Maddow to DOJ officials: Wake up! You have to fix this.

.@maddow: “The Justice Department under Pres. Biden does not want the job of investigating and rooting around what went rotten inside their own department under the previous president. But even if they don’t want that job, that is the job they have now.”

6/13/2021 7:28:00 AM

.maddow: “The Justice Department under Pres. Biden does not want the job of investigating and rooting around what went rotten inside their own department under the previous president. But even if they don’t want that job, that is the job they have now.”

Rachel Maddow reports on the strong condemnations and calls for investigations of Trump-era abuses of the Department of Justice, but points out that some of the people involved in the politicization of the organization are still there and Attorney General Merrick Garland needs to fix the problem for the good of the country.

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maddow Agree maddow It's probably so much worse than we imagine and he's preparing for the civil war that will breakout when millions think their potus is being wronged. They should confess to avoid treason charges. maddow DOJ Garland needs to fire the previous members of DOJ Barr. They were there when trump told Barr to get information on certain Democrats. DOJ Garland needs to find his own team. trump & Barr were abusing the system and need to be called to testify for all their abuses in the WH

maddow The DOJ needs to take it head on. It’s the only way we all will be better off. maddow There’s the call to do something good.. for the country and its citizens. Protect the constitution and the rights of its people. Trust, Truth and Dignity for the citizens of this great country otherwise we will be laughed at in global politics.

maddow Maddow who is a low rating TV presenter thinks she has some pull with the DOJ…. maddow In these dark times,the hope of nations is this God of ProphetElvisMbonye Watch the Power of Prophecy to have your life transformed. maddow Clean house and go catch the big fish. It’s your job! Get to work!!!

maddow Tough shit. Do it anyway maddow This maddow Remove Trump'sdeep state and drain his swamp.

Opinion | Garland's DOJ may be rearranging deck chairs on the TitanicOpinion | HayesBrown: For four years, the Trump admin. basically forgot the Justice Department was supposed to care about protecting voting rights. AG Garland promised to reverse that trend, giving the DOJ’s atrophied voting section the resources it needs HayesBrown If MerrickGarland does not start prosecuting these criminal acts by his predecessors then he will be as guilty as they are. HayesBrown Daily When's he going to bring the hammer down on the phony audit in Arizona? This is no time for equanimity. HayesBrown Daily I think a better plan would be to do some Spring Cleaning......

DOJ internal watchdog to investigate Trump-era DOJ leak hunt targeting lawmakers, journalistsThe Justice Dept.’s internal watchdog has been asked to investigate a Trump-era seizure of communication records from some Democratic lawmakers, according to an official in the agency.

Merrick Garland Says DOJ Will 'Never Stop Working' To Protect Voting RightsThe attorney general said the DOJ will fight back as Republican-led state legislatures pass voting restrictions because of Donald Trump's voter fraud lies. Federal government is gonna sue individual states? 🤔 Maybe he should start and concentrate on states like Delaware that are more restrictive. Maybe if Trump and his doj would have put members of Garland's family in jail we might see a little more action toward removing members of the Republican Nazi party from all national security and Congress

Merrick Garland says DOJ 'will not hesitate to act' on potential civil rights violations of new voting lawsAttorney General Merrick Garland says the Department of Justice will be 'scrutinizing new laws that seek to curb voter access,' with the DOJ beefing up its civil rights division. Read more: If I enjoy this privilege all alone, it shows how ungrateful I am because I got my breakthrough from a post been posted online as well and I also want to recommend everyone too. All thanks to the good work of kimberlyalr88 I don’t think i like this guy anymore! But i’m patient, I’ll wait

John Dean calls surveillance by Trump-era DOJ 'Nixon on stilts and steroids''Nixon didn't have that kind of Department of Justice,' John Dean said on Friday. 'Nixon couldn't use the department as he wanted to.' ▬036 Trump meets w/ putin; Trump is russian asset. But Clinton gave russia large pile of uranium from US? Biden banned pipeline for US companies but of all things to waive, waived a sanction of Russian company to have the pipeline? What does some ofthe media think?🤔 ▬036

Trump's Justice Department May Be More Corrupt Than Anyone RealizedThe inspector general is now reviewing why the DOJ secretly obtained the data of Reps. Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, and others Especially when Barr plays dumb. Not me. I don;t think we've even touched the really awful shit they did. This was a Russian mob operation handed all the powers of the United States government to use as they saw fit. Oh we knew! Too bad Congress turned their back on what was going on!