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Man slain in Chicago dispute over hands in Thanksgiving food

Chicago man charged with murder after fatal fight that began when he put his hands in Thanksgiving leftovers, authorities say.

11/30/2020 6:54:00 PM

Chicago man charged with murder after fatal fight that began when he put his hands in Thanksgiving leftovers, authorities say.

Authorities say a Chicago man has been charged with murder after a fatal fight that began when he put his hands in Thanksgiving leftovers

party host.Jackson was trying to escort Dixon out of the Chicago house because he had put his hands in leftovers early Friday, Assistant State’s Attorney Susie Bucaro said. The fight moved to the porch, where Jackson was stabbed at least nine times, Bucaro told a judge Sunday.

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Dixon fled but was caught with a blood-covered knife, the prosecutor said. Read more: ABC News »

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It was not a Leftover yet because people were still fighting and dying over it. SS These ppl will kill each other over anything.SMH. Wow! He is really smart, ain't he? Leftovers ain’t that serious bruh! (In my AI voice ) “Leftovers, we’re not about the regular meal. We talking leftovers!”. It has to be more to this....

The presidential campaign is over. That means no more democratic black live matter protest and riots Those football games were shitty. I felt like stabbing someone too Get yo greasy ass fingers out my turkey mf going to prison over leftovers 🤦🏽‍♂️ Should have put his foot in it instead That's gonna make Christmas awkward.

Some people in Chicago are starving more than people in Nigeria White meat or dark meat? The Demise Of The Middle Class & The Generalization Of Poverty Have Devaluated A Common Purpose To Live So ppl are dying from the virus, & this person just decides to take another life like it's just another day. i mean sure he's going to jail for a long time but he's got that green bean casserole all to himself now

Free this man I'm surprised Florida Man had nothing to do with this 'They said I cant have none, watch this' and died 🤦🏾 You know how those people are. Just like monkeys in the zoo, but less clever! Defund leftovers. The stuffing was killer. I hope that he was wearing a mask and gloves! Don’t put your dirty hands in the leftovers. Pretty clear solution.

What the hell was in that Turkey?! ABC didn't add black to this headline Yea; he should have known better than to just reach in and start touching food with his bare hands. I guess one could say, he, ahem, got served! The whole self-defense thing goes out the window with the nine stab wounds After the first two or three it definitely stops becoming self-defense

Darwin Here’s my take on this, this guy who committed the murder probably has a history of violence and drug/alcohol abuse. A thug. Who invited him in the first place? And did u expect him to act civilized? That is surely a good reason to kill a man! I say Death Penalty! Democrats should take my guns away because of that.

This is how your culture looks like Food is free and growth takes only sun earth and water Only evil culture makes food unavailable to some How can you let wo/men and children walk hungry? He is not criminal Our banks are! Black peoples the most sensitive Chicago 🤦