Marianne Williamson lends her support to Andrew Yang in Iowa

Marianne Williamson lends her support to Andrew Yang in Iowa.


Marianne Williamson lends her support to Andrew Yang in Iowa.

Former presidential candidate Marianne Williamson said she'd support businessman Andrew Yang in Iowa on Wednesday night in order to help the candidate get through the early state primaries.

for President Trump’s impeachment trial. And in Colorado, the DSCC has blasted out press releases that he’s “refuse[d] to answer basic questions on [the] president’s conduct” or on the demand for “a fair trial.” Share this - 3d ago / 6:47 PM UTC Michael Bloomberg launches new ad focused on impeachment trial WASHINGTON — Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg released a new campaign ad in the presidential race on Tuesday focused on the impeachment trial. While Bloomberg has spent millions of his own dollars on his campaign ads, this ad is the first to focus on removing President Trump from office through the impeachment trial. The ad, entitled"Impeachment", declares that it's"time for the Senate to act and remove Trump from office. And if they won't do their jobs, this November you and I will." According to the Bloomberg campaign, the ad is running in 27 states including four states with vulnerable Republican senators: Arizona, North Carolina, Maine and Colorado. Share this - Deepa Shivaram and Ali Vitali 3d ago / 5:29 PM UTC Warren pledges to 'cleanse' the 'corruption' from Trump administration beginning with transition if elected WASHINGTON — Senator Elizabeth Warren promised “no ordinary transition” between her administration and the current, Trump administration Tuesday, outlining a plan that would “cleanse the corruption from our government” and establish early rules for how she’d run — and staff — her administration, if elected come November. Pointing out the what she says is"unprecedented corruption from the current administration," Warren says that even with Trump gone “it would be foolish to assume" that"the government will start moving in the right direction all on its own.” Elizabeth Warren speaks during the Democratic primary debate in Des Moines, Iowa, on Jan. 14, 2020. Robyn Beck / AFP - Getty Images The new plan prescribes, among other things, asking all government political appointees, including U.S. Attorneys, to resign and establishing a new task force to investigate corruption by Trump administration officials — part of a push to “root out the corruption and incompetence of the Trump administration” that she would pursue, if elected. The 8-page plan makes exceptions for the resignations for positions needed to preserve continuity or protect national security during a transition period, while also advocating for that a new DOJ task force investigate violations (bribery, insider trading, anti-corruption, immigration-related) with authority to pursue “any substantiated criminal and civil violations.” Below are some of the plan's highlights. Warren would speed up her transition by: Announcing all cabinet choices by December 1, 2020. Announcing other top nominations by December 15, 2020. Fully staff senior and mid-level White House jobs by Inauguration Day. Warren’s administration will not hire any lobbyists or employees of for-profit contractors unless she personally reviews it and decides it’s in the national interest. Also, she will not hire anyone who has received a “golden parachute.” Former corporate lobbyists will need a 6 year “cooling off period” (no waivers or exceptions). Non-corporate lobbyists will need a 2-year “cooling” and any waivers would be made public. Employees of contractors will need to wait 4 years from their last contract or license award. Similar restrictions will come into play after serving in government: senior officials can never accept a lobbying gig, all other administration officials will pledge not to lobby their former office or agency for 2 years after leaving — and 6 if they become corporate lobbyists. Officials will be required to divest from “any individual stock, bond, or other investment” that ethics officials say might be directly influenced by the employee’s agency. Parameters on who she’ll put in her Cabinet will include: Her Education Secretary will be a former school teacher (this is a frequent promise on the trail). Her Labor Secretary will have been a labor leader. Her Secretary of Agriculture will have to show a commitment to advocating for black farmers. Her FEC Chair will be committed to restore 2015 Net Neutrality rules, block media-telecom merger. Warren also commits to making at least 50 percent of her cabinet and senior staff women. Share this - 4d ago / 8:02 PM UTC Klobuchar on NYT endorsement: 'I am a progressive that gets results' WASHINGTON — Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn. expressed surprise Monday about her partial win of the New York Times' Democratic presidential endorsement . After speaking at an event marking Martin Luther King Day at South Carolina’s state capitol, Klobuchar told NBC News "very excited about it" and that she didn't expect the endorsement, which she shares with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Klobuchar also referenced her endorsement from the Quad-Cities Times in Iowa. Jan. 20, 2020 00:42 "I think one of the things that they noted is that you need a candidate for president and someone leading our country that's gonna actually represent everyone, not just half of America," she said. "That's not gonna wake up every day trying to draw a divide like this president does, so I was honored that they saw that, and I was also honored to get the endorsement of the Quad-City Times." She went on to call herself a"proven progressive" that"gets results," underscoring the contrast between she and Warren that the Times editorial reflected. “If you wanna be a progressive you actually have to make progress,” she said. “The difference between a plan and a pipeline is a pan is something you can actually get done and I'm very honored that they recognized that.” Share this - 4d ago / 4:52 PM UTC Republican Main Street Partnership backs Steve King's primary opponent WASHINGTON — The Republican Main Street Partnership, a group that supports moderate Republicans, is backing the Republican primary challenger to Iowa Rep. Steve King, who was stripped of his committee assignments last year after making racist comments during an interview. The group announced on Monday that it would back Randy Feenstra, the state senator looking to unseat King. Sarah Chamberlain, RMSP's president and CEO, told NBC News that her group has never taken on an incumbent Republican before and that she hopes King will decide to retire before the June primary. But if King remains an active candidate, Chamberlain said her group will make the argument that the district deserves a congressman who hasn't been marginalized by his colleagues and can still be an effective voice for his constituents. "We add our voices to Liz Cheney and Mitch McConnell and hope that he will actually retire. But it’s time to move on. He had his committee assignments stripped from him in January 2019—they’ve literally gone a year without any representation in committees," Chamberlain said, referencing the criticism of King from top Republican leaders. "Pretty much everyone in D.C. has come out and been critical, Republican or Democrat. How can you work with your colleagues when they’ve all come out to criticize you? People in Iowa-4 deserve a member who can get things done for them, and it does not appear any longer [King] can." Chamberlain told NBC that the RMSP has already given Feenstra the maximum $5,000 check it can, under campaign finance laws. The group is also asking its donors to support him as well, and it introduced Feenstra to donors and members at an event last week for its political action committee. The group also has an affiliated super PAC, which legally cannot coordinate any spending with Main Street, but has made ad-buys supporting candidates endorsed by the PAC during previous cycles. House Republicans from his spots on the Judiciary, Agriculture and Small Business Committees in response to his comments in the New York Times about white nationalism. "White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?" King asked. "Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?” In response to criticism from across the political spectrum, King :"I reject white nationalism. I reject white supremacy. It's not part of any of my ideology. I reject anyone who carries that ideology." Feenstra, the state Senate Majority Leader, is the top Republican running to replace King. He’s argued during the impeachment trial that King’s removal from committees has left him during impeachment. He’s also won a key endorsement in Iowa from Bob Vander Plaats, the leader of the conservative group The Family Leader. Share this - Read more: NBC News

