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Mail delays likely as new postal boss pushes cost-cutting

WASHINGTON (AP) — Mail deliveries could be delayed by a day or more under cost-cutting efforts being imposed by the new postmaster general. The plan eliminates overtime for hundreds of thousands...

7/16/2020 5:44:00 AM

Mail deliveries in the U.S. could be delayed by a day or more under cost-cutting being imposed by the new postmaster general. The plan eliminates overtime for hundreds of thousands of postal workers.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Mail deliveries could be delayed by a day or more under cost-cutting efforts being imposed by the new postmaster general. The plan eliminates overtime for hundreds of thousands...

WASHINGTON (AP) — Mail deliveries could be delayed by a day or more under cost-cutting efforts being imposed by the new postmaster general. The plan eliminates overtime for hundreds of thousands of postal workers and says employees must adopt a “different mindset” to ensure the Postal Service’s survival during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Late trips will no longer be authorized. If postal distribution centers are running late, “they will keep the mail for the next day,″ Postal Service leaders say in a document obtained by The Associated Press. “One aspect of these changes that may be difficult for employees is that — temporarily — we may see mail left behind or mail on the workroom floor or docks,″ another document says.

ADVERTISEMENTThe changes come a month after Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, a major donor to President Donald Trump, took over the sprawling mail service. In a memo titled “PMG Expectations and Plan,″ the agency said the changes are aimed at “making the USPS fundamentally solvent which we are not at this time.″

The memo cites deep revenue losses from a decadelong decline in mail deliveries that has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and says an overdue “operational pivot” is needed to ensure the agency’s health and stability.Postal Service officials, bracing for steep losses from the nationwide shutdown caused by the virus, have warned they will run out of money by the end of September without help from Congress. The service reported a $4.5 billion loss for the quarter ending in March, before the full effects of the shutdown sank in.

Single-piece, first-class mail volume fell 15 to 20% week to week in April and May, agency leaders told Congress. Losses will increase by more than $22 billion over the next 18 months, they said.Bills approved by the Democratic-controlled Housewould set aside $25 billion

to keep the mail flowing, but they remain stalled in the Republican-controlled Senate. Congress has approved a $10 billion line of credit for the Postal Service, but it remains unused amid restrictions imposed by the Trump administration.A spokesperson said Wednesday that the agency is developing a business plan to ensure it will be financially stable and continue to provide reliable, affordable and secure delivery of mail and packages. While the plan “is not yet finalized, it will certainly include new and creative ways for us to fulfill our mission, and we will focus immediately on efficiency and items that we can control,″ said spokesperson Dave Partenheimer.

ADVERTISEMENTThe memo cites U.S. Steel as an example that the Postal Service is far from “untouchable.″ In 1975, the steel giant was ”the largest company in the world,” the memo states. “They are gone.” In fact, U.S. Steel remains a leading steel producer, with more than 27,000 employees as of earlier this year.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has put the Postal Service in a double crisis, said Mark Dimondstein, president of the American Postal Workers Union, which represents more than 200,000 postal workers and retirees.As many as 12,000 postal workers have fallen ill, with at least 64 fatalities, and the economic contraction has caused a dramatic drop in letter and other flat mail volumes. A spike in package deliveries that has buoyed the agency during the pandemic is likely to be temporary, Dimondstein said, adding that the outbreak has sharply increased expenses for personal protective equipment, deep cleaning of facilities and temporary workers to replace postal workers who get sick.

“Postal workers are tremendously dedicated to the mission of getting the mail out,″ Dimondstein said, but the new policies could cause delays that will further drive down revenues.“It’s the customer who will suffer if the mail slows down,″ he said.Democratic Rep. Bill Pascrell of New Jersey denounced the proposal to delay mail delivery, saying it would be a “stunning act of sabotage against our postal service.”

“Trump and his cronies are openly seeking to destroy the post office during the worst public health crisis in a century,″ Pascrell said. With states increasingly relying on voting by mail to continue elections during the pandemic, destabilizing the Postal Service not only threatens the economy and the jobs of 600,000 workers, but is also “a direct attack on American democracy itself,″ Pascrell said.

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get your mail in ballots a week early.. at least elonuniversity not a great look here 😬😬 GOP senatemajldr GOPLeader realDonaldTrump GOPLeader You now purposely delay mail for “We the PEOPLE”. You will reap what you SOW! The American people have been bailing out the Postal system for too long. The Amazon contract caused them to deliver packages at a LOSS! It time for FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY!

