Man Confronts Tucker Carlson At Montana Store: 'You Are The Worst Human Being'

The Fox host got an earful when he popped into a fly fishing store.

7/24/2021 10:23:00 PM

The Fox host got an earful when he popped into a fly fishing store.

The Fox host got an earful when he popped into a fly fishing store.

.“This man has killed more people with vaccine misinformation, he has supported extreme racism, he is a fascist and does more to rip this country apart than anyone that calls themselves an American,” Bailey wrote.Much of the brief conversation ― apparently filmed by a shaky mobile phone ― is difficult to make out. Carlson, in a plaid button-down and a gold watch, can be seen holding his hand up against Bailey’s chest, making his trademark exaggerated facial expressions. He appears to grimace, and then, realizing he is being filmed, spreads his mouth into a grin and turns away.

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Bailey can be heard saying: “What you have done to people’s families, what you have done to everyone else ― ”Carlson then appears to condescend to the man, calling him “son” as he walks away. Read more: HuffPost »

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Why does Montana man’s wife and Tucker have the same shirt? You were vaccinated long ago! Why not tell your viewers? So we know the guys name and he is Montana! I dare him to go to Sturgis during the rally. He can find some lowlife Hells Angel or Mongol who pride themselves in being the 'worst' and let us see how that works out for Mr. Montana 2021. Aug 6th -15th. Plenty of time to bulk up!

There is only one man in this clip who is an asshole and it is not Tucker. You may not agree with Tucker or even like him, indeed you may claim to hate him, but if you accost someone in this manner you are the bad person. Basic respect. And worst human being...really? That was the most calm and control scolding a ever scene. It’s a nice change from the loud profanity laced insults we have been hearing lately. Montana man you are one classy guy.

My store, I would have kicked him out. babydoge doo doo doo doo doo babydoge doo doo doo doo do babydoge doo doo doo doo doo doo babydoge doo doo doo doo doo I love Tucker!

Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Is Boosting COVID Deaths For Money, Former Australian PM SaysMurdoch 'got himself vaccinated as quickly as he could; he’s not a fool,' while Fox News sells lies about the vaccine to people who will die, Malcolm Tur... The disingenuous rantings of Carlson and crew is so infuriating for how openly soulless it is. They know that they're spreading lies. They know that these lies will kill people. 'But look at those ratings' as a justification is just disgusting. I bet all stops were pulled to get his vaccination! Meanwhile, all those good republican stooges were watching Fox News and saying 'No way are they going to put that poison in me'! Spot on, but what do you do in a country that values personal freedom over else including someone else’s right to live.

Dan Bailey for US Congress! bailey4congress TuckerCarlsonIsACoward TuckerIsAnIdiot TuckerIsDangerous TuckerCarlsonIsACovidiot tuckerhatesourmilitary TuckerYouAreTheWorstHumanBeing “Chill Son” Apparently residents are far more attuned to real life than Fox life than Tucker suspected. People don’t want to hear the truth. Tucker Carlson speaks truth

He had it coming. what's next? In an ICU? Really? The giggle-puss, a leading member of the misinformation dozen; that girlie Tucker? Nah, couldn’t our dear, very own chicken-hawk. My hero What a breath of fresh Air! Did he threaten to throw the guy down a flight of stairs and *wreck* him like freddo did?

Fox News blasts NSA for 'unmasking' Tucker Carlson: 'Entirely unacceptable'The Fox News personality's name was mentioned in communications between third parties reviewed by the NSA. Shameful Not on my watch!

So intimidation and bullying is okay again? I can’t keep up with you guys. Thank you sir for doing what we all want to do. That's what he deserves. Tucker Carlson, remember, 'no man knows the number of his days' from the Bible. The dollars will not wash the blood from your hands. This proves that rehab works. If more conservatives would seek help, for their funfundvierzin's addiction. America will heal and BUILD BACK BETTER!

Tell it like it is! I can't believe this guy actually wanted his buddy to film him being a complete Idiot and yelling at a TV personality. Totally spontaneous and not planned. It was a good thing someone had their phone out filming. I mean that’s what I do when I’m shopping. He couldn’t have his mask on cause he wanted everyone to see his face. What a joke.

