Man seen carrying Pelosi's podium in US Capitol riot arrested

The man seen carrying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lectern during the US Capitol riots has been arrested, according to a law enforcement official.

1/9/2021 6:22:00 PM

The man seen carrying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lectern during the US Capitol riots has been arrested, according to a law enforcement official.

The political fallout over President Trump's reaction to the deadly Capitol attack continues to escalate as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office. Follow here for the latest news.

20 min agoWe asked our viewers how they felt as they watched the Capitol riot unfold. Here's what they said.From CNN's Melissa MahtaniPro-Donald Trump rioters storm the Capitol during clashes with police on January 6. Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

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Sadness, fear and outrage.Calls to"lock them up," and yet ... also"heartbreak" at the state of the nation.Comparisons to 9/11.We asked our viewers how they felt as they watched the chaotic scenes of a pro-Trump mob breaching the nation's Capitol on January 6. Usually a ceremonial day — with little fanfare in previous years — when Congress meets to certify the results of the election. Now, a day that will go down as one of the darkest in America's history.

We received more than 7,000 responses. Here's a snapshot of:Pam B., Effort, Pennsylvania"The saddest and most upsetting day regarding our country, in my lifetime. Our democracy was at stake, and the sitting president supported all of this. I was angry, afraid, but mostly angry. That nobody reined this President in months/years prior to this says a lot about the Republicans' inability to be objective. And yesterday was the icing on the cake. How many lives must be threatened before Trump is stopped? I live in a great amount of fear now ... as the emotions of the people rioting will, no doubt, trickle down to residents in my community."

Janet B., Las Vegas, Nevada"I was watching the confirmation process and saw the Capitol, MY Capitol, being stormed. I told my husband that, after watching many movies with foreign agents attacking the White House, I never expected to see so-called Americans attacking. We wept."

Ken A., Memphis, Tennessee"I am so totally disgusted and disappointed. So many people I know and consider friends, are in total support of Trump. They consider the people who invaded the Capitol as patriots and that the election was a fraud. Things will never be the same."

Jake, Indianapolis"My wife calls me a robot because I don't show my emotions very often. Yesterday, on my drive home, I was so angry with the terrorists who desecrated our Temple of Liberty, I cried. This was almost as surreal as 9/11. I was texting with my British friend who, along with his wife, just became permanent residents. I apologized to him for what he was seeing. This is the United States of America. We do not act this this. We are the example to the world of what freedom and democracy look like. Not by screaming, or bravado, or force, but by going about our business and letting our normal be how we show the world ... this is how it is done, this is who we are. Yesterday, we lost this. Yesterday, America failed."

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Romney calls Capitol riot 'an insurrection incited by the President'

Congress will resume the joint session tonight to certify President-elect Joe Biden's win after Pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol earlier today. Follow here for the latest.

Lock Him UP! & Every Deplorable Terrorist that attempted TREASON! ‼️👎 một người chân thành, nghiêm túc với tình cảm, tôi sẽ lắng nghe bạn nói khi bạn muốn tâm sự, tôi sẽ kể bạn nghe nhưng điểu thú vị trong cuộc sống, để chúng ta gần nhau hơn... , tự lập, biet l4lo cho gia dinh! Có the hieu va thông cảm voi nghe nghiep điều dưỡng của mình!

FUCKN HILLBILLY DEVIL'S miễn là thật lòng còn vẻ bề ngoài k quan trọng Let justice serve for a chance Yes!! Ummm... He lives at home with his mommy? Good, more needs to be done! Put him away.. send a message to all the incites thinking morons, that “we will not stand by and watch our nation be destroyed” by non American, non patriotic, People who don’t understand the difference. Today we will impeach, and be done with this nonsense...

Democrats and media should stop this game. Amateur👍🏼 He don’t be arrested for did that. He isn’t Trump supporter. He followed instructions by BLM. Everybody knows that this people went inside Capitol because the doors were open, no guards. Ask to the old Pelosi, Misdirection, they never see what hit them!

Do you mean the People's lectern? Or did the traitor buy it herself with taxpayers money 🤔 maybe he was going to donate it to Trumps presidential library 📚 Ya and his doctor wife should be suspended without pay for marrying a moron. A member of Y’all Qaeda! We should've known he was fro. Florida wherespelosi

Duche bag He got the lectern all the way to FL? HerbalCrayon He just posted $25k bail, stay at home “whatever” and married to a doctor...Jesus Christ Lock 'em up, and Trump and his GOP Congressmen and women who incited them and/or allowed all this What celebrities are bailing him out since they bailed out the blm rioters?

