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Manchin say he'll vote against 'partisan' Dem elections bill

A Democratic senator says he will not vote for an overhaul of U.S. election law, virtually guaranteeing the failure of a top Biden administration priority. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia also restated his opposition to changing the filibuster.

6/6/2021 4:49:00 PM

A Democratic senator says he will not vote for an overhaul of U.S. election law, virtually guaranteeing the failure of a top Biden administration priority. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia also restated his opposition to changing the filibuster.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A key Democratic senator says he will not vote for the largest overhaul of U.S. election law in at least a generation, defying his party and the White House and virtually guaranteeing the failure of the legislation after a near party-line approval in the House.

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He is an echoing mirror of Moscow Mitch. I wonder how much selling out American democracy is worth these days. That why the qtrumplicans are successful, they stick together even when they know they are wrong. Dems won't stick together even when right. Remember when Associated Press was a trusted news source showing both sides of issues? Well that ended a couple of yrs ago they now single source always from Dem side & r just another cog in Dem wheel. Kind of like fake fact checkers

This senator has courage and conviction... well done, him. He's a republican, plan and simple! Look at the resemblance of Joe Manchin and Mitch McConnell with respect to political power positions. Joe is doing exactly the same thing Mitch done when he was Senate majority leader. Great! Hi guys, I would recommend a great Solar Lights seller on Amazon which I bought from and used for years, really got great fun and charming lighting atmosphere around house. Here is the beautiful Solar landscape lights I like so much :

He's a smart man Get rid of this clown Dems

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DARIANVARGAS_A 😅 American 🇺🇸 Hero Vote Manchin Out West Virginia! He is not helping West Virginia, he is helping the republicans tear democrocy apart! Manchin is dangerous and owned by the Koch brothers. He only cares about his wealth, not West Virginia! Just your average politician! Vote him Out! I'm shocked, SHOCKED! 🙄🙃🤮

PLEASE stop asking Manchin how stupid can you possibly get! He thinks it's a challenge. CybersecRobert Sounds like he's an asshole fascist to me You mean how Biden wants to continue to rig future elections? Good. It seems like money given to political parties and the leaders of those party’s is the rule of the land . Corruption is how political parties vote . There is not a lot anyone can do now to stop Joe ,, it’s sad extremely sad. I hope Americans and its people can do something soon

Get rid of him he likes power and recognition

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GOOD FOR JOE M. ... IF HE FOLLOWS THROUGH! HE GENERALLY FOLDS AFTER THIS KIND OF GRAND STANDING, THEN VOTES WITH DEMOCRATS! Manchin is all talk, no action. That's what bravery looks like. Its just him and one other senator standing up to the pressure from their own party so that Americans don't get railroaded by this administration.

Put the bill to an official vote on floor of Congress so that the country (those who are paying attention and give a f**k) can see! Good for him! Stand strong Joe! Glad there are at least a few Democrats who want to prevent tyranny! Sen_JoeManchin is a complete fool who likes to hear himself talk and it all nonsense! ManchinMustGo

About time a Democrat did the right thing. Protect election integrity. 👏 Go Joe, it's your birthday, we're gonna party like it's your birthday this is my next prophecy for countries around the world that there will be a massive famine all over the world for both developed countries and for developing countries Verry Evendi Christian Situmorang Lumban Nahor XIV on June 6, 2021, 17:16 (05:16 p.m) Monday afternoon

The Dems need to DEFUND Manchin and Sinema. Why are the Dems funding Republican votes? Let the GOP pay to get them elected.

Trump Says GOP Will Retake Congress, White House ‘Sooner Than You Think’ In Fundraising VideoThe comments come amid reports the ex-president believes in conspiracy theories he and defeated GOP senators will be ‘reinstated’ by August. Did they change his diaper before that? Uds hablar españorrrr 🤣😂 'We are going to turn it around' says the reason why it needs to be turned around.

