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Man With Weapons Cache Threatened Planned Parenthood and Agents, F.B.I. Says

The F.B.I. found AR-15-style rifles and about 10,000 rounds of ammunition at a home where Justin Olsen was living, according to a court filing.


The FBI seized AR-15-style rifles and about 10,000 rounds of ammunition from the Ohio home of a man who had posted in an online chat room about supporting mass shootings and assaults, and targeted Planned Parenthood

The F.B.I. found AR-15-style rifles and about 10,000 rounds of ammunition at a home where Justin Olsen was living, according to a court filing.

The person’s online following was growing, they said. Delving deeper, the authorities found that he had written in June about shooting federal agents. Investigators traced his email address and found that it originated in Boardman, Ohio.

But the details of the F.B.I.’s investigation, outlined in the filing, provided a glimpse of how the authorities investigate and seek to stop online threats from becoming reality at a time when

Mr. Olsen is being held in federal custody, according to the court filing. His lawyer, Ross T. Smith, did not immediately respond to requests for comment Tuesday evening.

He told the F.B.I. that his comments were a “hyperbolic conclusion based on the results of the Waco siege” where “the A.T.F. slaughtered families,” according to the court filing.

The F.B.I. did not immediately respond to requests for comment Tuesday evening.

“Even the Oklahoma City bombing shows that armed resistance is a viable method of political change,” Mr. Olsen posted online, according to the affidavit, apparently referencing

Mr. Olsen was living with his father in Boardman at the time of his arrest, according to the affidavit. On Aug. 7, the authorities arrested Mr. Olsen as he was leaving the home.

The authorities seized 15 rifles, several shotguns, 10 semiautomatic pistols and 10,000 rounds of ammunition from the home, according to the affidavit.

Read more: The New York Times

JoeNBC I wonder whether any NRA-supported US Senator has asked to, been asked to, or otherwise, viewed police evidence photos of the aftermath of the Parkland, Orlando, El Paso, or Dayton, or not. I expect not; under the pretense of politicization. Survivors (kids) have no option... What is wrong with our youth that this is what they plan for their future. Great programs like Planned Parenthood that help women in their time of need and change lives in a positive way w/ prevention of unwanted pregnancy and education promoting healthy & safe sex practices.

TrinityMustache And Planned Parenthood shooter and cop killer Robert Lewis Dear STILL hasn't gone to trial. Do a story on that. Hopefully this is a good arrest, and he will stay in jail until he comes to trial. When we're down to sling shots, are you going to count gravel in the driveway? Let me see that asshat carry more than 100. Keeping it real!

I'm sure he's just another responsible gun owner stocking up on ammo to practice target shooting up at hunting camp. Oh yeah. NRA? WeAreComingForYourGuns The constitutional right really extends just to muskets if we want to be precise. I am good with everyone owning a musket. Ban the sale of combat weaponry to civilians. Who in God's name needs an AR-15? And why I'm God's name does anyone need 10,000 rounds of ammunition? Did he want to kill everybody?

Change his skin to brown. Ala’ gun problems solved. It’s so hard spanking little Billy. Telltale dark circles around the eyes and a monitor tan. Propagandists are in full swing on this one today, how conveniently timed by the Times, in a New York minute of/4 gun legislation. Can U C clearly now? CORP and GUVMENT taking rights not 2 B infringed upon.

Man who found the Titanic is searching for Amelia Earhart's long-lost planeRobert Ballard and his crew have been exploring the waters off the tiny atoll of Nikumaroro in the South Pacific, where some believe Earhart and her navigator landed. Amelia Earhart Flew a lot of airplanes Except for that one time When she didn't come back When you find it, say hi to Elvis for me. It should be in plane sight by now

'very fine people' He targeted Planned Parenthood because he believes life is sacred ClassicRightToLifer THESES ARE NOT MEN. Boys!! Period. We need to take away their toys. That’s...not a man. “Man” GantMichael That man looks like a child. Child soldier 'Man' this nigga at the most is 17 “Pro life” That would be 166 minutes of continuous fire with a 10,000 round magazine from an actual automatic rifle. The idea that people think they should wait 10-20 minutes under this kind of statistics for police is insane. Glad they caught him. No constitutional right to be a victim.

Man found dead in Oregon Zoo rhino zone after being missing for daysCarl Stanley Ross Sr., 62, was found deceased on Monday morning, two days after being reported missing. He was last seen during a concert at Oregon Zoo. The investigation continues. Black rhino? Racist.