Stop attacking usps !!!! TeddyB_NYGiants As a person who depends on the USPS for the delivery of prescription medication I am outraged at the decimation of this once great American institution. FuckTrump and his worthless lackeys. Good !! Cut Saturday delivery too!!! Don’t need it!!! This is how Trump will Control the election. Mail in ballots for Biden will “get lost”.

But does anyone realize he is breaking the law by this?! Research us code 18 .1703 MrDarkWolfe Get those mail in ballots in early!!! Don’t wait! MrDarkWolfe So the post office is so popular it needs more workers. But gop won’t pay them, or overtime because they’re owned by UPS & FedEX. The irony here is they never consider how top heavy they are with management and start trimming the fat there.

curiouschinwag It's too bad you're so dishonest on your coverage regarding the deconstruction of our country. Quislings all of you are. And the chance that mail-in votes will arrive on time. The culling of the USPS and the limitations placed on postal workers has already begun. The Repubs. will do everything in their power to win, even if it means harming everyone else. Some of us, like me, depend on the mail for medication delivery.

Looks like someone is pleading the president 🤔 I’m awaiting an “operational pivot” on January 21, 2021. The maga agenda means putting people out of work Where are the billionaires who don’t pay taxes? How bout they chip in to the infrastructure of the USPS? That’s because POTUS 44.5 hasn’t even worked “undertime” let alone time or overtime in his miserable life. Pitiful. Come on Congress, step up and do your damn jobs already! MSNBC Lawrence maddow VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020

And of course Trump doesn't want mail in ballots so he's rigging the outcome. MSNBC CNN cenkuygur TYTPolitics blakehounshell Months before the election? What a coincidence. About dang time some cost cutting measures were put in place. The fix is in! No results on election night... BluePirate_ Call your legislators. Congressional Switchboard 202-224-3121.

realDonaldTrump swore he would protect the postal service. Another empty promise The War on Christmas (cards) has begun! Stop They want to kill voting by mail and they will pull out all stops to do it. This is why my new phone is wrapped in bubble wrap. Damn case for it is two days late. 😏📱📲📞 Exactly

Just a step in the direction of destroying the USPS, which is one of the *resident's aims. (Given the vast number of USPS employees, one would think DT would be concerned about the effect on the economy....) Funny this is happening in an election year. Remember that 'fraud' Trump was talking about? Here's step one of it. The Republican answer to mail in votes. Let's fuck up the mail.

We already experiencing occasional weekday, non- holiday days without mail delivery. Just what you need in an upside down economy, right? Right before an election. Just what BunkerBoy wanted. Why do we need overtime in any job? There's a reason we have a 40 hour work week - work/life balance. How about paying folks a reasonable wage for the 40 hours they work so they don't have to work overtime and staff for the volume of work you have.

SAVE THE US POSTAL SERVICE Are we sure that the new postmaster general isn't getting his pockets lined by D.J.T.? PeterFotopoulos Already happening...live in a semi-rural area where make box is a quarter mile away down our driveway and it sometimes skips a day, arrives on Sunday, or get there at almost 10 o'clock at night ( expecting a package, check frequently)

This is the tangerine tumor’s way of not allowing votes by mail Better not go up on stamp prices jbf1755 Insane Hope no one needs their meds through the mail. Sorry they don't care. Please take time to leave your hateful comments about this. Then figure out how to help them. Thank you. Ugh, hate seeing my alma mater elonuniversity associated with this turn of events.

Have realDonaldTrump send out another letter to everyone telling us how wonderful he is. Problem solved! Louis DeJoy, a massive trump donor. These appointees are destroying our institutions . Gee, isn’t that convenient.... . what about mail in votes? sounds suspicious Did anyone take screen shots of the internal USPS memos posted? They were deleted.

no reason mail has to be delivered everyday. Who the f*ck is the new postmaster gen-- ohhhhhhhhhh shitsticks. sylamore1 BULLSHIT! Just trying to destroy service to the public. Of course. Because Trump *always* finds a way to destroy America. No press briefings. No data shared to the public during a pandemic. No voting by mail during said pandemic. LIE about the pandemic with NO plan to control or end it. We're an autocracy / kleptocracy. WHERE is AMERICA? SpeakerPelosi MarkWarner RepAdamSchiff amyklobuchar

