Man İn 'Camp Auschwitz' Sweatshirt During Capitol Riot Arrested, Law Enforcement Official Says - Cnnpolitics

Man İn 'Camp Auschwitz' Sweatshirt During Capitol Riot Arrested, Law Enforcement Official Says - Cnnpolitics

Man in 'Camp Auschwitz' sweatshirt during Capitol riot arrested, law enforcement official says

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1/13/2021 6:15:00 PM

A rioter who stormed the US Capitol last week wearing a sweatshirt emblazoned with the phrase 'Camp Auschwitz' has been arrested in Virginia, according to a law enforcement official.

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Good Good. All of them need prison time Can you start posting news worthy news now They will go down n History as some of the DUMBEST RIOTERS EVER! Technology is our FRIEND! Thank God! The TeeShirt is made in China. He printed what ever he want on it. Well it's kind obvious these people think they won't get caught. Since the republican, and the democratic so outspoken against Hongkong arrest of rioters in national assembly.

That guy in NO way represents anything the President or this country stands for and he is NOT welcome in the movement! I’m glad he was arrested. Disgusting! Throw him in jail Impeach the enablers! Michael J. Desmond who Trump appointed to Chief Counsel IRS . This is the guy who allowed Trump to weasel out of IRS audit and tax cheats. The blood of the capital riot is on his hands 🙌 too

Where the HELL do you even get a shirt that says that? It’s not like that was a camp where people went willingly or for fun! That is UNREAL WTF. Know history you assholes and have some compassion The irony of not wearing mask. Right on!! Trump sucks!!💩💩 Burn the store that manufactures the T.shirts. Dig a deep hole and bury them alive.or tie their hands and feet.and throw them to the dark blue sea.

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Stop putting out the narrative that all Trump supporters are nazi’s fake news cnn strikes again. who gives a fuck about one insignificant guys shirt, like yea its messed up, but ITS ONE GUYS SHIRT in a croud of people._. Good. Every single one of them should be arrested and charged. Anyone that was there. They're all culpable. People/Family know who these rioters are. They should do their patriot duty and turn each and every one of them in. It's only right.

Heheheheheheheheh😂 Wearing a shirt that said that on it that person lucky they didn’t leave in a body bag in pieces!!!😡 The government will need to build more prisons. send this Fucker to oooold Germany, want to send him in a C Camp 🤣 ⚠️ This is what jihadistTrump calls a peaceful transition of power? Impeach, convict and then try him for sedition. ⚠️

Throw the book at these traitors!! Maximum sentence for ALL of those who participated in this heinous act ProsecuteThemAll ProsecuteSeditiousRepublicans Being from Germany I can' t describe the feelings I had, when I saw this shirt. I am ashamed that sth like that is possible. Do you want to learn how to read the glorious Qur'an fluently within a short period of time? Would you like to memorize the glorious Qur'an in the best of form? You wish to know more about the Deen, AL-ISLAM? 👇 AL-MANĀR I. A.

Justice. I can understand hating black people cause we look different and walk a certain way etc. But why are Jewish people hated so much? Put that on the prison jump suits! is he going to get privileged, vegan, organic food too? Now he is going to be praying toward camp David... That's good! Get them all!

Privilege is having “a criminal history including three convictions for driving under the influence and a felony conviction for forging public records” then storm the Capitol, THEN apprehended alive without a knee on crushing his neck Justice being served. They will find them all. Even Qaddafi Was A Better Man Than Trump. Counting all three wars before the civil war, maybe slightly more than 10,000 people died under Gaddafi’s rule. He Did A Lot Of Great Things For His People And Country. He Is Still Revered In Some African Countries. Trump Killed 381,000.

Is anyone looking into the significance off some of the rioters going for 'The Revenant ' look with all that Zsa Zsa Gabor fur? Stop calling them rioters! They are domestic terrorists or insurrectionists One more idiot...🤯 One of those 'fine people' I guess... 🤮