JoeNBC He doesn't even look old enough to have a firearm. jwhoopes2 Wonder where he got that idea🤔🤔🤔🤔 redherring mentalhealth ArmenianGenocide “Man?” Man? That boy owns a home? Radicalized. Homegrown. Terrorist. That's just a kid. This is what all the hate is doing to us..... Man? JoeNBC This is what happens when someone sees something and says something.

Ohio seems to be breeding an awful lot of freaks

BREAKING: A$AP Rocky found guilty for assault of 19-year-old man in SwedenThe rapper spent nearly a month behind bars in Sweden on charges of assault. LOL. Sweden is the North Korea of Europe. Stay away. sigh... ETTD even in Sweden Nothing to worry about. President Donald Trump will handle this situation swiftly because he cares about his African Americans.

JoeNBC Lock him up & keep him there! Where was he radicalized? Which orange President, GOP congress member, NRA donor, and Russian propaganda bot inspired him? You aren't allowed to buy more than 3 boxes of effing sudafed but you can buy 10,000 rounds of ammunition? Where do these guys get the money? Let's say he bought in the ammo in bulk (doubtful) - that's still $5,000 in weapons & ammo.

StarMinion Straight, white male, following Trump’s hateful ideology, and wanting to commit mass murder with an arsenal he shouldn’t even have accessory. Shocking. It’s almost like there’s a pattern. MaddowBlog Pray for this young man. He is undoubtedly trouble...words of hate are a plauge on to the innocent and vulnerable individuals that have been made targets from the vile tongue of the racist in the White House better known as Donald Trump.

He is a child! How did he develop so much hate? Yet another indoctrinated white man. Good morning from Scotland, if we have a disagreement with others it could lead to fisticuffs, we don't pull guns..BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE ANY!!!, neither do our police, take note...🤔 He's a terrorist.

Man accused of force-feeding meth to his catA New Mexico man has been charged with a felony after police say his cat tested positive for methamphetamines. Poor baby. Wait😂 serious 🙁 😂😂😂 What if the cat has been visiting other houses in the neighborhood? CNN

It’s all because we closed mental institutions in the 60s and 70s according to Trump. Cause this guy looks likehe’s 50+ right? fuckingmorons. 'Man'? He’s a child. God help us. Sick kid MaddowBlog It’s so often Ohio. I feel like his mom should have visited planned Parenthood. That's a 'man'? He looks like he's 17 years old.

Get those things off the streets!!!!!’ Insane 😦 He is just doing what comrade potus orderd him to do.

The Latest: A$AP Rocky, bodyguards assaulted man on groundSTOCKHOLM (AP) — The Latest on A$AP Rocky's trial for assault in Stockholm (all times local): 2:35 p.m. A Swedish court that found American rapper A$AP Rocky guilty of assault for his... He ain’t going back. Blame our racist fake POTUS Trump. No reason for him to get involved other than he wanted to pretend he wasn't a white nationalist bigot. (It didn't work, BTW.) He shouldn't go back, screw Sweden.

JoeNBC Man? Dude looks 16 Man? He looks about 12 years old. How about “sexually frustrated and angry about everything” teen threatens to shoot etc etc. Terrorist Also, it was his dad's guns. can't read the full story on this site - what is he charged with? JoeNBC This is scary. Hopefully they can put someone like this away for a long time bc I dont feel safe having someone like this out on the streets again. I have this fear that we are entering a period of violent unrest, similar to what happened in the 60’s

This dude had enough rounds to supply Marines on a rifle range for a few days. This is insane. Hell of a job by our FBI JoeNBC MassacreMitch TrumpResignNow MaddowBlog Trumpanzee

New Mexico man accused of animal abuse; vet says cat on methNew Mexico police say charges against a man accused of battering his girlfriend and mistreating two pets have been upgraded after his cat tested positive for methamphetamines. 🖕🖕🖕 he's gotta go. How'd they know to test a cat for drugs?

MaddowBlog Thank you for correctly identifying this young man as a man rather than trying to minimize his accountability by portraying him as a troubled teen or some other softening characterization. If this guy managed to knock up some woman, you know he would deny it was his and walk away. I just get that feeling when I look at him.