Good Lock him up. Lock him up for 20years 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Not a good role model. Ignorant behaviour. Need professional help. Should get while in prison. Should not be saved by wife’s money. Should have public defender. Need to pay for crimes. Learn how to understand TRUTH. CNN SUCKS ! Well,well,well. He ain’t smiling now.

Fucking Dummy!!!!!!! Awesome! Put him in with the BLM Vandals & Looters, oh there AREN’T any😫! Good you should of took Nancy Pelosi with you Do you need bail money? I'll get you you out,brother... I can't believe he's only 36. I would have guessed late 40s at minimum. 😂 Shame on you! I don't think Nancy is is a nice person but she is a government official and she doesn't deserve that! Nobody deserves what you crazy people did at our White house! I hope you retrieved her laptop because that's government business! I hope the police get you all!

राष्ट्रीय युवा दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं पुरे विश्व को अध्यात्म का संदेश देने वाले महान युग प्रवर्तक, युवाओं के प्रेरणास्रोत स्वामी विवेकानंद जी की जयंती पर सादर नमन WhitePrivilege blm thesystemscorrupt fucktrump. What happened to that great big 😃?🤔 it’s all fun and games, until you get caught👀 the amount of disrespect this took was like taking a dump in the state capital.

This photo is the painted terrorist who wore a cape and horned hat not the lectuern terrorist Doesn’t look so cocky now What an odd thing to do I don’t understand the wishy washy charges. They committed treason. Why aren’t they being charged with treason? Sorry you got busted. If you’d burned a building or shot someone in the summer riots you’d be free as a bird.

Is this the best media can do!? I say let him have it! Pelosi sure doesn't need it! CNN is joke but I’m glad you doing your job and reporting on criminal ms where is the show where you have AntifaTerrorist breaking court houses and police stations burning and looting all summer long.. Hypocrites everyone that breaks the law needs to be arrested...

Where'd that big 'make daddy proud' smile go sir? If her were black/brown, his family would be attending a funeral today... I absolutely dislike all national channels except for FOX NEWS!!! On all the other channels there is NOT BUT LIES and LIARS!! Elizabe29599604 He's clean-shaven and he's not smiling or being cute now. Reality must HIT HARD when you're charged with multiple federal felonies.

Good. You mean, I can't loot the U.S. Capitol while posing for photo ops without being arrested?! What about my rights?! Wow!!! What a Silly decision you made for tRump huh?🤣 Good! He's a terrorist Did he bring lectern to Florida also😀 Mostly Peaceful! Pawns always go first!! Lucky they haven’t stated a civil war... They just may have damn cheaters and liars.. They caused all the uprisings! They should be proud of theirselves. And how the media says nothing along the lines of the truth makes me sick!

Florida is just gta in real life If compare this rioter with Taiwan's Sunflowers Rioters who stormed and ransacked its Capitol Parliament years ago, this guy was so unlucky. TWN rioters were all praised as heroes & pardoned by the reigning Party government. Some were even elected as lawmakers to the Parliament!

He doesn't look so happy or smug now does he.... consequences có khả năng lắng nghe Great job buddy all this over trump and his 10000 lies your regretting it now I bet I'm sure his mother is very proud DistortBot The facts is a police officer lost His life at his job which he may never have seen a crime his whole career ! Federal grounds deserve federal punishment let's not start challenging the laws the laws of are great country let's make it great again by holding people accountable

Sad No big smile for the mug shot? nhannahjones Just WHY? Hurray! Prison and a big fine!! No good job ever again. LOCK HIM UP! Best news I have heard all day! Thanks for the photo! Quang dang co don va muon tim nguoi ban gai de tam su Hilarious He has all my respect He knew she wasn't going to be needing it 😅

Let him learn real harrrd You need to charged with murder! 5 people died. You are speaking COVID 19 along with the swamp person Trump. Looting looter This MF should be treated like any other terrorist! 10 yrs in Levenworth with permanent shower soap duty. What happened to his radiant smile? 😂😂😂 Why is it always Florida doing the most. There's like 30 new FLORIDA MANS a year

Presidential Pardon Everyone!!! No bond,no bail. Hope he pissed in it . And i hope her computer gets opened . Abd exposes all her fraudulent activity Lock him up IDtheTerrorists Would be best if the terrorists caught the covid and left this earth. Save on law enforcement investigation, prosecution and incarceration expense.

