Manchin gives Republicans new leverage in infrastructure talks

In the infrastructure talks, Democrats have enjoyed some leverage. Joe Manchin seems eager to take that leverage and give it to Senate Republicans.

7/28/2021 3:33:00 AM

.MaddowBlog: In the infrastructure talks, Democrats have enjoyed some leverage. Sen. Manchin seems eager to take that leverage and give it to Senate Republicans.

In the infrastructure talks, Democrats have enjoyed some leverage. Joe Manchin seems eager to take that leverage and give it to Senate Republicans.

, saying they needed more time to wrap up the details of the deal.GOP senators were surprisingly specific about the timeline: Democratic leaders could expect a completed compromise by Monday, July 26.That was yesterday.There's no completed compromise

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.The bipartisan infrastructure deal appeared to be on shaky ground Monday as Democratic and Republican negotiators struggled to reach agreement on lingering disputes, most notably how much money to spend on public transit.Yesterday morning, Democratic senators presented Republicans with a revised framework -- what was called a"global" agreement -- that sought to resolve each of

the outstanding issues. GOP senators rejected that, too.As the exasperating talks continue, a nagging question has lurked in the background: what happens if the negotiations fail to produce a result?In theory, Democrats have long enjoyed some leverage: if Republicans refused to accept a bipartisan compromise and a series of concessions, Democrats could simply pursue their own bill through the budget reconciliation process. Indeed, it's been a key GOP motivation for participating in the talks in the first place: Republicans know that Dems can govern without them and a GOP filibuster wouldn't stand in the way.

With this in mind, if the bipartisan process collapses, Democrats have the option of simply taking the negotiated framework, adding it to their own reconciliation blueprint, and passing one big bill.Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) seems eager to take that leverage and give it to Republicans. Punchbowl News

reportedthis morning:Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.), one of the key Democratic moderates, had a warning for Schumer, the White House and all his progressive colleagues: "I would say if the bipartisan infrastructure deal falls apart, everything falls apart." ... "Both of them are extremely important," Manchin added. "When one falls apart, how do you move the other one?"

In other words, the conservative Democrat -- whose quote no doubt made the rounds on Capitol Hill this morning -- is prepared to give Republicans an enormous amount of power over the process. Manchin's line, if these quotes are accurate, tilts the negotiating table in the GOP's favor: the West Virginian is effectively telling his own party,"Find a way to make Republicans happy or Biden's domestic agenda is finished."

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Bipartisan Infrastructure Talks On Brink Of Collapse In SenateDemocratic and GOP negotiators are accusing each other of moving the goal posts as talks over a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill hit a huge ditch. Of course they are! Maybe it’s time to move forward without them? Gosh. What a surprise SenSchumer SpeakerPelosi POTUS VP McConnell laughs and still won't let bills pass. End the filibuster and pass the bills you were elected to. We will remember in 2022/24. America and the people can't wait any longer. Do your job and make America better. EndtheFilibuster

Bipartisan senators continue infrastructure talks amid growing pressureBipartisan infrastructure deal appears to be on shaky ground as Democratic and Republican negotiators struggle to reach agreement on lingering disputes, most notably how much money to spend on public transit. No mention of urban/rural pop. disparity - Senate Dems represent millions more ppl than Reps. The nytimes reporter refers to people who refuse to accept the facts/reality as 'skeptics.' Host Ayman M. thanks her. U guys keep failing not only your viewers, but journalism itself.

Sinema meets with Biden as bipartisan talks teeterBiden is getting directly involved in the bipartisan infrastructure negotiations, meeting with Sen. Kyrsten Sinema at the White House today About time! pRoBLeM sOLVeD!!!! 🤪 Hopefully she’s wearing her bluest wig today

High-stakes infrastructure talks stall out as deadline passesChuck Schumer said he was 'fully committed' to passing a bipartisan infrastructure bill this summer, but warned that more foot-dragging could require the Senate to stay in over the weekend or cuts to some of the upcoming August recess At work I get 12 days of PTO, those assholes don't need more either.

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