Mail in ballots are officially in jeopardy. Oh I see the desynsthesizing scheme has begun. Desensitized voters early on so they can accept voting results. Just like we're supposed to be OK with hospitals sending Coronavirus case information to Trump's bunker instead of the CDC Arctic__char Here we go. Another Trump appointed 'best people' Good bye mail! I'm sure my bills will still find their way to my house somehow!!! But checks? Lost forever! Ballots? What ballots This is gonna be a cluster fuck!! realDonaldTrump

Trump flunky at the helm, pushing toward privatizing the US postal service? I've been waiting for a package promised for last Friday. I'm going to refrain from blaming my local postmaster and blame this republican administration. This is fine with me- I think mail delivery 2x a wk would be fine - it’s mostly junk!

realDonaldTrump TRUMPDestroyedAMERICA AdavisWilliams Donald Trump & his Administration are in the Process of Destroying the U.S. Postal Service, so they can use private companies to deliver your mail, at a cost of $3 to $4 a letter or higher! The American People depend on the U.S. Postal Service, so do not allow Trump to do this!

Trump: 'I'm losing -- how can I win?' Kool-Aid cronies: F*ck with the Postal Service. Suppress the vote. Trump: 'Terrific idea!' Already trying to mess with the November vote. In order to destroy something you must first control it. What we're about to witness is Trump's destruction of the USPS and his interference into our election by delaying mail-in ballots. HouseDemocrats SenateDems 🚨🚨

Avonan Setting up USPS for slower delivery time, ICE inexplicably training civilians to make arrests as armed personnel, Caputo in place at HHS to skew the numbers that once went to the CDC, strategically placed internet connected voting booths to aid in Russias upcoming attack. That pension deal they got is killing them.

You can’t run a delivery business nationally and not pay overtime during a pandemic many people relying on the postal service for meds and supplies will suffer. If the postal system is unreliable bring your ballots to your city or town clerk personally! It’s a part of Trump’s obstructing mail in ballots. We will see more interference from this corrupt af administration.

You can do better with the lede, AP. let’s hope hundreds of thousands of postal workers will VOTETHEGOPOUT2020 Hey senrobportman, quit tweeting about China and deal with this! What bastards!! You keep robbing the post office! I get mail maybe once a week now. Thanks Trump. Its already slowed. That’s the least of our worries

sweetsgrandma Working against vote by mail Another republican tactic in readiness to interfere with the election. They will never win if the don’t cheat so it’s not a surprise You people in the media keep pushing these conspiracy theories on how trump will try to steal an election like killary tried but you fail to report on all the dems lately being prosecuted for voter fraud if mail in ballots

How can it be delayed any more ? A letter from Tampa to Orlando took 10 days, and one from Tampa to Colorado took 25 days. Just a regular letter. WTF? myfeldman Qanon is amused! Wow can you say a crime in progress hating on the voter by mail. Which by the way if you serve in the United States military and that's how you vote just remember friendly fire does happen and I don't think anybody's going to blame any of you. Friendly reminder by a veteran

We always Need 2 Pound on Trump & his FairyTales as if we are behind in the Polls MashedPotatoHead TrumpFailedAmerica Trump & his GOP like who they are. They are happy to be the scorched Earth A$$holes. BidenHarris2020 We have to Fight to Win ImpeachTrump LockTrumpUp Another swamp monster appointed by the mob boss is crippling the agency he was put in place to destroy. This is a blatant act of voter suppression and everyone knows it. Save the USPS!!! VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020

VoteByMail2020 Another way trump is screwing veterans. US Postal Service is the biggest employer of veterans in this country. Another way TrumpubliCONS will use to suppress voting and kill unions that pay a living wage. One step closer to handing it over to their big donors TreasonousGOP We will fix this soon. We love you USPS 💜

Another effort by realDonaldTrump hand picked guy to destroy the Post office. TheDemocrats So you just sit & do nothing while Trump dismantles govt piece by piece? Do your jobs. With a fifteen point drop in his approval rating in the last month, next they’ll try to outlaw voting machines. I'm sure the postal workers are happy, I know one and he is absolutely wore out

This seems like they're amping up to some serious voter suppression by-mail. Just wow. I honestly don't give a fuck. The USPS is the most inefficient, lazy, and low IQ part of the US govt, second behind the DMV. They steal, never deliver, deliver shit to the wrong addresses, get everything wrong, lie about costly mistakes, hire idiots, etc.

But the coupons in grocery advertisements will be expired before they arrive! Jamestoupin FYI overtime is mandatory at the usps is my understanding at the busy metro areas. This will greatly slow those ballots and will make many late. But I’m sure it was planned that way. It amazes me that I can put 50 cents on something and people will carry it across the earth for me.