He just took a political stand... So what! Carrying a lectern is such a threat. Once again, Florida man One at a time, just get as many as you can. Need more than 100 arrests after what the world witnessed on 01/2021.. Of course it's Floridaman! 🙄 Call trump BudGothmog44 It’s all fun and games until you are arrested, hey?

Of course, a Florida man Hooray Hooray Hooray Get em’ all ASAP (arrest, formally charge and book) He shaved . Putin, Xi and Kim are laughing to death over the ongoing political drama in the US. throw the book at him! He doesn’t even look like the same guy Must of been worth 10 yrs to the idiot 😂 Charge all with domestic terrorism !!!!!!!

He’ll probably get 90 days of community service - if that! Lock his ass up! Looks like the smiles been wiped off his face Don't raise your hand apon a flag when your on a ship of fools. I hope he is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I am actually fearful of what could happen next. I truly hope we are able to be at peace with one another no matter our individual beliefs, or the color of our skin, or political affiliation. Can America unite once again?

Garbage I like the fit Such a shame, if the elite liars can get away with crimes, why can't the common public? You see, that's liberal cnn logic... He had a big smile while carrying the lectern. What changed? Big fool! 🤣🤣🤣 ✅ NEXT!! Line’em up Got em I hope he gets jail time and a big fine Florida man Thank you 😊

I feel that anyone arrested for this riot should also be charged with aiding and abetting with two counts of murder for the 2 Capital police officers that lost their lives.. That should not be any different from any other crime where someone is murdered. STUPIDITY IS CONTAGIOUS, APPARENTLY. Good 👏👏👏

sorry but ofc hes from florida Does it still seem like a great ideal...were is your big smile now. Oh and yiu should have plenty. Of time to grow your beard back Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Good. Charge him with treason. And punished befitting the sentencing for treason Isn’t this Don Jr.’s friend that he posed with weeks ago. Just like Don Jr posed with the Gun shop owner who was going to kidnap the Governor of Michigan? Don Jr. seems to be behind all of these evil doings.

MAGA-Many Are Getting Arrested He may have gotten caught with the lecture. But who you think they're going to convict us in the jail first the guy with Nancy pelosi lecter or this fool and the pic below. Where are all the others attackers, are they arrested al least? They need to charge everyone involved with Treason and Insurrection.

To use his own words, 'LOCK HIM UP!' AprilDRyan I have read that his wife Dr. Suzanne Johnson and his children were at the rally. Is this true. If not, she certainly knew what he was planning. She is just as responsible. What are they teaching their children? Law and order, man. JUST WOW You think all of these guys are thinking 'no problem, Trump will get me out of this' Aren't they in for a shock

this is just sad and disgraceful. something that would have never even crossed peoples minds 10+ years ago WTH is going on 🤦‍♀️ He should have worn a mask. A true American hero! What I need to know is, did he still have the lecturn, and how many empty Natty Daddy tallboys were stacked on top of it... All those who carry this disgraceful act out should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Let him go Just for carrying it Communists... Terrorists not trespassers. Arrest should reflect the danger. I don't understand what we did wrong? Awe......turn that frown upside down! He was just trying to take a political stand. Has the horn guy been caught? Thank goodness they found him. Now find Nicole Brown's killer and the weapons of mass destruction

Lock 🔒 him in! carrying a book stand...he did not steal... So some say BLM protesters should also be arrested - then let's apply the law equally - police, white supremacist and a president who incited violence need to arrested too, but that it seems is not how USA works - different rules fir different groups - glad I don't live there

Hey Adam, don't drop the soap this eve And he only got a year just like all the other terrorists who stormed the capital If This Were BLM they would be murdered or they would be thrown in jail for life this is unacceptable our justice system is messed up to the point where we protect white supremacist

Federal prison is where he and Trump belong Bubba is a Trump fan as well 😉 toi la hana rat vui duoc gap cac ban va lam quen Florida, gee what a surprise Wonder if he'll take the stand Oh.... you KNOW he Will get Pardoned... its sad... A half-witted terrorist thief! Of course its a florida man lol The Newest 'Florida Man'... One of Many...

