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Vol 56 Issue 39, Lowe's

Lowe’s Unveils New Hide-A-House Disguised As Giant Plastic Boulder

Lowe’s Unveils New Hide-A-House Disguised As Giant Plastic Boulder

10/1/2020 11:20:00 PM

Lowe’s Unveils New Hide-A-House Disguised As Giant Plastic Boulder

MOORESVILLE, NC—Hailing the new product as a simple but effective home security solution, the hardware chain Lowe’s announced Thursday that stores would soon begin selling a device called the Hide-A-House, which allows a spacious, single-family dwelling to be disguised as a giant plastic boulder. “Hide-A-House lets you hide your home in plain sight by concealing it inside a large, gray-brown slab that is all but invisible when placed discreetly among landscaping,” said Lowe’s spokesperson Maryanne Lopez, who noted that the 30-foot-tall molded poly-resin stone not only blended in by matching the shape and color of rocks commonly used around lawns and gardens, but was also 100% weatherproof, ensuring the living spaces inside stayed dry. “Its natural look allows you to camouflage your house just about anywhere in your yard. Only when you’re close enough to touch your Hide-A-House will you notice its slight difference in texture, so you won’t have to worry about it falling into the wrong hands. Best of all, it’s easy to use: When you want to get into your house, just lift up the rock and crawl in.” Lopez added that a Hide-A-House user who had friends visiting from out of town and wasn’t there to let them in could simply provide the guests with instructions on how to find the giant boulder.

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Trump, Biden clash in final debate on COVID-19 response, health care, race

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off in the final presidential debate of the 2020 election from Belmont University in Nashville Thursday.

Honestly this would be cool if it looked like a real huge boulder. Would also be sweet if you could design what kinda boulder it was, it provided sound dampening, still let in outside light by reflecting the outside sunlight in. I wish this were real, would be great. 'Discreetly' since it's so small. Plus, if your guests come to visit you, and you are not under your rock, they must wait until you get home. It's not good to hide under a rock.

Hey! Now I can literally hide under a rock! My day has improved! Criminals will use this to evade apprehension. That's an uncommonly big pseudolith bro imagine living in this thing out in the desert. a high speed chase on the highway near you and you go outside and you walk outside and a cop goes what the fuck did that guy just come out of a rock?! as they speed by

And the key for it is under a tiny house out front. Cool I want one No one will ever know Haha - I live under a rock - literally 😂 boutta cop the patrick house

House delays vote on $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill to allow more time for talksThe House delayed plans to vote on its $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill on Wednesday as talks between Pelosi and Mnuchin continue. I'm an optimist by nature so this seems news seems positive. Maybe they can get a deal. It amazes me how quickly a SC pick can be nominated confirmed - a lifetime appointment - yet approving aid for the pandemic takes careful planning and scrutiny. WhoDoYouEvenWorkFor

House Democrats hold off on stimulus vote to allow more time for bipartisan negotiationHouse Democrats will hold off on a planned vote Wednesday night on their $2.2 trillion stimulus proposal to allow more time for bipartisan negotiations in an attempt to reach a deal. 😂😂😂😂 Get the deal DONE!!!! nochecknovote SEATS4STIMULUS STIMULUSCHECK PURPLEPOWER In contrast to the 'Great Reset' to rescue capitalism, the world needs a bold agenda like this for transformational recovery combining climate justice, the importance of care in society, and finance for the common good.

13 Things Pro Organizers First Notice When They Walk in Your HouseIf your shoes are by the front door, it says a lot about your home.

Elizabeth Neumann says the White House views coronavirus response ‘through the lens of public affairs’“The way they evaluate problems is entirely through the lens of public affairs,” fmr. DHS official Elizabeth Neumann says, discussing report that the White House pressured the CDC to recommend schools reopen to serve Pres. Trump’s political objectives. Please help us! This pandemic has taken everything from us. I've been waiting on unemployment since March..I found us a new place to live where I can get a new job! I am a single father of 2 teen girls literally anything helps..my cashapp is $BH2083 ❤️🙏 Hmm Opening up seems to be a problem to be seen through the lens of public affairs.....soooo

Pelosi signals no coronavirus deal likely with White HousePelosi cast serious doubt on the likelihood of an agreement during a private call with House Dems Thursday, stressing that Republicans don’t “share our values” on the need to provide trillions of dollars in health and economic Covid relief to Americans Sleepy House Dem leaders all in their 80s LOL She is on the brink of losing the House majority with this stance.

White House fight over masks signaled Covid-19 plans running awryThe West Wing wanted to 'portray confidence and make the public believe there was absolutely nothing to worry about,' one administration official said, revealing the image-conscious reason for the White House's opposition to masks tf 210,000 DEAD Americans from Trumps 'Hoax' Patriots Care......Trump Didn't This should be all we need to know....TrumpFailedAmerica FOOLS