Many Americans won't get coronavirus checks. Here's a look at who is ineligible.

Stimulus check funding leaves out most college kids, immigrants without Social Security numbers and some disabled adults.

4/7/2020 3:18:00 AM

For those who qualify, coronavirus stimulus payments will start going out from the IRS in mid-April. But some people will fall through the cracks. JoshNBCNews explains who and why. Full explainer:

Stimulus check funding leaves out most college kids, immigrants without Social Security numbers and some disabled adults.

Although the$2 trillion stimulus billpassed last month includes payments of up to $1,200 for everyone who makes less than the limit, many Americans will fall through the cracks. That includes most college kids, immigrants without Social Security numbers and some disabled adults.

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Why so many gaps? Part of it is the urgency that faced Congress as it rushed to get money to Americans as fast as possible. There wasn't much time to fine-tune the bill to address every contingency. Lawmakers opted to base eligibility on tax returns, even though many people don't file them.

Congress also wanted to ensure that the money goes to those who really need it now. Most Americans could use some extra cash even in the best of times. But some people's livelihoods have been more directly affected by thepandemicthan others.For those who qualify, payments will start going out from the IRS in mid-April. The IRS is using 2019 tax returns to determine eligibility or 2018 returns for those who haven't filed for 2019 yet.

Here's a look at who falls through the cracks:College students and 17-year-oldsIf someone else claims you as a dependent on their taxes, you won't get your own check. Parents will get an extra $500 payment per child, but that's only for kids under 17.

Most 17-year-olds, some young adults and many of the country's roughly 20 million college students are claimed by their parents as dependents. They won't get checks, and their parents won't get an extra $500."They're not on their own. And so you feed them and you still provide for them," said Susan Anderson of Lubbock, Texas, who has a 19-year-old at home and a 23-year-old about to graduate from college."So you're not getting anything, and they're not getting anything. There's a huge gap."

Disabled people whose parents support themPeople who get disability benefits from the Social Security Administration or Veterans Affairs are eligible for the payments — but not disabled adults who are claimed as dependents by their parents or other relatives on their taxes.

Jennifer Irwin's son Simon, 21, who is nonverbal, lives about an hour's drive from her Delaware home at a center for disabled adults, where he was placed by the state. Because she claims him on her taxes, he won't get a check — a blow Irwin described as"another nail in the coffin."

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"Just because he's not under 17 doesn't mean he should be excluded from the credit parents are getting. He's still entirely dependent. I still buy all his clothes," Irwin said."It's discouraging. I mean, we struggle enough as it is."

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Like I don't understand how non opinion articles keep coming up when 98% of Americans still have NOT received this money from IRS... The economy and stock market will have 0 impact until received And on top of that Democrats delayed this and all others so YOU can write opinion ZZZZZZZZZ While lifetime politicians get $25k raise, JFK Center gets $25k, next day $5M donation to Dems & musicians get canned👏🏽 Pelosi, Feinstein, cashed out on stocks making billions(insider trading🤔)While Americans struggle- Dems blocking am business stimulus as well❗Great going

Illegal Aliens are excluded? How sad... 'Many Americans will fall through the cracks. That includes most college kids, immigrants without Social Security numbers and some disabled adults...Lawmakers opted to base eligibility on tax returns, even though many people don't file them.' EnemyOfThePeople JordanChariton :O oh!! Shocker! The Government cuts cost like any corporation out there.

Making that “Families First” sign on Pelosi’s desk especially ironic. Also, it’s $1200. How the f is that going to really help? NBC News. Reassuring the American People with uplifting news and information every day. People who don’t pay taxes, will not get money from the stimulus? Sounds fair to me. Am surprised that illegal immigrants are not seeing a lot of sympathy from the Democrats...

College kids have mommy and daddy to help. Immigrants - sorry - there’s benefits to being legal. Disabled adults also have a caregiver in most cases. It was intended to help most, not all. Illegals aren’t Americans. You fake news freaks! The USA has a cruel health system. There isn't one. The stimulus checks will fail to restart the economy.

Checks are on the way.. I got my pending deposit already!!! clickbait That is not new news for a lot of us. Welcome to the party. ‘China Was Not Truthful’: Ex-FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb Explains How Beijing Misled The World About Coronavirus. When are we even getting those checks? Just like the ACA. This is if we even get a check.

Really? Ya-think! We want 2 point fingers, blame this, that or tw’other. But this is a problem as old as human kind. Those that have ignore, dismiss, or when all else fails blame those that have not. Listen 2 Government spokes persons.”work from home.””Home school!”. About 1/3 of Thanks Nancy. We won’t forget.

Well I live on ssi 750 month my friend is all got checks to be cashed on the 15 th were the fuck is mine TryUBI Don’t see a big problem with any of those exclusions. Surely it sounds like a lot if it's directed towards the few. Spread out across the millions including's approximately...a 1 time check of $1,200 each.

That's me. Yea because a lot of the stimulus package is also going to businesses instead of helping citizens. $1,200 is barely anything when you live paycheck to paycheck or in the brink of desperation. That’s about one months of rent if lucky and not for other bills or food. By the time they get their checks...they will be broke.Bailing out big business & small business is good until they can lay everyone off after their loans turn into gifts in then, Americans will be totally broke and will not be able to spend money at these businesses.

