Man Jumps in Zoo Bear Enclosure, Tries Drowning Animal

Man Jumps in Zoo Bear Enclosure, Tries Drowning Animal

5/23/2020 1:26:00 AM

Man Jumps in Zoo Bear Enclosure, Tries Drowning Animal

An allegedly drunk man jumped in the bear exhibit at a Polish zoo and tried to drown the animal on video.

@wnukers/@BasedPolandA man who was allegedly drunk broke into a bear exhibit at a zoo in Poland and tried to drown the massive beast in front of tons of horrified onlookers ... and it's all on video.The wild scene went down at the Warsaw Zoo, where a 23-year-old man was filmed trying to shove the bear's head underwater as they struggled in the enclosure's moat.

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The insane video picks up with the man inside the exhibit, and the bear charges at the guy, who jumps into the water. The bear eventually makes its way into the moat as well, and then all hell breaks loose.You see the guy shoving the bear's head underwater with both hands, putting all his weight on the captive animal as he tries to keep the bear submerged. After a struggle, the bear seems to give up and the guy lets go and climbs out of the water.

It's kinda sad ... the zoo says the bear, Sabina, is an elderly animal who was rescued from a circus, and it's not the first time she's been attacked. The zoo also says the bear was not physically hurt, but was mentally stressed and nervously growled in the water until zookeepers arrived.

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Idiot Asshole. So today I wanna try something different all my followers cashapp $1 to me after I got enough people to send I will pick 2 people to send the money to cashapp name $qjohnson1980 JUST $1 After the guy gets incarcerated, they should release a giant grizzly into his cell enclosure. Call it Round Two.

He can bear hug his prison mate. I'm so glad that didn't found out about our polish celebrities who belives that coronavirus & 5G are weapon against humanity 😎😎😎 So messed up Give him the maximum penalty you can give him Poland!! What an A-hole!! Glad the bear is okay. Would be cool if we could see a video of him getting drowned instead... what a loser.

NOOOOOO 🔥 Poland apologizes for this gentleman Water board him If he's a Republican, the media will say he's drowning the bear. If he's a Democrat, the media will say he's saving the bear from drowning... I’m gonna call this When idiots get a second chance at life. He cannot be of sane mind. Impossible! Wow tmz celebs really need to go back out in public because your posts have been ...

Can’t wait till a bear jumps into his enclosure and mauls his head off 👌🏻🙏🏻 But why the zoo care takers didn’t come running to dart this shithead and put him to sleep? Why? Cocaine is a hell of a drug! Well maybe the bear was being a dick. Looks like humans are still not learning their lessons 😢 Your site sux Try spending a lil & stop be such a .........

CityofTwoRivers I hope the zoo gets the prosecution they seek I don’t wanna be that high!!!🤦🏽‍♂️ Ffs, he's sick and ... Just die🤦 I hope the bear hurt him, sorry not sorry he deserves it😒 that poor bear is in jail rn and now you wanna kill him? Just die Cocaine is one hell of a drug. Shoot him What a disgrace to all men on earth. And people wonder why animals attack human beings.

Just wow... How can people be so fu***ng stupid?! 🙄 The animal was found guilty in all counts People are losing their minds.. I wish the bear bit and severely injured him. I hope bad karma follows him for the rest of his life. I can't even watch this. I hope he drowns or dies of Corvid. ExplodingShowerDoorFan weighs in.

does the zoo have any large cats they can feed this fuck to? Harambe didn’t die so these assholes can keep getting away with this 😤 Can we expedite this case of Darwinism A man really said 'Take this hammer' in that video. People really think the animal should die because this guy was stupid enough to get himself in this mess? Fuck him

What is wrong with people? Ugh! Do much stupidity! We're doomed! FUCK HIM I wish the bear would have eaten his stupid ass WTF These Craigs are annoying as fuck. He knows exactly what he is doing. What did the bear do to make him that mad? I remember my first beer Who won here ? No, really. Another case of humans being the worst form of life on this planet.

I wish the bear could've bitten the drunken fool on his ass! He must have just seen the movie The Revenant More cases of elder abuse in MICHIGAN, AGAIN!!! He needs to go to jail! Death Penalty! lizardpeople reptilians Them bath salts a mf Lol why Harambe all over again😔 What kind of Dope was this Dude on? Asshole!!!

