Man Charged In Ahmaud Arbery Murder Allegedly Used Racist Slur As Victim Lay Dying

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One of the three men charged with murdering Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old Black man who was killed while jogging, allegedly used a racial slur as Arbery lay dying from gunshot wounds, a Georgia law enforcement agent said during a court hearing Thursday


In a statement to investigators, Bryan said Travis McMichael shot Arbery and then called him a “fucking nigger” prior to police arriving to the scene, Georgia Bureau of Investigation special agent Richard Dial testified.

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I'm thinking about the frequent racism by blacks against whites which is allowed on Yahoo, on TV & in movies. The most pervasive & permitted racism today is racism against whites

He looks super happy with himself.

Justice coming soon and you will get your death penalty

Fry this a hole

hate crime.

“Attorneys for the defendants have said publicly they committed no crimes” ummm, what?

Shoulda just got some rope for these two. Saved us some cash.

Georgia was founded on genocide of Native Americans and enslavement of Blacks. European Americans who reside there and say I'm not racist should enjoy their brief time on Earth before judgment day

If this is true shouldn't this also be a hate crime

“The first to come out was red, and his whole body was like a hairy garment; so they named him Esau.” -Genesis 25:25

We already knew it was a hate crime. This proves it.

The MAGA face in all its splendor

Racist murderer justice for AhmaudAubrey!!!!!!!!

Federal hate crime charges must be applied

That’s so sad, probably the last thing that Ahmaud Arbery heard.

Good luck in prison brah.

Why is this always the face of the 'master race'?

Why am I not the least bit surprised to find out that a racial slur was used by the white man who shot Ahmaud Arbery after he was on the ground. The mistreatment and murder of Black men by whites is as closely tied to this country as apple pie. Racism is America's original sin.

What a pos! Electric chair for him I’d make his dad watch

Oh yes all that jogging he was doing in work boots with a hammer around a construction site

Wow. Talk about your character being written on your face!

A funny thing about 'white supremacists' is that they don't look all that supreme.

OMG he ugly as hell

rarediseasemom And no doubt he considers himself a Christian

Thank all of the powers of the universe that bend towards justice. May they keep going, until they cross the goal line (PRISON).

Hang them High so, all know there is law and do not take it into your hands.


Instead of burning down businesses right now...the people should burn down that whole fuckin neighborhood

There is definitely something off about this man

Guy looks like the first word he said was a racial slur, so this comes as no surprise.

He looks like the human embodiment of a hate crime.

Sick. 😔🤮

morgfair This guy is a Goon , they should throw away the the key when they lock him up .

I mean...he looks like the type

Nah there's no way THAT guy is a big dumb racist ginger... The look on his face says 'I have the IQ of a gorilla.' So I guess he's the Cherry Vanilla Gorilla.


It's ok guys - his sister said they're not racist. (No this is real, she actually did an interview and was like Dad & Bro can't be racist, bc I dated a black guy. That's real. Google it.)

'My Incestors built this country'.......

omg no way 🙀🙀🙀

Are we sure this cat is 25yrs of age and not 45?

They're going get killed in prison.

And they nearly got away with it. How many folks going to prison for the attempted coverup?

I know I shouldn’t think in stereotypes, but this is who I think of as a white supremacist. Not this guy that vegastbone and the boys stopped from looting a Wendy’s.

Just joggers jogging

Look how dumb he looks, durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr guns durrrrrrr racism durrrrrrrrrrrr

hate crime should be added

Like anyone is surprised..🙄

They deserve their ass beaten in prison

I have a son who I pray for everyday because of evil men like this we want justice!!!!!😡

Evil Murderers they deserve the death penalty without parole. We want justice!!!!!!!😡

One of the reasons to lock that stupid redneck up!


Hate crime

Eeer heard by who? Not saying I doubt it but who heard them?

I mean he did shoot the man.. I don’t know if he called him a name is relevant?

Lol you mean there was a doubt about this?

Hate crime then.

“Killed while jogging” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 There is LITERALLY VIDEO EVIDENCE destroying that narrative

I have no words

A person goes for a jog and gets murder by this motherfucker.

