Man says Harris County deputies wrongfully confiscated $40,000 from vehicle during 2019 traffic stop

5/20/2022 4:00:00 AM

Deputies were going to let the man off with a warning before he started acting nervous which led to them finding $40,000 in cash when they searched his car., records show

Deputies were going to let the man off with a warning before he started acting nervous which led to them finding $40,000 in cash when they searched his car., records show

Deputies were going to let the man off with a warning before he started acting nervous which led to them finding $40,000 in cash when they searched his car., records show

Email HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Mississippi man is currently fighting to get back the $41,680 he says Harris County took from him without merit.A home was destroyed by Russian forces in Vilkhivka, Ukraine.May 19, 2022 at 10:45 a.Ukraine soldiers lay down arms at Mariupol steel plant Ian Pannell reports on the latest news from the war between Ukraine and Russia.

In May 2019, Ameal Woods was driving on I-10 outside of Houston when Harris County Sheriff's Office deputies pulled him over for following the vehicle in front of him at an unsafe distance.According to an affidavit from a deputy involved in the stop, they attempted to let Woods go with a warning, but he started to act nervous.Credit.With Woods' permission, deputies searched his vehicle and found the money he is currently seeking back.m.Woods did not face any criminal charges, but authorities believed the money found was going to be used for a drug deal.."His life savings is his life savings," said Arif Panju of , the organization that is representing Woods.Gleb Garanich/Reuters Ukrainian refugees from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol arrive in a bus to a registration and humanitarian aid center for internally displaced people, amid Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, May 8, 2022.

"It's incumbent upon the state to have an actual crime they think he's committed.The measure will bring the total American investment in the war to roughly $54 billion in just over two months.Every Democrat and all but 11 Republicans — many of them supporters of former President Donald Trump’s isolationist agenda — backed the measure." The district attorney's office feels otherwise, saying Chapter 59 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure allowed them to treat the money as contraband since it had hallmarks of bills being earmarked for drug purchases.Prosecutor Angela Beavers of the Harris County District Attorney's Office said the money was bundled in electrical tape, vacuum sealed, and contained transmission fluid - a substance used to deter police dogs from detecting drug residue on bills.President Biden was expected to quickly sign it into law."You don't have to have criminal charges filed against you," said Beavers.S."Thank God he didn't get to the actual drug deal.The measure’s relatively smooth path through Congress has demonstrated how the searing images of suffering in Ukraine, coupled with fears about Russian aggression spreading beyond the country’s borders, have — at least for now — overcome resistance from both parties to American involvement in war abroad."Anyone concerned about the cost of supporting a Ukrainian victory should consider the much larger cost should Ukraine lose," McConnell said as he encouraged all members to join the"big bipartisan supermajority" voting to advance the aid package.

" Additionally, affidavits from deputies working the case say Woods admitted to having connections with a drug dealer in Mississippi before leaving for Houston."We have proof that he told officers that a known drug dealer paid him to come to Houston to buy the dope," Beavers explained.“We Americans — all of us, Democrat and Republican — cannot afford to stick our heads in the sand while Vladimir Putin continues his vicious belligerence against the Ukrainian people.Help that could make sure that the Ukrainians are victorious,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N."That is drug money that the officer had every right to seize to prevent that drug deal from happening." Panju, based out of Washington D.Leaders in both parties sought to ensure that skepticism about the scope of the package did not derail its passage.C.The vote was a glaring exception to the partisan divisions that have hindered work on other issues under Biden and that promise to become only less bridgeable as November’s elections for control of Congress draw closer.We Americans all of us Democrats and Republicans cannot afford to stick our heads in the sand while Vladimir Putin continues his vicious belligerence against the Ukrainian people while he fires at civilian hospitals and targets and kills children and innocent people," he said.