Good news! Finally a Democratic with Balls. I suppose this will somehow be called a racist action because anytime anyone opposes the left it’s racist!!!!🙌Joe Manchineel!!! Manchin won't vote 'For the People' so it means he's against the people, obviously. I have said it many times. Deep in his heart Sen. Manchin want Democrats to lose the mid-term elections. Someone or something is playing for him the beats he's dancing to in the senate. We shall be vindicated someday soon.

A man with grit Manchin must go. Good. Brave man. What floor in Trump plaza WV is he being promised? Sen_JoeManchin hates democracy!

Trump vows 'we're gonna take back White House sooner than you think' after 'reinstated' speculation'It's going to be really something special,' the former president said in a NRSC fundraising video. Yeah, we shall definitely achieve this because it is a priority in order to save America from socialism and weakness. StopSocialismInTheUS Promise? Dreams and hopes are free but the guy is having delusions. The grip of the severely narcissistic psychopath on his party is still there. It is the primary reason that democracy in the country is under attack on a daily basis. Conspiracy theories provide life to the cult.

So time to cell him out as to which parts of the bill he disagrees with and which parts of the hundreds of the Republican restrictive voting legislation he agrees with Racist Manchin is paving a path for Trump and Putin to tear America apart and put an end to democracy. How blind can he be? It’s not partisan Joe. YOU ARE Manchin.

June 6, 2021, Sen_JoeManchin decisions to vote against voting rights legislation and abolishing the filibuster ended 234 years of the United States governing as a Constitutional Republic. So the USA has been ruled by the Minority republicans of voters for over 30 years Dems and GOP both promise their voters whatever they want to hear, then have one person kill it in the senate. McCain killed ACA repeal, Manchin kills election reform, and nothing ever changes. It’s always been this way. It’s a tidy system. AbolishTheSenate

Good for him. Glad someone has some sense on the Democratic party. WTF is Sen_JoeManchin talking about? And he had the unmitigated gall to put his nonsensical premise in print for the entire nation to collective scratch our heads and ask the question - WTF IS JOE TALKIN BOUT🤷🏽‍♂️🤔🤷🏽‍♂️🤔🤷🏽‍♂️🤔

Democratic republic FTW

Top House Republican Kevin McCarthy calls on Dr. Anthony Fauci to resign or be firedHouse Republican Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy became the latest and highest-ranking elected Republican to call for Dr. Anthony Fauci to depart his role as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Benghazi !!! Those emails !!!!! GOPSeditiousTraitors this is terrible news God bless Dr Fauci!!!

WVyouSUCK Sen_JoeManchin is ALEC & Koch's spending millions opposing & spreading lies about FTP Act, including running astroturf campaign to pressure legislators to oppose. KochMoney pac 😒 Great This guy is a republican who says he is a Democrat!!!! This guy needs to be voted out of office Manchin chooses to support the partisan actions of Republicans. Someone should look into what he is being paid for his obstruction and by whom.

This guy is a mole Manchin is enjoying all the attention. Stop putting money in West Virginia US Senate elections! It's a useless red state and focus on purple states which are actually worth winning. Dems really don't have a good strategy 🤦🏻‍♂️ This putz's mindset is time warped back to 2017 and is a political anachronism which needs to be put out to pasture.

Trump Intrigued By Running for House Seat and Becoming Speaker Donald Trump could jettison his threat to run for Prez again, and instead become a junior member of the House of Reps ... but there's a twist. Meanwhile, Kevin McCarthy continues to suck up to Trump because his goal in life is to become Speaker of the House. Keep waking up and eating going to have to do some situps. Run for the House, then run for Prez again in two years after that...

Joe Manchin is thoroughly enjoying being the center of attention and doesn’t seem to give a rat’s ass about our republic or people of color or voting rights. Time to Vite these traitors to democracy out Well that just prove me wrong I thought all Democrats are stupid ! Thank you for the wake up call. This dude sucking all the air out the room, he’s acting like he’s the shit, for now, but later don’t forget his actions, his name. Cut off his funding and help McConnell vote his azz out. Same for Sinema of AZ. They’re both Losers if they don’t help, they hurt. Remember this!