Hang hhim You are free for peaceful demonstration not for violence. Violence is only for sick/ delusional psychopaths!! shop’s open SenateFloor congressdotgov rmsothebys AskeBay Prison baby He should answer for his actions! These dudes think they can get away with these bad undemocratic behaviour. The entire world is in shock/ and watching the end our democracy.

10 to 15 years seams fitting? 20 years that’s what they ll give him as an example Is he a member of ANTIFA? JackFreeburn RobDavies91 M_Evans92 going down for noncing As he should be. Dumb ass! Trump pardon in 3...2...1... KapilMishra_IND where is the right for American people seeking the truth? tRuMp wIlL pARdoN tHeM

Did it not surprise anyone else to learn he was from Florida? He ain’t smiling NO more Is he taking the stand lmao 427 BLM protestors were arrested between May 30 and June 2....52 MAGA protestors have been arrested after the Washington incident. In Italia sarebbe ospite su rete4 Who paid for this guys travel expenses Check the trail of money.

Did this dude really shave his beard because he knew he was about to get arrested, lol what a fucking weak example of a terrorist. Is it not the Summer of Love..CNN YOUR A JOKE,I would be ashamed to tell my kids I worked for CNN Ahh 😧 so that’s what they mean by “Florida man” ? Good’ get the rest of them’

the lectern belongs to pelosi then the house belongs to biden welcome to sociolism us people Sad Domestic terrorist. He should face the full force of the law Can I say idiot!! These rioters had a lot of confidence that they wouldn’t pay for their crimes - taking so many photos and posting them Was this picture taken before or after she blew him?

Trump supporters literally flew from all these different states just to vandalize and riot because they lost Who tf has that kind of time on their hands? losers Doesn’t look so smug now, does he? Imagine thinking you’re the sickest mother fucker, only to be thinking how much he gunna be raw dogged for the next few years

He's going to love prison! I hear traitors get treated extra special. Should've made him pose with a fur cap or with the same podium. Good riddance. I hope they get some intel out of these chuds. It must be 'grande theft' at a minimum. Good. Arrest all these fake ass, wanna be patriots for crimes against their own country! Stop thinking you can do whatever you want to do. Suffer the consequences like every other criminal does!

But it’s okay to burn down 2 billion dollars worth of businesses with peaceful riots! He deserves a medal Happy times in prison, don’t drop the soap Please please forgive him ..I don’t think he mean it it was just for being famous classic “florida man” He was also seen in an ANTIFA gathering months ago Idiot

He is innocent I’m noticing he doesn’t look as happy there. We GoN gEtcHU ouT Fo, BiGboOTyGanGStAs4LiFe Only money polosy The dude looks dull its sad when failed politicians use such vulnerable people. Trump is a typical user How come they don't smile?😁 This fucker ! Thank GOD. ... that the leads are coming in and the FBI can find these DOMESTIC TERRORISTS. We can start healing after the im🍑ment of the original perpetrator and his enablers that brought us SHAME to the oath of the office.

As he is white will be released with NO charges Haha dumbass Oyo is his name Not so funny now is it. 5 people are dead. Good! Let him rot! Mr Johnson well well well, about to have a taste of hell. Lessons taught , lessons learned for stealing Nancy's lectern. Fuck cnn bitch ass media Ofc he’s from Florida. Good bring them all in!!!

Shoplifting at the CAPITOL is a pretty damn big deal KAREN It’s via Getty!! Good and like trump said during blacklive matters marches, if the destroy government property they get 10 years in jail. That should apply to these white assholes too! I can hear it now.... 'Boy, you got a pertteh mouf' gofundme account please ?

Good He made it ALL THE WAY BACK to Florida before he got arrested. If he was black, he wouldn't of made it out the front door and been shot to pieces. SMH BlackLivesMatter RemoveTrumpNow RemoveTrumpTODAY RemoveThemNow Why isn't he smiling? Where's his shit eating grin? So wrong as in, against the law, but made me giggle!

Trumpompo must be arrested too I am sure his family is so proud FreeViaGetty Stop saying allegedly. He is on video carrying the lectern. He was arrested for it. I know what I saw and it wasn't alleged. You are still enabling the wrong side. So let me get this straight his wife is a doctor and they were at a rally without masks in the worst pandemic in our lifetime. Going to a super spreader event and now HE is arrested? I hope the AMA fines her and takes away her medical privileges for recklessness!