Can’t hear shit . Guess it’s just a 1 man prospective There’s a lot of wild animals up in those parts…

Machine Gun Kelly Seems to Slam Movie with Megan FoxFans think the rapper's subtweet was about 'Midnight in the Switchgrass.'

gtconway3d When Americans get thru with Tucker, he won't have any place to go in peace. Pos. Those who hate journalism hate those who behave like journalists. That man attacking our wonderful intelligent Tucker ..... I suggest that man loose some weight on his very fat belly , his intestines will blow up and die of covid because he truly looks unhealthy . And he should mind his own business , he is not Tucker’s doctor or anyone else’s . What shame of stupid people who can’t think !

Huff post = part of the problem Where is this at? I’m in Montana and would love to buy that guy a beer. Not the lying, spoiled rich brat guy that wears a bow tie as part of his shtick. It appears the 'tolerant' left is no more. So I guess it's okay for republicans to harass Rachael Maddow, Brian Stelter, and all the rest of the left wing media because they've lied many times (see Russian collusion among other stories). Or.... double standard?

Oh no. Not Tucker from the BullShit Factory? People that are/can be that vile on TV on purpose with no repercussions don't deserve a free pass or respect in Public. You have to earn it. tucker hasn't earned that respect...... Isaiah 5:20 That is one of the greatest things I’ve seen in a long time

Fox News backtracks as Covid-19 surgesThe Biden administration and experts are sounding the alarm about how media misinformation is contributing to the recent rise in cases of the coronavirus. Experts argue politicizing the vaccine and discouraging its use undermines this key safety method at the very same time the nation could have put the virus on its back for good. MSNBC’s Ari Melber breaks down Fox News’ mixed messaging on the virus and the cost of this kind of false rhetoric. AriMelber They should be suspended from Fox News for spreading misinformation; for discouraging vaccinations and downplaying the seriousness of Covid-19. AriMelber Anyone dumb enough to take medical advice from Fox News “personalities” deserves what they get. Get vaccinated. Save yourself and others. Flip_MO_Blue AriMelber Let them keep it up till ALL their viewer's are dead ,ratings go to the ones secretly vaxed and I'm sure they will be happy !

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Two can play this game. Give that man a Medal! So true. Don’t know how is wife and children can tolerate his abhorrent evening performances. I believe his show is a performance. Doubt he believes a word he says. Tell him to go jump! Oh no! How will Tucker ever recover!?!? 46mingo 'When Elite A**holes Venture Out.' Starring: Tucker Carlson. This Fall on Fox.

Didn't you complain when Trump supporters were rude with MSM reporters. True that!!!!! Not all hero’s wear capes

On Fox Fauci Said Correcting Trump's Lies Is What Did Him in With the Right Wing“There’s no doubt that because I had to speak the truth during the Trump administration, which at times was contrary to president Trump, that annoyed a lot of people who got very upset with m… . Fauci funded the deaths of millions . Or maybe funding the release of a deadly vaccine then covering it up.

EVERYONE should confront Tucker wherever you see him. He needs a reality wake-up call. Testing funny So fucking brave. What a great journalist feat reporting on this. Bravo Love that the guy confronting him was all smiles just to let him know he wasn’t about violence! I've got an earful for people to listen to the CNN and MSNBC be glad to help

tucker is the most important guy in media next to joerogan That’s what all you hateful bastards do. Fox thrash Too bad that is the only accountability that he has experienced so far. That man was to kind, if I ever caught TuckerCarlson in a shop like that... Well let's just say the rest violates twitters rules against bullying and harassment. I like my account, but I'd be willing to do jail time if I got the chance.

Obeidallah: Fox News’ vaccine denials should not go unpunished.DeanObeidallah on filing an FTC complaint against Fox News: 'This new law is to protect people — the public, consumers — from people peddling misinformation for profit about Covid, about the cures ... and that's what Fox News has been doing.' DeanObeidallah About time DeanObeidallah Finally. Fox News is killing people. DeanObeidallah i think those who make the money on covid vaccine would be the misinformers

Doesn't matter. He still has his show. 😊 Of course he is not a real report always spreading GOSSIP Truth sometimes hurts... gtconway3d FFC should revoke Fox’s license on the basis of their evil disinformation. This is a threat to our Democracy and the station is responsible for American deaths by perpetuating that COVID-19 was a hoax, repeating Trump’s lies, and downplaying the need for vaccines.