The Bear king... Let me guess. Some zoo in Florida This makes me sick and should have a warning before you watch tmz I wish this bear tore him up. Can’t wait till he gets torn up In jail. People are crazy. This was so hard to watch Crazy ass Was I the only one cheering on the bear? carollaster are you actually fucking serious? someone yells, “here take this hammer” why isn’t anyone screaming for him to stop? that poor bear; obviously that bear could have ripped him to shreds (should’ve but didn’t) humans are monsters and this is disgusting.

The guy who offered the bear a hammer 🔨 is the real hero I hope the bear ate him 😬 Poland is crazy place Another stupid white moment “the zoo says the bear, Sabina, is an elderly animal who was rescued from a circus, and it's not the first time she's been attacked” WTF 💔 SaveSabina And that's why bears attack humans all the time rhey know we some evil species lol

Maybe the bear was talking shit! I read it twice, went to the comments, saw yall trashing him then read it again and understood ☠️ What an animal! I hope the alligator is okay. Hopefully the story ended with the man being devoured by the bear. POLISH ZOOMAN JUMPS INTO BEAR ENCLOSURE ... This statement defines what being Polish means.

Bear should eat this idiot! Omg he better have been arrested TheFknLizrdKing I bet he’s from Florida 😂 it's been a hard couple of months Crack is a hell of a drug! IS THIS DUDE HIGH ON METH?! What's wrong with people WTF is wrong with ppl The animal must have owed him money... Im rooting for the bear to eat him alive!

Don’t say man, say asshole Are the zoo's open? He needs to do 6 months of the picking up poop in that zoo as community service. And if it decided to have dinner for some not odd reasons the bear will be held accountable for improper training by staff predictable🏌️‍♂️ This is cruelty. I hope he is prosecuted and jailed.

Next time try the lions den... Damn...he beat that bear ass And the fucked up thing is if the animal chews his ass off then we kill the animal right?😒 seems 2020 got us going a little crazy Drown the man Why are they attacking this poor bear..a retired circus 🎪 animal..sad! dude had to be on drugs..I imagine they’ll say he’s insane or something..

Too bad How many Pollocks does it take to drown a bear? Some should have jumped in and drowned him. Hopefully the bear bit him. Shit u do when you're bored during quarantine Hope that bear tore his guts out Humans are the worse kind of animal. Hopefully the bear ate him. I'm hoping the bear will recover from this. Seriously! Need to build a better fence in to keep the animals safe.

Dumb Pollack. Oh well, this idiot has set back decades of progress for us of the Polish persuasion. (sic)... From now on, when people jump over the fences, shoot the human to save the animal. Khabib could never I hope the bear ate him The poor bear. She’s elderly and was rescued from a circus and it’s not the first time she’s been attacked. WTF 😢

We don't need people like this on the planet smh. Asshole! He better go to prison - years This is disgusting I hope the Bear ate him. Vile They should’ve just let the bear kill him sometimes a nigga just gotta drown a bear Huh On the next episode of... 'When humans attack! ' 🤦‍♀️ People are awful harambelives

Jail time for this guy. And lots of treats, hugs & love for the bear. Sick human being. What's wrong with people 🔖🦁 Inspired by the actual Accounts of an NYPD Sergeant Look, two types of evil in this life my friends. 1. Secondary evil that man do. 2. And primary evil, which is entirely something different? Stay with God 👑 No matter what! [God bless you 🙏

He waited all his life for this moment, he's been a bear hater since the tender age of 3 when Teddy bears weren't so cuddly to him, they gave him night terrors, so as soon as everything opened up he had murder on his mind...👀 Punishment should fit the crime. Mxm Hang him This is why I despise people sometimes! Humans are what’s destroying the planet 🌎 & every living creature on it.

The zoo keepsakes should have shot him, God please forgive me This gotta be in Russia or some shit This made my day and my night U just cannot pay no amount of money for these type of shows lol There is no help for the insane ones Crazy and Evil That elder bear must have Alzheimer’s because it looks like it forgot how to bear.

