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Man Jailed After Having Sex with Chickens

Man Jailed After Having Sex with Chickens

10/20/2020 2:04:00 PM

Man Jailed After Having Sex with Chickens

A video of care worker Rehan Baig abusing the birds - which were pets - was saved under the file name 'family vids'.

A man has been jailed for three years for having sex with his own pet chickens while his wife filmed him. Care worker Rehan Baig was described as"depraved, despicable and perverted" for the animal abuse that"would make any right-thinking member of society sick to their stomach".

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Baig, 37, abused the chickens in the basement of the home he shared with wife Haleema, 38, who also featured in footage of the abuse, Bradford Crown Court heard. The videos - recorded using a GoPro camera - were saved under the file name"family vids". At one stage Baig alternated between having intercourse with his wife and the chickens, the court was told.

Baig was sentenced after pleading guilty to having intercourse with chickens, possessing images of himself and his wife engaging in sex acts with a dog, and making indecent images of children. His wife was handed a six-month suspended sentence after admitting that she filmed her husband. The brown and white chickens died as a result of the abuse at the couple's home in Great Horton, Bradford, West Yorkshire. Police discovered the"depraved" offenses when they searched the family home last July.

Officers seized two computers, a laptop, and a mobile phone and found 49 images of child abuse, including 11 in the most serious category A. The children were as young as six. Investigators soon realized that some of the footage found on the seized equipment was of Baig himself, carrying out abuse on the chickens and a dog.

Prosecutor Abigail Langford told the court it was believed Baig had sex with the chickens on more than one occasion."It is the Crown's case that this was repeated behavior," the prosecutor said.Rehan Baig has been jailed for three years for the 'depraved' sexual abuse of animals

West Yorkshire PoliceThe court heard that one video showed two of the chickens dead on the cellar floor and another showed Baig placing one of the dead animals in a bin bag. He was also filmed having intercourse with a chicken that had already died. Ms. Langford said still images were also found of the couple involved in sexual activity with a dog. There were no chickens or a dog present at the house when it was searched by police.

Sentencing the couple, Judge Richard Mansell QC said:"The videos you made would make any right-thinking member of society sick to their stomach and involved unspeakable acts of cruelty to animals you abused for your own depraved sexual gratification."

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Newsweek subscription offers >He added:"The pain and suffering you must have inflicted on these animals must have been horrific and all these chickens died as a result. These home videos were created for your own sexual gratification and kept so that you could go back and watch them, again for sexual gratification. They are beyond comprehension."

Baig admitted three counts of making indecent images of children, three counts of possessing extreme pornography, three offenses involving an animal, and two counts of possession of controlled drugs. He was jailed for a total of three years, placed on the sexual offenders register for life, and banned from owning animals.

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