Well that guy showed some serious restraint that I probably wouldn’t be able to pull off had I run into Tucker Carlson face to face UROCKlive1 looks like 'ol tuck is packing on a little weight, ey? Just sayin' what we're all thinkin'. UROCKlive1 he looks like shit without the TV lights and makeup linda_wed1 I respect that guy who told him off. He was controlled. I don’t know if I could’ve checked my hate.

linda_wed1 Douche

Hysterics will not deter. It’s long past the time for every Republican and every Republican propaganda outlet to get their comeuppance. Over 600,000 Americans have been lost because of their negligence & malfeasance. gtconway3d I don't know. It looks staged. I Wonder what caused That look of FEAR on Tucker’s Face at the end? It was PRICELESS. Worst Human Being in the World are words usually reserved for people like Hitler. That’s not a legacy/comparison I would want to pass down to or have to explain to my children.

We should all buy that man a beer for the restraint he had. gtconway3d Any reason this reporter couldn’t articulate truth? Tucker lies 2his audience 4fear of losing ratings. Instead his audience loses their lives. Hmm. Sickening 70-80% of msm play right into the hands of fascism. This is NOT the way 2resist tyranny. Speak truth while we still can.

gtconway3d Is he putting on weight? gtconway3d Swamp Gravy, of fish bait sara_bee The sniveling petulant left. Angry hate filled miserable human beings.

Awesome! Just goes to prove there is more than one idiot to a given area! Also look at the site reporting the story. . . .Huff Post has never been a key site So Tucker, the self-styled CHAMPION of the common man (sorry, ladies, this is Tucker we’re talking about) flew 2100 miles to go fly fishing? 🙄 Could there be a more old-money “elite” activity ? (Ok, maybe pheasant, quail, or grouse hunting with a private club would be a tie)

He smelt it, he delt it. Kick people down, expect to be kicked down too. Like to know if he feels that way about Trump? TuckerCarlson just answered the vaccine question. If he was that worried about letting Trumpers know whether he was vaccinated he should have stayed home 24/7. Out in public maskless, priceless.

Yes!!!! Tucker right now

Does this look like someone who gives a shit, whether you are dead or alive? Dan Bailey My new hero! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 Tucker Carlson got away with a blue eye. Just when you thought you were in friendly territory, someone calls you on your 💩. Dude had him scared. 😀 So confusing on one hand people don’t like actors sharing their opinion on the other a guy with no other proven skill set except spewing opinion is their fave show to watch?

I don’t know- not cool to be a jerk to someone who otherwise seems to be minding his own business. Kinda classless to attack someone like this They all end up with bloated Republican face Good to hear. Wish it was more than an earful tho Tucker seems like a good guy. I bet most people mocking him couldn’t handle someone getting in his face like that as calmly has Tucker

Dan Bailey for the win!!!! 🏆🏆🏆

Haha Tucker must've pooped a trout. Love to see it! TuckerCarlson is a traitor. So is FoxNews . Both disgraceful seethefaces Oh no, how will he ever recover? Loved seeing Tucker getting told, to his face,what a horrible human being He is. Tucker Carlson’s shtick is ratings-driven. The righteous indignation of people like Mr. Bailey is precisely the reaction Carlson is seeking.

lol This is how blacks are treated in Federal courts. I labeled my documents for Appellant court. District court has no jurisdiction but wants to influence an Appellate decision. District court says it will consider my motions anyway.

Kudos Dan Bailey. _ _ _ _ TuckerCarlson I LOVE how scared that creep looks. Thank you! This is what happens when these vile people go into reality. When they come out of their cult bubble of adulation. Reality is there to give them the truth. Whoever this man is, if I ever meet him in a bar, drinks are on me.

Golden Way go fly off the the handle there....😏 Amazing! Good for this guy, he is absolutely correct. Translation: No one told him that Livingston/Park county went with Bernie in the last 2 primaries. The only county he won in MT, WY & ID. He'll be haunted by the ghost of Margot Kidder if he stays overnight there.

Keep feeding the right Omg this man is awesome.