Spoilers Lucky him Does it even matter? Tell us something that is at the least newsworthy. You laugh now but when the Summer and Winter fairy Queens come out from behind her to add their endorsements she will have the full support of the fey. She will become nigh unstoppable. Much to the chagrin of AndrewYang I’m sure.

Poor Andrew Marybeth_P01 Oh good, now we get healing vibes with that 1k a month. That’ll kill his presidential ambitions. This is the ultimate waste of bandwidth 🙄 Crystal Mommy bump! Yang surging to the moon now!

Marianne Williamson throws support behind Andrew Yang, says Democrats won't beat Trump on issues aloneTo beat Trump, Williamson said candidates need to forge an emotional connection to voters, not just tout their stances on the issues. Of course she did LMFAO!! humansforyang It’s YANGSURGE time

I bet they were all fighting it out for that endorsement. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Who? For who? BREAK OUT THE ESSENTIAL OILS! give it back with a cup of sugar Who? I hope she didnt give him an apple, its probably poisoned. I’m sure Yang is thrilled to get those 10 supporters Well that's a game-changer... peyote for everybody!

Williamson To Support Yang In Iowa Caucuses: He's 'Deep In Substance'The Democratic presidential dropout said she also admires Warren and Sanders, but suggested they don't need her help 'right now.'

Bon Iver, Vampire Weekend to Play Bernie Sanders Rally Shows in IowaBon Iver and Vampire Weekend will play shows in support of Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary ahead of the Iowa caucuses BernieSanders BernieSanders Wow. That should really attract no one. BernieSanders 🥱

Biden, Sanders spar over past Social Security stance in new videosFormer Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders are continuing to spar over support for Social Security spending, as the final push to the Iowa caucuses begins. JoeBidenIsCorrupt and you're trash for trying to push him on the American People knowing his corrupt past and massive vulnerability against Trump Bickering among old men. Neither wants to add $1,000/month on top of Social Security like AndrewYang does. But Biden is corrupt

Biden and Sanders' rift could define closing days in IowaMASON CITY, Iowa (AP) — The rivalry between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders is deepening as the Democratic presidential candidates are increasingly at loggerheads over their support of Social... Yeah, and there's only one correct answer. FactCheck BidenSocialSecurityCuts lol as if it is a question? voters know. Does it matter ?

Vampire Weekend & Bon Iver Headlining Bernie Sanders Caucus Concerts in IowaVampire Weekend are doubling-down on their support of the Vermont Senator by joining Bon Iver at a series of Sanders rallies in Iowa later this month. vampireweekend boniver BernieSanders vampireweekend boniver BernieSanders We need to FreeBritney

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