Kenosha: Man İnjured İn Protests Sues City, County And Law Enforcement Officers - Cnn

Kenosha: Man İnjured İn Protests Sues City, County And Law Enforcement Officers - Cnn

Man injured in Kenosha protests shooting sues city, county and law enforcement officers

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10/15/2021 10:08:00 PM

A man who was shot during protests last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is suing the city, the county and many of its officers

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Jury finds Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts

A Wisconsin jury found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts after the Illinois teenager shot and killed two men and wounded a third at a protest last year.

I'm sorry you tried killing a man and he out-shot you, you deserved it. 🤣🤣 Is this the guys that had a gun and went after rittenhouse? KR gon get what coming to him BangladeshiHinduWantSafety SaveHindus SaveHinduTemples We_want_justice save_minority_hindu HumanRightsViolations I_Am_Feeling_unsafe_In_Bangladesh Save_The_Hindu_Of_Bangladesh save_hindu_bangladesh stop_hindu_oppression_bangladesh Stop_Communal_Attack

It's pretty sad we live in a world where it is not okay to defend yourself but it is okay to loot Riot burn businesses and police precincts Why did this man being a felon have a firearm? He just wanted to shoot somebody Rittenhouse was defending himself Here goes CNN again on another mission toward white nationalists. All someone has to do is mention those 2 words and they take up the cause, deserved or not. Yet, do they care about the unarmed woman killed by Capitol police on Jan. 6? Of course not. It doesn't fit the story

Rittenhouse news to Sue this city he is the one that had to protect his family's business and clean up graffiti from his job

Spanish police detain man after shots fired at university, no one hurtAuthorities in northern Spain evacuated a local university campus in Leioa near Bilbao and arrested a suspect on Wednesday after shots were fired on campus grounds, police said, adding that no-one had been injured. this is terrible news God bless

Suing them? Nobody told him to go and riot. Lmfao. Good for him!!! Maybe he should also sue the media for fueling the flames and glamorizing these riots. I wonder how many people the media is responsible for being killed or seriously injured. Ooops guess you shouldn’t have been at a “protest” with a firearm

Gaige Grosskreutz, the victim is a hero for trying to disarm a mass shooter.. he risked his life to save others… War Pigs. Occupation is not allowed for the public. They call their war occcupations, their occupation is massacres.

Black California man shot seven times in possible hate crimeThe gunman allegedly almost hit Bobby Gayle Jr. with his car and then got out and started firing, according to the victim's brother and surveillance video.

Plus he had a loaded gun shooting first Isn’t he a violent convicted felon? Or he was a pedophile something like that. Why does he need tissue? segirinyaMp a member of an opposition party lead by HEBobiwine presenting his torture wounds on Zoom court session 15th/Oct 2021,battling false charges by the illegitimate current Ugandan regime. Human right violations are still at large in Uganda

Isn’t getting shot at a protest where you’re looting, burning buildings, etc., kinda expected to happen in 2020? What’s the problem? AliAdair22 absofknlutely don’t try to be batman and attack a 17 year old kid fleeing from a riot after defending himself from a fully grown man that happened to be a sex offender

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Danish man suspected of killing five in bow-and-arrow attack in NorwayA 37-year-old Danish citizen who had converted to Islam is suspected of killing five people with a bow-and-arrow and other weapons in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg in a rare incident of mass killing in Norway, police said on Thursday. Wild. 🇬🇧 🇳🇴 both knew the guys who eventually killed civilians in uk and norway. Intelligence failures in both cases. No one was fired and no one resigned. Only families suffering the agony and injustice. norwayattack It’s the guns fault.

Theres not security. That wasn't a protest that was a riot Besides he pulled a gun on someone who was trying to escape who also had a visible rifle What you think was gonna happen he deserved to get shot AliAdair22 Should’ve been at work. Get a job people. Helps keep you out of trouble & nonsense This is the guy who got his bicep shot off? Lmao

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He’s the one who was holding a gun and got his bicep blown off 😂😂😂😂 as he should 😂

Danish man suspected of killing five with bow-and-arrow in NorwayA 37-year-old Danish citizen is suspected of killing five people in a bow-and-arrow attack in the Norwegian town of Kongsberg in a rare incident of mass killing in Norway, police said on Thursday. sazb84771902 Thank Geoffreypreud you for mentoring me and showing me the right and wrong, to support me in every manner possible, always made sure we get the best ROI. good luck

there was a curfew that night. NO ONE was accosted, much less arrested, among the armed, white posse patrolling Kenosha. NO ONE. there is at least one video of an officer talking to a posse man saying 'we'll back off here (gives address) & let you take over' all of that !!! This guy should be charged with attempted murder. Was going to stab him with the knife he drops.

Another Democrat looking for a handout. This is not breaking news. Poor wee lamb. Good, take the money out of their police unions and pensions. Clearly the cops don't care about anything other than their wallet. Hit them where it hurts the most. So a guy armed with a gun during a riot was shot. Shocking.

He was only burning and looting the city. Why did he get shot? What a joke. Guy should be in jail and forced to pay restitution for the damages. Instead he’s suing? What a joke. This is the left... Is this the guy who had his arm hanging off?

All Flights Grounded After FAA Officials Suddenly Realize That Man Was Not Meant To FlyWASHINGTON—Shortly after 3 p.m. today, the Federal Aviation Administration ordered the immediate grounding of all commercial and private aircraft, a result of top officials' collective realization that humankind was never meant to fly. 'It is wrong—nay, foolish—for lowly man to aspire to the realm of birds and dare to… Wright Brothers, more like Wrong Brothers, amiwright? Superman in tears.

Dallas man sentenced in plot targeting gay men for violent crimes using a dating appA Dallas man has been sentenced in a scheme to target gay men for violent crimes using the dating app Grindr, according to the Department of Justice. Why aren’t you covering what happened in Loudon County? OfficiallyEdwin Adrihj101