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Antiracism, Values

Make Sure Your Antiracism Efforts Cost You Something

6/30/2020 7:52:00 PM

The dramatic social media response, Black-authored books selling out, and rapidly growing support for the Black Lives Matter campaign is encouraging. But as many have said, 'It's only a value if it costs you something.' Here are several ways to align your money with your value of all human life.

A month on from George Floyd's tragic murder and Amy Cooper's nauseating reveal, we're seeing recent and historical episodes of violent racism get attention; public protest and pressure wins some battles and lose others; and Black-authored books sell out as we scramble to educate ourselves about the horrific truths that we've been privileged to ignore until now. We must keep learning, extending moral and energetic support to Black colleagues, calling public officials, signing petitions, and bringing our white friends and families along with us. 

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As we work to unlearn deeply held ideas, our spending (as a nation, organizations, and as individuals) reflects our values.Systemic racism in our country is deeply intertwined with extractive capitalism. To achieve a healthier, fairer, more inclusive and regenerative economy, we must unlearn the racist approach we've taken to production. And relearning an equitable, people-first approach of anti-racism will inform business that's better for people and the planet.

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'See In Black' Photography Print Sale Showcases Black ArtistsThe charity sale runs now through July 3 with proceeds benefiting organizations working toward racial justice.

'See In Black' Photography Print Sale Showcases Black ArtistsThe charity sale runs now through July 3 with proceeds benefiting organizations working toward racial justice. WHAT ABOUT PICTURES OF WHITE PEOPLE JUST WONDERING? lmao! hell no

12 free and printable Black Lives Matter posters from Black artistsPrint 'em out, share 'em, follow the artists on Instagram. My son the techno geek told me that the words MASTER &SLAVE appear in IT for settings in a hard-drive. 3-2-1 “PURGE THEM COMRADES. SEND DIVIATIONIST WHO USED THOSE TERMS TO GULAG. Time to sing the International. “Arise ye broken and downtrodden. Arise ye workers of the world.” Tell that to the gang bangers in Chicago. MLK inspired JefreyEpstein to have a dream justice statuesremoval

In L.A., Black activists debate the value of dialogue with police in reform effortsAmid a movement for police reform, some Black leaders are trying to rebuild relationships with police. Others reject that dialogue 👏 Watch and share Yemen A summary of a wide operation in Marib and Bayda The l.a.p.d. is so corrupt id classify them as terrorists.

A New Directory Spotlights Black and Brown Women in Fashion and Media“Who is fighting for the women who have no access, who have no voice, no big name or credentials? Who is independently lobbying for those women to gain access?” Racist BS. Include ALL women. I've been a motherfucking fashion icon for lifetimes....yeah, when do I get some fucking access:D?lol

New York’s Top Black Policeman Addresses ‘Passionate Outrage’“Maybe it’s about time that we have the conversations we need to have,” says NYPD’s second-highest-ranking officer, who growing up “wasn’t a big fan of police” I haven’t seen many protesters who truly want to have a conversation. We need to get this country back to work and on with our lives. Please forgive me but it seems to me that we’ve been having these “difficult conversations about race” for as long as I can remember.