'Malorie' Book Excerpt: 'Bird Box' Sequel Brings New, Dangerous Journey for Malorie (Exclusive)

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In Malorie, his follow-up to 'Bird Box,' author Josh Malerman reintroduces the character of Malorie and her two children as they embark on another dangerous journey with their blindfolds on. THR shares an excerpt of the upcoming sequel:

bestseller list four years after its publication. Malerman reintroduces the character of Malorie and her two children Tom and Olympia, survivors from a unknown phenomenon that causes deadly violence after sight of mysterious creatures.

She reaches for the door, to unlock it, to open it, to find her son and daughter among the screams, the hysteria, the frenzy. Something cracks on the other side of the door. Sounds like someone slamming their head against the hall wall.When she last saw Olympia, the six-year-old was reading braille books in the Tucker Library. A dozen others were there, listening to the classical music played through the school speakers by way of the record player in the office.

Malorie thought, She’s blind . . . how is she mad?, then she went still. Annette passed her, breathing heavy, moving fast, and Malorie, hearing the first guttural howls from deeper in the school, stepped blind to the nearest classroom and locked its door behind her.The last she saw of Tom he was in what was once the staff lounge, pieces of a new invention at his knees. Malorie is responsible for those pieces. Only six, Tom the boy invents like Tom the man, his namesake, once did.


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But the first was sooo bad

Thank god, this is what America needs right now.

Is this the time for this tweet?

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