Vol 56 Issue 21, Protest, Race, George Floyd

Vol 56 Issue 21, Protest

Man Questions If It Really Necessary For Protesters To Be Black

Man Questions If It Really Necessary For Protesters To Be Black

5/28/2020 11:08:00 PM

Man Questions If It Really Necessary For Protest ers To Be Black

DULUTH, MN—On the heels of massive demonstrations sparked by the police killing of George Floyd , local man Cory Nelson was questioning the necessity of protestors being black, sources confirmed Thursday. “Don’t get me wrong, I understand that they’re upset, but they’re totally undermining their point by insisting on being African American,” said Nelson, noting that there were better ways to achieve goals than resorting to these sorts of ethnicities. “It’s a horrible thing that happened, but continuing to be rampantly black in their own communities isn’t helping anyone.” Nelson went on to add that no matter how upset or angry he got, he would personally never be black.

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I’m curious how many articles The Onion has written this year that were finished, edited and waiting to post. Then 2020 stepped in and said “Satire? Bitch, this is reality! Start over!” the last line on this is better than the headline idk seems like forced diversity to me /s HHAHAH what a rational skeptic

I kinda feel sorry for the guy used in this photo. He looks like a worm if it were a movie created by Pixar about the life of worms. Probably not

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Four Minnesota cops fired after death of black man, George FloydThe man's death Monday night after he struggled with officers was under investigation by the FBI and state law enforcement authorities. i hope they charge murder on these man. That man was pleading for his life straight 5 min. and they didnt move an inch from his neck.