Are there any good people from Florida? Will he also be charged to accessory to murder of the capital policeman? Via Getty, you mean. So many racist people getting ratioed lmfaoooooo 😂 Did they arrest anyone over the summer breaking into stores and stealing tvs and sneakers? didnt need to his ugly ass picture

Hope he is happy in prison... He will not find Trump supporters there. Even they know what kind of person Trump is. Don't you mean Via Getty? Seems like he is a Jr acquaintance 🤙 I feel sorry for the guy. Trump, his master, is 1000x worse. But,nonetheless terrorists must be prosecuted. After he's taken to court on thousands of cases he won't be a billionaire long...

Just wondering Adam... Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago? Where is his smile and wave? Let's celebrate...... Totally worth it. She shouldn't get shit from the US government toodumbtowearamask via getty* Ha ha GIVE HIM THE SAME PUNISHMENT AS YOU WOULD HAVE GIVEN BLACKS BLM BreonnaTaylor Did they think if they wore hats & beards they wouldn’t be recognized?

I love this song RedsRhetoric Trumps been kick off Parlar as well 🤣 Funny how fast these arrests are happening. Where was law enforcement last summer during violent rioters looting ? Excellent Guy a idiot I can’t WAIT for oompaloompa to pay their legal fees 😂😂😂😂 Awww, he lost his smile. SoSad, just like Donnie

Idiot. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 TrumpIsALaughingStock 10 years minimum. Good lock his ass up. Embarrassment to the USA. What happened to the smile? smile in the jumpsuit? not smiling now lmfao These guys will be jailed for ten years right? did he actually take it or did he just pick it up and start walking around with it 😂🤔

Stay strong brotha💪💪 Yes He’s from Florida?!? I never would of guessed that one. 🙄 lol Zoom in on his eyes on a good pic of his mug shot and you’ll see he’s been crying. I would be too because a prisoner never knows when they’ll get epsteined. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Sorry he got caught up Tump ‘ism ARREST HIM FOR MURDER

I am sure Donald J Trump will pardon him! that hair going to get him some serious attention - in Prison!!!! But... but... but where's his big fat stupid smile? He was so proud of himself 😶 Go Adam 👍🏼 You love to see it Not smiling now is he? TheAlexNevil And will be punished severely for the Assas... wait, he burglarized an office? Go for it. You shot an unarmed Woman, I’m not getting in the way! AshliBabbitt understood

🐟 🐠 🎏 🎣 🐡 I support you man! Well done. He’s not looking quite as full of himself as he was the other day This is man has 5 kids and his wife is a doctor. This is what educated women have children with? I am not a doctor but I have have far better judgment than his wife does. As if his names A Johnson

He isn’t smiling in his mug shot. It’s not hers. It belongs to the people. If Jeff Spicoli hadn’t found surfing. 36 That is hard life 36. Damn. It’s all fun and games until the FBI pulls into your fvcking driveway No leniency till everyone of them locked up! He is going to do VERY well in Federal lock up....

Yep, looks like a total clueless motion. Trump should be so proud of these people, whose parents are prob first cousins. Oh wait, he is, and he loves them, they're very special. GOOD FRIGGING LORD ian_ibbotson Excellent news We were all pretty worried !! You arrested any of the looters, rioters , killers in Chicago streets yet from this summer Or, let me guess , theyve been released from jail already

Let's see how many years they give him Good luck trying to get a job at McDonald's criteria681 Didn’t even get to put the lectern on eBay. I thought his name was viagetty ? 🤔 Desa13I Don’t forget that bar of soap What? He’s not smiling for the camera now is he? Did he play on HBO’s ‘Oz’? Just another “Florida Man”

Play stupid games. Win Stupid prizes. Republicans FoxNews CNN FoxNews CNN ImpeachTrump RemoveTrumpTODAY Florida man strikes again. did they arrest the Wookiee yet? He got what he deserved nhannahjones He looks really different. Where's that smile? & what hell are they going to do with him? He is white Soooo nothing much

Lock him up🤬!!!! White suprematism right there!!! He was so happy and cheerful a few days ago... what happened? It’s not Pelosi’s lectern, it’s the people’s. It need to have someone stand behind it who’s worthy. Lock them all.. TerroristTrump DomesticTerrorists Hahaha fucking idiot. Not smiling like you were in the picture they took of you that incriminated you? Why so serious?

