Man whom Kanye West allegedly punched wanted rapper’s autograph twice

Man who Kanye West allegedly punched wanted rapper's autograph twice

Assault, Assaults

1/15/2022 4:21:00 AM

Man who Kanye West allegedly punched wanted rapper's autograph twice

Police confirmed to Page Six on Thursday that West is under investigation for alleged criminal battery over the incident that took place around 3 a.m. local time.

LAPD confirmed to Page Six Thursday that West isfor alleged criminal battery.Kanye West allegedly punched a fan who asked for his autograph more than once on separate occasions.BACKGRIDThe man appeared outside Delilah where Page Six reported Kanye, Julia Fox and a wide variety of other celebs had been dining.

SplashNews.comVideo of the alleged incident shows the artist shouting at a female member of his team as the unidentified fan lies on the ground. The unknown man is seen in the clip dressed in a pair of jeans and a black hoodie, and, though seemingly still conscious, does not get up from the ground.

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This is the same guy that has a church? Joel Osteen BFF? ....He made a gospel album? Fornication and puching peep?....gtfoh No jury would convict Her was Kim. Read somewhere that she was to speak to Kim about the children.

Kanye West under police investigation after allegedly punching fan outside club Kanye West - who now legally goes by the name Ye - is said to have allegedly lashed out at a fan outside a swanky members-only club in Downtown Los Angeles in the early hours of Thursday morning Kanye just stop belting folk ! It's extremely rude. completamente desequilibrado

Kanye West takes aim at Kim Kardashian's current man Pete Davidson in new songAs Kim Kardashian's current romance with Saturday Night Live Pete Davidson heats up, her estranged husband Kanye West has taken a shot at the Keeping Up with the Kardashians new love interest in breaking news kanyewest acts like a man child once again

Video shows Kanye West screaming as man he allegedly punched lays on the groundThe victim appears to be the fan, whom we reported earlier asked Ye for his autograph before allegedly being struck by the billionaire rapper.

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Kanye West Named As Suspect In A Battery InvestigationThe 'Donda' rapper has not been arrested in connection to the incident, an LAPD spokesperson said.