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US coronavirus cases top 500,000 as researchers say the worst is yet to come in Texas and Florida

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States topped 500,000 on Friday as health officials reported the highest number of death in a single day.

Dont believe the numbers
Where you get these numbers

4/11/2020 5:07:00 AM


North West Calls Kim Kardashian Out on Camera for Saying 'My Kids Will Not Leave Me Alone'

Watch North West crash Kim Kardashian's makeup tutorial and call her out on camera.

4/11/2020 3:19:00 AM


Smashed windows and racist graffiti: Vandals target Asian Americans amid coronavirus

Some vandalized Asian-owned businesses can't afford repairs amid huge customer declines.

What insurance company would not cover this? That looks like bullet proof glass; how high can their deductible be. Is their any proof it was not Asian kids?

4/10/2020 8:32:00 PM


Kim Kardashian Can't Do Makeup Tutorial Without North Interrupting

Kim Kardashian Can't Do Makeup Tutorial Without North Interrupting

4/10/2020 8:00:00 AM


‘Trolls World Tour’ Straight to Streaming — Sign of the Times or the New Normal?

TrollsWorldTour will screen at 25 drive-ins across the country this weekend as the animated family film lands simultaneously on home entertainment platforms

Knock knock. Who's there? Universal likes money.
It actually skipped EVERY theater. Get your facts straight.

4/9/2020 10:59:00 PM


Countries World-Wide Log Record Coronavirus Cases

The U.S. total of more than 432,000 coronavirus infections is higher than those of Italy, Spain and Germany combined, according to Johns Hopkins data

No kidding?

4/9/2020 12:55:00 PM