Manchin not supportive of Medicare vouchers, paid family leave components of spending bill

NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell brings us the latest on the status of negotiations on the spending bill with Sen. Manchin and the White House.

10/25/2021 10:16:00 PM

Sen. Manchin has told the White House that he doesn’t support of Medicare vouchers and paid family leave components in spending bill. LACaldwellDC: “That is a sticking point in these talks that is making it very difficult.”

NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell brings us the latest on the status of negotiations on the spending bill with Sen. Manchin and the White House.

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LACaldwellDC In other words he a repub but don't call himself one.. his state poor are not worth his help guess he saying LACaldwellDC allinwithchris maddow would one of you explain Medicare vouchers? Sounds a lot like school vouchers which I recall would benefit the affluent. If someone can opt for lower care in exchange for cash then I agree with Manchin - it’s not a good plan.

LACaldwellDC POTUS VP JoeBiden WhiteHouse HouseDemocrats CNN ABC AC360 DavidMuir Bakari_Sellers donlemon jaketapper wolfblitzer BarackObama what good to kiss his what did it accomplish? Nothing TeamPelosi RepAdamSchiff RepJeffries CoryBooker LACaldwellDC He needs to go! Vote him out!

LACaldwellDC I’m sure his constituents would not be opposed to it! Someone needs to take a poll on these issues! LACaldwellDC Manchin looks more like an hidden maga asset, in place to Block all Biden his agenda. And Sinema is the second. LACaldwellDC “We have met the enemy and he is us!” LACaldwellDC It's not about him! What about the people he's supposed to represent that need these resources in order to survive? This is exactly what happens when politicians are allowed to put the interests and priorities of corporations, the rich, and themselves above the will of the people

LACaldwellDC Munchkin is in no way a Democrat! LACaldwellDC Manchin is a millionaire. Of course he doesn’t care about the needs of families or of those receiving Medicare and Medicaid. LACaldwellDC Manchin needs to go on welfare & see how he likes it? Maybe he would change his mind. Vote him out he doesn't want to help the American people just himself

Bernie Sanders says Medicare expansion will remain in spending bill: 'Not coming out'Sanders' remarks came after Biden called the inclusion of Medicare expansion in the spending bill a 'reach' earlier this week. Bernie worships the power of the federal government. His mentality will bring ruin n destruction to freedom in America. I was born in Missouri, you're gonna have to SHOW ME. how does money work? first health. the government needs men to be in the defense forces then it needs to have them healthy if every man can be drafted then they are in the context for the free medical ability to have then-any male is required to be fit for service LoveGoodHuman

LACaldwellDC Man him is a monster and should be remembered as that through our nations history. Let it be known that Sen_JoeManchin was in the pockets of of the wealthy and left real people behind. LACaldwellDC Ohhhh my God this guy is the worst. He is 100% in charge of biden. Can't biden just write an executive order at this point.

LACaldwellDC Sen_JoeManchin wants to play Santa Claus, but only to his corporate friends, by putting coal vouchers in their stockings! Too bad if you’re not wealthy! He doesn’t care about you! LACaldwellDC About time he looked in his own back yard and not from his multi million $ boat and see that he his not helping the people that he represents. He is representing the rich and corporations that provide him with back handers. This corruption is hurting his constituents.

Why help people when you can just...not help them amirite? right? wtf is this helping thing about right? Right... LACaldwellDC LACaldwellDC Seems to me, he comes up with obscure objections so “ his coal interest group” $ behind him, think he is trying to block the bill. This isn’t right on so many levels.

LACaldwellDC ......points He knows Sanders will buck the entire Bill on .....while He continues to collect dark dividends. Manchin is the very Definition of corporate corruption. LACaldwellDC Sen_JoeManchin is bought and paid for! Fake democrat in title only, Period! Sinema is suspect as well! LACaldwellDC Why am I not suprised

Dems weigh ditching Medicare expansion and paid leave in eleventh hour of social spending talksA plan to expand Medicare with dental, vision and hearing benefits for tens of millions of seniors — and a pitch to guarantee paid family and medical leave to all U.S. workers — is now in danger of getting cut from Biden's social spending package entirely 🤔😠 You need to do more cutting from the rich, like pay your taxes. The Poor and the average man need as much help as possible, this is a fact !!! Everything favors the wealthy. TimEdwardsZero4 It's worthless to the average American if these parts are scrubed. So pull the the bill and start over. As the Gambler said. ' You gotta know when to hold them and know when to fold them.'