MaddowBlog We should be taxing the crap out of ammo. Each bullet should cost $10 in taxes alone. Raise $ for good. Target ranges exempt from crazy high taxes. You want to shoot regulate it. MaddowBlog Dead eyes. JoeNBC POTUS this is the world you're building TrumpIsAWhiteSupremacist TrumpRecession TrumpResignNow

Trump’s new ATF chief? Sounds like a poorly raised kid got his fathers gun and ammo confiscated. Man? Let me guess: he needs this ammo for hunting to feed his family?

Excellent Oh man I hope they took his PlayStation too, can’t be too safe! PattyArquette Ladies and Gentlemen here we have a cold hearted young Nazi with absolutely NO parental supervision. WHERE WERE HIS PARENTS Yeah cause you need 15 assault rifles?.?.?...WTF!!! NRAIsATerroristOrganization NRAOwnsTheGOP NRAsMitch GunControlNow

Backpfeifengesicht Thank you FBI Thanks for not saying 'Assault Rifles.' And hyping the people up. parmy Even John Rambo didn't stock like this omg 😭😭 Another trumpkin What is he, 12?!

With intense stare. Oooooo😲he so tough. Young BOYS wanting to mass kill because they are against GIRLS having dominion over thier own genitals.🤰🍌🍄 Hint: Girls are not the problem Take these boys to a prostitute they need to get laid.🍒😉 The new face of terrorism is not bearded or brown or foreign. It’s white, young and home grown.

BarbaraHaysSmi1 My eyesight isn’t that good. Is he a white young male TEZNYC Hmmm...doesn’t look like a Mexican “immigrant”!!!! Dude don’t look like a man. dictator syndrome Another one who probably would have sailed through background checks. How many other ticking time-bombs are there like this guy, hanging on Trump 's every word? Ban all semi and automatic military grade rifles and all mags over 5 shots. Amnesty to hand them all in. Do it.

make ammo as expensive as insulin Wow another white man how surprising PattyArquette incel

Another twist to the gun laws; an 18 yr old can buy an AR, but a person can’t buy a hand gun until they are 21. Is he going to prison. I know hes white, but is he going to prison Real supporter of life there , pure madness Man? He's what, 12? We should send him back to where he came from, and put his family in concentration camps! Oh wait, he’s an American MAGA....

But his “2nd amendment rights”... 🙄 'man' Thank you realDonaldTrump for inspiring the youth . Bravo . Who is radicalizing these people I wonder? Man?

I’m always shocked by the warning signs that are floating around on the internet before mass shootings. Our govt needs to make changes, in the meantime online activity like this should be monitored and acted upon. No question. Good job FBI! THANK YOU FBI 'Man'... PattyArquette The vacant-dead-flat energy/look in his eyes tells all. Skilled pros on the lookout for this in classrooms, etc. can greatly reduce, not eliminate possible shooters in the making by creating dialogue in real time to see where they are headed. So will 'Shooter Solution' film.

JoshMankiewicz Networks accomplished there objective. Kid was 18, the pistols were his dads. His dad unlocked gun safe for FBI to see. At a gun range it is easy to go through 100 rounds with a pistol in 1 session. Gets the facts folks, he was only charged with threatening feds, no gun charges. PattyArquette How old is this guy?!

another kid with dead eyes. lock him up forever, he’s never going to do good on the outside. a waste of space PattyArquette Nothing that goes on over there surprises me anymore. It's become a like the plot of a dystopian novel made real. PattyArquette Another white male terrorist.

PattyArquette here we go again “Of a TERRORIST who posted...” fixed it for you. Another white guy. we keep hearing about the stockpiles these nerds have but how tf do they afford this shit This doesn't seem well-regulated to me. Poster boy for the NRA This is no ‘man’. He’s a child! Didnt the usa just have an actual shooting just now where the shooter was black? Like it ended less than a day ago? And this is what you report on new york post? Seems biased.

GOP DO YOUR JOB! GunControlNow Are these those make better choices moments 👽🤟🏻

This was just for personal home defence consumption Yes he was 18 but “man” is a stretch here isn’t it Another NYTIMES lie? This guy wanted to murder FEDERAL AGENTS and their FAMILIES! But the NYTIMES EDITORS were instructed to leave this information out of the article? WHY? NYTIMES IS A RACIST HATE SPEWING PAPER WITH LITTLE TO NO CIRCULATION!

Trump poisons everything he touches... Now he should never be allowed to purchase guns, PERIOD. And then a lot of mental therapy, not a social worker, a psychotherapist! According to trump there are good people on both sides, maybe next question to trump is which side has weapon stashes? Idiot I played this video game before.