EIDLHOAX look into the SBAgov 10k emergency grants that take 3 days...but we are now waiting 4 weeks to receive. Why are FEMA emergency response protocols not bing used To have PPE produced locally Friends helping friends Get rid of him amendment 25 Well yeah.. Nancy wants to keep stuffing pork.. 🤣🤣🤣

Why is the USPS being allowed to fail? Friends helping friends, Fed X Get rid of him amendment 25 As though they care. Their corporate bosses just got two trillion dollars in taxpayer funded handouts. Why is the government using Fed X cargo to move PPE When the USAF can move it half the price Friends helping friends Get rid of him amendment 25

So “some college kids” who don’t have bills and still supported 100% by their parents won’t get a check. Okay? And illegal aliens won’t get a check. Good. Some disabled adults that are already on government assistance that hasn’t stopped. This is a strange headline. When we can talk about working Americans and low wage earners who can fall between the cracks on bailout checks—but no corporations are left out—something is wrong.

Did they say everyone was getting my money? Why is DuPont sending Tyvek to Vietnam to be made in to PPE When it could be made in the US Friends helping friends Get rid of him amendment 25 Do you think all the people who hate socialism will return their stimulus checks The blue states will 'fall through the cracks'

Just print more money. Apparently, there's no sort of accountability now. Masky_Jay_Hoody I wonder if all the people who scream about socialism will refuse their checks.... I have 17 and 18 year old boys living at home. And they’re eating me out of house and home during this quarantine. An extra $1000 would have helped with a week of their food consumption :-)

And some won’t even see a check until mid August! To little to late Trump! But many Americans will not fall through the cracks. But the Kennedy Center, the Humanities, abortion clinics , and the other fluff agencies are not failing thru the cracks! Those filing income taxes are being responsible citizens, if not then it’s their own fault.

Like small business owners is amaze ballz! - CCP Non Americans... or ILLEGALS are also falling through the cracks. Inexplicably. clownshow DailyMailUK NikkiHaley worldnewsdotcom We need more money for small businesses- Why Nancy asking for harvesting & mail in voting? So selfish -Pelosi never cared about Americans Only illegals Shame on her

There are always people falling through the cracks Maybe the bill shouldn't have had all the pork in it. $25 million for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts? $400 million for election funding. DiFi wants to send $5 BILLION to IRAN. Dems have screwed We The People. Again. Now they're blocking the next bill.

The money will end up in the pockets of the Trump’s... Everyone means everyone, it's simple. Not funny, but, how many of us are living right now, not knowing if we will make it to the next month, well, that's how many falling through the cracks live everyday. We all pay taxes, except large corporations, some just don't pay income tax

So people that make 100k.... That's about it The ones that aren’t Americans? Why aren’t college-age dependents included in the stimulus?!?! That's why we should have done what Maxine Waters and Bernie Sanders wanted to do. Pay people per month until the lockdown is over. It’s a campaign stunt anyway. Yes I have no doubt many, many Americans will fall through the cracks

Honest question, am I missing something, how are immigrants with out social security numbers Americans This is the PORK Where's my Fking check! Do not trust the democrats in high places. They only want to control peoples lives. It use to be a balanced government. Now it’s the democrats that are leading the downhill fall of this great country we have loved so dearly. Trump is a breath of fresh air for the USA.

These sort of failures with govt is why we could never have government health care! Falling through the cracks is like our country’s motto now... JoshNBCNews I literally expect nothing from this government. The cruelty is the point. JoshNBCNews Lie again. JoshNBCNews It sounds like there were no poor people and tramp when Obama was a president. 😏

JoshNBCNews There wil be problems but they will be solved beside that i have always advocated it's time for huge companies billionaires millionaires Hollowood elite top athletes to donate and people in each city state to help JoshNBCNews That's what I get. Guess I'd better file my taxes. JoshNBCNews People need to be told that this is a loan they will be forced to pay back with 2020 taxes.

JoshNBCNews I've read that this is in fact not a 'payment' per se, but just an advance of _your own_ tax refund. It's this correct? JoshNBCNews Let me guess, illegals. Poor democrats gonna lose that vote too. LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder JoshNBCNews Let me guess, the poor? JoshNBCNews trump will make sure a lot of folks fall thru thr cracks.

JoshNBCNews Like his wallpaper: Newspaper JoshNBCNews This is a US CongressPerson. COVER YOUR NOSE !!!!! JoshNBCNews Hah literally the entire “parents of 17 year old” demo is out of luck? JoshNBCNews Poor people will fall through the cracks. Politicians in Washington DC will just hook up people from Wall Street & leave the most vulnerable out to dry. Pelosi & McConnell are the same thing

JoshNBCNews Let's hope that Trump and McConnell doesn't decided to scale back on postal employee's. JoshNBCNews that's not fair seniors who live alone got $1,200, and seniors or disabilities who been claimed by their family will not get it. not even $500. hmm To be fair give all social benefits and SSI $500 on each account regardless of their claim status.

JoshNBCNews wgaf I will not apply and if I automatically get a 'check' it is going to my favorite charity or animal shelter. If they really want to help stopchargingmer taxes. JoshNBCNews Same old story with CNN and MSNBC: Say something positive Immediately find a way to add something negative into the story PartyOfDoomAndGloom

JoshNBCNews JoshNBCNews for those who qualify. phuck that. basically means of ur a 1% or voted for trump.

Falling through the cracks: Many Americans won't get coronavirus checksAlthough the $2 trillion stimulus bill passed last month includes payments of up to $1,200 for everyone who makes less than the limit, many Americans will fall through the cracks. QueenElizabeth said We will succeed and that success belong to everyone of us...QueensSpeech coronavirus Give Freely and Freely it shall be given to you Republicans could care less. All they care about is themselves.

Fact check: Were the early coronavirus tests 'obsolete'?Fact check: Were the early coronavirus tests 'obsolete'? No, Trump is lying... Why don't you 'fact check' your own writer who turned a deranged Hillary supporter who beat and tried to divorce her husband into a 'Trump supporter' who 'accidentally' killed her husband with fish pond cleaner? Whatever happened to NBC News ? You have lost total validity ... Tim Russert must be spinning in his grave ... you’re shameful.

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