It's not the uniform you wear; it's the direction you fire your gun when the chips are down that shows what side you're on. Again, another useless person in government!!!! Love you, Joe Manchin. Finally a respectable democrat Joe Manchun did not kill himself. Primary his ass into the fucking ground! Why change if u won the election fairly?

Fuck Sen_JoeManchin This is absolutely disgusting! Ain't that a Bitch !!! Who is in his pocket? Republicans changed it last time they were in the majority. . . For a Supreme Court pick. Then they turn around & stole ANOTHER Supreme Court pick when RBG died. protect Democracy— 1.) JoeManchinWV 2.) SenatorSinema 3.) SenFeinstein All three of you, do you think you are right and everyone else is wrong? Stop being self righteous and get rid of the filibuster. It’s not even mentioned in the constitution.

I'll donate to whomever runs against him! Defund JoeManchinWV NO more democratic money going to him. Let's find a good primary and get rid of him. Genuine Courage! AmeriKKKa System is flawed it everything hinges on one human...

Koch is still winning he represents the biggest GOP state in the country..he's voting for their wishes maggieNYT Manchin will live in infamy, something no politician should want. Joe Manchin has proven himself to be a Racist over being a Democrat or a patriotic American. JoeBiden wanted to guarantee Fraudulent Elections for Democrats forever.

Senator Manchin, you are the real American senator for all Americans, republican , democrat or independent. You are the person that other senators must emulate for America.Americans are proud of you. Professor Isagholian That’s putting country before party. A Statesman. Too bad there are not that many like him on both sides of the aisle. “A Republic if you can keep it.”

How does it feel to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing Mr Manchin. We know your state has the most Republicans per capita and why you chose to run as a Democrat is simple. So you could muck up every bill and law the Dems brought to the table. Your constituents knew they had a ringer! This isn’t about the Biden Administration. We are fighting to protect our right to vote as Manchin helps the GOP deny us that right.


Manchin should change parties With democrats rolling over like a boxer paid to take the fall, republican moles in the Democratic Party, lies and propaganda proliferating, the rise of fascism in America reaches a tipping point. Republicans are winning. This is how we lose democracy. Power hungry. Manchin has shown his true face. Just another ego driven male of the species who could give a crap less for the protection of our Republic. He must go.

He should just declare himself a Republican.😒 This is good news Donkey stans out in force today I only clicked this thinking ramen. GOPLosAngeles With all of the hacking and ransomware, I am waiting for the US to move to quantum computing and upgrade the Blockchain. Then voters can watch their ballot move through the Blockchain and know the ballot will not be altered.

Little cooperation on the part of both parties.

Joe Manchin is Neville Chamberlain. Gonna be a long war. Primary the sob A true moderate. We need more. He is probably setting himself up to run for President. And I’m a Republican Without passing the voter rights act, democrats will have a hard time retaining the house, and gaining seats in the senate.

Thank God !!! FraudCNN CreepySenileJoeBiden Trumppants This is what “blue no matter who,” gets you. Thank goodness there is a Democrat with a spine Sen_JoeManchin how about stop worrying about what other people are voting and support the bill on its merits alone like you were hired to do. Even without Manchin, the Democrat Senators represent a majority of voters. So in effect, Manchin is saying F-democracy. His corporate overlords have him by the short hairs!

With friends like Joe Manchin Dems don't need enemies ProfilesCourage Horrific! As Rs use RINO, Joe is a DINO and it f’n pisses me off as I’m sure others. A plant Let’s make this guy’s life a living hell for the rest of his life. Until then, let’s investigate his daughter. Sen_JoeManchin Is Manchin being manipulated by the drug corporation that is shutting down Mylan in Morgantown, WV? His daughter was previously an executive at Mylan. His refusal to support the Biden agenda smells corrupt.