Nothing will be done you'll carry on killing your own and more of these sick individuals will own guns and kill you.. He's a boy, NOT A MAN. BOY

He's not a border immigrant. Sorry he looks like a 15 year old that lost his way in life. What kind of country has laws that state that an 18 year old isn't old enough to drink but he can own assualt weapons and 10,000 rounds? I'll give you a hint, there's only one! Fkn insane He is just a boy. Why can't you see the obvious mistake it is to allow weapons for kids and anyone ordinary citizen. It's not the wild west anymore.

This is what the kid reminds me of A child ...not a man. Which video games did he play?🙄 Fucking finally. More about his father, please. When we allow people to own weapons of war we should expect war in our neighborhoods.

Oh america what have you done to your children, to those who died, to those who killed, and to those who are.making plans to kill tomorrow? Hahaha, this is what the American people preach about freedom, freedom to face terrorist attack at any time un need to go into america and check for weapons of mass distruction. 10,000 rounds how are you allowed to purchase that many. usa home of brave and freedom to kill my buddies.

Lock him up and throw the key to the ocean.. NRA policy prepares him for mass murder. Planned parenthood targets everyone for extermination so you know Why aren’t we calling this what it is - terrorism! klingensmith_j This is the number one reason to Ban The Assault Weapons Immediately. Sweden did it the day after the killings in a Mosque

Yep..looks about right. Some people don’t know how lucky they are right now because this asshole might have killed you if he wasn’t stopped. Is Ohio man the new Florida man?

This is Billy.Line him up against wall & send him to Satan.He takes crazies too. That's a kid Man? Good job How can anyone support mass shootings... 🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘 What has America become? This is becoming an epidemic!! GunConrolNow Free him. He is a hero,great young guy Ajzionts All these weapons and ammunition should be confiscated and destroyed. We should also have a domestic terrorist list just as we do for sex offenders.

Why does anyone other than the military need military grade weapons? I will never understand how someone who claims to be pro life can support mass shootings... It's like a anti war person supporting interventions or sanctions X_X

Clearly pro-life, huh? Burn plant parent hood to the ground. But only do it after hours when no one is inside. “I think abortion is murder and murder is always wrong. That’s why I’m pro-mass shooting.” —This guy, apparently. Yuhhhh give him a 20 year sentence for plotting, gotta teach these idiots that the nation no longer stands for their war against the people

Good work by the FBI. 'man' They all hate women. Hmmmmmm who needs 10,000/- rounds 🤷‍♂️. If his story comes out, I bet part of it will include a lack of significant involvement by any positive male role models in his life. BUT aNTIfA?!

Ammunition is very expensive. Where do young men like this get the money for ten thousand rounds? And why does this child give a crap about Planned Parenthood? We have the Christian Right radicalizing young men and no one gives a damn! But its mental health and he wasnt going to do that based off of political ideologies surely

Exactly. There is NO Constitutional right to amass 10,000 rounds. He’s not a licensed Armory. And his declared support of mass shootings & assaults are an indication he should never qualify to be one. Ring wing terrorist are a greater threat than isis We want guns, I hope everybody feels safer now. Sent this kid back where his ancestors came from 🧐🇺🇸

DevilsRejects Seems all the domestic terrorist are coming out of the woodworks now. I worry about the ones that aren’t telegraphing their next move in online chat rooms. Looks like a killer too.

He looks 12! Glad they got this guy before he was able to hurt anyone. I don’t know much about guns- what is an AR15 style rifle? Finally!! Authorities have started to accurately racially profile young white men. Send them all back.. to their mothers basements Nothing to see here, just a conservative american exercising this 1st and 2nd amendment rights. Let's focus on the real threat of milkshake wielding left wing protesters

Yet another reason why our society does not need AR-15's available for public use. The reasons why people should not have these weapons far outweighs the reasons why they should. It's time to ban them again. That is no man. That is a brainwashed child who needs some serious psychotherapy and a little time behind bars. Maybe drop him in the middle of Syria with one AR-15 and a few rounds. Let's see how he does.