So what 😔, Trump will pardon him Of course. Florida. The arrests of the individuals is cute and for that we are thankful. But an arrest is not a conviction, & White men like those arrested often never face that consequence no matter how damning the evidence. Please prosecute, sentence, and incarcerate these criminals CapitolRiots

I want to see mug shots of all of them! There was a graphic on CNN International just now of suspects and photos--can you put that here? His layer said the he would not be taking the stand in court Na-na-na-na Na-na-na-na.. hey hey hey...goooooodbye Awwwww!!! He looks so sad! I bet he is happy to be in Trump's colors though!!! Will Trump pardon him? Maybe give him the medal of freedom?

whatsapp_is_a_scam CaitlinPacific He seems markedly less smiley in that pic. Why so much frown, I wonder? AdamJohnson Peak Florida man KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK He’s got experience taking the stand so the trial should be a cakewalk He’s not fucking smiling now . Appropriate that he’s wearing the color orange in his arrest photo.

Great job to that man it are house because we pay for that Bitch wage Finally seeing the criminal justice system do something right How did he get out with the podium and not arrested outside the Capitol? 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 SethAbramson What about the co-conspirator standing next to him? Stay at home dad ? He should have stayed home for this one with his children but gotta bring home some bread somehow

This just made my day! fakenews It’s only a lectern!!!!! How did they catch him without the beard? Amazing. He deserves every second of his sentence. But, that guy had a beard. Hey Adam, one size fits all😉 Magats have got to stop taking 'Live In The Moment' so damn seriously and try adding 'what happens to me tomorrow if I do this now?' You know, just add another gear on the cruiser bike... Maybe start with social security and Medicare....

Adam Johnson. Even their names reek of mayonnaise. Yeah, where's that grin now Dumbo! 😂👌 Free him! that's not Nancy's lectern - it belongs to all citizen taxpayers. Mr. Johnson was simply exerting his right to utilize property that he helped to pay for and is entitled to use as a citizen. Nancy destroyed taxpayers work product when she destroyed House documents.

'florida nan' ha Another one that shaved off his coup beard hoping to go unnoticed. Should have stuck a Target logo on it. Someone said he was trying to sell it on EBay!!!! Maybe they will let the terrorist take the podium to federal prison as a reminder of how stupid he is. After listening to these idiots talk, confirms that trump attacks the dumbest people. I guess he feels good being smarter than them. The bar is very low.

You do the crime, you do the time. He doesn’t look nearly as happy in this photo. What? No big smile in this picture? Looks like that smug, arrogant look got wiped off his face. What abunch of moron's Pardon him Mr Trump he is a fine man.... It's not amazing not one antifa or BLM member arrested for destroying to city blocks invading and destroying Federal buildings kind of a two-tier system isn't it if you're Democrat you get away with anything burning buildings shooting people leaving officers to die on the street

Boom goes another!!!!! Keep it going....... Hide HIM. Let us all pray that the embattled thought of entitlement does not make it to the courts this time around. Hide HIM! What happened to his smile? He's not so happy now! He’s a plebeian. Need to find and arrest the leaders and organizers. Enjoy the free hotel 🇺🇸

Good. Throw the book at him. Just awful there are plenty of there also that should be locked up. Why in the fuck didn't all the fucking idiots that were destroying our National Monuments get arrested?!? White privilege my ass!! hahahahahahahah good. dumb bastard. DawnRoseTurner Via Getty down!! GrayStillPlays Florida man ^

That’s a shame. NOT! Via Getty is arrested When you say riots we’d expect to see that foyer full and people tearing down those huge photos. Not 6 people just walking through Awe poor guy he was just trying to help keep her idiotic logic at bay 😂 Floridaman strikes again! I wonder how folks in prison are gonna treat the fresh meat who are in their for treason and attempting a coup 😂

Who's smiling now, a$$hole stophandguns The only hard evidence is that he was carrying it. Is dictator Pelosi’s lecture so holy that he can’t even touch it? Not smiling now. They’re all going to be brought to Justice. You cannot outrun the FBI. 10 years behind bars 👍🏻 bye! Where's that big smile and a wave now?

Folks! Please help identify these perpetrators!!! If you know any of these people, please call 1-800-225-5324 (1-800-CALL-FBI). FreeAdam2020 Isn't it the people's lectern? It's on loan to whoever holds the office title. Betting his wife, the good doctor is just PROUD of this boy! Unfortunately it will likely affect her career as well! Like I always say the smallest acts have the biggest impact...he certainly I'm sure saw this as a small act! Whoopsy!

