Vol 56 Issue 27

Vol 56 Issue 27

Man Can’t Shake Feeling That Someone Other Than Government, Employer, Advertisers Watching Him

Man Can’t Shake Feeling That Someone Other Than Government, Employer, Advertisers Watching Him

7/8/2020 11:42:00 PM

Man Can’t Shake Feeling That Someone Other Than Government, Employer, Advertisers Watching Him

GRAND RAPIDS, MI—Desperately attempting to free himself from a lingering sense of paranoia, local man Adreese Fowler admitted Wednesday that he just couldn’t seem to shake the creeping sensation that someone other than the government, his employer, and advertisers was watching him. “I keep getting this eerie feeling that everything I do is being monitored by a person who isn’t from the FBI, Silicon Valley, or my company’s corporate office,” said Fowler, adding that whoever was tracking him wasn’t simply engaged in comprehensive surveillance of his behavior at work and home, or harvesting his data to create a meticulously detailed profile of his personal beliefs, interests, and habits to sell to a third party. “It’s hard to articulate, but I think there’s someone out there keeping tabs on me besides Facebook, our HR department, Grand Rapids PD, and the people who make the phone I keep in my pocket and carry everywhere I go. I feel it when I’m driving, too, as if it’s not just the countless brands that pay Google to access my GPS information that are following my every move. Ugh, I get goosebumps every time I think about it.” At press time, reports confirmed the strange, uncomfortable presence Fowler had felt lurking alongside him was nothing less than God the Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth, keeping watch over the man as he made his way through this world.

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fluk Hilarious. It’s Tiktok Probably his fitbit. Probably his Roomba. Neither can local area woman. Eye wonder why Turn the camera off. A photographer is also watching him. It's just Sting and the Police. Didn't the bass give it away? Probably his ex legit concern I think that's grounds for another shot of tequilla. I'm so proud of Madison, WI.

It's probably his cat Rockwell ! “Somebody’s watching me!” Window washer? Alexa or Siri or maybe be both In 1776, George Washington was asked by the president of France to spy on the president of the United States. He refused. And then he was attacked by an angry mob and arrested. It’s me

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