Man says he feels cured after living with diabetes for almost 50 years

Brian Shelton has lived for nearly 50 years with Type 1 diabetes.

12/7/2021 8:22:00 AM

The result has been freedom from the past nearly five decades of constantly checking his blood sugar levels, delivering insulin and living in fear of blood sugar levels being too low, hypoglycemia, or too high, hyperglycemia.

Brian Shelton has lived for nearly 50 years with Type 1 diabetes.

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This is wonderful, but it saddens me too. Kind of feels like 11 years too husband died 11 years ago from type 1...he was blind, double amputee and kidney/pancreas transplant. The future looks brighter tho and that's encouraging Sugar----is one of the most dangerous things that people can put into their bodies Eating a lots of sweets and sugar increases your chances of having a heart attack or stroke Look at these videos

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Type 2 diabetes is reversible. 5 Effective supplements to take in winter to avoid any complications according to Dr Anthony Fauci recommendation Congratulations!

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