Man sentenced to nearly 7 years for attacking Black man with knife was repeat hate crime offender

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California Man Sentenced For The Fourth Time For Hate Crime Attack - Cnn

12/4/2021 1:24:00 AM

A repeat hate crime offender was sentenced to nearly seven years in federal prison for an unprovoked attack against a Black man in California, the DOJ says

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Too bad this isn't a 2 way street. Yeah, lets throw him in prison where he can further press his hate onto others & find more like him. How about we start working toward rehabilitation for peoples? Instead of further pushing them to extremes? Where I dont believe he should be on the street, our current prisons

So Gilligan got off the island? It shoulda been 3 times that long. About time. this man is incorrigible but if you think giving a white man a heavy sentence for his shit is a good thing , wait till you see what they start giving black people. Enjoying the pain of 'WhiteTrash' is a gateway drug to hardcore bigotry and racism

Looks like Mel Gibson. Good Only 7 years 🤬🤬🤬 Fox News's new political contributor in 2028: This guy.

Study: Black, Asian Britons have higher COVID-19 death rates | AP NewsLONDON (AP) — Almost two years into the pandemic, Black and other ethnic minority people in Britain are still dying with the coronavirus at higher rates than white residents, likely because of lower vaccination rates, a government-commissioned report said Friday. Just like Democrat controlled communities with high numbers of segregated POC. Dr Wouter Basson had wanted it so much... I feel bad for all who lost their lives because of this virus. I can only imagine though the AP headline if this would have happened in a Republican led state, or if the victims were from conservative areas.

Good Only 7 years for repeat hate crimes...should be 7 years per hate crime. Not long enough. Shouldn’t Mark Meadows return his multi-million dollar book advance as he now refers to it as “Fake News” prior to its release?

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