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New York City, Jewelry Store

Manhunt on for suspects in $4 million New York City jewelry store robbery

Manhunt on for suspects in $4 million New York City jewelry store robbery


Manhunt on for suspects in $4 million New York City jewelry store robbery

A manhunt for a threesome of armed robbers stretched into its second day on Monday after they brazenly held up a jewelry store in the middle of New York City 's Diamond District and made off with high-end watches, gold rings, necklaces and other sparkly ornaments, but left behind shelves lined with

The brazen heist at Avianne & Co. Jewelers unfolded midday Sunday, and sources told ABC New York station WABC-TV that the heist appeared to net the thieves an estimated $4 million in loot.

(MORE: 'Panicked' burglars flee jewelry store heist on mopeds, colliding with a pedestrian )

(MORE: $200K worth of jewelry gone in 30 seconds by a pair of mall thieves )

(MORE: Brazen jewelry store smash-and-grab caught on surveillance video )

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They will be caught most are as they fence the gear they stole taking things like Rolex watches with serial numbers etc and other item it comes back to you and in the end cost you more than if you bought one on FINANCE

More Than a Quarter of New York City Students Attend Private or Charter SchoolsHow much children in New York City neighborhoods use the public-education system varies widely by their parents’ wealth, religious traditions and other factors, new data show. As they should...children should not be sacrificed on the altar of public education... I blame Avenues: World school Public education is great in rich areas ... pro tip

Dog-killing toxic algae discovered in 3 New York City parksGreen-blue blooms of toxic algae have been discovered in three New York City parks this past month, according to a state environmental website. They need to fix that! Please be careful before letting your doggos jump in 🥺 St patrick's day already?

Sweet Memories Keep Egg Creams Alive in New York CityThe classic New York egg cream is reminiscent of childhood trips to candy stores and fans aim to keep it on the menu. Critics say it tastes like a milkshake gone wrong. All of it sounds like a stomachache to me....q Used to buy all the time from corner drug store which had soda counter. Couldn't figure out name either. No egg, no cream. My favorite New York drink back in the day !

The Next Generation Comes to New York to See (and Dress) ItselfA new generation of scenesters has arrived in New York. Here are 27 of them wearing a mix of their own clothes and the fall collections

New York City’s Chelsea Market Expands Roster of VendorsThe 22-year-old market, which helped establish the food-hall concept in the city, is adding 12,000 square feet of space to the underground area it dubs Chelsea Local. Wow

At this upstate New York farm you can cuddle a therapy cow for $75 an hourMountain Horse Farm, a 33-acre bed-and-breakfast in upstate New York, offers 'cow cuddling' sessions, where a cow's higher body temperature and lower heart rate lets visitors feel relaxed. MakeIt JoeyFromJerzey will only charge $74.99 MakeIt I charge the same rate myself. MakeIt

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