He dosn't seem so smiley now... Hey the people who said he must be from Florida because his cold weather clothes looked like shit were right Trash Hey Adam, you should smile more - you look so much prettier when you smile! And he thought it was ok.... Does he need psychiatric help? The hypocrisy is rank with these people. This was a peaceful protest and I'm sure they have insurance, so it wasn't a big deal at all. At least that's what we were told during Minneapolis and Portland!

Good, these people were off their rocker invading the Capital Building! Arrest them and charge them, but from this point on this is how many people are going to want to see future riots and looting be policed. What's fair is fair right? Floridaman He seems less enthusiastic now compared to when he was stealing federal property and trespassing on federal property.

Hes not smiling now? Wonder why... Aw, he doesn't look so happy now! Good! Put them all in orange suits. Was it really worth it? I’m guessing not especially when they spend time in genpop. Hope they supported BLM and if not they will be schooled in jail. OF COURSE HES A FLORIDA MAN LMAOOOOOOOOOOO Where’s that Colgate smile now? Mugshots

Great !!!! Not smiling anymore I see. Its ok, I am sure his hero Trump will get him out of jail.... Or not! 😂 Only a Trump supporter can look better in a mugshot than walking free. 🧐 If they think they are patriots they should be turning themselves in to the FBI to face this nations justice. He's not smiling like a fool 𝘯𝘰𝘸, is he? 😏👍 Hope it was worth it!

Of course he's from FL. FloridaMan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Welcome to the cell block, Cinderella. That's not Adam Johnson, that's viagetty What no big cheesy smile and cute little wave? Wow? He got all the way back to Florida? Ain't so funny now, is it... Good!!! DeanCarrie seen the name trending though it was the other Adam Johnston 😂

RadioFreeTom Florida man? So they already had his mugshot on file? Lmfao florida man But he didn't break it? Or loot anything? Haha 2gay2lift bro this you? smartdissent Not smiling so much now, is he? Chip Gaines? 20 years in prison. Was it worth it? Great!!! Who could have seen this coming? I Question, can Trump pardon all these idiots if he wants to or do they have to face a verdict before he can pardon all these people he loves soo much and cheers for?

Fucking hell if you think your Adam Johnson is bad look at ours. 👀 When you such a moron that you go storm the Capitol with a gang of thugs not only do you not were a disguise, you make sure you get a few photos to mark the occasion. Not a mind along the lines of Einstein is he. Free the homie 😂😂 Of course it’s a Florida man. They’re not known for being intelligent to begin with

Guess his Daddy didn’t tell him sedition doesn’t pay. Mf ain't laughing and shit now! Welp!🤷🏾‍♂️ I would’ve burned it so that it could never be recovered again... Good All you people disgust me. I thank the god almighty every morning theres a place for people like you. And if you dont believe in hel, believe me when I say that sun is gonna blow up one day and then what will your petty little opinions amount to? A dust cloud. Lol

free him But of course when the BLM “Protesters” did this(and even worse damage)no one but no one in jail. The hypocrisy here🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Lolololololololololo Malinda_Hodges His smile seems to have disappeared. I find it hilarious that all these guys shaved like that was going to throw the FBI off 😂 just shows the mentality level is pretty low at Trump rallys.

BurtonBrown They’ll all be caught. Anybody who is part of an organized militia and holed up in some compound is smart enough not to have been part of that. RadioFreeTom What's the over/under on Trump pardons for these guys? Not sure we've reached the low point in this deadly 🎪 yet. lingyutd perfect name

Not smiling anymore huh cevapifingers good to see Adam Johnson still commiting crimes Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes. Will he be taking the stand to present his case? See this is why we can’t get anything done in Florida. The Southeast half is smartly Blue and the North stupidly red. I hope he will get at least 15 to 30.

Where’s that big goofy smile of his? Is getting arrested for being a terrorist not funny? 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️oh well cliveboyce77 Dammit Florida man, you were supposed to destroy the oppressors, not become them! Florida man It’s a wonder he stopped smiling Was all those ppl from Florida? LOL. PRICELESS! This is why boys and girls EDUCATION and proper training to become a civilized human being from an early age of so CRITICAL and IMPORTANT.

