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Man dressed as Elmo accused of groping Times Square tourist

Andrade-Pacheco was arrested Saturday evening.


Man dressed as children's character Elmo charged with groping 14-year-old girl who posed for photo with him in Times Square.

Andrade-Pacheco was arrested Saturday evening.

The New York Post says the man, Inocente Andrade-Pacheco, has denied the allegations through his lawyer. The Post says the 54-year-old man from Passaic, New Jersey, been released without bail after his arraignment Sunday on charges including forcible touching.

The behavior of Times Square's costumed characters became an issue several years ago, when police fielded scores of complaints about aggressive solicitations for tips, forced touching, assaults and grand larceny.

Read more: ABC News

I've seen Elmo there. He is so cute I don't believe it. Those characters are creepy! Okay. PBS should sue him for unlicensed use of their character. He was a democrat for sure Can't get rid of these Effn pedophiles!! Men, can't leave babies alone!!! I assume the anti-gun ppl want to ban costumes now. God is dead

Fry him

Hugh Grant: A Dashing Leading Man in His Bespoke FinestPhotographer Ellen von Unwerth captures the Florence Foster Jenkins actor out on the town for W's October issue. My lovely! Happy Birthday

should have dressed as a POTUS - he couild not be charged - We know what Trump really does on the weekends now. Elmo?!? All these perverts need to be on the same planets. sick of them! 😡 “Ok. I hear you. But what was she wearing...?” do NOT go to times square folks, it is a rat swamp New York, New York if you can make it there you can make it anywhere.

There’s a dark joke in here involving a tickle me Elmo but I won’t say it She may never be able to watch Sesame Street again. So sad.

Girlfriend Can Tell Man Bullshitting Way Through Explanation Of Pass Interference CallBURNSVILLE, MN—Admitting that she was confused as to why a flag had been thrown during the previous play, local woman Hannah Larson confirmed Sunday that it was blatantly obvious that her boyfriend, Nick Morris, was just bullshitting his way through an explanation of the referee’s pass interference call. “At first, he said the corner was holding the other guy’s jersey, but then he started going on about how you’re not allowed to touch the receiver past the line of scrimmage until the ball is in the air,” said Larson, adding that she could immediately tell Morris was full of shit as soon as she asked him to further clarify, at which point he vaguely noted that the team was lucky not to get called for an illegal shift as well. “I pressed him on it a little bit, and he repeated verbatim what the commentator had just said about the defender not looking at the ball as he made contact with the receiver. Then he sort of trailed off and mumbled something about hands to the face. He has no idea what the fuck he’s talking about.” At press time, Morris was sitting quietly after officials had picked up the flag and announced that there was no penalty on the play. No she can't. Damn armchair football analysts. annabellington clcrocker

Elmo = Chomo I always knew Elmo was sketchy... 'Elmo loves you!' Wow, maybe the least shocking thing I’ve heard in a while What unacceptable behavior. Rejected folks

A Mountain Top Called ‘Little Man’ Falls in Norway, and Residents WeepFor 5 years, geologists in Norway urgently warned that a mountain top called “Little Man” could collapse and destroy huge swaths of a nearby town. This week, after the 16th warning and yet another evacuation, about 50,000 cubic meters of rock collapsed. They were warned 🤷‍♀️ Love the “cooking soup on a nail” expression. That’s a lot of rock, tell was this also Trump’s fault?

Love Island's Greg O'Shea enjoys life as a single man as Amber Gill eats pizzaGreg is making the most of his new-found freedom as he parties with a string of pals after splitting up with Amber over text Tool! User and a phony cheat That was never going to last - he made it last until he got over the line, hung in there for a few weeks but equally knew he wanted to cut ties then so that he can be free to do what he wants in his new celeb life style although that will have a shelf life too Must be noone shopping today why ur talking rubbish about him

Man streams chase before Minnesota police fatally shoot himPolice near Minneapolis shoot and kill a driver who led them on a chase and later allegedly refused officers’ orders to drop a knife. The man streamed himself live on Facebook during the chase. Following their motto of shoot first, ask questions later We are in Black Mirror. Maybe, just maybe, he should’ve dropped the knife?

An Anonymous Man Spent $50,000 On Generators To Send To The BahamasThis is how you be a good human. Where does one begin 😢

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