVER it may concern: Re: mtgreenee DNC GOP FBI KerriKupecDOJ DOJPH VOICE NARRATIVE about her sign &,1062021 insurrection SpeakerPelosi mschlapp WFLA ABC WSJ POTUS JoeBiden jmpalmieri PressSec WhiteHouse mattdizwhitlock replouiegohmert Same energy as Gina Carano. Then whine when they get dragged.

Get people who don’t believe in equality or who use religion as a deflection OUT OF OFFICE. ASSHOLE A real Christian, An apostolic Christian is not hateful as she is, Yes there arr two genders only, i live by Christian values, but i don’t hate, she is hateful and is sad, to begin a real Christian does not belong in politics, starting from there.

Kick her out of Congress. She's a SHAME and it's dangerous having her there. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a bluewaffle clown. her sign sucks not just bc it’s hate speech tacky just like its owner. She is truly evil So beside everything else she’s also just a total btch We shouldn’t allow children to be elected.

This 'person' is NOT worthy of ANY attention being Wasted on her ignorance! Marjorie, you are a real piece of work 😂 Wow!!! She needs to be out! She is just awful!! Piece of S&$t!!!! who hurt her that she is so full of hate to everyone. she needs a good friend and Jesus. I always thought she was transgender.

She’s the evil sister nobody wants! She is a tar baby. Play with her and youget dirty too Transgender rights are human rights!! If I hung signs at my workplace stating my OPINION, I would be fired. She’s a goofball who cares You know that feeling you get when you meet someone and you just know within minutes that you don't and never will like them. Then they open their mouth and you have this sudden urge to slap them. Yeah that's my take on this wretched woman!

Bitch Fair is fair, she put a flag in eyeshot of her office IF YOU KEEP A HELL RAISER IN THE HOUSE. THERE WILL NEVER BE PEACE. A DIVIDED HOUSE WILL NOT STAND. (MARK 3:25) Shame on you MTG! You are a Representative who is suppose to be representing all of the people no matter who they are. We don’t need people like you judging others. Putting a sign up is disgusting,mean, insensitive,& immature! We are all human being! AGAIN SHAME ON YOU! 🤬😡🤬

Just a minute - actually, isn't it ironic. Take a good look at her face. Doesn't she look like a man, dressed up in women's clothing? THESE ARE JUST NOT GOOD PEOPLE. PERIOD. NOT KIND. NOT positive. Not ....good. Vile and crass. Wearing a cross as a holy cloak to hide the deceitfulness. Little do they know that God will have the last laugh.

Just crazy.😳😳 Anti transgender as it incorporated both genders. Have you people lost your minds? Get this TrumpTrash out of our Capitol please!! NationalDisgrace Marjorie, I see that you wear a cross. Please try asking yourself, what would Jesus do? I'm sure he wouldn't post a sign that hurts others.

How you would deny biology that says that only two genders exist ? She's just a mean attention seeking human being who belongs anywhere near congress. She needs to go down What a foul person she is. Fidelity in marriage is testimony to the character of the couple; no matter the couple Tear it the fuck down

Just kick her out of Congress already Woah - now isn't that sending a message. What kind of banana brained person would elect her as their representative? She’s a female trump. Here’s the thing, she can believe whatever she wants. The problem is that she is purposely trying to be an antagonistic bitch. Try that at your job, you’ll be on the unemployment line.

Nobody above the law,Government should forgiven she for the mistake. She is trash Why can't people just accept that in terms of biology there are two genders. But when gender is used in society it can be any number the society accepts. Transgender can be a gender in societal terms as lobg as the society accepts even though it might not exist in biology.