I’m not condoning it, but I think the gravitational pull from his testicals are literally holding the moon 🌙 in orbit . White People Fucker Wtf People are a** holes. Why is the zoo open Wtf I hate this man I hate this guy. I hope he gets everything he deserves. wait omg it's an elder female bear recued from the circus wtf, also not the first time she's been attacked? what the fuck is wrong with people- also can we fkn talk how there's a kid with their parent watching should the parent take the kid away in case something happens? lol

Weird druggie. Don't do drugs!. 🙅‍♀️🤯🤦‍♀️ More concerning are the bystanders who (stand by) watching this idiot-filming, laughing, and someone even offering him a hammer to finish the job. What is wrong with this world? Sometimes it’s hard to believe we’re at the top of the food chain! Shocking ! that it's not Florida.

this is Khabib dealing with his stress from his fathers health let him be. khabibgaethje Wow Effects of covid19 Hope hes gone soon Why wasn't he shot? I hope he meets some new bears in prison That’s enough twitter for me goodnight y’all Close that damn zoo down. Can’t keep things like this from happening..? Lol ridiculous. That bear could have killed him easily. What a drunk idiot. That zoo is worse.

Wtf is wrong with people! Wish it was a younger bear SMH 😠 I would pay 1000 to kill this fuck Is the bear ok?!! What a fucker. Put that motherfucker in a locked room with that bear as payback. Kill that man immediately!!!!!!!!!!!! CamFAwesome Put him in jail! I wonder🧐 if it’s because he’s drunk......or because he’s Polish? 🤣

Remember when the Polish tried to stop Hitler on horses ? WTF did he take crack before it? Harambe didn't die for this 😳 I would like to hold that assholes head underwater!!!!! I wish the bear had ate his ass up 😉 Shld have let the bear have a BIG snack, definitely deserves it after that! Wat heartless psychopath wld do this! He needs to be locked in bear enclosure and forgotten about 😉😁😂🤞🏼

I was hoping for the bear to eat his ass🤯 I’m rooting for the bear...and BTW, can we get rid of all zoos? Sick such a lack of respect for our elders Can someone pls drown that stupid muh fckr?! See how he likes it! TeamBear So sad 😥. So sorry that the bear 🐻 did not drown the piece of 💩 What is he thinking I hope he got arrested

Subnautica Umm...why did that guy offer him a hammer? That poor bear. Did the Bear maul him? Welcome to Poland, we beat the shit out of bears 🇵🇱 looked like he was just trying to keep the bear from attacking him🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Poor little sweet bear! Thankfully she is ok and the guy will be in a heap of trouble. I love them bears

These trump supporters are getting a little crazy now Why wasn’t the zoo closed how disgusting I hope he rots in a polish jail I wish it read stupid man dies and deserves it. What about the guy telling him to take the hammer. Like what the fuck? Yes, smash the bears face in because you went into HER enclosure. I hate people.

Isn’t is horrible enough for this bear being in a prison for the rest of his days... now he’s almost killed by this IDIOT! 🙄😡 Drunk? That Dude was on some serious sh*t. Is this Florida ? This guy was “Beary”drunk & “Beary” stupid🐻 That bear should’ve mauled him to death 💀 sorrynotsorry the cages seems to be there to protect the animals not the humans. That animal was clearly docile.

Why didn't the animal eat him? Seems like he would deserve it. my hero That bear shoulda shred the SHIT outta that asshole! What the actual fuck🤦‍♀️ Now throw him with the tigers! Was he Russian? Crazy thing is the bear was a elderly circus animal that was rescued from her abusers. So sad Bear should've got his ass!

Back when Harambe ran shit this wouldn’t fly RipHarambe The News doesn’t surprise me anymore!!!! Shit Head... I’m routing for the bear!!!! It would of made my day if the bear ripped his throat out!!! Looks like he’s defending himself. Good twisted title though.... That was pretty smart of him not gonna lie 🤷🏻‍♂️

I wondered where Matt Gaetz had been. What a maniac This is what that new Covid-19 mutation must be causing people to do. What is wrong with people weird flex People are so fucking crazy. damn what is wrong with him Drown him!!! wth what in sam hell Hope the bear ate him.... Throw him to the lions. Wtf

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