Louisville Police Chief Fired After Black Man Is Shot To Death

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Louisville Police Chief Steve Conrad has been fired after it was revealed that officers involved in the shooting that killed David McAtee did not have their body cameras activated.

Louisville, Ky., Police Chief Steve Conrad, pictured in 2016, has been fired over the death of a black man on Monday morning.Louisville, Ky., Police Chief Steve Conrad, pictured in 2016, has been fired over the death of a black man on Monday morning.Louisville, Ky., resident David McAtee was shot and killed during a police response to a curfew violation early Monday. Both police and National Guard members were on the scene and fired shots. The incident has led to the firing of the police chief.

State and local leaders called for the release of police body-camera footage, but Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer announced Monday that officers on the scene had not activated their body cameras. Fischer also said that Louisville Police Chief Steve Conrad was relieved of command in the wake of the shooting. Conrad was already due to retire amid criticism related to the


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What about Breonna Taylor? KY and Louisville is run by racist right from Mitch to the AG, and beyond! DanielCameron JusticeforBreonnaTaylor MitchMcConnell

Take his Pension!

just one look at the guy and you know hes a white supremacist!

He put in his retirement in May....seems a little too convenient.

JUSTICE BlackLivesMatter

WilliamdeVry1 Good Riddance!!!! Get all the bad ones out!

thats called premeditated murder

Now do the rest of them

Its like they're trying to radicalize us.

There is a video

Honestly I don’t believe anything they say.

He had already announced in May that he was retiring in July. This is nothing. It means nothing.

Omg! American's love their guns for protection right? Hmmm 🤔

I am calling on all military leaders to refuse deployment against US citizens. The Posse Comitatus Act limits federal troops' deployment on U.S. soil and forbids using them to enforce domestic laws. It is forbidden to follow an illegal order.

Good. Now all we need to do is get rid of the rest. Forcefully

Great!!! Wonderful!!!!


Please donate if you are able to

Good for the city government. The excuses have to stop. Doesn't matter that he was set to retire. They made a statement.


It sounds like they did. They just don’t want us to see what they recorded.

FuckThePolice RiseUp FiringIsNotEnough LockThemUp

Those cameras are a waste of taxpayer money. The body cams should not be able to be turned off.

runPattirun You’d think he’d be fired because his officers murdered someone. But ye, sure, use the “violated the body camera rules.” Net result, he’s out.

Fannie Lou Hamer speaking in 1968 as if it were today! Add historical contex to your story

he should be arraigned

IDEA: require every officer display badge number on front, back, helmet, thighs & sleeves, in LARGE legible font, so those who behave badly can be brought to justice (& kind/heroic officers are recognized) This would prevent a lot bad behavior AND protect innocent cops

Will still receive his pension. He was not really 'fired'.

At least one jurisdiction is beginning to grasp accountability. Behold the power of protest.

*went into a full benefits retirement

It took them no less than 24 hours. Can you tell Minnesota to take notes? There are still 3 murderers out there.

This is a good start, but shooting with live ammo at the peaceful protesters deserves more thorough FBI investigation.

Now arrest the officers. Stop this nonsense.

Samkelo_Somopho Get a gun and kill the officer.

He should lose his pension


Now arrest the office that murdered him, and charge him accordingly, that’s literally what this is all about AndyBeshearKY

He was fired yet will probably receive all his benefits anyway smh

They left him lying there for 13 hours!!!!

Christ, he makes Barney Fife look like the Terminator.

Not having body cams on should be a felony and immediate dismissal. PoliceBrutality

tigrejaponesa Did they deliberately keep their body cams off? WTF

Good, every officer should be fired as well. And should all face criminal charges.

Conrad was set to retire the end of June, this was an empty gesture to appease a city he helped destroy, he helped coverup child sexual abuse in the explorer program, 2 no confidence votes, he’s just retiring one month early

so were the officers fired as well? or are they just gonna get away with killing ANOTHER black man

I hope he was fired without his pension?!

Take away his pension!

Antifa is tremendously organized and stealing very good footage very strongly. My administration will send tremendously vicious dogs after them, wherever they hide!


The chief due to retire in a few weeks. The chief that turned over operations weeks ago. This Democrat Mayor must resign. ResignMayorFischer Vote out the Democrats. How many more years of Democrat rule can we survive?

This should be last action taken place. He was retiring anyway. ARREST THE POLICE AND NATIONAL GUARD INVOLVED!

Too little, WAY too late, Louisville!! 😡

Isnt he the guy that shot Murphy in Robocop?

Jail them all and put them on trial for murder. A man being fired when he was going to retire anyway is not even close to justice for this. It's insulting lip service. It's an easy out to pretend that things are being done.

But the actual shooters? Remove the rot from top to bottom.

Who’s being charged?

Fire them all

Fire all of them.

Good. Fire and arrest all these crooked cops with innocent people's blood on their hands.

You don’t wanna say he was gonna retire in a month anyway?

4TheCulture____ JayVXY DavXBL wtf

Still no traction into the Breonna Taylor MURDER?

It doesn't matter, they were at the wrong house and he has a right to defend himself.

His firing is much welcomed here in Louisville and long overdue. The governor has called for an immediate and swift independent investigation by the Kentucky State Police. Hearts are breaking here over this sweet man's death. What a gift he was to the city.

And when are the officers getting arrested? When are they being tried for their crimes?

He should be more than fired. My dude should be charged.

just Fired? He has to go in Jail... FK

put them all in jail

Police hire low IQ people. It’s legal for them to discriminate against the highly intelligent. Aka Police are dumb


A black man murdered by a cop during a protest calling out black men being killed by cops. 😡

is this the guy that only has a month to retirement or no

No body camera = murder.

Manslaughter? Reckless endangerment? Conspiracy to commit murder?

That’s how you do it.

Okay so phase 2?

And the bodies still laying there. They're willingly inciting hatred and racism

How about firing the police officers also? Maybe they were I don’t know.

Good. More of that please.

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