Will honest patriotic Democrats stand beside Joe Manchin, to save America from the new Socialist Democrats. Democrat my ass. Dimocrats should change their mascot to an ostrich, they have their heads buried so far in the sand they can not see what the New Dimocrat party stands against, God, Opportunity for working class, the right to defend your self and family, Law and order, individual rights. ETC

Manchin knows right from wrong and he is not a pawn like no class Biden. He won't be used by the Crazies on the left. Good for you Manchin thank you

Mr. Manchin's statement says NOTHING about the actual CONTENT of the For the People Act; that represents the last, best chance to save the American people from having their democracy sold to the highest corporate bidder. Joe, explain your pros and cons on the ACTUAL BILL. they pulled this exact same shit in the first obama administration over the ACA. just so sick to my stomach right now. someone tag this asshole for what he truly is, a repub.

Thank you, Senator Manchin! Manchin is a threat to our democracy. Biden should start bombing West Virginia immediately. He’s probably too upset about the nakedshorts crime going on in the US markets and Twitter now helping to sweep it under a rug to care about that maggieNYT Trumplican incognito. God bless Joe Manchin! A Democrat with a brain and a pulse is not the norm. A blind squirrel does find its acorn.

Too bad Bob Casey doesn’t have any moral courage Do Americans really want all party representatives to walk the party line 100% of the time Primary this asshole, hard.

Can media please ask Sen_JoeManchin which specific provision(s) of S1 he objects to? I read his op-ed and all I see are excuses and generalizations about the bill being 'partisan' but never says which elements of the bill he doesn't like. He must explain. GarrettHaake We need to elect more Democrats making him insignificant so we can make legislation that benefits the poor and middle class. There's a reason West Virginia is last or close to last in every quality of life metric. Sen_JoeManchin wants that for the whole country.

The “Joe Manchin’s” of 21st century America are the Jim Crow’s of 20th century America. They fill pews and hide in plain sight. Anchin is just as happy to restrict voting as Republicans but hell give everyone an AR-15. People with AR-15's are not marksmen. They're skilled and shoot perfect ten-bull with a single barrel rifle loaded on bullet at a time. AR-15's owners aren't interested in skill, all ego.

Is he worried about his daughter? Is there someone black or redmailing him? Well than fix it! Are you a Republican or Democrat! This senator is a very smart politician that does not bow down to the Liberal, Lefties & Socialist President, who is dividing the country & thinks that America is racist country. Mr. Biden mind other people businesses but do not mind the lives of American Citizens. Capish.

_PeteSmith_ “False claims” in American media simply mean claims, whether true or not, which don’t fit our narrative and therefore are of no interest to us. Who cares if it’s partisan, when one side is for democracy and the other is opposed to it? The GOP is literally out there forcing through voter suppression. But being opposed to that fascism is a bad thing, because the other side is pro fascism and therefore it is “partisan”?

Remember they tried to discredit Bernie w/“He’s not even a real Democrat”my feeling”Thank goodness” these corporate shills who r letting SenateParliamentarian use argument that it should only b used in extraordinary times for Budget,like now? EndTheDuopoly EndTheOlgarchy

Sen_JoeManchin this guy needs to get kicked out of the Democratic Caucus he never votes with democrats Voting rights are not partisan. They are American. 😂 Twist! Who would have thought it would be Sanders doing more to get Biden's policies passed than a centrist Senator? Consistent polling (and a general election) show Republican voters like Biden's ideas, but a centrist Senator is tanking them. 😂

wonder if hes being bribed by some GOP dickheads. maggieNYT Joe needs to change to his real strips a Republican. Joe Manchin now ranks up there with Benedict Arnold as one of the biggest traitors in history. The Kochs got to him. Explains it all. 🗑

Should have known better to start with... But good you are starting to see the light. maggieNYT So bad. What a dumb call. Sen_JoeManchin we knew that all along. You have zero credibility and need to change your political affiliation status to republican. 👎👎 in other words Joe Manchin just announced that he's a Republican and a dick. But we already knew this

maggieNYT In your face you cheating lefties. WV could’ve had paulajean2020 but the establishment said ‘no’ and chose to endorse anyone but her, not once but twice maggieNYT I do believe this man is letting his power go to his head!!! Not cool dude!!! This is Senator Manchin's DC phone number ☎️ 202-224-3954 He thinks that ForThePeopleAct is 'too partisan' and won't support it. CALL HIM! 🚨 The GOP stopped defending Democracy long ago, making good legislation partisan. Manchin is holding us back. ManchinMustGo

Virtually guaranteeing America is dead.