Always some stupid, effn shit with Flori-duh🤬 You think T-rump will pardon you 🤣 He will NOT GIVE YOU A SECOND THOUGHT... He doesn't care for anyone but himself!! You will pay for your crimes as you should!! EXPECT NO PARDON!!! YOU DID THE CRIME --- YOU DO THE TIME!!! Good. He looks so hum-dog now, a few days ago he was all shits and giggles.

His 5 children & wife who is a doctor must be so proud of their loser father & husband!!! The minimum sentence for everyone arrested is a minimum of 10 years. The judges need a reminder of Trump’s executive order that was signed last year for BLM protestors. Fair is fair. 😂 well he is a terrorist, hope he is tried as such. those fools are just as bad as Isis or al-queda

kpolantz his smile seems slightly dimmer carloalberto Sembra grignani LisaFranceCNN F.B.I. Doing a great job catching those punks I just don't understand how you snow flake ppl compare blm to this bullshit . There is DOCUMENTED PROOF that you snowflakes dressed up in blm gear and looted, burned buildings down and then blamed it on blm. This country is hypocritical shit. Land of freedom and opportunity? 🤣

felony first degree!! yes He’s a terrorist do what we do to terrorists, fly him down to Gitmo camp delta and proceed with interrogation measures. Prison you go. Free u r not Wow. He is not smiling as much now than in his Capitol photo. 🤡 They’re all on camera.... continue going down the list and get them all! 🇺🇸

Where’s that proud smile now? I hope he set up a fund me page for his legal defense team. Atleaste he stands up for America first. Pelosi belongs in Mexico! Allanah_Morales 🤣🤣 Hope he thinks it was worth it...Stupid is what stupid does. glad got this gangster off the street. i can sleep better now🤝 I personally don’t understand why he didn’t smile in his mugshot. If you’re proud, be proud. That’s all I’m saying.

Kato Kailin, The Meth Years If trump is allowed to stay in power, he will pardon these people. Apparently the wife is a doctor who got fired due to this. Q bien ahora chupa cárcel Idiota llama a papá Trump para q te ayude 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Not so giddy now, is he? don't drop the soap This isn’t Adam Johnson, this is Via Getty

My fear is that Trump will pardon all of them and be a hero The people that were acting out Wednesday were ALL ID's via Facial Recognition software as ANTIFA &BLM MEMBERS!!! THE SAME GROUPS THAT WAS BURNING DOWN BUSINESSES THIS SPRING/SUMMER/FALL GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!!! GilpinPeri Ironically, his last days of ever sitting comfortably.

Photo op Not smiling anymore OF COURSE he's from florida He should be arrested. Now let’s get to work on the people who burned and destroyed countless properties in many cities last year. Down right scary! Where’s the big old SMILE PAL Good luck to you, Adam Johnson. I hope you find a purpose in prison. Because, you know, there’s no parole for federal crimes.

10 years for each and everyone of them. Woohoo!!!!!! Hahaha BUM! Doesn’t even look like the same guy but okay thenewsjunkie and now, you're a felon lmao XTinaMcAwesome of course Florida One less Antifa member Good. You arrested the Insurrectionist, now actually punish him for the crimes he committed. Not smiling now are you? you dumb ass

Ol dumbass lol Florida got all characters yes Why are you guys even still letting people in the capitol anyways. It’s a fucking crime scene! They all went home and shaved their beards to avoid being recognized? 😒😂😂😂 A legend Lol get fucked asshole Fake . I’m loving all these arrests! Keep finding these assholes.

He doesn’t look happy. Is it because he’s wearing an orange jumpsuit (should be his favorite color) or just that he was stupid and got caught. Probably lives on the same street with all the yard signs you sent me Kuuuuuhhhn Glad viagetty has had his name cleared Florida Man. Enough said. Çnn suxks Let him share a cell with Bubba and let nature take its course heh heh heh

Hehehehehe😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽 Tell us how many arrests have been made for the Portland fiasco Free him!!! Stay at home dad for five kids. Say what you want, but he sure knows how to prioritize what's important. Insurrection Well being of your own children. Pathetic. A true American hero freeadamjohnson

Hope he spends the rest of his life behind bars. Not so full of himself now is he hehe He wont stand for this! What’s the matter bro you aren’t smiling now He should be out already. Wait he’s in Florida, not Illinois. Never mind. Oh well Have you posted the video that donlemon played last night of the Capitol police officer jammed in between doors and attacked? And the consistent chanting to find Pence and hang him? It was horrific but maybe a few will see that this was NOT a demonstration but a full on attack.