Louisiana nurse shares emotional plea amid delta variant COVID-19 surge: 'People are younger and sicker'

Since July 30, her video has been viewed nearly 188,000 times.

8/4/2021 5:04:00 AM

A Louisiana nurse describes the moment her daughter asked to pray for her friend's parents in the ICU with COVID: 'Her friend's parents are in my ICU—and one of them may not go home.' 'I cannot even explain how that feels—as a nurse and as a mom.'

Since July 30, her video has been viewed nearly 188,000 times.

that in the past few weeks, she has seen both unvaccinated and vaccinated people become infected.“Typically, the unvaccinated are much sicker and they progressed much further along and deteriorate much, much more versus the people that are vaccinated,” said Croft.

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Although there are an increasing number of these “breakthrough” cases among vaccinated people, Croft encouraged the vaccine. She said it saves lives.“I've had a lot of people that are like, ‘So I thought the vaccine was supposed to make it so we wouldn't get covid, what's the point?’” said Croft, “[But] our patients that are vaccinated are going home to their families… versus patients that are unvaccinated and we're seeing more of them not go home to their family.”

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards reinstated a state-wide indoor mask mandate on Monday to curb the high number of cases - making it the first state to do so.Hilary Scheinuk/The Advocate via APGov. John Bel Edwards speaks during a news conference at the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge, La., June 17, 2021. headtopics.com

Croft said that she understands people's frustration with masks and the skepticism surrounding the vaccine, but ultimately both are for the greater good.“I support everybody being able to make a choice on vaccination, but I also think that if we're not going to vaccinate, that we need to take other steps to protect others,” she said. “The vaccine is helpful and people don't understand that. Even though it's not 100% prevention, it is a help.”

This report was featured in the Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2021, episode of “Start Here,” ABC News’ daily news podcast. Read more: ABC News »

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Hmmm souns convincing but no tears? Stop treating people who do not get the vaccine. Not fair to the health care workers. People spew bs then get sick and expect help. You’re a nurse, act like it. Go get yourself and your family vaccinated, very simple. Here in the Netherlands, its exactly the same situation, more younger than older people get hospitalized. That's mostly because not all younger people are vaccinated here yet. Ones vaccinated fully, you still can get sick, but far lesser change that you need to be hospitalized🙏

Hopefully all the sarcastic assholes on this comment thread won’t be here for long 🤷🏻‍♀️ I thought Biden was supposed to “SAVE” us all from the Pandemic? Why is our savior screwing up so badly? And he even has the vaccine in his arsenal. What a failure!!!! And we still have to suffer through these maudlin TikTok videos.

{Hugs} 🕯️🙏🕯️ Did you ever notice with nurses it’s always about them? You never see physicians making self-indulgent videos like this. I guess they don’t teach humility in community college. So 😢 sad.

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wow It really is too bad we don’t have a vaccine that would prevent the worst of the COVID symptoms in 99% of the people. If only it weren’t the Middle Ages and we had doctors and scientists to help us instead of having to rely on prayer to an imaginary deity. Oh well. Thirst trap And this nurse/mom was sure to put it out on social media so I make it all about herself.

How many deaths? Fuck your cases!! Kmt

COVID-19 live updates: Louisiana, Florida leading US in casesBREAKING: 70% of adults in the U.S. have now had at least one vaccine dose, the White House announces, nearly one month after Pres. Biden hoped to reach the milestone. I’m so fucking tired of these politicians and media pushing this vaccine shit. We’ve tens of thousands or Illegals coming in here and that’s the ones they catch. Just the illicit drug seizures prove these illegals are moving all over this nation unchecked. So brave. So courageous. Can’t wait till he locks down the country again.

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