Holy shit! Chat rooms are still a thing? SmilePrettyLady There goes another one. 'Man'? What's the legal age there, 11? realDonaldTrump another one of your very fine ppl 😏🤧

Wow. White Supremacist out of control! Why is this allowed?! Answer 45GrandMaster in Oval Office! Man? He looks like a little boy And, just let me be clear on something here. Is he white or are my eyes deceiving me? I mean...I’m just wondering if I need to go to the eye doctor. Shit has to end Can a network put up some money for a pay per view match with extremist on the Left AND Right so they can just go at it like gladiators? 🤷🏽‍♂️

Privilege Ok but how the hell does some kid get 10000 rounds of AR ammo? That shit can’t be cheap We Have A Mental illness Problem In This Country Not A Gun Problem! How many more will there B' I have never seen & heard of so,much hate? Do they think it's a game '?

Hey Twitterverse, here is a LinkedIn the same information without the paywall. I can see perhaps having paywall for exclusive content and editorials, but for readily available information is just silly. realDonaldTrump mr_jettlife KingLeoThaGreat And we dont need gun control, thanks NRA Hey, liberals! The system worked! And not one law abiding American had their rights stripped from them! It isn’t the weapon, ammo or the quantity of either that commits the crime! It is the mind and heart of the criminal! Wake up to that!

Amazing work from the FBI So does the type of gun really matter in this situation? It’s the main topic in your headline. Shouldn’t we hold people accountable for their actions? That’s why we’re having problems is America’s gone soft on everybody. christiancruz62 This is just great. Welcome to America. 🔫

Thank you, law enforcement! FBI EllenKCTV5 Bet he white! Another whitey with a gun! Hope they seized his playstation and call of duty game as well strombo But how many video games did they manage to get off the street? Yikes “Young terrorist” use the right terms strombo I knew exactly what the kid would look like even without the picture.

Just another small 'man'. 'Look at me and how tough l am with my gun and lots of bullets.'

Good Planned Parenthood is a death trap to the unborn . What he did was wrong , but PP has done a whole lot worse with the amount of unborn children they’ve killed in the process . That to me is far worse Terrible guy. Have a good transformation in prison. Fits the profile. Angry young white male. CyrusToulabi Another white male doofus

Completely normal… 🤦🏼‍♂️ This is a picture of a ... man? This kid is old enough to buy weapons and ammunition of that volume? How many guns can he fire at once with his baby hands? He looks very young. Did the FBI supply him? They like to set up young men with learning disabilities & mental disorders. How did this young person get so many bullets? Were FBI & etc talking to him? Did they coach him?

My in laws stock pile ammo cuz 'libs wanna take their guns or limit ammunition'

did he jump the wall to get in our country? Toss him away, never to be seen again. PlannedParenthood is here to stay. NewYorkFBI SenSanders KevinHart4real GMA CNN UnivisionNews Maybe if we had something resembling reasonable gun laws, little shitstains like this wouldn’t be able to get weapons having the express purpose of maximum human slaughter so easily. *Cue the whiny pussies STILL hung up on their misinterpretation of 2a lmao🖕*

“Man” This is a man? How old is this alleged “man”? He looks 15! TrumpBodyCount epsteintrumprapists He never realized that his parent left the best part of him on the sheets So he's against PPact but he wants to kill? What is wrong with this logic? gunpolicychangetoday gunreform gophatesamericans takeawaygunsfromcrazies

GUN CONTROL NOW Why... is america so damn violent?! Fake news. Are Americans really polite to each other, in case they get shot, or do u just crack on knowing u won't even make the news if take a bullet to the head? gunfun guncontrol Man He looks like a 12 yr old boy! Hey look, it's Tommen Baratheon from game of thrones.

This looks like a 15 yr old Terrorist* Faces of the threat to America (white young men) Yet we will hear the right talk about antifia...

When confronted with their lunacy they always say ' it was just a joke' Confirming my thesis that there are no funny righties. Sociopaths don't understand humor. Doesn’t look a day past 13 Bueno,contra los abortistas What a sick and misguided ‘man’. aliasvaughn That’s actually a man-baby. “Man” lol NYT keeps failing at life

10,000 rounds of ammo. Which is why I strongly believe 1) no one good needs 10,000 bullets for a good reason; 2) tax bullets at 99% to cut down on mass shootings. 10K rounds. imagine Man? Child is more like it. Or heathen.