Wait a minute. Your saying racist murderers used racial slurs while murdering? Well damn that changes everything. ITS OBVIOUS THEY WERE RACIST. HOW DOES THIS MATTER! SURE SLURS WERE SAID A LOT. THEYRE RACIST KILLERS. DUH!


Pretend to be shocked

This is the low vibration EVIL SOB's that 'make america great again' supposedly. vomit spit

This...thing...thinks he’s superior to Black people. Unfuckingreal!

Wow that's very surprising to hear such a thing here in America.

DaReal_Geech John_FKennedy_ y’all surprised? 🤔

Dude definitely has extra chromosomes.

The two men are trash and deserve prison, but can we stop the fake jogging narrative? It doesn’t matter. What happened was wrong.



Can't we use the joggers mugshots as well?

So trying to take someone's gun is okay, but using a slur is not. Okay.

Never had a doubt that those 3 were racists (my opinion).

Maybe i need to rethink my stance on the death penalty.

He wasn't jogging so stop with that lie. Keyword: allegedly. So nobody know if it is true or not. Even if it is true, so what? Black ppl use slurs against white ppl and others. So it is irrelevant if he used it.


anytime a article says anyone used a ‘slur’ I always gotta read what it was 🥴 He used ‘The American Classic’ I imagine that George ‘hope one of the enslaved men made hard oppresssed love to Martha’ Washington, himself used it. It’s been around the US that long in this context.

imagine my shock

This is so incredibly shocking. Who could’ve thought of such a thing?

Where are all those people now who were saying that they were “defending themselves” because Arbery was a “potential criminal” and was “going for the gun” huh?

Wow! That sure changes things. Don’t even bother locking these guys up and wasting thousands of taxpayer dollars on them. 3 bullets costs 60 cents.

This is the face of (and actions of) when parents teach their child/children to *HATE*. This racist will soon face his moment of truth.

We have been baited into a race war, what’s required is total revisement and that will not be given up easily, either we all die or Jesus is really in thou’s way

Okay wtf!! Why aren’t you showing the evidence of all this or how the statement came to be taken

What’s the evidence

It’s sad that she had go through this. She probably remembers lynchings in the south years ago. Now similar thing happened to her son. Human tragedy!

Why not print his name? Travis

the fact that if they get convicted there are so screwed in jail brings me joy

How does he look in a mirror and believe that he’s superior to anyone 🤔

This one looks like the ONLY word in his vocabulary is the N-word. 🤦🏾‍♂️

So what? After that violent confrontation, is he supposed to stop and think of this month’s Special Name for blacks? If one had run up on me and grabbed my firearm it would be “the FUCK was WRONG with that nigger!” Same as anyone would say in the heat the moment.

He will get killed in prison. Bet

And he never thought this incident should have been investigated further? Fuck them.

fuck em and their entire family.

That makes it a hate crime

Bump charges up to hate crime.

Was it a “racial slur” that is only racial if a white man says it? Asking for a friend

Surprising no one.

Why am I not the least bit surprised?

Well... it’s not a good look...

MaurJakes Hate crime

Imagine that...he just ruined his case. Racially charged motivation can be proven now.

he looks smart

We need another hero like William Tacumsa Sherman , to roll through Georgia. The initial job was incomplete 🙏🏼

Look at the superior genetics!

Yup, he looks like the type to do that. Asstrash. JusticeforAhmaudArbery

Mr. Potato Head Jr.

uh oh ...

Really? I am not surprised.

white trash

Z sa v abs X Mg Mt M k ml 6

Of course, a person who looks like that needs to use a racial slur to massage his white narcissism.

Jeanett94880282 black people don’t experience discrimination ?

He wasn't jogging though, he was robbing and trespassing

Democrat Biden supporter

Fetal alcohol syndrome is real.

Raymond_LLM Lock'em up and throw away the key😡🐷💀

Put this racist in jail

Least shocking news ever. Let em burn.

Hate crimes deserve life in prison!

It's always the fella you would least suspect.

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