Many COVID-19 vaccine side effects caused by placebo effect: Study

1/22/2022 6:58:00 AM

Many continue to worry about experiencing side effects from vaccines—especially the COVID-19 vaccines—but new data from a comprehensive meta-analysis suggests there is little to fear.

ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton explains how vaccines work.Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty ImagesMany continue to worry about experiencing side effects from vaccines -- especially theCOVID-19vaccines -- but new data from a comprehensive meta-analysis suggests there is little to fear.

The study from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center found that a large number of side effects reported by patients after receiving their shot can be attributed to the placebo effect.Researchers examined 12 vaccine safety trials, involving thousands of people, and compared rates of side effects reported between those who received a placebo shot and those who received a real shot. They found that after the first shot, two-thirds of people experienced side effects like headache and fatigue, which the researchers said were attributable to the placebo effect. Shockingly, nearly a quarter of the people -- some who received the placebo shot -- experienced side effects like a sore arm, also attributable to the placebo effect.

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Meta as in owners of Facebook? Sure, according to CDC, one third of the vaccinated people will die from other causes. midgetshouse Please read this. It's an actual study. Too much false info from the uneducated right !! .... giving an experimental vaccine (which doesn't stop the virus or transmission) to a child, when their immune system is not even fully developed, hardly sounds like nothing to fear!?!?

'Comprehensive meta-analysis' lol in layman's terms, a study. Stop gaslighting Very misleading. Side effects like a sore arm, headache and fatigue are not what people have concerns with. 'The Swedish health agency paused using the shot (Moderna) for people born in 1991 and later as data pointed to an increase of myocarditis and pericarditis young adults'

BBBBSSSS I never had any side effects Gtfooh...🤣🤣🤣 tell that to my cousin who now has Bells Palsy after his booster. Is that a placebo effect Morons!!

'When people are armed with information, they are better suited to identify and manage their symptoms,' Unfortunately many are “armed” w/misinformation & commit unintentional suicide or become walking super spreaders. Still think it’s a hoax? It’s a new vaccine. Of course there’s reason to be concerned, as with any new drug. Its gonna take both natural immunity and the vaccine to beat this thing

jean_mumford The biggest side effect to getting Covid seems to be death. Helping 5 people pay for their bills and groceries,if you need help with your bills send me a DM Placebo effect? Is that what they're calling Fox News now? I don't think it's placebo. It's propaganda. Subtle difference. There is virtually almost Nothing to fear! You're asked a number of questions before getting vaxed & if you have rare allergies or other prohibitive factors, they will advise that you not be vaxed. That's why it's important that the rest of you do due diligence, protect everyone!

Ppl don't cover their nose & mouth properly you MUST cover nostrils that's the entry 2 COVID 😛 Please give up ABC. Your narrative has failed across the globe. We all know and you are all being scrutinized for this genocide that was planned. the data analyzed is data within a period of 2 years while the effect of the vaccine in the long term is unknown? then concluded that the effect is not to be feared


Not today Satan. No ones buying your state run Propaganda anymore joerogan Except the effect mNRA can have on the ovaries. “My heart swelled up, cuz’ placebo” 🥴 Sorry the media and the CDC and government has lied so much about COVID you can't believe them. Can't fake myocarditis in males and infertility in woman.

À Man, covid is losing steam. I see less stories on it everyday. What's the next big move? The vaccinated still gets infected too.