Vol 51 Issue 03

Vol 51 Issue 03

Man’s Area Code Provides Exciting Glimpse At Past Life

Man’s Area Code Provides Exciting Glimpse At Past Life

10/13/2021 3:30:00 PM

Man’s Area Code Provides Exciting Glimpse At Past Life

SHULLSBURG, WI—Illuminating a previously unknown chapter of the man’s past, an incoming call with a 617 area code provided an exciting glimpse into the life of 29-year-old Derek Eanesworth, acquaintances reported Tuesday. “Ooh, he must have lived in Boston for a while, but when and where, exactly?” said the call’s…

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Grammy-award winning singer surprises street performer - CNN Video

What are the chances? A street performer in Boston was singing a John Legend song when she spotted him in the crowd. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.

I live in Vegas and still have my Michigan 586 number, haha. Dudes from Boston. He’s seen some shit 3:30 PM · 13 окт. 2021 г.·Sprout Social Reppin' The 666. Answer it... I think it is about your car's extended warranty. SHULLSBURG, WI! His past life may have been exciting, but his current life is a fantastic cheese lovers paradise.

Barely notice it. Hey that's Boston He looks familiar Bet that’s relatable

Yellowstone Bouncer Escorts High Roller To VIP Area To Meet And Mingle With Grizzly BearsGARDINER, MT—Pulling aside a velvet rope as he waved the well-heeled hiker forward, a bouncer at Yellowstone National Park reportedly escorted a high roller to the VIP area Monday to meet and mingle with a few of the habitat’s celebrated grizzly bears. “How about a more private party with some of our bears?” said the… lol puppies. That high roller is sure to find herself in a jail cell with gold-plated bars to protect her from that bouncer who's probably only trying to protect his cubs.

Area Woman Always Has Backup Problem Just In CaseDAYTON, OH—Local woman Jessica Hartley, 26, confirmed Tuesday that she always has a backup problem handy just in case her initial predicament is resolved or no longer relevant. 'Whether it's fretting about my career or the mess in my kitchen, I hate being caught off guard without anything to worry about,' Hartley… Area managers bracing for impact. PlankySmith Same tbh. Been keeping money in a fund to flee to the Appalachian Mountains in a tiny shack if I ever need to. Plan B

Video shows plane fall from sky, explode in residential area near San DiegoNew video shows the moment a twin-engine Cessna fell from the sky and burst into flames in a residential neighborhood near San Diego, killing at least two people and destroying homes.

Why California’s Bay Area Is Now The Best Place To Buy An Electric CarThe incentives to trade in an older gas burner for an EV, hybrid, or e-bike are now among the most generous in the nation, provided one qualifies. nice Nancy will sell you one! Check fine print for high tax! Tendrian que ver lo que pasa AHORA en Argentina pedimos a gritos la renuncia del MinistrodeSeguridad llamado anibalfernandez por haber atentado contra la seguridad de las hijas del reconocido dibujante Nikgaturro creador de gaturro y así se lo pidio.

California law requires gender-neutral area in some storesThe new law is a win for LGBT advocates who say the pink and blue marketing methods pressure children to conform to gender stereotypes. Sex change advocates strike again. State mandated homosexuality is next “FINALLY!” —-no one.

Here's why you should be worried about US democracy right now'This past weekend provided multiple examples of how the GOP is moving to fully embrace Trump and his overtly antidemocratic views,' writes zbyronwolf | Analysis zbyronwolf A new Rasmussen Reports survey found a majority of voters believe cheating tainted President Joe Biden's victory over former President Donald Trump in last year's election. wow 56% zbyronwolf 2023 is going to suck! Chock full of Fucking Nuts! zbyronwolf We are repeating history, but this time it’s 2024, not 1932 and the difference is the people they are going after are Democrats, but the nazi’s are the GOP hail trumptin is the new cry 👌 the new salute