This guy is a Trump political hack. He was put there to destroy our postal service Trump hired his crony to deliberately sabotage the USPS. They want to privatize it to make themselves more 💰. No matter the obstacles, vote! USPS must strike Well this really forks small businesses. Thanks bud. ABCNT1 Absolute bullshit. Fund USPS. Abolish the police.

For as little as fifty five cents you can mail something from one side of the country to the other & it will get there in a couple of days. In Rural areas FedEx & UPS pay USPS to complete a package’s journey & they still make money. USPS employs more Veterans than anywhere else Trump wants PO to be run like a third world country. We need to keep our eyes on this. L

RiskyLiberal Great for small businesses who rely on payment via check. FuckRepublicans JoeBiden BidenWarRoom maziehirono RepMaxineWaters SpeakerPelosi ProjectLincoln AC360 repjohnlewis SenateDems HouseDemocrats JusticeOIG JusticeOIG OIGUSPS ACLU NAACP CREWcrew moved2italy NicolleDWallace votevets MeidasTouch SteveSchmidtSES Abuse of Power 🆘🗽

😠Thanks to Dictator realDonaldTrump! cc: USPS USPSHelp It already takes 3 days to send a letter to a town 10 miles away. ridiculous. Stop sabotaging the USPS! Small businesses us USPS everyday to mail their products to customers- realDonaldTrump Don’t you want an open economy? Do not cut back on USPS hours or delivery times otherwise you are harming the economy!

All part of trumps plan to burn everything down and make it private for profit. ALSO TO FUQ WITH MAILED IN BALLOTS!!! Decrease workweek to 4 days, lenghten +stagger the shifts. After all of the top-heavy expenditures, including unnecessary golf trips for trump and irresponsible spending for Cabinet personnel, their solution is to cut costs from essential public services. Nepotism and corruption won in 2016.

MrJonCryer I wonder why they would be cutting back before elections? 🤔 “USPS Postmaster General and CEO Louis DeJoy has been a top donor to Trump and the Republican National Committee, and he was in charge of fundraising for the 2020 Republican National Convention.” Trying to rig the damn election. A crying shame!

Terrible. Unacceptable. Another chipping away at an “institution” in our country because Trump has a BEEF WITH BEZOS. Is this the beginning of Trump trying to throw the election? Delayed for a day, then a week, month, year? So the authoritarian’s dictator is bankrupting 🇺🇸 right before the 🇺🇸 people’s eyes, putting in his Anglo Sexton henchmen. To carry out his orders to bankrupt the post office and stop 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🧕🧟‍♀️🗣👤👱🏻‍♂️👩‍🦰 from voting! People should be taken to the streets now And tell Donald J Trump.

Trump put this guy in just three weeks ago! JFC. In time to have his/Ivanka's way with mail in ballots. Just in time to possibly slow mail ballots, any trick to win CNNPolitics CNNTonight BrookeBCNN These problems started in 2011, & earlier, when AMP studies & USPS Postal Reorganization began shutting down P & DC centers as well as small post offices. Changing delivery time frames in 2015 didn’t help either. As for overtime, my USPS spouse has rarely gotten OT since 2011.

This is so wrong. So much mail is time sensitive. Bills need to be paid on time. govtdude Good. No post offices are open tonight to receive tax returns costing millions in late fees. Just think of the votes not counted on Election Day The USPS is a massive failure that is way too dysfunctionality to fix. Their miserable employees treat the public so badly that everyone has shifted to electronic mail. Do away with them and have the commercial carriers learn to pick up the slack for packages

Everything Trump touches turns to shit! vote Here in CO, we've voted by mail for years. This year, they had drive up drop boxes for people that didn't get to the post office in time. Sounds like every state needs to implement this feature, now that our USPS is compromised What a dumbo POS Another thing Trump is trying to destroy, along with the CDC, the Justice Department, the free press

MrJonCryer I read a post by postal workers detailing the changes. This man’s policies are a nightmare for them. It’s almost like those at the top WANT it to fail. 🤔 SaveThePostalService Smdh 🤦‍♀️ DonaldTrump's man in the USPS acting out on Trump's disdain and hatred for postalworkers aiming to gut the organization and make it difficult for Postal workers to do their job and keep their jobs, for that matter

Darn. I’ll have to wait an extra day or two to reach in and throw away the junk mail. What. Will. I. Do? Cut it to Mon/Wed/Fri schedule and everything woul be just fine. Only 3 more months guys before we vote him out. The new post office general is more qualified to clean toilets than run an agency MrJonCryer Did we expect anything less

