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Majority Of Office’s Supplies Used To Apply For Different Job

Majority Of Office’s Supplies Used To Apply For Different Job

9/23/2021 2:30:00 AM

Majority Of Office’s Supplies Used To Apply For Different Job

ST. PAUL, MN—Sources at local digital marketing agency Fusion Media confirmed Monday that the company’s stationery, broadband connection, printers, fax machines, and various other office equipment and supplies are primarily used by employees to apply for different jobs. “Do you know if we have any more printer paper…

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Lmao it’s true I know that is true. Too funny. Not funny. Take notes from Babylon Bee. Sucks to be a sell out. Don’t dare make any satire criticizing the dictator pulling Biden’s strings, or the puppet himself, despite all the material. You guys prob feel like you’re in chains, drumming up weakass satire like this

Oh, Jim Halperin. NoNameGirl8686 In 1993 I need these 6 rolls of toilet paper for working at home too …and batteries to power personal devices

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Wow, Not Many Americans Want to See Roe v. Wade OverturnedIt turns out the vast majority of voters would appreciate having access to abortion It doesn't take a majority to do anything in this country. It only takes a couple Of MadMEN to control everything, including a woman's body. No I take that back. ESPECIALLY a woman's body.

'Soul-Crushing': U.S. COVID-19 Deaths Are Topping 1,900 A DayHealth experts say the vast majority of the hospitalized and dead have been unvaccinated. This states the obvious! GetVaccinatedNow I never trust anything Huff prints.

Afghanistan’s Covid-19 Hospitals Close As Donations Dry Up Following Taliban TakeoverAfghanistan’s Covid-19 hospitals close as donations dry up following the Taliban takeover

Natural-gas prices are spiking around the worldSubdued investment in fossil fuels may mean higher volatility is here to stay wow there are so many topics that I don't care this is one of them