Oh Tucker! Tucker? Home grown too!!! Who's mental? The buyer seller of amo or both? U would think these IDIOTS are off to war in Iraq when in reality their war is mental. Who the hell needs 10K rounds of amo & AR-15 style? Instead of prison sendem to the ARMY or Marines in 3rd world country for life without exit

Dude knew he'd be getting his picture taken, and yet he shows up wearing a green elf vest? How much does 10,000 rounds of ammunition cost? Damn the authorities might have just prevented a massacre. I guess we can't know for sure but I for one am glad they're taking threats seriously. Thank you, FBI. Deeply frightening. The FBI cannot track every threat down. The best way to avert this sort of thing is obvious (universal background checks, ban on assault weapons, enacting policies that counter domestic terrorism), but nothing will change if republicans in Congress do nothing.

Good news!!!! It’s legal. 😡

Gun victims survival rights is more important than the rights of the trigger-happy second amendment. Dump NRA, Save USA! bluelivesmatter blacklivesmatter alllivesmatter GunReformNow CommonSenseGunLaws They spelled terrorist thug wrong. A Man? Looks like a little boy to me Wow, and TRUMP is building a wall to keep poor immigrants out!

Replace 'Planned Parenthood' with 'RNC' and this guy sounds like the guest Antifa spokesperson that CNN has on from time to time. That doesn't look like a man. How old is he? If he'd stayed off chatrooms he'd be just another 'normal' American kid. Sorry. I mean White kid. Can you IMAGINE the uproar if this kid was of Middle East 'origin' (either legal immigrant or US born)....

Where’s the terrorism charges? Asking for a friend... 19 Children died at Oklahoma. He advocated murdering children while planning to attack Planned Parenthood.

Man? How old is he? 15AugustBlackDay I'd be really interested to see how many active soldiers in war zones have fired more than 10k rounds. Nothing to see here folks just another young white male with military assault weapons and ammunition preparing to massacre another Ohio community. And no, we most certainly do not have a gun violence problem in this country. Nope, nope, nope. Sure don't.

Rock Quarry: No group of people is more equipped, trained, prepared to advance terror attacks world-wide, than Screen Actor Guild. Composed of millions of professionals from every practice, SAG is a group of like minded people who's pay increases with skill of deception. How old is this teenager? Where is his Mother? Father? Any parents or parenting

His picture looks he is about to cry? Why? Enjoy your stay! In jail. Good job FBI. 18 years old. What a freaking sick way to start a life... The terrorists gunning down Americans are a mass of white faces fueled by ignorance and hate. Yet we are told Muslims are the danger! Fascism's dark shroud is enveloping the country. Step back before it is too late.

Once again, I must ask, WTF is going on in Ohio? This is like the fourth terrorist plot/wannabe foiled in the last 10 days. Man? Hardly. He learned this from his parents. Guaranteed. FBI should take a close look at them as well. He hasn't committed any shooting yet. Maybe he just try to protect himself. The arrest is not human.

Complete waste of resources. He made a single shitpost on iFunny. Everything else is extrapolated nonsense from one nonspecific (albeit possibly illegal) post A todos estos tipos deben de rastrearlos con sus algoritmos de la CIA..... No deben dejar que incluso su dinero llegue a los vendedores de armas

This is America. Needle in a country full of haystacks, but good job FBI? BTW, ThoughtsAndPrayers regarding the Philly standoff with an AR-15 going on as I write this. Domestic terrorism *Young white male Shocker, he’s white... and how old is this man-child and how does he have so many weapons and we’re they acquired legally? GunReform

Influenced by pro-lifers who have vilified pro-choice people. Congratulations for promoting enough hatred to create these monsters and inciting murder and violence. Your President will be proud of you.

How do you have 10000 rounds ($2000 just in ammo)? The AR is at least $1200. So how does an 18 yo get that kind of disposable income? as a liberal i know that AR in AR-15 stands for Allah hu akbaR. i want to tell conservatives about it, but they;re not ready for the truth We need stricter gun control and laws

The new normal when it comes to wannabe mass shooters. Young, white, sociopathic and able to stockpile a shit-ton of bullets. rupdeezy Guns and 20 something white man-boys is a deadly cocktail Oh, hey another troubled young white man that fell victim to violent video games. Just another terrorist created by GOP. That radical terrorist organization needs to be shutdown until we figure out what the hell is going on.

Good. Prosecute HIM, and NOT law-abiding gunowners Has anyone explained the shirt?

Inside a sweet little face may be a twisted little evil mind ugh I played some Far Cry with that guy. Good dude. Good Red Flag! See Something, Say Something! These Fools don't deserve to own Guns... Why jeep body armour on him? He needs to go. In the words of billburr your time is up he just planned a late term abortion.

How very pro life of him.

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