“Mare of Easttown” Is Full Of Twists, But I Can’t Stop Thinking About Evan Peters’ Drunk Acting

He was coming out of his cage but he was NOT doing just fine...

5/5/2021 8:22:00 PM

He was coming out of his cage but he was NOT doing just fine...

He was coming out of his cage but he was NOT doing just fine...

HBOBasically, it's a great thing I get a full week to process every episode because IT IS A LOT.But one thing I'd like to scream about this week is Evan Peters' absolutely flawless drunk acting.HBOIn a very emotional scene, Colin Zabel finds himself drunk at a bar after his 15th high school reunion, and opens up to Mare about seeing his ex (who called things off right before they were about to get married) that night.

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Evan was so convincing that it genuinely seemed like he was drunk, which is all just a credit to his amazing skill in this scene.HBOI honestly didn't have Colin maybe drunk flirting with Mare on my bingo card for this show, though I probably should have?

In fact,Mare of Easttowndirector Craig Zobel weighed in and clarified that Evan was indeed actually sober...THAT's how good he was:@craigzobel Read more: BuzzFeed »

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I watched a half an hour of episode 1 and gave up. It's awful. Don't bother.

Everyone's Obsessed With Evan Peters' Drunk Acting In Mare Of EasttownThis particular scene in episode 3 of HBO’s Mare Of Easttown isn't as fun as it sounds — in fact, it's a tough pivotal moment for both Peters and Winslet's detective partner characters.

Evan Peters Needed a Hug After This Week’s ‘Mare of Easttown’Breaking down Evan Peters's messy, glorious moment on this week's Mare of Easttown:

‘SNL Sends Up HBO’s ‘Mare Of Easttown’ With ‘Murder Durder’ ParodyFrom the makers of Mare of Easttown and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia comes Murder Durder. Saturday Night Live sent up HBO’s latest buzzy crime drama in a sketch with Kate McKinnon playing the … Wa-dur in da dur over dur! (How I annoy SageWillRage.) Probabilmente la cosa migliore di MareOfEasttown.

SNL Jumps on the Mare of Easttown Bandwagon With a Gritty New Crime Show“My durdur had a baby durdur and they MURDURDUR!” JMP_817 😂

Mare of Easttown Explores the Depths and Failures of a Mother's LoveHBO’s latest prestige crime procedural, Mare of Easttown, scratches the itch for gritty, well-produced drama, neatly filling the hole left by other offerings like True Detective but with a much-needed tweak. Instead of being forced yet again to plumb the depths of police work as a proxy for masculinity, viewers are forced to contend with a woman detective struggling against her own personal demons to solve crime. Kate Winslet is the titular Mare of Easttown, a police detective working to solve a grisly murder in a small town where she knows everyone—a handicap but also a help. The first four episodes of the show are very much about police work and the drudgery of investigating crimes that are at their heart, grisly. But, as the program heads towards its conclusion, it is clearer that the show is less about the intricacies of investigation and more so about motherhood—what it means to be a good mother, and the infinite failures and successes that that entails.

Angourie Rice On The Future of Mare of EasttownPlus, the actress shares her thoughts on building a queer love story and wrapping Spider-Man: No Way Home. Ooh new photoshoot and interview! Thanks for this!!