Manchin probably shocked, maybe embarrassed, that his voting rights bill got no GOP votes

'It was Joe Manchin`s voting rights bill': Voting legislation blocked — again — in Senate as Republicans unite for filibuster

10/21/2021 4:13:00 PM

'It was Joe Manchin`s voting rights bill': Voting legislation blocked — again — in Senate as Republicans unite for filibuster

Rachel Maddow reports on the voting rights bill that Senate Republicans filibustered to failure, and points out that this was the bill that Joe Manchin wrote himself in place of the Democratic bill because he said Republicans would vote for it and not use the filibuster. No Republicans voted for it.

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Whatever, he's not going to do sht about it, not because he cares but because he's paid for. Even if his views on bipartisanship are sincerely held, which is doubtful, even he couldn’t possibly be surprised by this at this juncture. .Sen_JoeManchin it should be blatantly clear that u nor anyone will get one let alone 10 GOP support, not even Sen .lisamurkowsk,who wrote ut bill with u. It's long time for filibuster carve outs at the very least for Constitutional protections, Voting rights, codify Roe!

PamAnde29517684 So much for switching sides, Manchin. A tosser is a tosser no matter what side their on. Joe Mansion voted against his own voting rights bill in order to vote with the Republicans. Joe Manchin is nothing more than Republican entertainment. The Arm of the Democrat Party. I meant, owned by democrats. This is similar to CCP state media.

donwinslow Did Manchin get a little taste of what we have been getting in barrels when trying to pass legislation that is good for its citizens.. If it is about money going to big business or fund raising hand dipping then np, but if its trying to ensure the backbone of our democracy. no. Time waster

So why hasn’t he been ASKED about it? What is his ANSWER? * cheating rights bill...!!!

GOP Blocks Voting Rights Bill From Moving Forward In SenateSenate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer already plans to bring it up for a vote again. Of course they did. They do not want free and fair elections. They are too afraid of losing their power, their wealth, and their perquisites Voting rights bill? LMAO

Don’t help Communist China out, who’s preparing for War, while US grows weaker in debt, woke, lack of energy and no Presidential leadership. The Terrorist Republican Senate just blocked voting rights. Remove the filibuster now. The majority of America voted for Biden and a Democratic-majority Senate and The White Supremacist Terrorist Republican Senate is ruling America with the filibuster.

Time to end the segregationist’s filibuster snd stop the minority from preventing action from the duly elected majority! While we’re at it giw about 3 term limits for Senators? Time they got a real job after 18 years at the public trough. Man! Enemy WHAT? He doesn't ACTUALLY have his finger on the pulse of the GQP? Did he think playing DINO would make them like him better? See the disconnection? Now he's gonna stomp off and refuse to play with anyone?

There is no embarrassing Manchin. He obviously doesn't care about Biden, his fellow Democrats, or, most importantly, protecting the rights of voters. And, he knows Republicans won't embarrass him because he's supporting their efforts at suppression. Mr. Bipartisan 🙄😂 Sen_JoeManchin I started looking for condos in Melbourne, Sydney and Israel, if republicans take the House and Senate we are leaving. Our democracy will be over and I had rather else where that a right wing, white minority dictatorship.

Manchin is the man. He certainly is. He is smart and patriotic. I think joe manchin may have dementia

Voting rights bill set for Senate vote, showdown likely to amp up pressure to end filibusterVoting rights bill is expected to die in the Senate, a move likely to intensify pressure from progressives on Democratic leaders to eliminate filibuster.

wouldn't be surprised if actually mcconnells long-game to force dem hand to eliminate filibuster just so he can use that lack of filibuster for nefarious means and blame dems for it. dangerous game because we don't have 2 parties even believes in democracy Now what Sen_JoeManchin? Joe Manchin needs to realize that we aren’t dealing with the classic Republican Party we’re dealing with Trump’s GOP Fascist Party and they are never going to do anything to go along with any bills from the Democrats. We need to stop the Filibuster if we want any bill to pass!

Voting against every thing that could help the country cause they just don't like the color of it anymore! Manchin got what he deserved. Maybe now he’ll actually represent what his WVians support, but with an ego like his, maybe not. His Ego got in the way. Evn Ray Charles could've seen that these pwr hungry Dgens wldn't vote for Anything that impedes thr pwr lust. Delusion can make u think u can Do stuff u Can't. All he had to Do was listen to Mitch. Guess he thought he was Special. Inflated Ego Will do u in

'Say it ain't so Joe, say it ain't so'. Stick your bi-partisanship where the sun don't shine Joe. I have enough of Manchin drama. He’s behaving like a little boy in need of attention Animal house. … I’m not going to stand here and let you bad mouth America

Senate Republicans Kick Democracy in the Balls While It’s Doubled Over Coughing Up Blood“Every single Republican senator blocked this chamber from having a debate—simply a debate—on protecting Americans’ right to vote in free and fair elections,” Sen. Chuck Schumer said. I set a reminder in my phone that pops up and says “time to argue with The LOSERS”. And of course by losers I mean the gender confused LibbyPoon skittlehead freak shows. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz are all equally evil. There are no heroes in the Republican Party. They are hellbent on ending the American experiment. We must turn out to stop them. Shameful 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

Sen_JoeManchin step down , your doing more hard than good for the people. There are a few smart democrats that have the USA in there harts not looking to make a few bucks like the rest of these democrats Joe, Don’t let them get away with this. You have to push back. vannacrawford17 Oh well smarta** you should be embarrassed.