She’s disgusting, just like her idol. Is her 15 minutes of fame almost up? Just asking. Wow! The kkkunt is still being a kkkunt! She is an awful human. She really is a trash human. She’s not even trying to hide her “ugly” She needs to keep her mouth shut.. So tired of people like her When is the GOP going to admit that this woman is just an A$$hole?

please cry me a river What do you expect? And please get STOP reporting on MAGA 'feelings' and their criminal leader. Has MSM learned nothing in last 4 years? Is it really about tabloid type headlines for profit? throw her in the trash 🗑 So what she has a right to her opinion I support her. Everyone’s body is given by God. God has his purpose and people try to change their gender against God. That’s unacceptable

Poster child for keeping birth control and abortion legal. She is vile So transgender is not ok, but cheating on your spouse, overthrowing a government, and discriminating against other religions is fine. That Christianity sure sounds like a fine path to follow! End End FoxNews End the divide No more left vs right, the people need to unite

Well.... She isn't wrong. You really are a sorry excuse for a human being!!!! Listen the whole GOP is BS, I can give a guaranteed date on their & every news organizations hypocrisy, 2023 Republicans in Presidential candidates debates, will be Pro Trump until this date if running. Also if a non-Donald looks promising the non-bias promo & boost from news.

She looks like a “Trans-dog” Expel her. Another disgusting act by this woman Are this what they voted her to do is get in other families way of life, that's no of her business her butt needs to go to Work, do her job time will tell what job she suppose to be doing? She need to stop! Looking like somebody’s nephew-niece with that big ass neck. The first cheerleading linebacker in office. 😂😂😂

People like her have a breaking point. Wonder what her is? And when will she get there? I don’t see this on going for 4 years.... What an ass Ummm there are only 2 types of gender. Make and Female. Plain and simple. It’s not hard. Penis you are a male. Vagina you are a female. Learned that in school being a cunt isn't illegal... but proving it every day can really call into question your willingness to lead more people than the fringe that put you there..

Ah, the kindness of right-wing Christians. Exactly the kind of behavior I've been seeing 'em engage in my entire life in the South. And they wonder why nobody wants to join their religion anymore. Wacko !! This zero is completely certifiable! How does she still have this job? Hey how many stories have you run on NYGovCuomo current trending stories, I mean he has two to pick from, so why not try journalism for once.

Lmao. Queen Most inappropriate, mean & nasty! RepMTG I feel sorry for your children & then your grandchildren. HateCrime bigotry MeanGirls LGBTQ inclusive love RMH BeKind Until someone actually votes to remove her, nothing will change - in fact, she’ll only become more intolerant and brazen....And the other Qnuts in Congress WILL be paying attention.

I wonder what would happen if she was a Democrat Hmmm Dear CNN, Floriduh is not trending down. Stop saying that bull 💩 and quit listening to Ron DeathSantis. The 15 dollar minimum wage would get Walmart employees off food stamps and out of public housing etc. There is no downside to me NOT SUBSIDIZING WALMART with my tax dollars.

You are right two genders, stop catering to the liberal nuts WHAT YOU EXPECT FROM A RACIST AND HATEFUL PERSON!!! She is evil. The QAnon party is applauding her This is an example of how not to behave. Thanks, Georgia Yes, two genders and one idiot. This woman wakes up hating life. Bless her soul Like the man said, “there’s no cure for being a $&$

Why? This fool has a mission to simply be as ignorant as she can be. She really thinks that she matters. She doesn't! Stop giving her attention, please! What's the problem with that.I thought everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and beliefs. What a nasty piece of work she is. Remember the Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock? Google her name.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A TRANSGENDER CHILD. There is child abuse and that child should be taken away from its parents! She needs to be expelled NOW REPUBLICANS WILL BE DONE LIKE DINNER tedcruz LindseyGrahamSC GOPLeader GOP LeaderMcConnell HawleyMO Jim_Jordan NEW: Militias tied to the Jan. 6 insurrection have stated their desire to “blow up the Capitol,” acting Chief Yogananda Pittman has said.

This bitch Was it anti gender? What did it say. Sorry I don’t trust cnn’s judgment. They may be right and they may be wrong Thats odd coming from the pit bull with a 1980s Ric Flair wig on. .RepMTG is just a mean and spiteful person. Go to her Twitter page and post pride and transgender stuff all over it!

Such an awful person. This is not what my tax dollars should be paying for. Awful thing to do My suggestion- the media should ignore her cries for attention. I thought she was a man 😀 just joking 🙃 or am i She's garbage What a spectacular virtue signalling piece of shit, lmao