Madison Cawthorn vows to prosecute Fauci, seize Chinese assets in U.S. if GOP returns to power

'There's a new day rising in America. There's a new patriotic fervor rising in America,' the Republican North Carolina congressman said.

10/17/2021 7:56:00 PM

'There's a new day rising in America. There's a new patriotic fervor rising in America,' the Republican North Carolina congressman said.

'There's a new day rising in America. There's a new patriotic fervor rising in America,' the Republican North Carolina congressman said.

Also during his Saturday speech, Cawthorn spoke of a"new" Republican Party that would not"sit around and not hold these people accountable." He also promised that if the GOP retakes Congress, he would"seize every Chinese asset in America" as a downpayment for"the reparations they owe us for what they've done to our country."

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"There's a new day rising in America. There's a new patriotic fervor rising in America," Cawthorn said.Though the congressman did not specify which assets he would"seize," Chinese entities have invested billions of dollars into various U.S. companies, notably in the real estate industry, according to a database from PublicCitizen. China has also accumulated more than $1 trillion in U.S. Treasury securities, more than any country other than Japan, according to the Treasury Department.

A video of his remarks has been viewed more than 500,000 times onTwitterand sparked some pushback from users who said Cawthorn's promises fell outside the scope of Congress."This guy is a wet-behind-the-ears Congressman, low in the seniority totem pole, who obviously has no damn clue what Congress does and does not do," wrote political commentator

Ana Navarro-Cárdenas."They should make these people pass a basic civics course. Scary to think such ignoramuses vote on legislation affecting us all."Cawthorn represents North Carolina's 11th District, which spans the conservative far-western part of the state but includes the liberal city of Asheville. A freshman in Congress, he was elected last November with 54.5 percent of the vote.

Newsweekreached out to Cawthorn's office for comment Sunday morning but had not heard back by publication. This story will be updated with any response.Representative Madison Cawthorn vowed to charge Anthony Fauci when the GOP retakes a majority in Congress. Here, he speaks to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando on February 26, 2021.

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People like Cawthorn are the real clear and present danger to America.The crazy thing is they BELIEVE they're right. It’s called fascism. Bull It's called stupidity. Oh Maddie, go back to your cave. You know but more importantly we know that you are grabbing time no one would give you and are definitely tilting at windmills. RepCawthorn

Know who isn’t rising? Him out of that wheelchair. Well I guess Fauci has nothing to worry about except putting an end to the pandemic These clowns really believe that they're the 'moral compass' party. In truth they're no different than the theocracies they pretend to despise. 😠 Too bad you can’t rise from your chair … I know I know that wasn’t very nice but I’m really just playing their game , isn’t that the Republican way ?

Faucis defense you ask.... stairs. Like one of those Reich deals?

The Left believes that right-wing tribalism—bigotry, racism—is tearing the country apart. The Right believes that left-wing tribalism—identity politics, political correctness—is tearing the country apart. They are both right. - Amy Chua Freedumb, freedumb, freedumb... Prosecute Fauci... If you're not a scientist but argue with scientists about science, you don't have a difference of opinion. You’re an imbecile and you're wrong. When it comes to COVID, if you don’t know science, try silence.

Cawthorn is a danger to our democracy. always promises that they dont deliver!! This Rep Cawthorn is a freedom loving person who chooses not to hide from the opportunity to confront tyranny. This is exactly what we want and need in our government. Less government intrusion and more freedom. And to prosecute the man on the moon for interfering with the election 😂