Wake up, Joe they the Republicans are not working or voting for the people but themselves period! So Joe, what now? Your GQP buddies let you down. and YOU let all of us down. ALL of America, Joe. For what? Pride The entire story is so funny. I thought he was stalling for some reason. I can believe he is this naive. He doesn't listen to Republicans since Obama they have said, they will not work with the democrats.

Once again, minority rules. Get rid of the filibuster. Joe Manchin is probably….no definitely, this county’s biggest problem right now. Sinema would be too, if she would show up for work. WEST VIRGINIA, RECALL MANCHIN, PLEASE! It will make an excuse for his good Republican friends.

All eyes on Manchin after Republicans again block voting rights legislationDemocrats’ options for advancing voting rights continue to dwindle as lawmakers and advocates push Sen. Joe Manchin III to revisit his opposition to eliminating the Senate filibuster.

Lie down with doga get fleas? He’s an anchor holding the American people back. Best to cut his line. Everything is going just as he wants run the clock nothing more Well Joe, how's that bipartisan thing working? I am going to take a more positive attitude. After 50+ years of congress being awash with dark money and lobby groups there are only 2 Democrats who are too corrupt to vote in the best interests of their electorate. That is a surmountable problem in 2022 if we focus.

WHY IN HELL WOULD 💩GOP Manchin BE SHOCKED OR EMBARRASSED, ALREADY KNOWING HIS 💩GOP COHORTS WOULD BLOCK HIS VRB AND UNITE FOR FILIBUSTER? 💩GOP Manchin KNOW WHAT THE REPUBLICANS ARE GOING TO DO. The Party he loves didn’t show him much love! Hes a joke .. this public servant has a yacht. In it for Americans or to cash in🤷🏻‍♂️

So Sinema and Manchin sold us out too. To think it only takes one Congress member to sell our vote to the highest bidder sickens me we're being used and exploited. This is not the Congress our founding fathers envisioned Members entrusted were to help their people,not themselves. Now do you understand, Joe?!?!

Senate to vote on major voting rights bill that Republicans promise to blockSenate Republicans are expected to block legislation on Wednesday aimed at expanding federal voting rights protections and combating election subversion, just months after preventing a similar measure from advancing. Correction, Democrats are allowing Republicans to block this bill by allowing the filibuster to continue to exist so they can continue to use it as an excuse to not deliver on any economic promises it’s ludicrous that democrats CANNOT name one voting right lost or in danger! Yet another misleading deceptive narrative driven headline👍

Next time he can get something through, Ignore him. What was Manchin thinking? He really believed his GQP *buddies* liked him. Delusional... Where’s his ten republicans? That begs the question, how politically effective is Joe Manchin on either side of the aisles? It’s looking like he’s becoming irrelevant on both side!

The expression on a man's face that shows that he has sold his soul with dark money. Climate change will destroy the planet and everybody else before Manchin surrender to climate change over coal energy, a investment that his son runs in West Virginia. He have been compromised. Well Biden said he was going to throw the Fillibuster into the dustbin of history, let's wait and see if he truly is a man of actions or just another version of Trump.

Seems like Manchin is just “killing” time, his intentions are dark! He is neither. Shock and embarrassment are emotions reserved for those with a modicum of self-awareness. Correct 'no words about that' His perception of power is delusional.

'We believe in the Constitution, which [supposedly] says All White Male Land Owners have the right to vote.' 🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸 The key problem in this headline is 'Feberal Standard'. This bill is effectively a federal takeover of elections. NOT a good idea as the federal goverment has already proven to be inept.

How's that bipartisanship thing workin out there for ya Sen_JoeManchin Fossil fuel Joe, already knew what was coming down the road. He been a political member for years, he isn't slow on that. He just was looking for a reason to keep fighting the filibuster from changing. wvd11_moo Joe Manchin has no shame. He’s basically the “Ted Cruz” of the Democrat Party. But the major difference is that Manchin let’s “Both Parties” crap all over him, while Cruz only allows his own Party members to crap on him. 😂

Sen. Manchin, we are in a civil war. You must decide which side to be on. Right now you are hurting our democracy. How’s that bipartisan stuff going Joe? No GOP back up… and soon NO Democratic back up for Manchin This is the DO NOTHING CONGRESS & SENATE & has been for YEARS & counting. They've accomplished little to no meaningful legislation & it's SAD/PATHETIC that nobody recognizes that we are paying these folks to DO NOTHING. They're incapable of overcoming differences, SAD/PATHETIC.

Seriously? If you buy any of that Manchin crap he’s leading you around by the nose too! It’s time to redo the filibuster

How you see who you are dealing with Joe. Voting Rights is the underpinning of our Democracy. The Supreme Court and the Republicans that sent them there doesn't seem to understand that. So it's now up to the Democrats in the House and Senate to protect our American Democracy. Why would republicans vote for it? They know their current voter suppression strategy of changing state laws and appointing Republican operatives to run/ steal elections is going to work out very well for them in 2022 and 2024. Manchin better wake up. Our democracy is at stake.

Fleas much Sen_JoeManchin ?! Gotta play the Part while remembering who truly lines his pockets. He doesnt care in the slightest about this Bill. In Texas the new voting laws nullifies a election and places a candidate into office of the choosing of the majority. That isn't democracy Time for manchin to go

Sen_JoeManchin voting rights bill he wrote was not even fair enough for 10 GOP to discuss, so why in the hell would they vote on any VOTING RIGHTS BILL when they know they are fixing the elections state by state. Why does Manchin get it, we need an exception to the filibuster.