He’s getting 93% of his campaign financing outside of WV. Dark money is his only chance. Next they will elect a real Republican. Republican Registrations are overtaking Democrats right now. So get Stacey Abrams and her ground force to stop the flooding. It’s our only hope. maggieNYT Sen_JoeManchin making millions in his campain from Republican donors...

Manchin must be frozen out.. if he switches, let him. At least we'll know for sure. This is a Republican senator pretending to be a Democratic senator. He votes Republican more often than not. Stop calling this fucking guy a Democrat! He gives more victories to Republicans. We need to stop playing around.

Primary him! manchin reading these replies: The Biden presidency effectively ended today. Just here to monitor the liberal group therapy 😂 Why doesn’t Manchin quit pretending and just join the Republican/Quanon party already and put us all out of our misery of hoping that he is on the side of democracy when he obviously is not?

If the GQP succeeds thanks to Manchin & Sinema , they will succeed at their oft stated goal of stopping the 'entitlement' SS to seniors. So, which kid will you have to move in with? Basement? Or will you need the ground floor master? Talk to your grown kids NOW. seniortsunami I am so sick of this man. The power he has over a vote has gone to his head.

I wonder how W Va Dems feel about this? This is the guy they voted in right? Is he truly doing what THEY want? If he is… why are THEY against their own party on this? Knowing it hurts their OWN party in the long run? I don’t understand why you’d stand against your own party? He is still a white man at the end of the day. Nobody black is surprised.

Can’t we get rid of him like the republicans did to Liz? Dems hate being in power. They only know how to be a minority. My book ‘Donald Trump and Me. My diaries recording four wild years of an American President’ is out in the U.K. in August. As an English man, writing a daily record on DT for 1462 days nearly did me in. It’s scary, hypnotic & a timely reminder of what was - and could be again!

JoeManchinWV Sen_JoeManchin is a Dono quote of the day: 'If you are with us, vote with us. If you vote against us, you are not with us' Sen_JoeManchin has in effect said he doesn't care about the fact Republicans are taking our right to vote away. It almost like he's saying he's really a republican who only ran as a Democrat to get in office. He needs booting out of the party of democracy if he doesn't vote HR1

Describing Manchin as Democratic is....generous. Either in the party sense or in the meaning of the word. This means we won't be voting for Manchin in the next election. It was kind of him to announce his early retirement. He’s such a disgrace It all makes when you consider JoeManchinWV is a fukken Koch B!tch.

Manchin is the mole placed by Trump and the GOP. The Sen_JoeManchin Filibuster deepens partisan divide, lifts up WHITE SUPREMACIST ideology & entrenches SYSTEMIC RACISM! WHITE DIXIECRATDEMS & GOP continue to reside comfortably in WHITE PRIVILEGE while BIPOC Americans have to fight to have their voices HEARD & MATTER. SHAME!

Is he really a Democrat? Loser! ManchinMustGo ManchinMustGo ManchinMustGo ManchinMustGo ManchinMustGo ManchinMustGo Thank Goodness one Democratic senator hasn't lost his mind.

The *minute* one more Dem is elected to the US Senate,Joe Manchin becomes irrelevant. The second the anti-democratic filibuster is abolished Joe Manchin is irrelevant. Today and every day until these things happen, Joe Manchin, who is all abt himself, says ‘it’s good to be King!’ GET THIS BASTARD OUT OF OUR PARTY 🎊!!!! DNC SenateFloor SenateDems HouseDemocrats SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer dccc

Manchin’s position in the Senate is apparently to be McConnell’s wet dream. Manchin is of no value to America! He is holding up progress... I too am shocked that an old white man from one of the poorest and most uneducated states in our nation chose to support the status quo… And yes, I was born yesterday.