Freeyourmindkid So what does that do for mail in ballots which need to be date stamped. Interesting where this could be headed. Good thing they're not essential workers 🙄 I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY TRUMP IS ATTACKING THE USPS ? HouseDemocrats SenateDems Still no help from fed gov. NYCjamescobb Another Trump sabotage We HAVE to destroy this tyrant

:s MrJonCryer All the makings of, what is it called? It’s hidden and under your nose at the same time? It involves foreign entities and from within? It’s money and weapons and control? Only in US do people cheer when their countrymen lose their jobs and benefits. If there's too much mail to deliver, how will it be determined when that excess mail will be delivered? Will they start at the pt they stopped the day b4 or if you're at the end of the route are you most likely to be continually screwed?🤔🤨

Trump’s new postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, was on the RNC’s finance team with Michael Cohen, Elliot Broidy, Steve Wynn and Gordon Sondland. Yes, really. USPS TrumpCrimeSyndicate This is phase one in the GOP’s privatization of the postal service so they can take over & “lose” all the mail-in ballots in the presidential election. Don’t think it isn’t.

Planning the fraud? MrJonCryer This is bullshit. I ❤️ the post office. They do a great job. This is a partisan attack by an installer Trump-lackey against public servants. Also intended to disrupt mail-in-ballots during the election. Despicable. 💩💩💩 Oh yeah, this’ll be popular. Sheesh, between this, Covid, unemployment running out because “we’re all getting too much and we’re too lazy to go back to work”, secondary items running low or out in grocery stores, small businesses disappearing, missed mortgages & rent... biden

MrJonCryer 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Political garbage GOP . I have no problem with that As an x carrier with a big route because the others were not proportionate . In PA, I have the option to drop my ballot off. I don't have to mail it back. This stinks like a rotten fish... How about they cut weekend delivery? Mon - Fri is way more than enough

What am I going to do if I don't get my coupon mailer in a timely manor?! Trump was installed to destroy us. Trying to stop voting by mail! The evil 👿 Republicans! For rural areas, the postal service is necessary, but having physical post offices in many small locales is no longer feasible. And cut Saturday deliveries.

Voting opression. Thats what this is All part of Trump's plan to mess with voting by absentee ballot. Yay tRump, let’s take away more jobs and potential earnings! Hands down the worst administration the US has ever had.... Another Trump appointee brought in to destroy the department they run. Just in time for any mail in ballots to be “delayed “. Who didn’t see this coming. Trump will do anything legal or illegal to steal the election. He’s a sleazy SOB!

EU That is BS!! What is wrong with this swamp monster? No one wants their mail delayed

Senior Trump campaign lawyer critical of mail-in ballots voted by mail three timesA top Trump campaign adviser and lawyer who has criticized voting-by-mail and warned without evidence that it could lead to election fraud previously voted by mail at least three times. When they say 'mail-in ballot voting' leads to fraud. What they are really saying is that you are not authorized to vote by mail. *Absentee Ballot it’s what you meant. There’s a process to get an absentee ballot Double standard

Florida GOP doctors Trump tweet to solve mail-in voting problemPresident Trump continues to confuse mail-in voting and absentee ballots —even though they’re the same thing in Florida, where the president’s rhetoric is damaging the GOP’s dominance in the arena. So Florida Republicans are getting creative. Ridiculous. We got our Florida ballots through email for printing and mailing back The way he is destroying the Republican Party is amazing to watch. They agreed to this by supporting him so good luck Truth is, there are always issues with absentee ballots every election as well.

The Abortion Pill Is Now Available by MailOn Monday, a federal judge in Maryland granted an injunction against a rule that required people seeking the abortion pill mifepristone during the COVID-19 pandemic to pick it up at a hospital, clinic, or medical office

Women Can Now Get The Abortion Pill Through The MailIn a victory for reproductive rights, many patients seeking medication abortion will no longer have to travel during the pandemic for care.

Women Can Now Get The Abortion Pill Through The MailIn a victory for reproductive rights, many patients seeking medication abortion will no longer have to travel during the pandemic for care.

How a Toxic Boss Can Ruin Your SleepWhen bosses brag about how little sleep they need, it can be harmful to employee health. Here's why, explains swhitbo. swhitbo So very true swhitbo Yes, it's possible but the Exception to the rule toxic people project their own character defects onto their victims. Because the brain knows only what it knows . Rule one when we talk no matter what we talk about , We talk about Ourselves .