Live Updates: George Floyd Protests Across America

Live Updates: George Floyd Protests Across America

Louisville police chief fired after body cams found inactive during fatal shooting

Louisville's police chief has been fired after it was discovered that the body cameras of officers potentially involved in a fatal shooting during Sunday night's protests were not activated

6/2/2020 2:32:00 AM

Louisville's police chief has been fired after it was discovered that the body cameras of officers potentially involved in a fatal shooting during Sunday night's protests were not activated

Protests following the death of George Floyd, a black man who pleaded that he couldn't breathe while he was held down with a knee by a former Minneapolis police officer, have spread nationwide. Follow here for the latest updates.

Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad speaks in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, in 2019. Alton Strupp/Courier Journal/USA Today NetworkLouisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad was relieved of his duties Monday after it was discovered the body cameras of officers potentially involved in a fatal shooting during Sunday night’s protests were not activated, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said at a news conference.

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“As I learned about some of the details of what happened last night, I learned that the body cameras of the officers were not activated,” Fischer said. “This type of institutional failure will not be tolerated. Accordingly, I have relieved Steve Conrad of his duties as chief of Louisville Metro Police Department.”

According to a statement from Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear, the Louisville Metro Police Department and Kentucky National Guard troops were dispatched to the corner of 26th Street and Broadway in Louisville, and were fired upon by protesters as they worked to disperse the crowd. Officers and guardsman returned fire and fatally struck one person, Beshear said in a statement.

Fischer identified the victim as local business owner David McAtee.“We lost a wonderful citizen named David McAtee, David was a friend to many, a well-known Barbecue man,” Fischer said. “They've nurtured so many people in their bellies and in their hearts before, and for him to be caught up in this, not to be with us today is a tragedy.”

Deputy Chief Rob Schroeder is now the active police chief, according to Fischer.Conrad was already slated to retire at the end of the month, with the city announcing May 21 that his retirement would become effective June 30. Beshear has also authorized an independent investigation into the shooting from the Kentucky State Police.

“Our heart and prayers go out to David and his family during this very, very difficult time and again I'm extraordinarily, extraordinarily sorry,” Fischer said. Read more: CNN Breaking News »

Corrupt Trump followers.....! All said officers should be fired and tried period More bullshit!!! First good step, but it should not end there. Good Finally some nice news Well that seems like a scapegoat, unless body cameras are activated by a big red button only the chief can access 🙄 It is the officer with the camera off who should be fired.

MayorJenny carmenbest body cams should automatically be turned on once a cop clocks in. There should be no way for them to manually turn them on/ off. That’s how ppl get away with things, when they can dictate when it can be on and off.

Louisville police chief fired after officer bodycams found to be off during fatal shootingLouisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad has been fired after it was revealed that the officers involved in a shooting that killed a local business owner early Monday did not activate their body cameras. Cal Perry reports. No pension and no unemployment checks if fired. That’s the law. Why didn't you carry Joe Biden today? Why didn't you follow him yesterday when he was with protesters in the street?

Body cameras weren't activated when authorities fatally shot Louisville man, mayor saysLouisville Mayor Greg Fischer also said that Police Chief Steve Conrad, who had already announced his resignation in May, has been fired Trump’s Pandemic and Trump’s Current Carnage has made America a laughing stock to our enemies and a pathetic weakling to our old trusted allies. Republican, Russian and Chinese troll farms are working harder for Trump now than 2016. George Floyd: What does the data show about race and policing? Visit : Two young men were asked what they want in life. White young man: ' I want to have a happy family, a good job and a beautiful house. Black young man: ' I just want to be able to drive home alive and be treated equally. Is the black man asking for too much?

Louisville police chief fired in wake of Monday shooting that left one dead during demonstrationsBody cameras worn by the officers reportedly had been deactivated, leaving no footage of the incident, said Louisville Mayor Gary Fischer on Monday. Murderers. State sponsored murderers. They know what they were doing. They know why they were doing it. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd BlackLivesMatter

Louisville police chief fired in aftermath of fatal shootingLouisville's police chief fired after officers involved in a fatal shooting while enforcing a curfew early Monday failed to activate body cameras. David McAtee, the owner of a barbecue spot known for offering meals to police officers, was killed. --- Corrupt Criminal Organization -- I Know It --- You Know --- The World Knows It --- DO NOT LET THIS END -- Make The Police Accountable Quick to point finger a law enforcement,maybe the shooter was one of those bailed by Dems “Officer-involved shooting” is a marketing term created by the cops. You’re journalists, you shouldn’t be parroting their propaganda.

Protester in Ky. Is Fatally Shot by Police, Who Say They Were Returning Gunfire from CrowdPolice say they returned fire after being shot at while dispersing crowds in Louisville Trump said today no one has been hurt since he sent out the National Guard and Told the Cops to Attack Trump Never Stops Lying And I bet it was an innocent protester that they shot. I didn’t know it was ok to shoot in a crowd of people We’re fooling ourselves if we didn’t think this was going to happen. I’ll be so glad when the protests become peaceful; we can do better than this. BLM

Kentucky gov. announces investigation into Louisville police, National Guard fatally shooting manConrad said that police had several persons of interest who were being interviewed following the shooting and that he expected to release more information later Monday. NBCNews MSNBC Yamiche