Primary this DINO! Democrats have got to oppose this fake and finally let him go -- even at the risk of losing this seat. I would rather have a Republican/Trumper in this seat who I can fiercely oppose than this phony Democrat obstructionist. Get him out now Wtf? He is the worst

Whoever discovers and divulges the collusion between Manchin and McConnell, or with their puppet masters holding some extremely embarrassing kompromat, would end up saving our democracy This MFer. What you need to protect and defend, Joe, is the right to vote for ALL eligible voters! We need easy access to early voting at a time & place that's convenient. We all need to vote in the midterms, win a true majority in the Senate, and take this guy's power away.

Why is it that the Repugs, were able to do so much damage with less of a majority? Why haven’t they checked this mfer yet? Time to make Manchin irrelevant. Statehood for DC and PR now! Strip Manchin of any power any committees any Campaign or DNC money. Time to play hardball. SenSchumer must whip his caucus or he will lose the majority rule in less than two years.

I fucking hate this guy. Thank you Mr Manchin! JoeManchinWV needs to wake up. He is nothing but a GOP puppet right now. Oh well lol lol dems love losing their power.. jesus fuck

Manchin is either profoundly stupid or profoundly corrupt. Or both. Voting laws are the purview of the States, not the Federal Government! Thankfully there is at least one intelligent Democrat in Congress. I hope history remembers you as the reason democracy in the United States failed. So what can we all do to pressure Manchin to change?

Sen_JoeManchin one day it will be uncovered that he is really a Republican in disguise or maybe he just likes feeling like he has the power in the Senate. How much money did Moscow Mitch pay him Refuses to save democracy in order to save democracy? Sure...kinda makes sense... In MAGAland. JOE MANCHIN is my hero FOR NOT VOTING FOR THE FOR THE PEOPLE ACT WHICH IS ONE THE WORST PIECES OF LEGISLATION EVER WRITTEN

harrisonjaime Sen Joe Manchin should receive zero DNC benefits, he is essentially caucusing with Mitch McConnell & the GQP

He needs to be voted out of office if he’s against fair voting laws. He only cares about getting re-elected, not what the people want, vote him out! KLGLASS2 Tiny man getting his 15 minutes of power.Taking his cues from Mitch the Swamp Thing. JohnCornyn Time to primary Manchin & Sinema, they are actually Republicans who run as democrats to win...

So disappointing Sen_JoeManchin PattyArquette So this Sen_JoeManchin is just a fake Democrat / closet Republican. And WVA is stuck w/him till 2025? I hope not! Manchin is a fascist He didn't get what he wanted...yet. US election law is already being overhauled by the Republicans. His refusal to act is a green light for them to disenfranchise, gerrymander and overturn elections. There won't be two parties in some states any more and they'll cement permanent control of the senate.

How is voting rights for All Americans partisan? JohnCornyn Joe Manchin should be the leader of the democratic senate has real common sense a true democrat

A pol who actually realizes as a representative that he's not just there to push party legislation, but to represent all of his constituents views...even those he doesn't agree with! Can’t stand Manchin. I wonder if it’s occurred to that pathetic mockery of what it means to be American that he’s voting against democracy

One Brave Man!!!! JoeManchinWV Hey look the future Senate Democrats need to understand that there are only 49 Democrats. Sad but true. Take the For the People Act to the Senate Floor and vote. 😀 When asked about his opinion on the various state voting acts passed my partisan legislation, Manchin had no comment.

Good for Joe Manchin. He's putting America over party. Sometimes, you have to cut your losses. AN INDEPENDENT DEMOCRAT IN 2022 . IT S BETTER TO HAVE A REPUBLICAN THAN A FAKE DEMOCRAT. making an example of manchin, will ensure that an other fake democrat doesn't play . RUN A MINORITY AS AN INDEPENDENT Joe Manchin damage Democrat Party is his influence on AZ, NH & CO & other Senators in Chambers ---- Manchin act like he's Dems leader in Senate not Chuck Schumer Snake in Democrats Caucus is down fall Biden Agenda not MoscowMitch FILIBUSTER VotingRights Biden JoeManchin

To “Manchin” now means to be a traitor to American ideals and to pander to fascists and white nationalism.