LACaldwellDC Common Sen_JoeManchin is a terrible person for hurting Americans I don’t even care about what a terrible representative he for WestVirginiaNew RD_WestVirginia POTUS SpeakerPelosi SenSanders LACaldwellDC Ffs, just do what Manchin wants, use that achievment to elect 1 or 2 more democrats at the next election, and then kick Manchin into touch

LACaldwellDC Yet, so many West Virginia residents would benefit from both of these components LACaldwellDC 4 some1 who truly properly never had 2 deal with “Paid family leave”..Do you truly no what families have 2 go thru I don’t think you do & I don’t understand how you can be so point blank on your decision.. get out talk to the people who voted you in office

LACaldwellDC Wannabe republican LACaldwellDC I read that it was the pollution penalties to coal and oil planet destroyers that he opposed and Biden cut those for him. So is that not true or is this just more Americans needs being flushed by big money? LACaldwellDC He's 74 and can't spend the money he has. Both of his children are clearly set for life. This is what greed looks like after picking America's pockets folks. Sen_JoeManchin

LACaldwellDC This is what we are dealing with two democratic obstructionist. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are the backdoor firewall of big money corpoate white nationalism. 🚫🎩💰🪙🏛🇺🇲 LACaldwellDC Who made Manchin President? LACaldwellDC “Politicians schould wear sponsor jackets like NASCAR drivers …. Then we know who owns them”. Quote: Robin Williams GOP RobinWilliamsTw

Sen. Bernie Sanders said expansions to medicare are 'not coming out' of spending bill, contradicting BidenSen. Bernie Sanders said a Medicare expansion of dental, vision, and hearing coverage will remain a part of the spending package, contradicting remarks made by President Joe Biden earlier this week. 🤡🤡🤡🤮🤮🤡🤡🤡 colormesheesh SenSanders is always fighting on behalf of the American people. We are so lucky to have him. It's amazing that people complain about Manchin when Sanders is just as bad. He would rather pass nothing than to compromise and pass something. Opposite extremes

LACaldwellDC I remember during the Nixon administration price gouging got out of control and so he put a price freeze maybe Biden needs to do that because the Republicans LACaldwellDC Manchin the child ... it's my way or I'll ruin the party. LACaldwellDC What is wrong with these millionaires. Paid family leave is a basic thing even in third world countries.

LACaldwellDC LACaldwellDC Taxation without representation, America runs on the taxes of hard working people who don't have the luxury of loopholes and corporate bailouts when time's get hard LACaldwellDC Manchin doesn’t want workers to get anything from this law. Don’t pass this corporate pork barrel bill

LACaldwellDC This man clearly does not give a flying leap about what his state wants or needs. He disgusts me. LACaldwellDC Of course he does, he’s bought & paid for by coal & donors to allow him to vote by their wishes. LACaldwellDC We need to increase our majority in the Senate and the House so creeps like Manchin and Sinema are made irrelevant. We can do this. We MUST do this.

LACaldwellDC Has Sen_JoeManchin met his constituents? Or is merely just concerned about his big money donors?

Paid family leave even at 4 weeks would 'still be transformational,' expert saysAs lawmakers on Capitol Hill work to finalize a social spending plan, a national paid family leave proposal is getting whittled down to four weeks from 12.

LACaldwellDC Is it possible to not give up hope in general but to give up on Senator Manchin specifically? If so, I’m there. LACaldwellDC So the biggest need for the health of Seniors he doesn’t support. How about if the higher income states didn’t want to support his moocher state because of cost LACaldwellDC WAD. That's what he is.

LACaldwellDC Very sad who represents this senator Manchin, he respond to others interest like rich people or businessmen. Our congress is full dysfunctional politicians. LACaldwellDC In the meantime, Sen_JoeManchin represents one of the poorest states of the union. LACaldwellDC He only works five or six months out of the year, still gets paid though

LACaldwellDC What exactly is he supportive of LACaldwellDC He doesn’t support anything!

Biden to host Manchin in Delaware to discuss finalizing spending billPresident Joe Biden will host critical moderate Sen. Joe Manchin and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer at his home in Delaware on Sunday morning in a push to finalize an agreement on a sweeping economic and climate package, a White House official tells CNN Sen_JoeManchin is bringing level and sensible negotiations to an unstable mind. Acosta Manchen is corrupt,no matter how many meetings you hold he Is not going to change.Kick him out of the Democratic Party. What the f*ck is moderate about Joe Manchin? As we sit with half the country on fire & the other underwater... as millions struggle under medical & student debt... a better question would be: What the f*ck is a moderate? Just a gutless corporate puppet in a blue tie! Do better!

Spending Bill Agreement Should Happen This Week, Pelosi SaysNegotiations have been going on for months over the major spending bills. Go away you sinister dangerous careerist