, says affidavits like the ones being used by the DA's office are being rehashed as a way for the county to make money.“Aid for Ukraine goes far beyond charity; the future of America’s security and core strategic interests will be shaped by the outcome of this fight,” Mr."In this country, you need to allege what crime and why you're holding money when you're not arresting people," Panju said."Cash is not a crime, yet that's all they have right now.“Anyone concerned about the cost of supporting a Ukrainian victory should consider the much larger costs should Ukraine lose.Though support in both chambers was unmistakably bipartisan, the GOP defections were noteworthy after Trump, still a potent force in the party, complained that such sums should first be targeted at domestic problems." ABC13 reached out to Houston attorney Stephen Aslett , who isn't involved in this case, to analyze the situation.While it's an unpopular law that he could ultimately see being changed through courts or legislation, Harris County did have enough evidence to seize the money from Woods legally, Aslett said.Biden’s $33 billion request, which came only weeks after Congress had cleared a $13.

The Institute for Justice has filed a civil suit and a class-action lawsuit related to this case.Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.Follow Chaz Miller on.The bill passed on Thursday has a similar split.

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Hell yea they took 12k off me on some bs talking about the dogs hit for narcotics. Go to hell!! Everyone’s money is going to hit from narcotics. Tell the judge pull her money out, I bet it hits I told the DA!! FOH!! Straight ROBBERY!! Sorry MF’s!! This is 100% unethical and should be illegal. Carrying a lot of cash is not a crime, even if he is carrying it bundled in transmission fluid.

Police are the biggest criminals in America. This is happening way too often. When you explain civil asset forfeiture to the average citizen they think you are lying. Morally criminal behavior from the people we are supposed to trust.

The Senate overwhelmingly approves $40 billion in aid to Ukraine, sending it to Biden.The Senate on Thursday gave final approval to a $40 billion emergency military and humanitarian aid package for Ukraine, as the United States deepens its support for an increasingly costly and protracted fight against a Russian invasion. Printing more money is just going to cause more inflation and hurt Americans more They don’t care about us. Remember this!!! We are suffering with gas and inflation and these elites ignore you!!! America’s priorities all wrong. Take care of Americans first. Baby’s not having formula is bigger issue wake up! Helping the biden cover his corruption and wasting money we don’t have. The lazy liberals won’t be helping!

Senate overwhelmingly approves $40 billion in Ukraine aidOn Wednesday, Sen. Schumer said he was not confident this would be the final measure to help Ukraine. “They’re doing the fighting, they’re the ones getting killed, they’re t… nothing approved to pay off ransomware. that doesn't make sense.

Senate passes $40 billion in new aid to Ukraine, bill heads to BidenBREAKING: The Senate voted to pass an additional $40 billion in new aid for Ukraine, after Pres. Biden called on Congress last month to deliver the additional funding, to help counter Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin's invasion over the long term. I can’t 🤬 So the peace-loving, anti-war, save the earth, ban every gun, love everyone democrats, are now all for war and killing and funding the most deadly weapons on earth🤣🤣 you can't make this stuff up 🤡🤡 hypocrites ukraine democrats Buying Ukraine is more like it

Senate Passes $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Package After Weeklong DelayThe bill earned bipartisan support in the House and Senate—but a lone objection from Sen. Rand Paul held up swift passage of the bill last week. In my lifetime, I don't think I've ever seen a political class so blantantly corrupt and self-interested as we see now. Those that can't see the corruption either don't want to see it, don't care, or are idiots. How does that % flow with other countries contributions? 🤬

Senate sends $40 billion Ukraine-aid bill to Biden for signatureThe Senate on Thursday approved a $40 billion military and economic-aid package for Ukraine, sending it to President Joe Biden for signature. The 86-11 vote... What a joke, the people in our own Country are still struggling from the pandemic and they want to send $40B 🤬

After delay, Senate sends $40 billion Ukraine aid package to BidenBREAKING: Senate passes $40 billion military, economic and humanitarian aid package for Ukraine; bill now goes to President Biden, who is expected to sign. What a joke this is. Biden is the greatest president Ukraine is ever had. This is America