Major changes: Biden dog getting prepped for White House arrival of first feline

Major changes: Biden dog getting prepped for first feline's White House arrival.

4/30/2021 5:17:00 PM

Major changes: Biden dog getting prepped for first feline's White House arrival.

'She's waiting in the wings,' Jill Biden told NBC's 'TODAY' show co-anchor Craig Melvin of the impending arrival of the newest member of the first family.

ByDareh GregorianRuff times could be ahead for the Biden family dogs — they're soon going to be joined at the White House by the family's cat."She's waiting in the wings," first lady Jill Biden told NBC's"TODAY" show co-anchor Craig Melvin

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of the first feline in an exclusive interview with her and President Joe Biden.Melvin noted the addition might be especially difficult for the younger of the Biden's two German shepherds, Major. The rambunctious 3-year-old rescue dog has had some trouble adjusting to life in the White House and has received some additional training after allegedly being involved in a pair of"

" incidents earlier this year.Jill Biden said Major is prepared."That was part of his training. They took him into a shelter with cats," she said."He did fine."The president was asked if the cat was his idea. He simply replied,"No."

Despite her pro-cat position, Jill Biden backed herthat Major is a good boy."He's such a sweet lovable dog. He really is," the first lady said.Major and the Bidens' older dog, Champ, are far from the first presidential dogs to have to share 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with a cat. Former President George W. Bush had two dogs, Barney and Miss Beazley, in addition to their cat, India, and former President Bill Clinton had a dog named Buddy and a cat named Socks.

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Hard hitting journalism ... Btw, did y8ubguya ever follow up with Tony Bobulinski? The major networks are literally running out of ideas for stories or they just don’t have anything news worthy because of this administration. And this is newsworthy but children are being dropped 14 feet over our border and being left ALONE, & that’s just fine with everyone there at NBC? How about doing your job and asking the boob in the White House why he is not stopping human trafficking at our border? Do your job!

Hey. Retweet this non-story about 10 more times today. Thanks. There will be a headline about Major and the cat at some point and I don’t think it’s going to be the cute and cuddly picture we want They'll get along, just make sure the cat has it's own space above and out of reach of the dogs. Only takes a day or two for the dogs to know who's boss.

The feline will be able to fend for themself. Anyone that knows cats know that those dogs will 'obey'.

Major Biden receives special training to prepare for new White House catMajor, the Bidens' German Shepherd, has returned to the White House after training following two biting incidents. But he may soon have to adjust to another furry friend. Poor Major so many big changes in his short life. Hopefully he will continue to adjust to this crazy busy life he now lives. He may have been ok at the shelter, however when it is in his territory, could be a different story maybe a muzzle for a little while when they're running free in the house. They were just nips, you fools.

They're putting up knee level signs all over the WH, written in dog language. They all read, 'Don't eat the cat.' “Journalism” He doesn’t even handle people “We will listen to Cat!” Sketches I did of the First Dogs I'm tired of hearing about the President's pets ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸 slow news day, eh? .... big news ..... you HAVE TO BE KIDDING .... with so many humans on edge and NBC writes this pathetic !!

This is going to be a MAJOR CATASTROPHE..

White House Officials Watch In Horror As Major Biden Pulls Marine One Straight Out Of SkyWASHINGTON—Gasping as the first dog galloped across the Rose Garden and launched himself towards the airborne helicopter, White House officials watched in horror Friday as Major Biden pulled Marine One straight out of the sky. “Oh my god, how did he do that?” said presidential aide Jessica Reed as the German shepherd hung 125 feet in the air by his teeth, shook his head wildly, and refused to let go as the aircraft began to sputter, spark, and finally careen towards the earth, ending in a huge explosion. “Major! Major! Come here, boy! Nope, he’s refusing to let anyone get near the wreckage. It’s a shame really, because I honestly thought the training was working. If this doesn’t get him sent back to Delaware, I don’t know what will.” At press time, Major had been apprehended after he got distracted by a nuclear warhead he had buried weeks earlier on the White House lawn. \n that was close Where have I seen this before?

They probably don't approve of it (but there's nothing they can do). Pure journalism here. 🙄 Whatever happens, Major is innocent Meanwhile at the border He’s going to end up killing the cat Already enough shit in the White House. Who is the lucky person stuck with another clean up job? Awesome 😎 ♥️

Major Biden Promises To Be A Very Good Boy When The New White House Cat ArrivesMajor, a 3-year-old rescue dog adopted by the Biden family in November 2018 from a Delaware animal shelter, has had a somewhat difficult time adjusting to life in the White House.

White House Aides Frantically Demand Major Biden Drop Hellfire Missile From MouthWASHINGTON— Chasing the canine around the Rose Garden as he refused to let go of the warhead, frantic White House aides were reportedly demanding Monday that Major Biden drop a Hellfire missile he was carrying in his mouth. “Drop it, Major! Drop it now!” said a sweating, out-of-breath Bruce Reed, White House deputy chief of staff, trying to wrangle the high-explosive, anti-tank missile out of the German shepherd’s jaws as it shook its head, growled, and further sunk its teeth into the armament’s casing. “You’re being a very bad boy right now. Come on, why won’t you drop it?! I’ll give you a treat!” After finally getting Major to release the projectile, the White House sadly determined the Hellfire missile was too chewed-up and drool-covered to sell to Israel.\n Very strong jaws!! It's some kind of caninespiracy! Lies. He's innocent. He was framed! THIS WAS A SETUP.

Biden administration releases first batch of White House visitor logsThe Biden administration is bringing back the practice of publicly releasing White House visitor logs, breaking from the approach taken under former President Donald Trump. carlquintanilla Kind of like how the media was encouraged to report on the border, and now they're not allowed to. carlquintanilla Hunter and his backers I assume cmerfy If you have to sleeve ball around bringing people into the WH it says much about his MO.